Ozzy Osbourne on cheating: I’m not an addict, I just got caught, I’m in a band

Ozzy Osbourne has a new interview with The London Times. It’s behind a paywall so if it’s all the same to you I’m just relying on E!’s coverage, which is damning enough. Remember when Ozzy was busted cheating with his hair colorist, went public with a sex addiction and then got some kind of treatment for it? Well Ozzy takes no responsibility for that nor does he admit that he’s an addict, which is contrary to (Sharon’s probably) publicist’s statement at the time. He practically blames Sharon for not being around to be sexually available to him, he claims he’s in a band and insinuates all musicians cheat, and he also makes it clear that it’s a one-way street not a poly/open relationship because he would freak out if Sharon did the same to him.

I’m in a f–king rock band, aren’t I? There have always been groupies. I just got caught, didn’t I?” he muses with the interviewer. “It was a bump in the road. I bet your marriage has bumps in the road too an’ all. In any marriage you grow apart if you don’t spend enough time together, and that was part of the problem.

“I don’t think I’m a f–king sex addict…”

Ozzy and Sharon initially separated in May, but they ultimately worked out their issues and got their marriage “back on track.” Now, Ozzy says their marriage is just fine.

“Yes, we did [reconcile]. Things are fine now,” he says. “She was just here for the weekend. She’d be with me now, but she’s got more f–king work than I have. She’s unstoppable.”

Their 33-year marriage has had its fair set of trials and tribulations, and Ozzy knows his wife deserves the credit for making it work. She has stood by his side in the darkest of times, even after he nearly killed her in 1989.

“Oh yeah, that. That was my worst nightmare,” he admits. “That’s the power of addiction. That was who we used to call Bad Ozzy. I became another person and Sharon could see that. But she stood by me.”

He claims his wandering eye started as a result of Sharon’s busy schedule.
“She’s stronger than me or any man, for sure. I am more needy,” says Ozzy in The Times. “Sharon is a workaholic and that’s great. But if she comes home from X Factor and wants to go to bed, what the f–k am I supposed to do? I’m sitting with my thumb in my arse waiting for her, aren’t I? That’s why men do stupid things, when they’re on their own.”

But when asked if his wife could have groupies of her own, Ozzy is quick to hope no.

“I dunno. You better ask her,” he says. “Sharon have groupies? She’d better not. I’d go f–king mental.”

[From E! Online]

That actually turned my stomach a little bit. It’s really disgusting on a visceral level. I get that Sharon thinks they’re a power couple, that she always blames the other women and that Ozzy probably sweet talks and lies to her just as much as he did that hairstylist who thought he was the love of her life. She was with him for FOUR year. The worst part is that both Sharon and Kelly will probably dismiss the things that Ozzy says as some kind of joke which doesn’t affect them, because they’re loyal to him no matter what he says or does. That’s Kelly’s dad but she learned this unquestioning loyalty from her Sharon, who can’t stand being without Ozzy despite how poorly he treats her. It sounds emotionally abusive.




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20 Responses to “Ozzy Osbourne on cheating: I’m not an addict, I just got caught, I’m in a band”

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  1. M says:

    My translation: she worked so much that he was basically driven to cheat. What an arse.

    • detritus says:

      Yup. My wife wasn’t watching me every minute and entertaining me and banging me constantly.
      She actually had the nerve to be successful and have a life! Of course I cheated!

      wtf Ozzy. Being in a band doesn’t mean you get to ignore your marital vows. Different story if that was part of the deal, but it doesn’t sound like it at all.

      I hate this man-baby nonsense.
      Men are put together enough to get paid more than I do for the same work, they can take their share of the household work and relationship work too.

      I don’t want to sleep with the people I need to caregive for. I do not want to be sexual with a child, mentally or otherwise.
      So if you want me to mother you, you won’t be getting anything other than that.

  2. M.A.F. says:

    Is anyone really surprised by his remarks?

  3. Chaine says:

    At least he is being honest about the whole thing now instead of blaming a fake sex addiction.

    • Neo says:

      I agree. He’s a cheater who got caught. I’d rather hear this than some bs about sex addiction. When we punish people for telling the truth, we never get to hear the truth. I feel bad for her but he’s not wrong about being in a band either.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        The truth? Ozzy doesn’t care about that- here’s the truth: He has no desire to please anyone but himself. It’s not the band or the money or his wife being gone…he just doesn’t care if his behavior affects someone in a negative way. And he is surrounded by enablers- no addiction, no real driving issues, just plain self serving emotional cruelty.

  4. Lucy says:

    It sounds that way because it is. Jack and the other sister (don’t remember her name, I think it was Amy?) seem like the two only stable adults in that family. Hopefully they don’t get caught up in all the bs.

    • Anastasia says:

      Aimee, yes. She’s the one who refused to be on their reality TV show. She never liked the spotlight.

  5. Frances says:

    Go get yours, Sharon!!!

  6. paolanqar says:

    This family is so fucked up. Kudos to their daughter who didn’t want to be on that shitty program they had running and Jack who finally got his life together.
    Kelly is an ignorant bully, Sharon is an alcoholic and Ozzy at this point is an embalmed corpse.
    I still wonder who would want to hit that.
    And yeah of course, if a men cheat it’s always because of their wive.
    What a dickhead.

  7. Zapp Brannigan says:

    So he is addicted to booze, drugs and strange and she is addicted to the drama of him and “fixing” him. Co-dependence thy name is Osbourne.

  8. HK9 says:

    When will this old man take responsibility for his own freakin life??

  9. Megan says:

    Of course Sharon and Kelly stand by him. The only thing that makes them famous is their last name.

  10. Ignatius J. Reilly says:

    Did they have a mumbles to English translator for that interview? Otherwise how can they be sure that’s what he was saying?
    I scratch my head and shift my eyes because Ozzy seems like he can barely move, much less talk, and fornication requires energy.

    • Lauraq says:

      Just have to respond to this in particular… The mumbling is a sham. I’ve seen him live three times and funny, when he talks to the audience on stage he speaks perfectly clearly. I don’t know why he pretends otherwise other than it’s part of his ‘brand’…

  11. tmot says:

    What I want to know is what event are they at where there are scary clowns?! I want to see more photos from that!

  12. KiddVicious says:

    Ozzy is an ass but I still get a kick out of him. He’s turned into a doddering old fool still up to shenanigans.

  13. what's inside says:

    He is barely above vegetation — she should just go ahead and plant him.

  14. Lauraq says:

    Ozzy is my all time favorite musician. He owes his career to Sharon. Seeing stuff like this makes me sick…. I want to believe better of him but clearly all his good is in his music :(