Madonna clarifies her ‘blowing up the White House’ comments

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As we discussed in yesterday’s post about the Women’s Marches around the world, Madonna traveled to Washington DC to speak at the BIGLY event there. By many professional crowd-size estimates, the DC Women’s March was three times the size as Emperor Baby Fists’ inauguration, and there were probably 500,000 women and allies in attendance in DC. I hope the GOP is scared. I hope everyone stays active and woke as hell. Anyway, Madonna spoke on stage and she dropped some f-bombs (which were aired live on CNN and other channels). She also said that when Baby Fists won, she “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Deplorable Snowflakes had never heard such language and they all clutched their pearls with their baby fingers and condemned Madonna for using such hyperbole. So Madonna posted the Instagram above with this explanation:

Yesterday’s Rally. was an amazing and beautiful experience. I came and performed Express Yourself and thats exactly what i did.

However I want to clarify some very important things. I am not a violent person, I do not promote violence and it’s important people hear and understand my speech in it’s entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context.

My speech began with ” I want to start a revolution of love.” I then go on to take this opportunity to encourage women and all marginalized people to not fall into despair but rather to come together and use it as a starting point for unity and to create positive change in the world.

I spoke in metaphor and I shared two ways of looking at things — one was to be hopeful, and one was to feel anger and outrage, which I have personally felt. However, I know that acting out of anger doesn’t solve anything. And the only way to change things for the better is to do it with love. It was truly an honor to be part of an audience chanting “we choose love”

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Well, I’m glad she clarified, mostly because I hope that Madonna’s f-bombs weren’t the big takeaway from the Women’s March. I think she knows this too – Saturday was not the moment to make everything about Madonna. Besides, many of us reacted the same way in the wake of Baby Fists’ electoral win – I personally wanted to burn everything to the ground. But I didn’t. Because talking about it made me feel better. And now I understand that we are legion and the Resistance isn’t going anywhere.

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  1. SilverUnicorn says:

    I wanted to blow up Westminster after Brexit…. (Heck part of me still wants it).
    I appreciate her clarification but we should not expect everybody to “go high when they go low” because not everybody can.
    I can only go low lol

    • jwoolman says:

      (This belongs under a comment below, don’t know why it appeared here but my internet has been wonky for weeks. I can’t seem to move it.)

      Madalein- well said.

      I don’t think Madonna really is promoting love. She’s always been about sexual freedom, which isn’t really the same thing although sex and love can be interrelated depending on the relationship. We’ve seen recently the unloving way she’s approached her ex and her son when he wanted to live with his dad. She seems like a fairly typical narcissist – wanting her children to be an exact reflection of herself and disturbed more than most parents when they start to go their own way, more comfortable when her children are very young. There’s more of an element of ownership in what I’ve seen from her both with men and with her children. Not that there is no love involved, she probably is a mixed bag, but the narcissism interferes considerably. I don’t know if this is something that became worse over time as she became richer and more famous, or if she was really this way when young also. I remember her early work and interviews, and I didn’t get a love vibe from her then either. She was always pretty cold. Smart and driven, but lacking emotionally.

  2. Lucy says:

    It didn’t seem to me like she try to make it all about her, which is good.

  3. Nev says:

    Yayyy Madonna!!! Give it to them!

  4. Megan says:

    Ok, but now she needs to stop talking about it so the after story isn’t Madonna’s poorly chosen words.

    • LadyT says:

      I agree. There were/are literally millions of passionate, inspiring stories to be broadcast this weekend. Let’s move on to those.

  5. Llamas says:

    I think the issue is it’s illegal to say stuff like that. One woman said she wanted to assassinate trump and is being investigated. People take perceived threats against the president seriously.

    Also, what is up with her face? Plastic surgery up the ying yang.

    • Dani says:

      Is that the same lady from Kentucky? Last I read she was fired from her job and lost her dancing contract and her agency dropped her and condemned her actions. It doesn’t matter who the president is, it’s not okay to say things like that, especially someone of Madonna’s magnitude, at the large scale march she was at, too. Thinking it, sure, texting it to your bff, sure. Broadcasting it to THOUSANDS of people at a live event? Tweeting it when social media forgets nothing? Not smart.

      • Llamas says:

        Yes that’s her.

        The thing is once it gets said there may be some nutjob that gets it in their head that “what madonna said is a great idea. I’m gonna do it.”

      • Carol says:

        Yep, I agree. I thought Madonna was the weakest speaker even without the white house statement. And I felt she did make the issues about her. Oh well, American Ferrera was amazing. Saw Lisa Ling speak on Saturday in LA, and I thought she was terrific too.

      • Madailein says:

        Dani, I agree. Making verbal threats like that–implicitly about multiple homicides due to an appalling new white house staff–is fine and normal to think, but to shout it out (esp. when one has many,many fans) in a huge public arena is *not* “coming from love”—or whatever other garbage she “clarified with.” Who threatens mass violence when they are “coming from love”? Madonna just wanted her turn in the spotlight, is all, and since she is having fewer and fewer of those, she’s trying to singe herself on public awareness by swearing and screaming threats and obscenities. Go away, Madonna–you can’t flee too fast.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I don’t think so. Or half the commenters on the Guardian website would be under investigation at this point…..

      • Isabelle says:

        She may get a visit from Secret Service, as she should if they take all things credible. My uncle was Secret Service and a lot of his job was investigating any threat against the president and investigating counterfeit money. He never ever told us what they say or do during those visits but he told us they rarely ever have to go back. That scared me as a kid.

    • Here's Wilson says:

      Her face looks terrible. Whatever she did it was a poor decision.

  6. MunichGirl says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand the people who take this seriously… It was her way to say how she feels about this situation, as if she really goes to the WH with a bomb to blow it up.

    • Dani says:

      Because if a an African American or a Muslim person said it, they’d be in jail by now. That’s why people take it seriously. She can’t be shrugged off just because she’s a white female. My husband, an Arab from Syria literally gets detained and questioned every time he flies for at least 20-30 min JUST BECAUSE. She doesn’t have the right to get away with it.

      • susanne says:

        There is a local woman here who did prison time for threats made against the president. She got 33 months for calling the white house with death threats. She is mentally ill and a woman of color. Her name is Christine Wright Darrisaw.

  7. Nancy says:

    Madonna was just being Madonna. I was watching when she dropped the f bombs and thought really? I just knew that would be the headline, and I think she knew it too. I loved Ashley Judd who spoke from her soul, and others that were so impassioned. I guess Madge expressed herself in the only way she knows how.

    • Harlequin says:

      Ashley Judd performed ‘Nasty Woman’ a poem by Nina Donovan, a 19 year old poet from Tennessee. Sadly a lot of people watching missed the beginning where Ashley said she had words from Nina. Her interpretation of the poem was fantastic though.

      • LadyT says:

        Am I the only one that did not like Judd’s performance?
        America Ferrera was my favorite celebrity speaker.

    • Nancy says:

      At first I thought Ashley was being a bit theatrical, but then again she is an actress. I reassessed the situation and actually thought she was so caught up in the moment, it had to be genuine. I agree America Ferrera was great, they all were. All of us nasty woman showing the world how we feel. I even give a pass to Madonna, although she annoyed me, she showed up.

    • Lisa says:

      One of my friends said they thought she should’ve been more professional and not referred to him as a racist cheeto. I think enough people agree with her for her to be able to do that.

  8. DeniseMich says:

    I am glad everyone is talking about the Women’s March and I am proud of Madonna for not making it about her. I can not name one other time Madonna hasn’t made something about her.

    Think of how many people are really mad and didn’t go to the March. I didn’t attend but wanted to. But my anger is no longer as vocal. I don’t post it daily on facebook like most of my lawyer friends.
    I am woke. I am paying attention and I hope to someday in the next 3 years be able to look at Donald Trumps face with out anger but I am not there yet.


  9. JenB says:

    I think we can accomplish a lot more without statements like that. They distract from the heart of the message and become the main headlines.
    As much as I want Trump out of the WH the idea of “blowing it up” is dumb.

  10. Juls says:

    These nuts that are screaming “foul” over this are the same people that shrugged and said “so what?” when Trump called upon a foreign government to hack into Hillary’s emails.

    • Maya says:

      And when Trump told his supporters to use the 2nd amendment (guns I think) to get at Hillary. He told them to assassinate her..

      • original kay says:

        Yes. and the comments from the guy who said that if Hillary was elected, they would do anything, anything he stressed, to get rid of her

    • QueenB says:

      there are also people who see that only a white woman could say something like that and i’d say 99% of those people didnt like what trump said either. generally “but trump/but hillary” is a very weak argument.

  11. Maya says:

    Well I can tell you that I personally know lots of people including me who thought for just a few seconds why Designated Survivor couldn’t happen while Trump was being inaugurated.

    If you have seen the show then you will understand exactly what I am talking about.

    We don’t mean it in any way but we did think like that for a second. That just makes us humans and not saints.

    • @Maya says:

      One woman told me she watched his inauguration because she “hoped” that something bad will happen to him.

      • Llamas says:

        I just can’t get behind comments like that. Wishing death on someone feels so…icky to me.

      • Maya says:

        @llamas: most people don’t mean it. I immediately felt bad and prayed to God saying I didn’t mean it and please forgive me.

      • Whaaattttt? says:

        I totally understand that most people don’t mean it when they say things like that. And 99.9% of people hearing that are rational and won’t do it either. But what makes me nervous is when you get that one person (that is not right in the head), hears those words at a rally, does get inspired and then decides to act on it.

  12. Loo says:

    Madonna should not have said what she said. It was highly irresponsible and detracts from the marches message.

    • Barrett says:

      *1,000. She is not a polished speaker. She represents so many women and has so much $, she should work w a speech writer to get across what she means passionately within her own style w/o being vulgar or discussing a violent act. Our children needs better example! Madonnashould not stoop to Trumps level

    • Christin says:

      As long as she’s been in the public eye, she should know what detracts and/or makes headlines.

    • april says:

      Totally agree she should not have said that. Anyone making comments like that against any president, whether that president is Democrat or Republican is just wrong! What she said at the march detracted from the peaceful message that the march was about.

  13. Heather H says:

    My trump supporting family members really harped on what she said, making an issue out of it. Any time someone says something violet, unproductive, or stupid it marginalizes all of us and the effort overall. Madonna certainly has the right to say what she wants but it does not reflect my values.

  14. prince says:

    I thought she was a brave feminist with alot of mouth, I guess not. she’s probably scared senseless. what a coward. I pray the CIA question her.

    I will not stand for threats and violence. all this noise just because a woman lost an election to a man.

    when hillary and the democratic party cheated bernie how many of u came out to match. just imagine if it was the other way around, bernie sander and the democratic party cheating hillary. all hell will be let lose.

    hillary Clinton is the reason we have trump as president. if she was not so greedy and power hungry, trump won’t be president right now. joe Biden or bernie would be the president and all will be well in america and around. its hillary Clinton’s fault.

    • zinjojo says:

      Oh please. Get over Hillary, the orange menace won and we now have to deal with that. But you rabid Hillary-haters just keep hanging on to how this is Hillary’s fault. No, it’s the idiots in a few rust belt states that voted against their own interests, Russian interference and throw in the FBI/Comey for good measure, and we’ve got a disaster.

    • susanne says:

      I beg to differ. Misogyny and racism, classism and xenophobia are the reasons cheeto mussolini was elected.

  15. Rapunzel says:

    Trump pretty much called for the assassination of HRC… The level if discourse was brought down by him. So while I don’t condone violent threats… People are talking like this about him because he’s turned politics into a reality shitshow.

  16. alexis says:

    Madonna will blow just about anyone or anything so this isn’t a surprise

  17. Sansa says:

    My conservative friends on FB went nuts over the weekend, They can’t just be happy Trump is president. I am finding it’s more about how they hate liberals (not my words) and project their behavior onto them. Lack of sel awareness is amazing. This just is the icing on the cake. You can’t critize Trump at all in the meantime Madonna is a POS. The people don’t want to bring the country together it’s divide and conquer. Really sad where all this hate comes from is just inconceievable was it Fox News.

  18. QueenB says:

    what she does not say and probably not even realize is that her gender and her skin color saved her butt. how many groups can say something like this? only white women can get away with that.
    muslim men are in gitmo for less and lots of them were innocent.

    • jwoolman says:

      Most of the men in Guantanamo were innocent. The Pentagon admitted that years ago. They said 80% to 90% were not doing anything but bounty hunters brought them in anyway for the bounty. That is another stain on our flag that won’t wash out easily.

  19. anniefannie says:

    Ohhh Madonna!! At this point in her public life she should know better. The alt right will make hay out of this off the cuff remark and that’s counterproductive. We’ve all been gob smacked by the election results but being productively outraged is what’s going to make a difference. If MLK can have the restraint to keep his rhetoric peaceful with resistance she certainly should be able to…
    While I don’t think she was trying to make it all about her, her flair for drama won out….

  20. Tredd says:

    Too late, Has Been.
    To quote Mike Tyson: “Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit in the mouth”…or in this case, until the Secret Service comes a’knocking.

  21. OTHER RENEE says:

    Madonna makes EVERYTHING about her. Otherwise you wouldn’t have a separate post about her. People wouldn’t be talking about her. There would be no headlines about her. And I’m sorry but there are way more important stories out there and instead of telling them, it’s always about Madonna. If she’s the face of liberalism and equality with her ass always hanging out and her obnoxious self-love, no wonder conservatives hate liberals.

    • Kitten says:

      Pretty sure that conservatives don’t hate liberals because of Madonna, but rather due to the fact that we subscribe to oppositional political ideology.

  22. Talie says:

    She had an opportunity to not make this moment about herself and she failed. Thankfully, only Fox News cares. You don’t have to curse and make threats to get your point across, see America Ferrera, Gloria Steinem, Natalie Portman, etc.

  23. HONEYB says:

    Unfortunately, the right are using her words as an example of why women are “hysterical” and “vulgar” etc. I have to say her comments rubbed me the wrong way as well; we don’t have to like Trump but there should be an inherent respect for the office and the White House. 5 MILLION women coordinated the largest world wide protest in the history of the world. We did this by ourselves and for ourselves. We did it PEACEFULLY! That is striking fear into our established patriarchy and they are looking for any reason to discredit us. (Even criticizing the trash left in DC, the DC woman coordinator believes in Sharia law, women dressed in vagina costumes…..etc). I swear like a truck driver but I wish she had chosen her words more carefully. This was a platform to be articulate about our goals, not profane and incendiary. Of course it became about Madonna, not the greater message.

  24. Marcy says:

    I loved Americas speech overall because of her care with words but Judd was a close second and I also loved Michael he’s right get involved go be a delegate his experiences was very good share!

  25. Agapanthus says:

    Look, my darkest thoughts about this man and his administration are unrepeatable. I think the fact we have those thoughts shows how angry we feel about the situation, but no adult should be inciting hate crimes. Madonna is an attention-seeking narcissist (remind you of anyone?) and needs to learn everything is not about her.

    • susanne says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. There is nothing that is worth stooping to violence. I do some name-calling to blow off steam, but I wish no harm to the Dumpster, mostly because Pence.

  26. April says:

    This is a womens march post even, and yet i still hear comments about the appearance of her face. Enough.. personally i think commenting on womens looks is part of the problem, plastic surgery or not. Its what causes women to get plastic surgery, and then they are fodder for their plastic surgery not looking good either. Women cant win :( even from other women. In this area and mounds of others .

  27. Carol says:

    Her entire performance was a huge yawn for me. When she broke out her tired old song, encouraged everyone to sing along, it was painful. The reaction of the crowd? *crickets* She is an embarrassment to all women.

  28. Anna says:

    I’m just not sure what I’m hearing here. Madonna is one of the original UPRISE/DECENT mamas who had sand kicked in her teeth and was raped at a young enough age to be a bit more militant. I praise Madonna. She is a mother of a movement that no one would touch. So what if she made it about her when she was maligned, slut shamed and vilified for decades…and still, even women knock her. Do what you like to your face Madonna…I’m with you every moment, even if you age, even if you falter, and even if you make it about YOU because it was you and others that spoke up! It is about you still. Keep kicking their asses when they need it and I will thank you for it!

  29. Layla says:

    All she did was give the right something inflammatory to point to. She was not inspiring or eloquent and received a less warm reception then most of the other speakers there. Honestly I wish she would have shown up and marched and left the podium to more informed speakers.

  30. I think the only time anyone would “clutch their pearls” over anything she says would be if she announced she has become a Quaker and would completely retire from publicity stunts, performances, social media, etc.

  31. Eva says:

    I think it’s interesting that we’re all talking about her. I guess she did make this about her.

  32. Libra girl says:

    Madge needs to go away. Buh bye.

  33. jwoolman says:

    Madonna has this in common with President Tweeter: they are both narcissists with huge egos who don’t think too carefully before they speak. When speaking at an event like that, a sensible non-self-absorbed person would realize that you don’t taint the event by saying that you even thought about blowing up the White House. I hope the Secret Service has a long chat with her, just as they did with Candidate Tweeter when he stupidly threatened Hillary with his “Second Amendment people.”

    You know what happens when you blow up buildings? People die. And not just your target. President Tweeter is surrounded by Secret Service agents willing to take a bullet for him and willing to shield him from the falling rubble. Other people in the building also die or are maimed. Not just Tweeter’s staff of deplorables, but also household staff who stay on with a change in President. Also any tourists and tour guides. Likewise any pets or other animals in the vicinity. Not to mention the loss of historical objects that cannot be replaced.

    That’s why it isn’t clever to talk about blowing up the White House, Madonna, even if you explain it away like Tweeter always does (remember his just joking/just being sarcastic claims?). President Tweeter has the same problem of not thinking past his own nose when he cheerfully talks about bombing the hell out of anybody he doesn’t like. Whether you drop bombs from above it set them on the ground, you kill and maim unarmed men and women of all ages, children and babies, pets and other animals, and destroy their homes, schools, and workplaces as well as irreplaceable things of value to them.

    I’ve managed to work against stupid Presidents and their stupid policies and their mass murders for decades without once even considering blowing up the White House. I suggest Madonna stick with entertainment and stay away from the podium at future events. All she did was give Tweeter more ammunition to trivialize an historic event by claiming it was all about celebrities and inciting to violence. Thanks a lot, Madonna.

  34. Jayna says:

    I’m so over Madonna.

  35. Bug says:

    Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty, stupid and irrelevant.

    Please go away, Madonna.

  36. Snowflake says:

    Just read on yahoo that trump passed memorandum banning providing federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide information on it! Read the article on TPP. Its on yahoos home page

  37. Jennifer says:

    Trump has succeeded in banding together a group of people who are known for their project management skills. Their ability to organize, multi-task, and use label makers is surpassed by no one. We are coming for you, Donnie, and we will not get fatigued.


  38. ASH says:

    Madonna is an obnoxious ridiculous idiot, who walks around with a fake British accent and can’t carry a tune. I can’t believe this is the person they allowed to speak. Her comments did nothing to advance feminist ideals, they were simply irresponsible and outrageous.