“Donald Trump named son-in-law Jared Kushner his senior adviser” links

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  1. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Ah, nepotism. Color me surprised.

    • Bex says:

      Is this even legal?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        From what I have heard, I don’t think it is.

      • Ankhel says:

        Not if it’s an official post with a salary, no. I’m sure they’ll say it isn’t, though.

      • Lightpurplei says:

        No. But why would that stop them? It isn’t legal for Russia to hack our election or for the Senate leader to cover it up but here we are.

      • SusanneToo says:

        Do trump or his butt kissers give a sh1t?

      • Rachel says:

        Ankhel, I think I heard on the news this morning that he has declined a salary… So there you go.

      • Megan says:

        According to Kishner’s official apologist, I mean lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, it does appear to be legal. Gorelick was Deputy Attorney General under Clinton and is a well known lawyer in DC. I tend to think her position on the situation is probably correct.

      • milla says:

        is this even for real?

        animal farm? 1984?

      • Juanita says:

        LBJ enacted an antinepotism law in response to JFK appointing his brother AG. It was reversed under Clinton to appoint HRC for health reform, :/

    • Lexie says:

      Don’t roll over! Call your reps! Express your dismay at this dismantling of our laws!

      In 1967 congress passed an anti-nepotism law (in regards to Kennedy trying to hire his brother as Attorney General) that specifically forbade the president from hiring relatives, including sons-in-law.


      http://www.whoismyrepresentative.com for quick phone numbers. I called all 4 of mine and it took me 5 minutes total.

      • jwoolman says:

        Yes, the anti-nepotism law was specifically enacted in response to JFK appointing his brother as Attorney General and his brother-in-law to head up the new Peace Corps. Both men did good jobs, but there can be situations when you really don’t want the President and the Attorney General to be related. His VP Lyndon Johnson had advised strongly against it.

        So I don’t understand why some are saying now that the law doesn’t apply to the White House. Lyndon Johnson was President at the time and I doubt such a loophole would have gotten past him, since he was the one who argued against the family appointments in the first place.

      • Megan says:

        The law applies specifically to cabinet positions. At some later point, a law was passed that broadly exempted the executive office for hiring restrictions. The president can hire any advisors he chooses.

      • honeybee blues says:

        Jwoolman, as the former Exec. Asst/Speechwriter for the late Honorable Sargent Shriver, I can assure you, JFK didn’t “hire” Mr. Shriver to head up the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps is the brain child of Sargent Shriver which is why he will always be referred to as the Founding Director. A different situation altogether than hiring RFK as AG (who did a remarkable job, by all accounts, excepting his enemies). Mr. Shriver went to his b-i-l with the idea, and JFK loved it.

    • Angela says:

      They are trying to spin it that it doesnt matter if he doesnt take a salary, but that is not true. The statute covers family members who are not paid also. It is blatantly against the law. But if our Republican dominated Congress lets him get away with breaking the law, and his AG is silent, what’s a country to do?

      • lavins says:

        Didn’t he say none of his family would have posts?
        He is such a liar.

        This is just the start of the crap storm with this Racist piece of crap.

  2. Joannie says:


  3. Stuffapea says:

    So the slogan for the Trump administration will be, “He went to Jared’s”?

  4. velourazure says:

    I cannot even imagine the apoplexy if Hilary had tried to appoint Chelsea as a “senior advisor”.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      But you don’t understand! He is qualified! After all, his dad din’t buy him a shiny degree from Harvard for nothing.

    • Kitten says:

      What’s funny is that Kushner once paid Bill Clinton $125,000 for a speech lol.

    • lavins says:

      Fk Mr. Deplorable.
      It’s amazing how people keep making excuses for Trump’s words and actions.
      He said horrible things about ethnic groups, women, the physically challeneged and Hillary says Deplorables and the US Media goes into 24/7 meltdown over it. I gave up on the US Media after this election, they let Trump skate on so much and tell his lies ,without calling him out, because they wanted ratings.
      I won’t be watching his Inauguration nor will I give the US NEWS networks who promoted him non-stop and rarely called him out during the primaries or election , my viewership.

  5. Jenns says:

    Imagine looking like Steve Bannon and thinking that your genetics are superior.

    • Tate says:

      That is pretty mind blowing.

      Then again look at Trump. He thinks he is in a position to rate women’s looks. He is one of the most vile looking people I can think of.

      • zxc says:

        He grew up in a time and world where no matter what you look like, you think deserve a model, especially if you’re rich. Which… kinda worked out for him. People like him aren’t bothered by being too ugly to discuss women’s looks because they think a woman’s main purpose is to be decoration. Not saying he’s not bothered by his unattractiveness *at all* though, I’m sure he’d love to be handsome and have women like his daughter hit on him for his looks and not money for once.

      • Rascalito says:

        After all the insults he hands out to women about their appearance, remember when Trump said that when he looks in the mirror, he sees a 35 year old man? I think it was in an interview with Dr. Oz, who was trying to tell Trump that he’s overweight, eats only junk food, and never exercises. Well, maybe there was a 35 year old man standing behind him in the mirror, and he got confused for a second.

    • Kitten says:

      He always looks like someone threw him in a washing machine on the tumble cycle.

  6. Say What says:

    Yes it is nepotism, but this maybe a good thing. Donald Trump needs a family member around to keep an eye on him. He is going to be alone in the White House and who knows the kind of trouble he can do without the family. Jared maybe be able to stop him from using the nuclear launch codes and saying inappropriate remarks that he is going to make to the White house female staff.

  7. MelB says:

    They are reporting that he will not receive a salary to get around the nepotism laws (which contrary to what my family believes does include the term “son-in-law”). It’s still utter BS.

    • Lightpurplei says:

      Trump himself seems to think not taking a salary gets him around the emoluments clause. It doesn’t

    • SusanneToo says:

      So what? The grifters will be robbing us blind in every way they can.

      • OriginallyBlue says:

        They are all liars and thieves who are going to line their pockets and take everything not nailed down. Their schemes will go unchecked until they piss off the wrong group of people and they are probably smart enough to avoid that…for the time being. I can’t imagine the amount of damage they are going to do before this is all over.

    • jwoolman says:

      Son-in-law will probably be able to make plenty of money due to his position, starting with China deals, so a salary would be peanuts.

      Don’t know if he will be able to prevent WWIII, though. Trump is likely to launch missiles at tweeting time when everybody else is asleep.

      • MelB says:

        If people think Kushner is going to be in a position to rein him in, they are mistaken. He isn’t doing it now. And I think a family member would be more likey to cover for DJT in the event he just completely meltsdown into whatever it is that goes on in his head.

      • Esmom says:

        Yes, MelB. I’d think if someone had the ability to rein him in, Trump would not consider that person. I don’t know anything about Kushner but I’m guessing Trump chose him precisely because he’s a pushover. Why would Trump start deferring to someone now?

  8. perplexed says:

    How old are senior advisors generally?

    • HK9 says:

      Typically, old enough to reflect advanced degrees and years of public service. However, in the Trump administration, you only have to be old enough to grift.

      • me says:

        Well Trump is president and he has ZERO experience so I guess it doesn’t matter lol. The thing is we all know that Trump won’t be doing any of the real work, but now it looks like the ones he’s hiring won’t be either !

      • ol cranky says:

        they also, typically, aren’t completely ignorant of how the government works or that when you transition between administrations, the new administration has to hire people to do the jobs. Kushner was, apparently, quite shocked that by

  9. African Sun says:

    Fact 1 – CB is a dope site

    Fact 2 – Trump chooses his son in law to be his Earl, I mean advisor.

    Isn’t the US supposed to be a republic? Guys at least we know the deal with Saudi Arabia.

  10. BooBooLaRue says:


  11. Indiana Joanna says:

    Kushner has a huge chip on his shoulder and who knows what other rage fuels his black heart. His father is a felon and Jared has already railroaded Chris Christie because it. He has something to prove and will exert his own vengeful payback agenda in the WH. These people are just pure evil.

    • steerpike says:

      According to an article in New York Magazine, Kushner’s favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo, the story of a man who escapes from prison, becomes rich, and uses his vast wealth to “stealthily visit vengeance upon his unsuspecting enemies”.

      • vauvert says:

        This is so far the only positive thing I have ever heard about Jared then. the Count is one of my favourite books too – and the vengeance Edmond extracted was fully justified seeing how he was falsely imprisoned based on the lies of men who hated him, wanted his fiancee and were protecting their own interests.
        I seriously doubt Jared is in any way similar to Edmond – who was a poor man, working hard to get ahead, when he was railroaded. Edmond was loyal to the end to his employer and friends, and I doubt Jared would even be that – not if he got a better deal elsewhere.

      • steerpike says:

        I think that the problem is that Jared may SEE himself as just as fully justified as Edmond. Relating to the book is likely to make him feel that any little crusades of vengeance of his own are valid.

    • HK9 says:

      If Jared’s dad actually did the things he was convicted of, he shouldn’t take it out on the world, he should go home and talk to his dad. His dad did this to him-lay the blame where it should be and leave the rest of us out of it.

      • Canadian Becks says:

        This branch of the Kushners do not have sufficient self awareness to admit that he alone brought on his own misfortunes. He blamed his downfall not on his own criminal actions, but on his sister for talking to the authorities. In his mind, she was disloyal, never mind that he was engaging in criminal activity.

        And his payback was he hired a hooker to set up a honey trap for his sisterS husband. He made sure to record the encounter for his sister, to ensure maximum heartbreak.

        Since his release, he’s been quoted as saying he is still disgusted by his sisters disloyalty, and that their mother also is disgusted by the sister. Sounded like he got the parental support and his sister got the black sheep label.

        He probably drilled it into Jared that family loyalty is everything, regardless of personal ethics.

    • Bridget says:

      Truthfully, I always found the Chris Christie thing hilarious because Christie finally got his own desserts. But yeah, it’s really, really bad.

  12. Rapunzel says:

    Word is that Ivanka has stepped down from her fashion line, and sold stocks, to take a position as well. Smh… And Meryl Streep gave him a perfect distraction from this. Damnit, Meryl.

    • steerpike says:

      Kushner is also apparently selling some of his assets to avoid the appearance of impropriety. The trouble is that he is selling them to his brother and to a trust controlled by his mother. An ethics lawyer speaking to the New York Times referred to it as “a shell game”.

    • Original T.C. says:

      The media’s ability to ONLY hype up superficial tweets from Trump is not Meryl Streep’a fault. He would have found something else superficial to tweet rant about in order to cover up his shady behavior of hiring his brother-in-law.

      Remember how he sent Pence to Hamilton to cover up the Trump University settlement? He knows the media like the back of his hands and knows how to play them. He’s been doing it through-out the campaign.

      It’s up to the media to not take the bate. The newspapers both online and in print covered it well. Just not the TV whores…I mean TV journalists. The CBS boss has already said out loud that Trump is good for business and all they care about is getting more viewers/more money. They don’t care anymore about being the 4th estate.

  13. Tiffany27 says:

    Fantastic. Patrick Bateman and his grandfather will be working together again. You know what kind of rage stroke Republicans would have had if Hillary picked her son in law for this, if a country helped elect her after losing the popular vote, after tweeting every time someone hurt her little fee-fees??? The hypocrisy of his supporters is remarkable.

  14. H. says:

    Hey now, let’s not throw Patrick Bateman under the bus! 😜

  15. frustration intensified says:

    I CANNOT STAND TRUMP!!! I have lost a few friends over the fact that I absolutely HATE the man. What is so much worse than what he is doing or has done in the past, though, is the fact that his supporters CHEER HIM ON!!! He is doing this because they approve it, if they didn’t, he would not continue on I believe because he has to be liked by all or he pouts. It is bad enough to have him as president but what about the people who actually believe what he does and says is the be all end all? This is the most depressing to me! His avid supporters who think he does no wrong and deny all that is bad will be unbearable by end of his term! Help anyone who is not a white Republican male!!! And work together like they did with Obama? Since when!

  16. HappyMom says:

    Dear Jared,
    Please have your father-in-law stop tweeting.
    Thank you.
    The World

    • vava says:

      LOL…………..great comment.

    • Canadian Becks says:

      Actually, I hope he keeps on tweeting, keeps on showing the world exactly the kind of blowhard fool he really is.

      The worst thing would be that someone sanitizes his messes, and aids him in hiding his awful self under a shiny patina of respectability.

  17. Harryg says:

    Ok, Ivanka and Jared are now in charge. Vomit. I really can’t believe this.

  18. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    History will tell a story of corruption and civil liberty erosion with regards to Trump and his ‘team of tyrants’. They will bleed the US and the world dry with their greed and incompetence.

    I shudder to think about what they are plotting in Trump tower.

  19. Bridget says:

    On a superficial, gossipy note: ever since I heard that Karlie Kloes is dating the other Kushner, I can’t stand her.

  20. Bess says:

    I believe that Trump’s administration is going to accelerate this country’s downfall to a second rate world power.

  21. Jezza says:

    WHAAAAA???? I’m shocked, I tell you! shocked.🙄

    Good lord they suck, and it isn’t even day one!

  22. robyn says:

    The corruption and opportunity for even more corruption is mind boggling. I want to see Trump’s taxes. What’s the deal with Russian loans and business dealings. Has Trump or his son-in-law even been vetted. Trump tells son-in-law, son-in-law tells wife, wife gets the nuclear codes and Putin gets his dream US president. Crazy!!!

  23. AtlLady says:

    Perhaps the Basset Hound, Maclin, has the right idea. Just sleep through the next four years. Cute video and a great Basset yawn.

  24. Deeanna says:

    And speaking of presidential advisors, Kaiser, could we possibly have a story about Kellyanne Conway? I’d like to see more in-depth info about the female advisors who are about to hit the D.C. scene.

    Even though we don’t do it as much about the men, many of us here follow the women for their hair, make up, and clothing styles in addition to their job performance.

  25. Aimena says:

    Washington Post and Vanity Fair are both reporting that Russia may well have dirt on Trump. Surprise, surprise.

    • Bonzo says:

      A number of people on twitter have speculated that this is at the heart of his pro-Russia stance.

      If the intelligence community he’s been deriding for the past month have credible evidence, it would be what finally brings him down for good. He can’t win against them… they have the bigger guns.

      • Fire rabbit says:

        The Intelligence Agencies have had a document saying this about blackmail AND proof of direct contact between the Trump campaign aides and Russian officials outlining election help for later business deals since December 9th!! The GOP, Senate Committee heads like McCain and Ryan, and the WH, and all the Intelligence heads, have known about this all along. Trump is having a meltdown on twitter because he knows he’s dirty. It’s being reported by the WP, NPR, Vanity Fair, and PBS atm. Nothing on the main media sites yet besides President Obama’s speech. How can any American condone this and say he is a legitimate winner!!? Very sadly, even if this is proven I don’t think it will bring him down. The GOP is too dirty and corrupted to do the right thing and remove him. They are consumed with winning power and are fine openly being traitors to achieve it . We the People don’t have any power anymore. The absolutely stupid red state deplorables have voted the Russians in.

      • lightpurple says:

        @Firerabbit, CNN sent out an email around 5:20 about it, claiming it had exclusive information. Anderson Cooper had Bob Woodward on around 8 to discuss it.

    • SusanneToo says:

      MSNBC is talking about it. Is anybody surprised? No? Yeah, didn’t think so.

      • Lacia Can says:

        Go to documentcloud.org. The briefing notes are on there. I haven’t seen them on mainstream sites yet.

        Oh, the Guardian says they’ve seen them. Maybe they’ll be up there soon.

      • Lorelai says:

        The tweets about this are uproarious! A few of my favorites:

        “”The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”
        - Franklin D. Roosevelt

        “Pee on my face.”
        - Donald J. Trump


        “Hey @realDonaldTrump I finally discovered what number you rank at on a scale of 1 to 10…. Urinate.”

        “Can’t wait to hear Kellyanne Conway explain #goldenshowers away as prejudice against incontinent prostitutes.”

        ♫ Then all the Russians loved him
        And they shouted out with pee,
        Donald the small hand facist
        You’ll go down in historee ♫


      • lightpurple says:

        I’ll never hear the Beatles’s Golden Slumbers the same way again.

        Golden Showers fill Trump’s eyes
        Teen-aged boys stand on his thighs

        Did he give or receive?

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I will call him “Puddles” from now on.

  26. Lorelai says:

    My comment with a link got deleted but go to the NYTimes homepage and check out the top story 😦

    Apparently Buzzfeed broke the story?!

  27. Dinah says:

    I’m positively pro-Jared. He helped send his father to prison. Now he can help send his father-in-law from The White House to The Big House. Treason for Trump, 2017.

  28. Firerabbit says:

    Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen is denying he ever went to the Czech-Republic for these secret meetings with the Russians, but didn’t Ivanka and Kushner take a sudden little family vacation there late this past summer? Did I read that here? I think there were pictures. It seemed she was hard on the campaign trail, then poof, they were suddenly there. I’m probably not remembering correctly.

    Edit: checked, and it was Croatia. With Wendi Deng, who may or may not be dating Putin. Huh.

    • lightpurple says:

      The report does say they have been monitoring surrogates and family members who have had Russian contacts.

  29. Firerabbit says:

    Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen is denying he ever went to the Czech-Republic for these secret meetings with the Russians, but didn’t Ivanka and Kushner take a sudden little family vacation there late this past summer? Did I read that here? I think there were pictures. It seemed she was hard on the campaign trail, then poof, they were suddenly there. I’m probably not remembering correctly.

    • Nic919 says:

      He posted a picture of the cover of his passport. That doesn’t prove much of anything.

      • lightpurple says:

        It doesn’t even prove that it is a valid passport. I have several old ones floating around, including one with a picture taken when I was 12. And they don’t always stamp them. I’ve had to ask a few times because I wanted the stamp.

  30. Lisa says:

    This is bad. Worse than bad.

  31. KateBush says:

    Have our prayers been answered? can’t wait for celebitchy’s update tomorrow! 😊

  32. PennyLane says:

    I’m just grateful that Trump’s two sons, Uday and Qusay, aren’t going to be in the White House.