Drake possibly bought Jennifer Lopez a $100K Tiffany’s diamond necklace


I have “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” stuck in my head right now. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I actually really like Jennifer Lopez, to the point where I’m sort of a J.Lo Apologist. She’s fun, she brings me joy, she’s living her life out loud. I like her so much better now that she’s tossed Casper Smart aside, and I’m a fan of J.Lo with Drake. They’ve probably been dating for a month, maybe a little bit longer. And as we know, J.Lo loves her jewelry. So what better way for Drake to show his love to his new lady than to shell out major $$$ for some diamonds?

They have been dating for only a few weeks. But still singer Drake opened his wallet big time for his new lady love Jennifer Lopez.

The 30-year-old Hotline Bling singer gifted the 47-year-old All I Have Las Vegas performer a $100,000 diamond necklace, according to a report from UsWeekly. The statement jewelry piece was made of diamonds and platinum and is a Tiffany Victoria design. It has 16 carats and has round as well as pear-shaped diamonds.

The Shades Of Blue was wearing the string of ice when she attended Drake’s New Year’s Eve concert in Las Vegas.

[From The Daily Mail]

If you look closely at the Instagram below from NYE, you can see the necklace. She’s wearing two necklaces in that photo, and the one Drake allegedly gave her is the shorter diamond one. Drake is super-successful and very rich, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is already spending major money on diamonds for J.Lo. Marc Anthony did that too – he always showered Jennifer with jewelry. Ben Affleck and Puffy Daddy did as well. She really sees herself as an Elizabeth Taylor-type of woman, but only in every other relationship. Because you know scrubs like Casper and Cris Judd weren’t buying her anything.

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6 Responses to “Drake possibly bought Jennifer Lopez a $100K Tiffany’s diamond necklace”

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  1. Lucy says:

    I, too, am an out and proud JLo fan. Other than the fact that she always has to be with someone, what’s not to love?

  2. Cherrypie says:

    This relationship is such a bore.

  3. Nancy says:

    Take that Rihanna! Both of these two seem very needy. Come on JLo, Wheelchair Jimmy, is it really that bad….lol

  4. SK says:

    Woah, harsh on Cris Judd, he seems like a lovely, respectful person

  5. ElleBee says:

    “Excuse me, I have to go and vomit”-Hermione Granger (HP6)

    These two truly are try-hard, attention-seeking stunt queens. When is this going to end?

    Also, is it just me or is that the most boring unimaginative necklace ever? I know it’s made of diamonds but it’s so drab.

  6. Twink says:

    I love JLO too! She’s the embodiment of a STAR. She has IT. I don’t really believe this romance is real though. I’m still wishing for Bennifer 1.0 to reunite.