Kanye West, Justin Bieber & Drake are all skipping the Grammys this year

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The Grammy Awards are less than two weeks away. This coming Sunday is the Super Bowl (I’m going to try to finally go see Hidden Figures this weekend!) and then the Sunday after that is for the Grammys and the BAFTAs. Was it last year’s Grammys – I think? – that were so long and depressing that I ended up going to bed a full hour before they were done? I think so. The thing is that I love music, I care about music, but the Grammys are always my least favorite awards show. I just don’t think they matter and I think producers are consistently awful with how they structure the show. This year’s Grammys will hopefully be good, simply because we’ve got a battle of the divas: Beyonce vs. Adele, Lemonade vs. 25. Everyone’s hoping that Bey and Adele are both going to give killer performances (and I’m hoping that those performances come in the first hour of the show). But what if we only really have Bey and Adele? Because it sounds like very few big-name people are coming out:

The Grammy Awards are down three stars! Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Drake are skipping the 2017 Grammys next month despite each being nominated in major categories, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly. TMZ was first to report that the ultra-popular performers aren’t planning to attend music’s biggest night on February 12.

The “Sorry” singer, 22, is ditching the 59th annual Grammys because he “doesn’t think the Grammys are relevant or representative, especially when it comes to young singers,” according to TMZ. Bieber won his first Grammy last year — Best Dance Recording for “Where Are Ü Now” — and also performed two tracks at the ceremony. This year, the pop star is up for four Grammys, including Album of the Year for Purpose and Song of the Year for “Love Yourself.”

“Famous” rapper West, 39, who debuted The Life of Pablo in 2016 and received eight nods, previously vowed to boycott the Grammy Awards if Frank Ocean’s album Blonde wasn’t nominated. Neither Blonde nor Ocean’s visual album Endless were submitted for consideration by the singer’s labels, management or representatives before the September deadline (TMZ reports that Ocean thinks the Grammys don’t “represent young, black artists”), so it’s possible West is making good on his promise. A source also tells Us that West wants time to himself after a few hectic months with his hospitalization and his wife Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery. “He is taking some personal time at the top of this year to just chill and decompress,” the insider said.

As for Drake, 30, it seems he will be on tour in Europe on Grammys night. The “One Dance” rapper, who received eight nominations, including several for his album Views, which featured smash hit “Hotline Bling,” has a show scheduled in Manchester, England, on February 12.

Despite the three high-profile no shows, the Grammys will still feature a star-studded lineup. Adele, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Metallica are all slated to perform, while James Corden will emcee the evening.

[From Us Weekly]

Surely Rihanna’s gotta perform too? Her album came out last year. Maybe she’s skipping as well. My guess is that Ed Sheeran will turn up because he’s got a new album to promote too. But still – this year’s Grammys doesn’t seem like a super-deep field of performers. Which is going to be such a pain in the ass when the show drags on for five hours, you know? As for Kanye skipping because of Frank Ocean… more like Yeezy is skipping to make Kim happy, because she doesn’t want Kanye to act like an a–hole at yet another awards show. But Justin Bieber refusing to go… that’s so funny. My guess is that he’s still pissy that he didn’t get more Grammy nominations.

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27 Responses to “Kanye West, Justin Bieber & Drake are all skipping the Grammys this year”

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    So it is safe to watch this year?

  2. Shambles says:

    Watch me as I weep over this heartbreaking development… how will we go on??

    “This coming Sunday is the Super Bowl (I’m going to try to finally go see Hidden Figures this weekend!)”
    I think this might be subtle super bowl shade and I like it

  3. Squiggisbig says:

    I also think that none of them were going to win any major awards (except frank ocean probably would have had he submitted his work for consideration)

  4. Kiki says:

    Like I said before with the Grammy nominations and its awards, that the Grammys are a bunch of crap, to begin with, because of promotional greed and popularity. The Grammys was not about the music anymore and that’s why I am skipping to watch the Grammys as well and I use to love the Grammys. Also, good riddance that Kanye West and Justin Bieber are not coming because I sick of seeing them anyways.

  5. lobbit says:

    Ah, such a worthy cause. Meanwhile, the rest of us are out here trying to stave off Armageddon. No big deal…

  6. Alleycat says:

    Well considering Taylor won over Kendrick (or really anyone) for best album last year, I can safely say that the grammy’s don’t mean much. I bet Justin knows he won’t win anything, so he won’t come out. Kanye just loves to pout. Adele’s new album was a bit boring. So really, I’d only look forward to Beyoncé performing.

    • V4Real says:

      Yeah, the Grammys are crap but I hope Bey wins over Adele’s boring album. I’m no longer a huge fan of Bey (The only song I liked off her last album was “Daddy Lessons”) but I will take her over Adele.

  7. Nerd Alert says:

    Justin Bieber is transforming into wierdery.

  8. Neo says:

    How surprising… The Bros are skipping the year two strong women are battling it out for the top spot. Fragile egos, eh?

  9. lower-case deb says:

    yeah Beibs don’t come.
    i’m still salty Bowie didn’t get an AOTY nom
    and this crappy excuse of an artist who treats fans like dirt get a nom instead.

  10. Juniper says:

    Sounds like a win all around. Well, I don’t mind Drake. But there is something rather arrogant about America always assuming foreign artists are supposed to care the most about American awards.

  11. M says:

    I don’t blame them. Adele is nominated for 5 Grammys and she’s bound to win at least one of them. That album of hers is unbelievably boring. The Grammys are irrelevant and out-of-touch.

  12. Ayra. says:

    Drake barely goes to the Grammy’s anyway, he hasn’t been for the past 2 or 3 years I think. Kanye welll…. yeah. And Justin.. does his fans even care?

  13. YepIsaidit says:

    I’ll watch for Bruno Mars. He’s fun.

  14. Radley says:

    Well Drake has a legit reason. Kanye is being Kanye. I don’t think Justin Bieber is upset about the number of noms because it’s rare for a teen idol type to get nominated at all. I think JB is either in full blown “eff it” mode (he seems really disenchanted with everything) or he doesn’t want to risk being asked to present or winning something and then being expected to get political. Could be a massive swerve. And since he’s a craven brat and probably not that bright, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  15. Greenieweenie says:

    Kanye I can get behind–he has put out so much good music. Bieber needs to sit down. One popular album does not a Grammy award make.

  16. Ever bloom says:

    Grammy’s are usually given to popular songs than real music these past few years. I don’t think it matters anymore.

  17. Kerffufles says:

    Kanye was in a mental hospital just a couple of months ago, so I think it’s kinda understandable why he won’t be at the Grammys.

  18. Dal says:

    I don’t mind Adele or Beyoncé but lame artists these days and after attending award shows all those years to increase their popularity now these artist have a realization that they don’t represent good talent? Ok !

  19. Liz says:

    How many pat on the back award shows do celebs need? I don’t watch any of them anymore

  20. Tanakasan says:

    I won’t miss these assholes…not that i watch award shows anyway.

    Beyonce vs Adele? Beyonce is a captivating performer and mediocre singer, Adele is a wonderful singer but boring performer. I’m sure they’ll both do great.

  21. Chelly says:

    Oh nooooooooo what would the Grammys be without Kanye & his erratic tantrums!!! Or Beibers smug-sour face & holier than thou attitude. I mean really, who cares if they aren’t there. It’s not like anyone is really going to miss them. Stay home, d-bags

  22. 76May says:

    Now if the celebs would only skip award shows of misogynistic MTV.

  23. RhoSue says: