Diego Luna and Suki Waterhouse were making out in Mexico – why?

Et tu, Diego Luna? Just this weekend I had convinced myself that I had a shot with Diego. This is a man who has the hots for Jabba the Hutt, surely I could fit in his profile. But no, Diego is not traipsing around with a grotesque, psychotic, reptilian overlord, he’s hooking up with blonde, 25-year old model/actress, Suki Waterhouse. According to TMZ, they were hanging out in his hometown of Tulum, Mexico over the weekend.

Suki Waterhouse knows age ain’t nothing but a number when you’re with a hotshot like Diego Luna on his home turf. 

Paps got the British model hanging out with the ‘Rogue One’ star in Tulum, Mexico over the weekend, and they looked pretty comfortable with each other … especially Diego’s right hand.

He’s more than 10 years her senior — Suki’s just 25. But hey … may the force be with ‘em.

[From TMZ]

Suki, as we know, has no issue with age differences, having gotten fairly serious with Bradley Cooper, who was 17 years her senior, and James Marsden, who was 18 years older than her. Diego was married to Camila Sodi for five years with whom he maintains a very close relationship. In general, I have no issue with age differences. If everyone is happy, I just don’t care. However, I have a huge issue with people who aren’t me macking on Diego Luna!

Suki and Diego filmed the Jim Carrey/Keanu Reeves apocalyptic cannibal film, The Bad Batch, together. So they’ve known each other for a while. But were they friends who just turned to romance or have they been together for some time? Yesterday, Lainey posted this Instagram from a year and a half ago:

A photo posted by Revista QUEM (@quemacontece) on

That would indicate that they have been on the down low for some time. However, Suki was linked to Richard Madden just last month and they were supposedly getting serious. And she was bouncing back and forth between Cooper and Marsden between March and April of 2015, which is right when Diego and Suki began filming The Bad Batch. If they have been so good about keeping it quiet, why now? Is it to help Suki’s song, Brutally’s, flagging sales? Given that whatever that is above has been going on for a while, I’ll give them the thumbs up. On-again/Off-again or casual hook up on occasion, either way, they have their groove together. Although, he needs to never stick his hands in her shorts again when there are paparazzi around. They look like the quarterback and the cheerleader headed to their lockers with that nonsense.

But listen Diego: when you’re done with blonde models, Jabba and I will be over here waiting for you.



Photo credit: Twitter, Instagram and WENN Photos

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  1. Digital Unicorn (aKa Betti) says:

    Odh Diego I just lost part of my lady boner for u. Suki Waterhouse of all people. I would say it’s been an off and on hookup as she’s been getting around the hot younger actors sinece her split from Cooper.

    I have never gotten why she is famous other than for the men she gets involved with.

    To our South American posters, what’s his deal? He seems like a decent bloke but any gossip?

    • Adrien says:

      I started stanning Diego around the time the Terminal was released then for some reason he fell off my radar because James MacAvoy, the Scottish Diego Luna came into my life. What I gathered from friends who are in the indie film circle, Diego and Gael are truly rad guys and are so down to earth. Diego himself is a pretty decent director, the Ben Affleck to Gael’s Matt but from Mexican gossip friends Diego and Gael are real life charolastras (see y tu mama tambien for reference). Diego is a known ladies man. Rumor has it (from my old ONTD friends) that he slept with all his three beautiful costars in Night Buffalo and got one of them pregnant forcing him to marry her. Just rumors though. I use to see pictures of Diego being extra amorous with just about everyone. Maybe he is just into “textures”.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        Ah – I know Gael is a bit of a man ho but am new to Diego so if they are bestie it stands to reason that they are birds of a feather.

        And apologies for the mis-geographical representation of Mexico.

      • teacakes says:

        lol ontd was actually where I learned about this situation, weeks ago (and I will always love that Gael and Diego share a tag there). I always thought his marriage was at least partially the result of his ex-wife’s family being very influential but they seem to get along well as exes, it’s a credit to both of them.

        And also yeah, Diego seems super touchy-feely with people he’s close to, I’m not surprised by the Kirsten Dunst rumour even though he debunked that. He’s that cuddly with a female friend, it should be no surprise that he has no chill when he’s sleeping with someone lol (see also: Olga Segura)

      • Saks says:

        Yep. If I remember correctly he was dating someone else when he got Camila pregnant.

      • tealily says:

        “The Scottish Diego Luna” = perfection. Oh, Diego, get your hand out of her pants though.

    • Twink says:

      Just a minor pet peeve of mine. Mexico is not South America, it’s part of North America geographically speaking.

    • Arlene says:

      And he’s a smoker :(

    • teacakes says:

      Don’t worry @Digital Unicorn, we all know Diego’s true love is Gael, their friendship will always give me life no matter what questionable dating choices they make.

      I’m not Mexican or South American but from the bits I’ve picked up over the years, Diego gets around lol. Much respect to him for having a good relationship with Camila though. I suspect that if he and Suki are official, they kept it off the Rogue One carpets at least partially so he could put his kids first, he’s said multiple times that his son is very into Star Wars and very proud of his dad for being in it.

    • Saks says:

      They are both known ladies men (see Gael-Natalie Portman-Dolores Fonzi drama for example).

      But they are really nice guys, down to earth, talented, work in favour of Mexican movies industry and most importantly both are politically and socially conscious. (Diego just recently spoke to Mexican congress and call them out for their bad politics).

      • teacakes says:

        That’s one thing I really do respect about them, their commitment to Mexican cinema and to the country.

    • MollyD says:


      Suki Waterhouse – the minute I saw her with him my heart sank. She is a professional beard.

      Once for BCoop and now him, bummer.

  2. OSTONE says:

    I am Mexican, and never have heard anything negative about both Diego and Gael. Diego and Suki is such a weird pairing.

  3. JulP says:

    Why Diego????? Ugh. Suki just seems so bland. And she recorded a song? What? I’m so confused right now.

    • milla says:

      maybe she is a nice person. why not?

      she is not as annoying as other gals, from hadid sisters to squft squad. she seems normal. dunno.

      • mp says:

        You know what, I used to think the same, but I saw her in a movie called….Love, rosie (or something like that, with lily collins), and she actually surprised me, in movement she has this sexy thing going on, yeahhh I know, so weird right? I always saw her like a girl, but maybe shes hotter/sexier in person or something like that…

  4. Lulu says:


    In this video from 2015 I think he’s got his hands down too lol … I am actually jealous of Suki Waterhouse , I never thought I’d see the day 😩

  5. ell says:

    hahahah, ‘WHY????’ was exactly my reaction as well. actually, i knew about this for quite a while since i remember seeing pics of them together, but because there had been nothing about it since i assumed it was a fling and done by now. but nope.

    i don’t really have a problem with the age difference, she’s 25 now so it’s ok it although it was creepy back when she was dating bcoop when she was like 19 or something. i have a problem with the fact she’s the british equivalent of elsa pataky i.e. famous for dating famous dudes, and yet they’re papped and photographed by themselves, which is laughable. i’m one of those who tends to judge celebs by who they associate with, so this makes me feel meh about diego.

    • teacakes says:

      Yeah I was getting REALLY annoyed a couple years ago with how hard the UK media were trying to make her happen.

      I mean, I get that people might want an ‘Alexa Chung bob/smoky eye/satchel’ but who the fuck wants ‘Suki Stackhouse bedhead’?

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        She’s a Sienna Miller wannabe (who was a very poor man’s Kate Moss wannabe) in not just style but path to fame – hooking up with famous men.

      • ell says:

        i actually like alexa, she’s funny and quirky. i wish i could say the same about suki, but i happen to find her incredibly annoying.

      • teacakes says:

        @Betti – at least Sienna Miller had somewhat interesting style/taste though (though ia, not a patch on Moss) and like Chung, her look was widely copied. This is not an endorsement of the look, I’m just thinking back to summer 2004 when those stupid boho clothes Sienna liked were EVERYWHERE. Likewise with Alexa-inspired bags and Peter Pan collars by ’07-10.

        With this one I was literally like ‘who?’ because she is just that generic. Burberry and Vogue UK tried to make fetch happen for a while there but it didn’t take.

  6. mom2two says:

    Diego and Suki seem to have been off an on since 2015 at the very least. And they’ve been pretty low key together (she did not walk any SW red carpet with him or anything, when that really could have maximized publicity for her as well).

    I think the rumors of her and Richard Madden were just that, rumors.

    But if she did hook up with Madden, Mardsen and is off an on with Luna…she needs to share her mojo with the world.

    • teacakes says:

      I actually suspect her staying off the Rogue One red carpets was more to do with Diego’s kids (as in, they’re Star Wars fans and from the way he talks about his son, I can see him wanting to put the kids first here instead of pulling focus with a new gf/hookup, plus his ex-wife was there too).

      She can keep everyone else but I will second that request for the mojo-sharing when it comes to Diego.

  7. lannisterforever says:

    I always used to despise her bland fame-wh*ring but The Bad Batch was actually really good! I highly recommend checking it out, a very unusual movie but she was actually quite solid in the lead role (although it wasn’t a very hard character to play).

    Also, GO HER if she’s hooking up with my current crush – def a step above Bradley and James.

    • teacakes says:

      Ana Lily Amanpour’s first film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, was absolutely fantastic, so I’m not surprised there.

      I really hope she gets more directorial opportunities.

  8. Adrien says:

    Yuck, Dieguito! She is too young and a known starfu**er. Why, you fell into the Hollywood trap. They hooked up in 2015 then she went on dating other guys then she resurfaces this year after his profile has been raised.Tsk! Why are my internet boyfriends disappointing me lately? First, Tom then Benedict now our tiny Mexican bean. I was solidly on Team Gael until I saw Diego a month ago in person and I was just floored by his beauty. Gael at least dated Natalie Portman.

    • Mia4S says:

      “Gael at least dated Natalie Portman.”

      Yeah….and cheated on her a bunch. I love Gael but he’s really not a gold standard for celebrity relationships.

      • mp says:

        OMG YES!!! That video of Natalie in Buenos Aires going ham on the paparazzi is everything

      • Adrien says:

        ahaha! True. His wandering peen was the cause of his breakup with his wife Dolores. Maybe GGB and Diego are truly meant to be together.

      • teacakes says:

        Wasn’t his relationship with Dolores Fonzi pretty messy at its start too?

        Either way, I’m convinced Gael and Diego really are each other’s true love even if that love isn’t romantic. I’ve cracked up about a million times listening to Diego describe what it was like to kiss Gael, it never gets old.

    • teacakes says:

      I understand the sentiment but at least Diego had the good taste to date Romola Garai when they were young so I can forgive him this particular lapse of taste lol. Havana Nights is immortal ♡♡♡

      Maybe his tastes run to British model/ actresses, at this point I’m just thanking our small mercies it’s just this and not worse.

  9. TheOtherMaria says:

    As long as she keeps her paws off Baenu Reeves, I don’t care.

  10. Veronica says:

    The better question is why *wouldn’t* you make out with Diego Luna if given the chance?

    • Lucy says:

      Ha! Seriously. There’s a .gif somewhere which says something like “I’m sorry, why aren’t we making out right now?”

  11. Red says:

    I’m not familiar with the cities of Mexico, but it looks like they’re in a remote location, so why all the paparazzi shots? I seriously roll my eyes at celebrities who constantly get papped. Someone once said that 90% of the time you get papped because you want to. Booooo Diego.

    • Mia4S says:

      It’s a pretty famous resort/vacation town so it’s not that unlikely that a photog would take their chances there. Plus exclusive sale to TMZ means that a local agency got lucky. Not likely they set up the shoot but they certainly weren’t hiding.

      • teacakes says:

        They’d been photographed in public more than once all the way back in 2015, they really weren’t hiding lol.

        It’s just that it took Rogue One and the whole world discovering Diego at the same time, to break it to the English-language media.

  12. I Choose Me says:

    I never remember what she looks like until I see a picture of her. She is the definition of bland but she’s young and having fun I guess so bless. As for Diego, love his acting chops but he does nothing for me so this pairing gets a solid meh from me.

  13. Mia4S says:

    Why? Why not! Attractive single adults with their own careers hooking up. *shrug*

    I’m just laughing over the fact that she traded in B-Coop for a younger man!

    It’s really just him trying to get over the pain of not being able to get near Jabba. Jabba rejected him. Let him work through his pain people! 😂

  14. Lucy says:

    Sigh. Oh, well. Lucky bitch is lucky (I have nothing against Suki). At least I’ve yet to see anyone being like “omg I lost so much respect for him”.

  15. whyme says:

    Other than her outfit I see nothing wrong with this. What does hair color have to do with anything? I have had a crush on him for some time now but being that I never had a chance to meet him and I crush on him doesn’t mean he isn’t going to have a love life. LOL!

    I am always mystified by her hair and clothing choices but she seems a nice woman. And he is hawt. Plus, he is still close to his ex-wife and were on the red carpet together for Rogue One (he was good in that). They seem to have been doing “conscience uncoupling” way before other celebs.

    I have a very intense crush on him, James McAvoy, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oscar Isaac, Lee Byung-hun and the list goes on but unless they become like Robin Thicke or Johnny Depp I’m all good with adoring them from afar and not getting upset I can’t be with them. ;-)

  16. D says:

    I just don’t understand her appeal as a model – she is so very bland

  17. Havana says:

    You should see some of the pics he “likes” on Instagram. He aint no gentleman.

  18. M.A.F. says:

    I read Lainey’s piece yesterday on this. I was disappointed frankly.

  19. OhDear says:

    (1) This looks very set up – someone definitely called the paps (I am not saying or implying that it’s her – he definitely at least agreed to it)
    (2) She’s very pretty, but what in the fresh hell is she wearing?
    (3) The age difference is not as bad as a lot of other Hollywood couples, but it still weirds me out in terms of life experience (he’s a divorced father of two).
    (4) He really has no chill re: PDA, doesn’t he?

  20. Kathleen says:

    Yuck. Even the good ones become a cliché. I’m sorry—I can’t help it. I lose so much interest in a man the minute he shows that his taste in women is this basic and predictable. Blond? check. Really thin? Check. Model? Check. Under 30? Check. He’s just like all the other men, only interested in the superficial and choosing women who are younger than he is to preserve his youth/not challenge him. Boring. NExt.

  21. Barbiegirl says:

    Isn’t James marsden happily married with kids? Can anyone give some background here please?

  22. teacakes says:

    eh, there really isn’t an age gap to be clutching pearls about even if I did side-eye his taste for a sec.

    And he does tend to date costars – Romola Garai, Camila (his ex-wife) and now this plus who knows from his other movies. I was half-hoping the Kiki Dunst rumour from Cannes was true but Jesse Plemons scotched that lol.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      I wonder if he tried it on with Felicity during the making of Rogue One? She’s too cool for him thou as an Oscar nominee she would have been great for his profile.

      • Mia4S says:

        I get that Diego and Felicity had great chemistry but people looking for a real life hook up seem to be ignoring/not know that she’s had a serious boyfriend for like two years. I feel a bit bad for that poor guy as it comes across that everyone seems to be wishing his long term girlfriend would dump him to hook up with her sexy costar. Be nice people! 😉

      • teacakes says:

        Well, she would fit his type beautifully (English actress) but she actually has a bf whom she started dating just as they began work on Rogue One.

        At most, I think they flirted a bit based on the body language in their Golden Globes portrait (it’s v different from the way she looked with Eddie, they were actually friends) but that’s no more than you’d expect from a night with free-flowing booze and attractive people everywhere.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        I know she has a long term BF but they did have some good chemistry, even in interviews. I love Felicity and hope to see her get another Oscar nom and win it.

        I guess i was just speculating as he seems to have a rep for hooking up with his costars.

      • teacakes says:

        @Betti – that’s exactly why I noted the Globes pic, it wasn’t like her body language at events with previous costars she was close/friendly with. I think there’s at least some chemistry there, but they channeled it to Jyn and Cassian instead of real life.

        I also hope Felicity gets an Oscar win someday soon, and good projects in the future – I don’t think she’s attached to any new projects yet and I’m sad Rogue One is the only Star Wars film we get her in for now.

        (side note: I love that Eddie and Felicity, in two years’ time, went straight from newbie Oscar nominees/winners, to headlining films for two of the biggest franchises around. I remember being disappointed she didn’t book the role of Sharon Carter in Winter Soldier, but it’s so much cooler that she’s leading a billion-dollar grossing movie with her name first billed and her face most prominent on the posters)

  23. serena says:

    I’m kinda disappointed, I hope it ends fast (I just don’t like her, she seems so vapid and just meh) my love for him is still intact though.

  24. Twinkle says:

    She’s gross. She always looks so dirty, doesn’t bathe.

  25. Erica_V says:

    I totally read that as “apocalyptic cannonball film” and I really wanted to know what an apocalyptic cannonball was.

  26. Ladiabla says: