Amber Heard & Elon Musk are ready to go public with their new romance?


In the heat of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s divorce drama last year, we heard some stories about Elon Musk. Apparently, Amber had met the Tesla billionaire several years ago and he perhaps became “infatuated” with her. The Hollywood Reporter had the email evidence – Elon was dying to spend time with her in any way but she had just started up with Johnny Depp at that point. Once Depp and Heard split up, Amber was reportedly spending some time with Elon in seemingly group situations, and it even seemed like Elon was looking out for her in small ways, letting her borrow his hotel room in Florida and such. Perhaps he was playing the waiting game, thinking that eventually she would be ready for him to formally romance her. Or maybe they were hooking up this whole time. Now the Daily Mirror claims that Elon and Amber are actually dating.

She was granted a well-publicized divorce from Johnny Depp last year amid shocking allegations. But it looks as though Amber Heard is starting 2017 with a new lease of life, after it was reported she is besotted with new rumoured flame Elon Musk. The American actress, 30, was first linked to the 34-year-old billionaire businessman last summer, after he was said to have pursued her for ‘years’.

A source told The Mirror: ‘Amber is over the moon about her divorce but she is even happier about being able to go public with Elon. She was telling friends over Christmas how smitten she is with Elon. They are already planning a lot of adventures together and she’s relieved she can move on with her life. It’s an exciting new chapter for both of them.’

MailOnline has contacted Amber’s representative for comment Elon, who is reportedly worth an eye-watering £9.2billion, was spotted in the company of Amber Heard multiple times in August amid reports the tech billionaire has had an interest in the newly divorced actress for years. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with a source who claims that Musk ‘became infatuated’ with Heard after the two appeared in the 2013 film Machete Kills. The duo did not have any scenes together or get a chance to meet on set, so Musk began to email director Robert Rodriguez repeatedly in hopes that he could set up a meeting between himself and the actress – despite the fact that she was with Johnny Depp at the time.

[From The Daily Mail]

Whenever I think of Elon Musk’s love life, I always think of the Marie Claire essay written by his first ex-wife. That piece totally soured me on the idea that Elon is a catch. He may be brilliant – in fact, I’m sure he is some kind of savant – but he seems douchey in his romantic life. My hope is that Amber isn’t in the market for another husband, but if she wants to have fun and go on adventures with Elon, so be it.


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  1. Lasagnawasgreat says:

    Wonder if everything that he owns is in his mom’s name

    • ed edge says:

      Ikr is Elon out of his mine,better make it a booty call abd leave it at that.

    • Ev says:

      I hope so for his sake

    • Rose says:

      That piece of shit is appropriating Australian aboriginal culture. How dare she wear that dress. And i am not even going to mention her attempt at bringing rabies to Australia.
      Where is all of the outrage about her outfit? Is she Australian?

      • ash says:

        wow rose…. i hear you on appropriations but still …. harsh much?

      • Louisa says:

        So what celebitchy ? Rose can go ahead and call Amber Heard a “piece of shit”, but I can’t call her out on her violence and obvious lack of tolerance ? Did I make too much sense by exposing her irrational fit with the example of personnaly having to wear toile de Jouy and forbiding any stranger to France to do so if I were to follow her logic ? How could comparing her to a “possibly racist culture ayatollah” (which she demonstrate quite well on her own) compete with her outrighly calling Amber Heard a “piece of shit” ??

        That’s just twisted.

      • Sushiroll says:

        Jesus Christ, Louisa and Rose you both sound absolutely batshit.

      • Louisa says:

        Fight fire with a tsunami Sushiroll. I think this kind of communitarianism is just as revolting as xenophobia.

  2. Red says:

    Just the fact that he sounds a bit obsessed with her is giving me the heebie Jeebies. Emailing the director in hopes to meet up with her, even though he knew she was in a relationship? Creepy.

    • Mike says:

      Anybody not named Fonzie who pops their collar gives me the creeps.

    • Chaine says:

      Yup, no sense of boundaries, red flag for sure.

    • Greentea says:

      I read the biography on Musk by Ashlee Vance and it was a great read. He was exactly like this with his first wife. Loves the chase. Type A and very task oriented also when it comes to women. Once he hooks them he’s very controlling, apparently. He loves Hollywood and the glamour of showbiz and that’s probably also why he pursued Amber.

      Musk has had an amazing track record of business success from the very start. A real cut-throat entrepreneur in the true sense of the word (Zip2, PayPal, etc)- he actually builds businesses from scratch and doesn’t just acquire and consolidate, or just shift money around. I agree with this post: he’s probably a savant but a terrible partner and pretty ruthless as a person. His long-time secretary asked for a long-due raise and he welcomed her to leave.

  3. Trixie says:

    Elon Musk is 45, not 34 like the article claimed.

    I wonder if Musk and his first wife spoke about what they wanted their relationship and marriage to be like before getting married, because her article reads like they didn’t. There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to be the alpha in the relationship if the woman agrees to it (also nothing wrong with the woman being the alpha in the relationship if the man agrees to it). But it reads like Musk and his first wife never discussed that prior to actually getting married.

    • Nancy says:

      I was going to make the same comment about his age. He was married twice to the same woman and then had another marriage. While he is a genius and can send Amber literally to Mars soon, why would she want another high profile relationship so soon after this messy divorce. I guess she has her reasons, but all I can say is good luck to her.

      • Trixie says:

        Everyone is different and Amber can do what she wants, but I was also surprised that she would jump into another high profile relationship so quickly. Especially to a man who has a less-than-stellar reputation with his exes.

      • Yellowrocket says:

        Do you guys have that friend that seems to be drawn to the worst men every single frickin time ? And she just cannot seem to see the pattern? I’m pretty sure Amber is that friend.

      • Liberty says:

        Yellowrocket, v good point.

      • BTownGirl says:

        @Yellowrocket Omg that’s exactly what I was thinking! Amber…has a type.

      • African Sun says:

        @Nancy, the sending Amber to Mars line CRACKED me up. LOL

        His track record with women is not great to say the least.

      • Aren says:

        He’s not a genius though, he’s a business person and invests in developing technologies, but that doesn’t make him smarter than the people who work for him.

      • Greentea says:

        @Yellow, but he’s not a drug/alcohol-dependent person like Depp. That makes a lot of difference in a boyfriend!

        @Aren He’s got physics and engineering tech skills, but he’s an absolute business genius, especially in the tech field, which is full of crazy ideas, and good ideas with terrible execution. He’s a rare all-rounder and you just have to look at his track record. What’s more, he actually enjoys the punishment of running manufacturing businesses, which are incredibly tough.

    • Tris says:

      Darn. I actually came to the comments to say how nice it was to see a couple in Hollywood around the same age. Shoulda known better.

    • Dlc says:

      I’m trying to imagine that conversation. “By the way, after we marry, I expect you to chang into a 1950s trophy wife”.

    • Jess says:

      It sounded like he changed after they got married, that’s how I read it anyway. He used to be supportive of her dreams and competitiveness but later discouraged her from writing, and calling it “emotionally manipulative” when she was grieving their son is just wrong. He may be a genius and he’s doing lots of exciting and wonderful things for this world, but Amber Heard may need to steer clear of him, he sounds controlling and hard to deal with.

    • isabelle says:

      The wife wrote other journal articles and essay and he was an awkward dater according her, very driven even before they married. So basically a socially awkward savant. Its been a while since I read them but think the marriage proposal was pretty sudden, not that romantic. He married his second wife pretty quickly as well.

    • LoveIsBlynde says:

      Anyone can remain an alpha in their personality- but it’s Never okay to control or criticize a partner. That’s abuse – why is the woman somehow complicit in “not accepting mental/emotional abuse prior to marriage”.

    • Juniper says:

      And how interesting that after she married Musk she published three books. I’m sure that wasn’t a coincidence at all.

  4. ell says:

    i don’t really have a problem with that essay, because it looks to me it was a marriage that went sour because they lost a child and dealt with grief in very different ways. sadly, it’s more common than you think.

    i just hope she’s wise enough not to get involved too seriously with someone yet, the last few years have clearly been tough, so you know, it takes time to feel normal again (speaking as someone who was in an abusive relationship).

    • frisbee says:

      Gosh, I hope you are ok now and have got your life back. Sadly it’s not unheard of for women to lurch from one abusive relationship to another, particularly if there are deep seated self esteem issues involved that can take a lot of effort to work through. I hope for Amber’s sake this isn’t the scenario. She’s gone through enough crap for one lifetime already.

      • ell says:

        thanks, i’m fine now. it was a long time ago, i was 20 and i’m 27 now, so i had time to get over it. luckily for me that relationship didn’t last any longer than 7 months, and since i’ve had other relationships which have been healthy and happy, but it does leave you feeling very vulnerable for quite a while.

        and yeah, i also hope abusive relationships don’t become a pattern to amber; many people don’t understand that these sort of experiences do a number on your self esteem, and it becomes a vicious circle.

    • Trixie says:

      I’ve read a number of things Justine Musk has written about her marriage and divorce from Elon Musk, and it seems to me like they were two completely incompatible people who never should have gotten married in the first place.

      • ell says:

        i got that feeling as well tbh, they wanted different things and the loss of their child didn’t help them communicate, so they grew apart.

    • KB says:

      I think it started going south when he told her he was the alpha right after the wedding. Who does that?! I want him to not be a total creep, but there are serious red flags with him.

  5. JenB says:

    Elon Musk is a true visionary *actually* working to make America great. And he’s clearly a workaholic, I hope she knows that going in.
    I hope it burns Depp that she’s with a man “10 times his consequence” (Austen). He was a first class arse to her.

  6. MissMerry says:

    I read up on this guy, including the piece his ‘starter wife’ wrote. And I totally believe it.

    If you’re as smart as him, you don’t have the time or ability to be a good partner to a woman. I feel like his mind is in 432 places at once, he can really only care about himself and his businesses when it comes down to the bottom line…and that’s fine (especially for mankind as a whole and those of us who aren’t dating him)…so long as the women he dates make sure they’re aware of and OK with that.

    This girl needs support and attention and a good guy, and Musk, IMO, isn’t a good pick.

  7. Cannibell says:

    Jebus. I just read that essay. “Douchey” is an understatement. But at least Amber is already blonde, so she’s got that part going for her….

  8. Talie says:

    He’s only 34?!! That’s shocking…

  9. Joni says:

    At least she’s not shallow.

    • MrsBPitt says:


    • African Sun says:


    • isabelle says:

      One of the more weird thing about him, his first says he loves blonds. Wanted her to dye her hair lighter and lighter. Also skinny women, so she lost a lot for weight for him. His second wife also got blonder and blonder, thinner. Guess he doesn’t have to do it with Amber since she is already there but think that is a huge warning sign on any man. Especially a eccentric Billionaire.

  10. frisbee says:

    Well it’s the DM so I’m less inclined to believe it. I try not to read that rag and the comments section are utterly soul destroying and misogynistic. I gather from other sources most commentators supported Depp and still blame Amber for all of it. That makes me wonder if this is a ‘plant’ from Depp’s team to continue the ‘Gold-digger’ narrative he seems determined to hang on to – probably because it makes him feel better and allows him to rescind all responsibility – as usual.

  11. Esmom says:

    I feel like I’m very well aware of his flaws yet I have always found him strangely compelling. I can see why she (or anyone) would be attracted to him. But I think he’d be an extremely difficult person to be with and it seems Amber of all people doesn’t need that right now.

  12. ellieohara says:

    Sorry but he marries quick so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already privately engaged. I also think she is somewhat attracted to money and power and so this relationship will probably end poorly. I say this as someone who thinks Elon is attractive and not particularly crazy (except being a workaholic control freak).

    • Ankhel says:

      There’s one thing about Elon that made me wonder, don’t know if anyone else noticed? His first wife gave birth to six boys in eight years. ( Somewhere, a Duggar just gnashed their teeth in jealousy… ) His wife said she never got time to grieve their dead son, it was just straight off to THE FERTILITY CLINIC. Yes, fertility clinic – for a young, super fertile woman. Who only ever has sons. Hmmm. Some weird Stepford wives thing there, I think.

      Also, the first wife and Elon fought for years over their divorce settlement. The wife felt (probably correctly) cheated. I feel uneasy about the future, guys…

      • Greentea says:

        I think he and his 1st wife, a type A also, weren’t compatible. Talulah Riley, his 2nd wife, is a mellow type of girl, it appears. She ended up okay and the break up was mutual and peaceful, and she ends up with a good settlement ($16 million or something). I think in the end you have to let this guy dominate to make peace. Amber seems like a type A as well though.

  13. Skippy says:

    I am hoping that Amber doesn’t rush into a hot mess after Johnny. I hope she takes her time and has fun with her friends and gets some nice job offers. I don’t think she is shallow. I am hoping she is a lot more than that.

  14. Monic says:

    I know there’s some truth in the rumors, I read they were seen at movies and things like that. Not sure how serious is tho.
    Johnny was a jerk all these months and this man ran to her side as soon as she filed the divorce. Looks like he was waiting for this moment all these years. infatuated rich man and the vulnerable woman hurted and trying to forget the ex. I can see why it worked not sure if it would last

  15. anonymous says:

    I wonder what attracted her to that billionaire dude.

    • aenflex says:


      • mm says:

        This doesn’t seem fair. I have a HUGE crush on him, and it is nothing to do with the money. Rather – that ambition. And the crazy bookworm thing is appealing as hell.

    • Louisa says:

      TBH he seems to be a rather charismatic, highly intelligent man. That’s attractive to most women. Oh and the billionaire thing. On my behalf, the blond stepford wives thing completely creeps me out.

  16. detritus says:

    You know when your friend just makes all the wrong choices in love?
    This is what it feels like for Amber.
    Honey, after dating a controlling abusive asshole, the last thing you need is a self-appointed relationship ‘alpha’.

    • Millennial says:

      Yeah, her picker is broken if this is the guy she’s going after next. I think there’s a reason it didn’t work out with his first two ex-wifes.

  17. Wellsie says:

    I’m here to co-sign all the slow down and watch yourself comments for Amber. Girl picks the worst men. Look beyond the bank balance, Amber! All her dudes have cash and questionable characters.

  18. African Sun says:

    Amber is really gorgeous and her figure is banging. That said, she reminds me of Miranda Kerr, she chooses ballers a lot.

    Elon is…different.

    • Erinn says:

      This, exactly.

      I don’t know what to think about Elon. He seems kind of interesting, honestly. But I don’t doubt that he’s arrogant – when you’re that smart, and can prove it – arrogance is common. I’d prefer to see someone intelligent with that kind of arrogance, but I’d prefer none at all, so meh.

      I also don’t think he’s painfully unattractive or anything. He’s different looking – not classically handsome or anything, but attraction is so subjective.

      That being said – I’m hoping she’s not getting too wrapped up in anything at this point. Hopefully she’s having fun and spending time with friends and keeping her mind off of her ex.

      • African Sun says:

        @Erinn, she seems to have a pattern though when it comes to men. Elon is known for having complex views of relationships. He believes in having many children to ensure the human race survives (WTF) so in some ways his wives are like these mechanical vessels to project his views about humanity.

        He definitely has a type – blonde, gorgeous and famous – Amber ticks all of those boxes.

        He is horrendously rich – again just like her ex was. I don’t know, I just get Kerr vibes from Amber.

        Hope she takes time off to think about her choices.

  19. Racer says:

    If she’s emotionally needy it wont last. If she prefers a cerebral relationship it might last a little while. I think she’s a lesbian disguised as bi and I’n not a fan so it wont surprise me if all her relationships with men end in ashes and large settlements. But at some point she’ll need to pop out the prerequisite kid to make these unions seem less like a money grab.

  20. Jade says:

    I thought I’m the only one who thought he was slightly savant. He is clearly dedicated to his work, so Amber should expect that. I like Elon because I like that he’s pushing for efficient transportation and alternative energy.

  21. Hannah says:

    Is Elon the guy you have fun with? I think she should have found a hot man or woman to have fun with before stepping out with someone high profile again.
    I am 100 % team Amber in that domestic abuse case but I do think she picks partners who are financially very well off. Her ex girlfriend is also from a wealthy family.
    We know that one partner being much richer makes for an unbalanced power structure within the relationship so I am not sure this is a wise move on her part. She’s going to be defined by her relationship to a much more powerful and wealthy man yet again in public eye and on a personal level the massive difference in their status and wealth will again be something that controls her and makes her dependent.

  22. KiddVicious says:

    Elon can be a very charming guy when he wants to be. I can see how she could fall for that after enduring Depp. Elon would be a great fling, I hope Amber has a great time.

  23. cakecakecake says:

    I’ll say what no one else will, she loves men who are filthy rich…she could use a sponsor right about now. I see nothing wrong w/it, she’s pretty and having fun
    the end

    • African Sun says:

      You said what many people are thinking. Too trill.

    • six says:

      I am sure Amber Heard loves living the good life, but to me it has always seemed that more than anything she likes men who have an extreme amount of status and power – men who are ‘the best’ at their chosen profession and who are famous for it. Those men are not always the best relationship material, though.

    • Aren says:

      I think the same. Everybody here is so concerned with her choices and how she’s going to get hurt, like she didn’t know what she was getting into (both times).
      She’s calculating, and she’s willing to keep risking her safety for money; this is not going to end well at all.

  24. bluerunning says:

    Could you say no to Elon Musk? Even when you know the dirt, you know the baggage, you know the damage, could you say no and walk away and NOT feel a little hint of “what if?” Even if you’re not serious at all, even if you know there’s no way this guy is going to be anything more than a diversion… wouldn’t you say yes just for the experience? What’s dinner with Elon Musk like? What kind of person is he when he’s on a date? What’s his “small talk” like?

    There is probably a part of Amber that’s a bit flattered- here’s this wildly brilliant, rich guy wanting to spend time with her- there might be an element of an ego boost, and maybe she needs that right now.

    I do agree with others, though… she doesn’t always have the best “douche” radar, and his previous behavior reads pretty creepy re: wanting to meet her.

    • Lara says:

      Speak for yourself. Not everyone is that materialistic.He’s not exactly a hunk. If he was just a regular guy he wouldn’t be pulling good looking much younger actresses or have you say would you say no to him. And don’t pretend it’s because of his brains, a regular looking brainy say accademic or scientist doesn’t pull hot actresses. It’s because of wealth and power.

      • KB says:

        Stature and success are attractive, especially when the person has achieved it against all odds. The guy is passionate and is incredibly perseverent. I don’t think it’s materialistic to be attracted to those things.

      • Lara says:

        He’s from a comfortable white South African family. There are intellectuals in his family. And there were engineers.There is nothing against all odds about his story.He was given a computer by his father at a very young age. He’s not some poor kid from the street.He’s obviously intelligent but it’s a combination of ability growing up in a enviroment that nurtures the ability and opportunity.

    • Jess says:

      I completely agree, I find him interesting because he’s obviously intelligent and passionate about his work, that makes him more attractive to me. Physically he’s ok, but I wouldn’t take a second look if I didn’t know who he was. I’m a space nerd and I’d jump at the chance to have dinner with Elon, and my husband of course, lol.

      • Greentea says:

        I too would have dinner with Elon Musk if the opportunity came up. Very interesting guy, but not relationship material and not physically attractive to me.

    • Jen says:

      I’m a brunette nobody and I would have no trouble saying no to this creep. He’s a well-documented jerk and even from a gold-digging standpoint, his ex-wives haven’t walked away with much so there’s nothing monetary to be gained either. He’s not attractive, and he seems like the kind of guy who dates women who get question marks over their heads when he uses two syllable words. Pass.

  25. M.A.F. says:

    He’s 34?! I thought he was in his 40’s.

    Edit: I saw Trixie’s post on his age. Also wanted to add, this is the second time the narrative of how men chase Amber has been used. It was the same with Johnny and now with Elon. Someone has got to get a new narrative or this pattern of getting with a**holes is going to keep repeating.

    • silliness says:

      In a very, very old interview that she gave pretty early in her career she stated that she was drawn to older men, probably because she finds them more interesting than guys her age (but she was like 19/20 at the time of that interview).

  26. Payal says:

    Supposedly he was impressed that she reads Ayn Rand. And he’s best buds with Peter Thiel. Oh well.

    • Greentea says:

      And Tesla and his other companies have accepted $5 billion+ in government subsidies. He’s a brilliant guy but maybe not too sharp on political philosophy stuff. Ruthless people and teenagers are often drawn to Ayn Rand.

  27. Meme says:

    Maybe because I live and work in Silicon Valley but men like Elon Musk are incredibly attractive to me..It is their brilliant minds, their business acumen, their progressive thoughts that make them appealing….I think many of us value intelligence and brilliance and open minds in Silicon Valley over looks..I am not a gold digger because I find success in their given field attractive..Just as men find it attractive that I am aggressive and successful in my own career..Success and accomplishment and hard work are very attractive…It just so happens those in tech are financially rewarded for this…It’s the way it is around here..

    Amber is probably just trying to have some fun and build her self esteem back. he seems like a great choice!! Not serious, incredibly fun and facisnating and he seems to think she is the bomb–and at the end of the day, that girl could use someone that puts her on a pedestal and will appreciate her for who she is.

    After I got out of an abusive 2 year relationship, my self confidence was shattered. I met a guy who thinks I’m so great and and unique and awesome…words I hadn’t heard from a partner in years. While he wasn’t my soul mate, his love and affection were just what my soul needed- a boost! She needs this.

    The past wives are a red flag for a long term relationship but if you are just having fun and dating- why shouldn’t she go out with him? A movie date doesn’t mean she wants to marry him!

    • silliness says:

      I concur with everything you said. 🙂

      ETA: However, considering his history, and her own history, I worry that she’ll fall for the guy, because who doesn’t like to be pursued and wooed? Depp did that, and she eventually gave in and fell for it. I don’t know that Elon wants a fling with her. Clearly he must find her beautiful but based on the emails it sounds like he is attracted to her mind as well.

  28. katie2you says:

    Pregnant in 6 mths…

  29. daisy says:

    Did Talulah Riley have any children? Something tells me he will go back to her when Amber breaks his heart

  30. Tanakasan says:

    I have never heard of Elon musk, but I should look him up based on some of these comments!

  31. Donna says:

    Talk about a match made in hell.

  32. emmyb1608 says:

    The only thing I’ve seen Amber in, is an episode of Criminal Minds from a few years back of… And he looks like Duncan James in the thumbnail picture.

  33. stinky says:

    Sounds to me like Mr. Musk broke up Amber & Johnny if you wanna boil it down just a bit.
    He planted the greed seed… comin for her when she was unavailable. She was into it, Johnny knew, and as he spiraled on thru his midlife crisis he unwittingly played right into it all.