Sofia Vegara and Katy Perry throw 40th birthday bashes for their beaus

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Turning 40 is kind of a big deal, and I don’t know about you, but it’s generally an excuse to party. And if you’re going to party, it’s good to have a celebrity partner to throw you a gala for the ages. This past weekend, Sofia Vergara threw a rock ‘n’ roll-themed bash for her husband, the hunky Joe Manganiello. The fete, dubbed “Joecella” (clever, huh?), was held Friday night at the W Hollywood hotel in Los Angeles. The couple were decked out in their finest rock togs, Sofia in a black bustier and matching pants and Joe in a Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt and distressed jeans.

The guests, including Sofia’s Modern Family costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson (and his GORGEOUS husband, Justin Mikita), Dennis Rodman and Joe’s BFF, Pee Wee Herman, jammed out to comedic hair metal band Steel Panther. Joe joined the band onstage for rousing renditions of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “You Really Got Me.”

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The rock theme was complete with a guitar cake – but not any old guitar cake, but a guitar cake made to look like Eddie Van Halen’s iconic “Frankenstrat” Fender Stratocaster guitar.

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Joe posted a bunch of photos on Instagram and it certainly looks like an awesome time was had by all. You can keep Coachella, I would take Joecella over that any day. Joe AND Steel Panther? Be still my heart.

Not to be outdone, Katy Perry threw a surprise 40th party for her main man Orlando Bloom in Palm Springs on Saturday night. In attendance at the fiesta were Jennifer Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux as well as British talk show host Amanda de Cadenet, who you may remember for being quite and briefly chummy with Courtney Love back in the day. Katy went all out for the celebration, with the assistance of party planner to the stars, Mindy Weiss. You can’t have a party without cake, and Orlando rang in his midlife years by blowing out the candles on a huge owl-themed cake that read “Happy Birthday Lando.”

Cook cake, huh? Guests got quite unique party favors, sweats emblazoned with Orlando’s face. The birthday boy got into the spirit and donned his own special onesie for the occasion.

Orlando got an extra special gift birthday surprise, a visit from his mother, Sonia Copeland Bloom, who also rocked a sweatshirt with her son’s face all over it. Orlando posted a sweet picture with his mom on Instagram with the caption, “best gift ever surprise visit from me mum.”

best gift ever surprise visit from me mum 🎈

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Wow, both of these parties make my 40th birthday celebration in Las Vegas look positively pale by comparison. Way to go, ladies. And happy birthday, boys – especially you, Joe!

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  1. Ever bloom says:

    That picture of Katy Perry, her boobs look like onions.

  2. Locke Lamora says:

    Sofia looks amazing, but not rock-ish in the slightest. Not even a little bit.

    Both of he parties look great, lucky men.

  3. Wiccanwonder says:

    Ha ha just thinking the same thing. Shame really because the dress could be gorgeous sans onions!!

  4. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    I ship Sofia and Joe, the seem perfectly matched and very happy together which am sure is one of the reasons why her ex is hell bent on ruining her life. He can’t stand that she is blissfully happy with someone else.

    And strangely Katie and Orlando seem like a good pairing. I like Katie but she doesn’t really have the best taste in men: Russell Brand (yuck), John Meyer etc..

    • ell says:

      katie has the worst taste in men, i agree. even her beloved lando isn’t really a catch. she could do so much better.

    • Bridget says:

      Katy and Brand were a terrible pairing, but I disagree that Orlando is a better catch. Yech. And this is from someone that wouldn’t have sex with Russel Brand with someone else’s vagina.

      • Mimz says:

        I legit LOLed at someone else’s vagina 😂😂😂that being said i wouldnt even dream of getting too close to Russel. He looks like he doesn’t shower. And that voice… NO. Just no.


  5. Lucy says:

    Both parties looked really fun. It’s nice to see Sofia and Joe doing so well.

  6. cynic says:

    The picture of Orland and his mother is sweet.

  7. Savu says:

    the couple *was

  8. LadyLuna says:

    I just turned 40 last September climbing the Eiffel tower, I would not trade that for anything!!