Sarah Michelle Gellar took her son to the ER: ‘most helpless I have ever felt’


Sarah Michelle Gellar has two children, daughter Charlotte, seven, and son Rocky, four. She and husband Freddie Prinze do a pretty good job keeping their kids out of the spotlight. Last week, Rocky came down with a virus that led to him having trouble breathing. As you would expect, this landed him in the ER, a first for the Gellar-Prinze household. And, also as you would expect, this terrified the whole family. Following Rocky’s release, Sarah posted this to Instagram:

Clearly the whole thing left Sarah shaken and I understand why. Last year my son came down with the flu. It culminated in rushing him to emergency late one night to lower his temperature. I can +1 everything Sarah said here. The minute my son’s breathing became ragged, I felt powerless and thought I had failed him and everyone who loved him (shout out to UCLA/Nethercutt Emergency Center and their incredible staff).

Light-hearted aside but my friends and I also note how long we were able to go before the ER, broken bones or other childhood calamities befell our little ones. Seven years without hitting up the ER would have earned Sarah a top spot ranking in our group. Fortunately, all is well now and Rocky is home resting comfortably, Sarah continued to assure us on Twitter:

Sarah has a lot on her plate right now, and yes, that is a very bad pun on my part. In 2015 she co-founded a baking company, Foodstirs, which produces organic, non-GMO kits and mixes that have no artificial preservatives, dyes or flavors.The products are available by subscription or individual purchase online and have been picked up by Whole Foods in the Northeast and Gelsons in California. Plus she has a cookbook coming out in April.

I like Sarah so I felt kind of bad for her over the holidays when she had a Twitter snafu involving George Michael’s unexpected death on Christmas. Sarah originally tweeted a since-deleted condolence tweet… about Boy George. Three mea culpa tweets later, we learned that she didn’t mix the two pop icons up, she had been misinformed which one died. It sounds like she got thoroughly dragged for her error so I assume she’ll stick to Foodstirs promotion and hopefully relatable mom-moment posts for a while.




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  1. Kate says:

    Neither has done anything even slightly notable in close to 15 years, so I don’t think it’s a case of them being private about the kids. Given the state of their careers the fact that there’s any info and pap pics of the kids suggests the opposite.

    • smcollins says:

      I’m not sure that’s fair. Don’t underestimate how many Buffy fanatics are still out there! 😉
      On a personal note I can relate to how she felt. We had to rush our 3-year-old to Immediate Care not too long ago because he was on fire, from head to toe, vomiting, and was so weak he couldn’t even sit up. He woke up with a mild fever and was a bit sluggish, but man did it quickly take a turn for the worse. Definitely a very scary and helpless feeling.

    • Hudson Girl says:

      She at least had a show with Robin Williams. He was in one of the best episodes of Psych.

    • teacakes says:

      @smcollins – I can testify to that, the Buffy fandom is massive and dedicated and SMG is a pop-culture icon for life thanks to it. (Buffy was #3 on EW’s recent 50 most iconic female characters of all time, surpassed only by Princess Leia and Hermione Granger)

      There will always be interest in what she does, and unlike Hilary Duff and the like, she doesn’t have to call paps to stay relevant.

      • Bridget says:

        Thank you. Buffy alone is enough for her to always merit interest.

        Not to mention, SMG has worked steadily for a long time. And Freddie moved to the other side of the camera a while back. Similar to Leighton Meester and Adam Brody (another low key couple) the interest is there.

    • Merlin'sWife says:

      Freddie does voice work for the Star Wars Rebels (cartoon) TV show. It’s very popular, and not just with kids.

    • A.Key says:

      But that was intentional, no? I got the feeling that when she became pregnant she deliberately sort of abandoned HW and dedicated herself to her family. Not just her, both her and Freddie Prinze Jr. seemed to have disappeared at the height of their fame.
      I believe they could have continued their careers without a problem since they were one of the most popular actors at one point in the late 90s.

  2. Margo S. says:

    Her kids look the exact same! So glad her sons OK. But 7 years without an er visit?! Wow. Lucky! I’ve been to the er many a times with my kids. My oldest has food allergies and my middle gets the croup every time he gets the flu…. speaking of flu. Hasn’t this been the WORST flu season?!

    • NortherGirl_20 says:

      My son has food allergies too – and asthma. We’ve been to the ER many times with him. Starting when he was only 1 month old. He wasn’t breathing right, turned out to be RSV and he spent 3 days in the hospital. Most recently just after Halloween I had to take him to the ER – turned out he had pneunomia! I had no idea, he had a cough but no fever and didn’t seem like he was that sick – or anything like that .. I felt like the worse mom in the world. It’s tough.

    • sunshine gold says:

      I know – 7 years?! She is on an insane lucky streak.

  3. Rocio says:

    She’s a very good actresses. Why did she take the lifestyle route?

    • teacakes says:

      She aged past 35.

    • Kate says:

      Because she’s actually a pretty terrible actress? She was almost unwatchable in her recent attempts at a TV comeback, and frankly her Buffy was pretty wooden. She somehow managed to make a teenage Vampire Slayer the least engaging character on the show (at least until Dawn showed up).

      • Rocio says:

        I saw her in Veronika decides to die (a few years ago) and she was very good on it. I’ve seen a couple of Buffy episodes and she was ok for a teenage drama (?). There was also another movie he did with Lee Pace and they did a pretty decent work with lousy material.

      • ash says:

        she was great on SITC….i loved her lol

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      She’s not a terrible actress – but she did get very lucky with Buffy. I like her, she seems like a nice genuine person and actors etc.. have been diversifying for a long time; lifestyle websites/brands is just the latest trend with female performers thou I’d like to see male actors get involved in this too. For others its been restaurants. nightclubs, hotels, digital media (wasn’t Jared Leto involved in some sort of web streaming service?) etc.. Its good business sense to diversify your earning potential.

    • teacakes says:

      No one who could play Buffy and the Buffybot is a bad actress. And I dare anyone to watch The Body and then say SMG can’t act.

      Also compared to the level of performances that have been coming out of teen shows for the last decade (barring Leighton on Gossip Girl) or even back in her time, SMG is practically Oscar-worthy.

      • I Choose Me says:

        See also that episode where Buffy learns she’s fated to die if she takes on The Master. I also loved that episode where she and Faith switched bodies. And I freaking loved her as Katherine Merteuil in Cruel Intentions.

        Can you tell I’m an SMG stan?

      • lisa says:

        i honestly thought she was great in ringer too

  4. JenB says:

    I understand what she’s saying. In my experience it is tough to hold yourself together when your child is in pain you can’t stop immediately. It’s hard not to break down.
    Glad to know he is going to be fine-7 years is an excellent streak!

  5. Lex says:

    She works pretty hard it seems to keep her kids’ faces off instagram so it feels icky to see them posted so freely online…

  6. Sixer says:

    I also made it 7 years: Sixlet Major, rock pooling at the beach, fell down rocks, split head open big style.

    Neither Sixlet has ever broken a single bone. I shouldn’t type that, should I? Tempting fate.

    • tinyfencer says:

      My kids have made it six years so far without ever having been to the ER, and seeing so many people say they made it seven years makes me feel jinxed! I know it sounds silly, but I’m sitting here thinking, “huh, I guess we’ll be going at some point this year…”

      • Sixer says:

        LOL! It’s horrible but the relief when it’s over and they are STILL ALIVE is like a major hormone rush!

  7. Kate says:

    Sure, but Buffy ended 14 years ago, and SMG peaked a few years before that. The show still has a big cult following, but there hasn’t been fandom interest in SMG’s personal life in well over a decade. Anything we’re seeing or hearing from them, they’ve gone out of their way make public.

  8. kimbers says:

    If anything needs a reboot it’s Buffy!

    Slayer Academy lol freeform can air it! Cant wait for throne of glass series to air!!

  9. MrsBPitt says:

    Freddy REALLY likes to stay out of the limelight! We never see him out and about…he could be buried in the back yard for all we know! (Been watching too much ID channel)….

  10. Jc says:

    Still interested in SMG all these years after Buffy, makes me want to watch it now. I was at a UCLA Basketball game about a week ago and Freddie Prinze Jr was there without her and I was severely disappointed!

  11. Krysten says:

    Pssh I wish I could have a stretch of never taking kid to hospital. My son just turned 2 and the hospital is our second home. I should have an honorary medical degree. He was born with multiple issues that still nobody can figure out. So far we know liver diease, hypoglycemia and an immune disease that will require a bone marrow transplant when the shit hits the fan! I wouldn’t wish the helplessness on anyone. We just had a liver biopsy done in December and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to witness. Try having to hold your baby down while he screams for you as they put him under for surgery. Awful 😞.

  12. S says:

    Geez, I don’t think I limited my oldest kid’s ER visits to 7 times in his first 4 years (all of which he was an only). There was this one 6 month span when was 2-3 where he had 103+ fevers three times, plus a bout with constipation, brought on by all the antibiotics from the infections, so terrible we had to rush him to emergency because his pediatrician thought he might have a bowel obstruction, plus he both fell/jumped out of a moving grocery cart (I still glare in my husband’s direction whenever I mention this) AND tumbled off our bed, intentionally, both onto his head. So, that’s at least six. I was expecting a visit from CPS, or at least a punch card for a free ER visit.

    Our 5 year-old has only been twice that I recall, once for a very high fever as a infant, and then when we learned he was allergic to bees while on vacation. (That one was TERRIFYING, because I was alone with my in-laws when it happened AND about 47 months pregnant.) Our daughter, knock wood, is so much more (naturally, unconsciously) careful than her brothers and, so far, has avoided the middle-of-the-night dash to the ER.

  13. I Choose Me says:

    She looks good as a blonde but I’ll always prefer her with the natural brunette hair colour. IMO she’s more striking with dark hair. Glad her son is okay.

  14. Bridget says:

    Freddie Prince Jr has always been absurdly well adjusted when it came to Hollywood, fame, and acting. If there’s anyone that’s content to live out of the spotlight it’s him.

    And for no reason aside from being sad that Buffy and Willow aren’t real life besties, I wish SMG had gotten along better with the Buffy crowd.

  15. A.Key says:

    A reminder of who the real heroes are in our world, who actually do something worthwhile – doctors and nurses. Nice of an actor to post this.

  16. serena says:

    That’s too bad, she’s a good actress and she should find some interesting project. Didn’t her husband also release a cookbook some time ago? Anyway, good thing her son is well and good!

  17. Shura says:

    I suspect she has since been thrown into the clueless white female heap, but I still have a soft spot for Buffy. Although …. the original Buffy movie was even more glorious. Bonus pts if 1) you know what I’m talking about and 2) remember when a teenage Kristy Swanson was engaged to 40 something Alan Thicke. Vintage gossip!
    I made it to five years and even then considered myself lucky.

    • Hazel says:

      And speaking of Psych (loved the episode with FP Jr), they did a really fun tribute to the original movie with the original Buffy!

  18. Amelie says:

    I seriously have no recollection of ever visiting an ER as a kid. I’ll have to ask my mom about it. The only instance I can think where she might have taken me is when I accidentally ripped off a nail in a video rental store. Other than that never needed stitches for anything and never broken a bone.

    Glad Sarah’s kid is ok! Difficulty breathing is scary.

  19. Jess says:

    I’m glad her son is ok, but I absolutely hate it when people post pictures of their children in the hospital, or check in on Facebook at the ER, it’s mind boggling that people use that to get attention. Focus on your sick child for crying out loud! I work in urgent care and I’ve seen so many parents glued to their phone while their child is miserable and just needs comfort, it’s sad.

  20. Snowpea says:

    What the hell? I have three kids and the oldest is 17 and Ive never been to the emergency ward. What is it with going to emergency over in the states? Maybe there is terrible pollution over there?