Sienna Miller ‘hasn’t shot a movie’ since she finished ‘Live By Night’ a year ago


I feel a little bit sorry for Sienna Miller. She was shilling so hard for Live By Night, the Ben Affleck movie where she has a supporting role as Affleck’s girlfriend, and Sienna was the one who got to travel to Europe with Ben to promote the damn thing. Well, bad news. Live By Night is bombing hard. They gave Affleck $65 million to make the movie and over the holiday weekend, the film made… $6 million (insert sad clown noise). To be fair, the whole movie looks terrible, not just Sienna. Anyway, Sienna has a new interview to promote the bomb and she says some interesting things about how she sees her career and more. Some highlights:

Moving to New York last year: “I found that I was living in London and working in America. And once my daughter started school it didn’t make sense. Aside from that I just love it here. I love the openness of it, how accepting it is. It feels like a small community even though it’s an enormous metropolis.”

Ready for a lead role: “I think I’m ready to play a lead role now.”

She hasn’t worked since Live By Night: “My daughter’s started school and I haven’t shot a movie since I finished this a year ago and I’m slightly climbing the walls. Now I want to do something, really badly.”

The Great Roles: “I do get offered some good things, but I really want to work with incredible directors and there’s nothing that I’ve read in the last year that felt worthy of leaving my daughter. It’s always an uphill struggle: there are very few great roles and many great actresses, and to be in that conversation is great. I think I’m on the list, for sure, which is fantastic, but I know that there are a few people who are ahead of me on the list. There aren’t many great roles for women and it’s a bit of a feeding frenzy when it comes about.”

On privacy: “I get privacy everywhere these days, it feels like. I sued the paparazzi and that all went away. They’re not sitting outside my house. It doesn’t feel as predatory as it did. I just don’t think they’re as interested in me, which is fine with me; fine with a capital F with lots of happy emojis around it.”

[From SMH]

The last time and the only time I enjoyed something with Sienna Miller was Interview, I think, with Steve Buscemi and I remember thinking that she was surprisingly good in that role as a manipulative actress. The past few years have been about Sienna rebuilding her reputation after too many bombs and too much attention on her personal life (the Balthazar Getty situation really hurt her, despite what anyone else says about it now). I sometimes feel like Sienna is still the same thirsty drama queen she once was, and I feel like there’s a tinge of regret with her “I get privacy everywhere” line. Like, she actually misses that life a little bit.

As for the lack of roles for women… it’s true, there is a severe lack of good roles for women. But here’s my question – if there is a good part for a woman, what would make a producer go to Sienna Miller? What does she bring to the table that another actress doesn’t have? Can you even name one thing?


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  1. Caitlin Bruce says:

    I never use to think she could act worth a damn but I’ve been pleastlantly surprised with her work in her last few projects.

    • Luca76 says:

      I actually never hated her. She’s kind of charming not the best actress on earth but certainly not awful.

    • Annetommy says:

      The whole movie isn’t terrible, I found it rather good, as was Sienna.

    • kennedy says:

      Same. She was fantastic in the Hitchcock biopic (?) film on HBO. She is making really smart decisions in taking small parts with acclaimed directors. She had a role in Foxcatcher and though it didn’t make the final cut she was able to work with Bennett Miller who I believe referred her to James Gray in Lost City of Z (which considering the great reviews for her, Charlie Hunnam, and the film as a whole coming out of NYFF, she made another great decision). Even though Live by Night bombed, a lot of reviews have singled her out as the best part of the film. I like that she is taking on supporting roles with acclaimed directors rather than trying to do the Blake-Lively-I-Am-Meant-To-Be-A-Star bit and audition for roles like Gravity and Gatsby and make sure she gets her name in the press only to not actually get said roles.

      As for the “what does she bring to the table that another actress doesn’t” — Sienna has a very specific look and presence. Much like Rosamund Pike and Rachel McAdams, I find her to stand out among the many beautiful, blonde actresses in the world. I think she will find a part that will truly wow audiences and critics and will quietly be nominated for an Oscar.

  2. Loopy says:

    Hollywood is so funny with who they chose to crucify over adultery, some get off scot free and others are burned through the coals. Same with who they target about having a baby every week while others are also well into their 40s but don’t get a mention.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      In Sienna’s case she chose to get involved with a guy who’s wife is very well connected in HW, very well connected. That was her mistake, plus the way in which they played it out in front of the media was quite nasty towards his family. They both deserved the backlash they got for it.

      • milla says:

        sorry, but he was married one. maybe she told her that his marriage is done, blah, blah, blah,…the usual crap.

        she was in her 20s. he did not get backlash, she still gets it.

      • Letti says:

        She was shameless about rubbing it in their faces too. Getting papped hanging out lounging on hotel balconies with Balthazar while his wife had four babies at home. It was disgusting. She only cares about her own fame.

      • Kate says:

        @milla – sorry but when was last time you heard Balthazar Getty was in a tv show or movie? Her career is doing better than his, he got backlash too, his career never took off and never recovered, but at least his marriage did…

      • Bridget says:

        Getty lost his job because of it.

        And as pointed out, don’t get involved with the husband of one of the rulers of the Hollywood social scene. Just don’t.

      • holly hobby says:

        I think I read he no longer acts (probably not by choice). He was fired or asked to leave Brothers and Sisters so there was some blowback. It doesn’t matter, he can live off the Getty riches.

    • ctgirl says:

      One of the weird things about Sienna is that she kept going after men with young children, specifically Jude Law and Balthazar Getty. No one did that to her, she picked her own downfall.

  3. QueenB says:

    ” if there is a good part for a woman, what would make a producer go to Sienna Miller?” MTE. if there were limitless great roles for women, why hire her?
    without white skin and conventional beauty she would not get a lot of roles, she should be grateful .

    • ash says:

      yes she has the “classical features” look (which by the way I hate because the people who created the “classical look” were swarthy mediterrean cultures NOT of blonde blue eyed stock –self hate much) and she is white…. I feel like she is on the C-option…like in the White Female Lead Sphere

      There’s A Option (JLaw, Alicia Vikander, Margo Robbie, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Emma stone (though she was A-/B+ until her recent batch of movies)

      Theres B+ to B Option (Sandra Bullock, Brie Larson, Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara)

      C option (Sienna Miller, Anna Kendrick, daisy ridley, blake lively (though before the babes and back in 2007 to 2012 she was like maybe b-option), i cant think of any other of the top of my head)

      and most of these women just need visibility to navigate or have chosen to diversify their interest, stepping away from acting having got their oscar already….. but in sienna’s place she was at one point the A option….then she gallivanted with a chick (who has pull in the industry)’s husband and yea she was done, and it was revealed she was always a thirstbot…. so her personal life over shadowed her professional life as she’s kinda looked at as a washed up british it/party girl who had a baby

      • Aminah says:

        Actually, what are today considered “Classical features” were not created by the swarthy Mediterranean people (look at Ancient Greek and Minoan and Byzantine art and sculpture. No skinny fine featured blondes there).

        The modern concept of Classical features came from the Romantic and Neoclassical Era (c.18th century onwards) in the North Western European countries taking inspiration from the ancient Greeks and Romans and then remodelling what they saw in their own image with *their own* idea of perfection replacing the original Greek ideas which were considered not aesthetically pleasing enough. At a time when the area was under the Ottoman empire they saw this as a salvage operation ( see also Lord Elgin, but that’s another matter…).

        So, no, there was no self hatred in the Ancient era. Just the British and the Dutch and the French reimagining the Era with their own flaxen-headed avatars firmly placed front and centre. As it was, so it shall always be I suppose…

        (sorry for the long reply. I’m an art history geek.)

      • Kittykatshack says:

        On what planet is ALicia Vik and Margo R an Alister but Sandra Bullock a B?!?
        Alist means my grandmother could pick them from a lineup.

  4. Hannah says:

    I watched Live By Night and I really enjoyed it, but I hadn’t realised that the actress was Sienna Miller until I just read your article. She looked familiar but totally unrecognisable!

  5. Mia4S says:

    She’s fine but not really a standout. Maybe a good TV role but there are some really spectacular actresses doing TV now. Could be tricky to land the really coveted parts.

    There’s the usual problem with Hollywood too, she’s *gasp* over 30! 35 in fact! *Clutches my invisible pearls*

    • Jegede says:

      She did go for TV with the Tippi Hedren biopic ‘The Girl’.
      She had hoped to build something from that.

      And I would have thought she could have been offered a series or something substantive out of that, especially as she’s moved full time to America.
      But maybe it was a hit with critics but meh with audiences, I dunno.

      • Bridget says:

        She’s been on a roll – Foxcatcher & the America movie with Bradley Cooper. Live By Night was a ‘get’ too. But they’re all supporting roles.

  6. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    She brings nothing that sets her apart from other actresses – she’s an average actress and her past drama hurt her reputation badly, she’s clearly still struggling to repair that damage. Plus from i can recall wasn’t there some drama around that Johnny Depp movie where all her scenes got cut amid rumours of behaviour that p!ssed the director off (a fling gone bad maybe – with Sienna you never know)? And yes I do think she misses the media attention – the girl LIVED for it at one point and was well known for tipping paps off.

    She’s had work done on her face – she doesn’t look like herself in some of those shots and its not the first time i have noticed it.

  7. ctgirl says:

    She has a really messy past that no other actress could possibly achieve. She’s no longer the fresh faced ingenue and she hasn’t really grown in her acting. Likely not attributes she would want on her resume.

  8. milla says:

    she CAN act. I feel like I’ve said that million times.

    she has this free spirit vibe, which is not sth you see everyday in someone who is 35 in HW. she looks alive on screen, i just feel bad that her personal life and overexposure turned everyone against her.

    • Neelyo says:

      I agree. She’s the only one who’s gotten consistently good reviews from THEY LIVE BY NIGHT, not that it matters.

  9. joannie says:

    I think she’s really pretty and can act too. I could see her as Brad Pitts next girlfriend.

    • StormsMama says:

      Good call

      I think she’s stunning

      Sure she was a selfish drama shit stirred in her 20s

      She can act and she’s very gorgeous so…

  10. Jegede says:

    Sienna actually had the lead role in several productions at the height of her fame.
    All bombed financially.

    Then her private life became the prominent narrative.

    She’s been supporting player in recent hit flicks, but I guess HW does not know what to do with her anymore, especially when there are replacements everywhere.

    Like you have a beautiful blonde like Teresa Palmer who is enjoying critical and commercial success with Lights Out and Hacksaw Ridge, so someone Sienna Miller is probably relegated to taking their scraps.

  11. Talie says:

    I haven’t seen her recent work, but she did a string of movies in her 20s where she was typically the best thing in the them. There is something very magnetic about her in Interview, Alfie, Factory Girl, The Edge of Love, etc. She’ll probably end up in TV…

    • Jegede says:

      She was prolific, but all her lead roles made no money.

      Not even in the UK.

      And I am shocked at how many projects she took at her apogee, that never even had a theatrical release!

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        I know – its sad that there were a few movies that she made that were never released, purely down to how she destroyed her own career. She had it all – was getting interesting roles, working steadily and then booom. She was a hard partier. I once saw her in person and it took a while to realise that it was her – she wasn’t wearing any makeup and she just looked like an average person. But put makeup on her and stick a camera in front of her and she’s a different person.

      • Jegede says:

        “I know – its sad that there were a few movies that she made that were never released, purely down to how she destroyed her own career.”

        But they were never released, or even had a distributor pre-scandal.
        Considering how much of a ‘name’ she was at that time she could not even get small time distributors? At least local ones?

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        ^ I think that they didn’t get a distributer at the time was because behind the HW scenes she’d pissed a lot of people off. Hence why no one wanted to waste money on picking up a movie she was in – even local/small independent distributers. They knew they wouldn’t make any money back, her name had been toxic for a while before the Getty affair and she had been losing roles.

  12. Letti says:

    No, I can’t name anything she brings other than her trashy famewhoring and her ability to lay down with married men. She’s just average as an actress and very pretty. This describes many women in Hollywood. Well it looks like she had a fun time hooking up with Ben during filming. At least she’s got her past.

    • Kate says:

      IKR? At least they got something out of making that turd of a movie, if Ben got his jollies off of a nine hour sex shoot and then got some after camera’s were rolling then good for them, they are two peas in a very dirty and contaminated pod. Sienna is an okay actress but unfortunately for her she is pretty low on that list, at her age, she is losing younger roles to the likes of Haley Bennett and Emma Stone, and the mature roles are going to Amy Adams, Emily Blunt. At least Sienna is honest, and this movie bombing so spectacularly is going to do nothing for her plight, oh well, there is always the stage.

  13. teacakes says:

    She’s a better actress than she is given credit for, but clearly people aren’t done crucifying her for the Getty affair.

    There are better actresses out there but she’s done a consistently good job in supporting roles, I wouldn’t be against it if she continued down that path. All it really takes is one successful project.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Her acting has improved and she has learned to keep her sh!t tight but her problem is that she’s not really getting a shot at those successful projects. There was a lot of buzz around her comeback after American Sniper but she struggled to capitalise on that success – again I think there are those in HW who still haven’t forgotten.

      IA that she should stick to supporting roles, particularly in TV movies. I could see her being successful in a good TV series.

    • Bridget says:

      I think the Getty relationship encapsulates completely what a drama magnet Sienna was at the time. To me, it was the ridiculous spectacle (and honestly, I think her taste in men is gross)

      • Suz says:

        Right? I wonder if she thinks of Balthazar and wonders “what was I thinking?” I can’t say that about Jude, he’s a bad boy but handsome.

  14. manta says:

    The funny thing is, contrary to apparently a vast majority of people, I took notice of her in the too short-lived TV show Keen Eddie. Meaning I knew her face and name before associating them to Jude Law.In our household, he’s the guy who dated Fiona from Keen Eddie.
    Maybe my love for this series is blinding me (I watch the 13 episodes almost every year), but she has some acting chops, some vivacity. At least she had 14 years ago.Plus she was the cat person in the show so…
    Liked her in Interview and that movie about a chef with Bradley Cooper.

  15. Twinkle says:

    She’s just not that talented. She’s also very vanilla looking. There’s nothing distinctive about her. Plus, I get the feeling she’s an opportunity dater too. She’s dating her former director/Oscar winner, Bennett Miller. I think if given a chance she would jump at the chance to date someone more well known and powerful, say Ben Affleck?

  16. Kate says:

    Sienna Miller lacks the universal, likable, relatable appeal that the in demand actresses have, the one’s that become stars and get the star vehicle. You look at Sienna and think, this woman would sleep with my husband, and guess what? She would. No one ever says, especially women, “I want to watch that movie , Sienna Miller is in it” how many people say that she is there favorite actress? She’s fine as a supporting character actress and she should be happy she’s getting that nowadays. If it hasn’t happened already for Sienna it’s not going to happen. And if she thinks hooking up with Ben will get her into his movies, uh, they just laid a big turd of a movie, no one cares about their pairing no matter how many sex scenes they have apparently…

    • Tina says:

      Totally agree. She is not a likeable actress. Her many interviews over the years portray her as self-centered and smug. Ben and her together make sense. Two peas in a pod. Ben’s behavior with her while promoting their movie has been gross.

  17. sage says:

    I like Sienna Miller, flaws and all. She admitted her mistakes and is working her way back up.

  18. st says:

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, and I plan to, but why release so many “serious movies” in such a short period of time? It’s hard to get to all of them if you work. When I think of work I’m thinking of stay at home parent, working at home parent or working outside of the home single or parent.

  19. CC says:

    Her hair looks lovely. Such beautiful color.

    The dress is quite whatever. Not good, not bad. She has the greatest bod – why does she pick nonsensical dresses? She’ll look good in anything but not that!

  20. Lana 234 says:

    Sienna is a just another pretty face I don’t see anyone offering lead parts. Why go to her when you have Amy Adams, Jessica Chaistain, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer lawerence, Natalie Portman. Sienna will get work but only as a supporting character. She doesn’t have the talent to be a lead actress

  21. Nibbi says:

    She looks so, so different. Beautiful, but different. Is it just the stronger brows? You guys think she’s had lip work? Cheekbone work? Maybe even a boob job? I’ve always thought she was very pretty but here she’s got some kind of hollywood bombshell/ veronica lake thing going on which looks nice but it sort of jarring given how totally different, near unrecognizable, she looks to me.