Mariah Carey reminds Beyoncé that she had twins first


Mariah Carey has commented on Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement, y’all. Like, it was super exciting when Beyonce dropped the news so spectacularly on Wednesday, but now it’s official because La Mimi has recognized that it’s happening. And she did it in glorious Mariah style. She slipped in a comment on Beyoncé’s announcement:

#MariahCarey congratulates #Bey and #Jay on their baby News!

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Mm’hmm. It’s like congratulating someone while they’re on the red carpet, “Oh? Am I in your shot?” Secondly, can we talk about that sign off? “Mariah and the Twins”. Not “the kids,” not “Moroccan and Monroe,” – THE TWINS. The ones she had – first – before you.

Before anyone thinks I am (totally) serious, I know Mariah and Beyoncé are tight and I think it’s great. I would love to be a fly on the wall when these two get together because when goddesses collide, they make THUNDER! But I also don’t think Mariah, whom I adore, is above redirecting someone else’s spotlight. So there is not a doubt in my mind that Mariah has a message here. But I also assume she gave a slow clap to Beyoncé’s style. That announcement is just a-butterfly-choir-holding-a-banner shy of a Mariah album cover.

So Beyoncé blessed us with a twin pregnancy and Mariah has blessed Beyoncé’s blessed pregnancy and all was good… because Beyoncé chose her timing well. Wednesday, mid-week, first day of Black History Month, all eyes were on Beyoncé. And she got all the attention for Wednesday and Thursday. But that was then and this is now. Because today isn’t Twin Day anymore, folks. Today is day that Mariah drops her new “James Packer can kiss my diamond crusted heel as it walks away from him” anthem – I Don’t.

#IDONT 02.03.17

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Mariah posted the pics below when Beyoncé came to her concert in December. I wonder if she gave Mariah the heads up, like the strategized their announcement strategy:
Beyoncé: “I’m going to announce the pregnancy on February 4th because of my connection to the 4th.”
Mariah: “My single drops the 3rd.”
Beyoncé: “So I was thinking the first day of Black History Month would really make a splash.”

I love you @beyonce thank you sooooo much for coming out tonight! ❤️😘🎤🙌🏽💋#merrychristmas

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Backstage at Christmas time with our beautiful children. @beyonce 😘 #christmas #family #love

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on



Photo Credit: Instagram and Fame/Flynet Photos

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  1. Sassback says:

    J.Lo also had twins. Diva twins club!

  2. Wiffie says:

    Had nobody revered Mariah yet for being the first mother of twins in the history of space?! how could we have forgotten her and so ignorantly applauded this conception copycat?

    poor Mariah.

  3. paolanqar says:

    I honestly don’t see any shade. Beyoncè is probably one of the few people Mariah likes and respects in the showbiz.

    • TheOtherOne says:

      Agreed. They both share a love of being over the top.

      • Ramona says:

        Actually, the divas love Beyonce because outside of her stage persona she is shy and quiet. She basically lets whoever she is around dominate the room. So they walk away feeling good about themselves and by extension, her. Its really a lesson in how to succeed without stepping on egos. Remember that first episode of Whitney and Bobbys reality show? Whitney had on a Beyonce T shirt for most of it. Seriously, youtube if you doubt my celeb memory. The same goes for divas like Madonna and Gaga who will feud with everyone but love Beyonce.

      • detritus says:

        @ Ramona, I think that’s a great read.

        I think Bey is also humble, i mean, comparatively.
        She’s not talking shit on how she’s got better pipes than Mariah, she’s not pretending she’s the successor to Whitney crown, she is giving appropriate ‘respect’ by not being loud and grabbing attention from the divas.

    • Miss M says:

      They are friends! She worked with Jay Z before and has always said good things about Bey.

  4. Ashamed 2 b a Fl girl says:

    2 things: those kids are adorable.

    Kim’s going to go for twins…

  5. Secret squirrel says:

    Am I the only one that thinks twins are becoming somewhat common amongst the rich and famous lately? Like they are a fashion trend…

    “Having a baby dahrling? Just the one then? That is so…singular. Twins are in this season dahrling. Or if you order triplets, you may just kick off next season’s must-have accessory!!”

    • Slowsnow says:

      On a more serious note, does this mean that infertility is on the rise? Or there is a combination of arranged, sexless marriages and/or serious fertility issues?

      • Ashamed 2 b a Fl girl says:

        I think maybe with busy celebs, it is just easier to time a pregnancy with invitro. Added benefit they can chose the sex(es). And, they are celebs so we watch and they tell…normal people (those not in the public eye) don’t do that.

      • Babs says:

        I think women with lifestyles like Beyoncé’s and Mariah’s (for very different reasons though) understandably struggle to concieve. Beyoncé is like a high level athlète. Mariah is, well, I’m sorry because I love her, but well she has huge alcohol issues.

      • Nicole says:

        No they just struggled to conceive and the lifestyle does not help in that matter. The constant touring and pushing yourself the way she does IS hard on the body.
        And yes you can pick the gender because if you have embryos they would already know the gender. The egg is fertilized and the sperm that creates each gender is different thus they would know which are which.

      • Sally says:

        I am 28 years old and three of my friends struggle with infertility and have gone to specialists. I’m stunned by how common it is.

      • Bridget says:

        A lot of these celeb moms are older, too. You have really driven women who have worked for their careers and don’t want to put everything on hold until they feel like the time is right. Then they look down and they’re 37/38 and have a lot harder time getting pregnant than they expected.

        Not to mention, it’s also possible that they have fertility problems. Chrissy Tiegan has been open about it. Beyoncé has talked about a past miscarriage.

    • Jayce says:

      It is a bit curious that a lot of these celebs have boy/girl twins. I had no idea you can order that through IVF. I wonder how much it would cost.

      • Mandymc says:

        When I was in consultation with my fertility doc, I THINK he said it was about $5,000 extra to get the genetic testing done to the embryos. It not only looks for the sex of the babies, but it checks for other genetic abnormalities. I didn’t end up getting IVF, but I think it would be worth the cost. You put your body through so much, it would be devistating to lose a pregnancy from genetic abnormalities.

        My friend did gender selection her IVf babies and I never gave it a second thought. It wasn’t until people gave Kim K a hard time that I realized it could be an issue.

      • Jayce says:

        That is so interesting. I guess if you are that rich you can afford as many IVF treatments as you like and choose what you want.

    • detritus says:

      I think it’s fertility issues.
      If you maintain a very low body weight, or are older than 35, things can be tricky.
      IVF increases chance of twins right? We had a few midwives/doulas around that know this stuff inside and out.

      Darling, lovely, are you around? I hope you are safe, NY is crazy rn.

      • Beckysuz says:

        Currently prego, was just talking to my nurse midwife about this. She said that the rise in multiples w/o IVF could be related to women waiting longer to have kids. After 35 your chances of natural multiples increase because you’re more likely to drop an extra egg or two than your younger self.

      • detritus says:

        That makes sense to me, and would explain why you get more boy/girl twins, because fraternals would be more likely due to the second egg, rather than splitting post fertilization.

      • Rylan says:

        Ok I have a question which
        Does relate to the topic. Speaking of low body weight, I’m not being snarky but sincerely , how in the hell can these women in third world countries can get pregnant . They are so malnourished & underweight . Please don’t take offence, I’m honestly curious.

      • detritus says:

        My field is micro and public health, so I am not a OBGYN in an way shape or form. From my understanding, a variety of things help and hinder.

        Under 14% body fat can cause a loss of your period, but this does not mean you can’t get pregnant. It makes it much less likely it will be a viable pregnancy, but if you aren’t using birth control in any way, well, there are a lot of chances. When you are younger your body is a bit better at coping with this too, and hasn’t suffered a ton of stress yet.

        The chronic malnourishment of ED as you age is what causes the permanent inability. For one of my childhood friends, it is because her ED has caused her body to start to break down her internal organs, including the reproductive. It is her combined age and lack of nourishment, or more correctly, the length of time she was unable to care for her physical self.

        Even within impoverished countries there are wealthy families and women who eat well and have access to many services, similar to you or I.

        nourishment, age, opportunity, are all factors that can change a woman’s ability to conceive. If the population is young, slightly malnourished, but has many chances they would be a higher rate of pregnancy than older, malnourished with few opportunities.

    • Anilehcim says:

      I just assumed this being a multiple birth is likely because they had to use in vitro to conceive. Multiple births can be common with in vitro fertilization. Beyonce was very vocal about her struggles with fertility in the past.

      • Beckysuz says:

        Yes my first thought too, considering Bey has been open about fertility struggles. But I just happened to be talking to my nurse midwife about twins being more common than I remembered growing up, in friends that had not done IVF. That’s what she told me. However I do have several friends and relatives dealing with infertility. It’s heartbreaking and expensive. I think a lot of parents choose to implant multiple embryos and increase their chance of success. I would do the same. So yes IVF multiples on the rise too

    • I Choose Me says:

      You’re wrong for making me cackle so hard while I’m at work.

    • HappyMom says:

      JLo’s twins are older. Like 8? I think we were pregnant at the same time. And the very trying Julia Roberts has twins too who are older than that. There are a ton of multiples in all my kids classes (and my oldest is 19 . . .)

  6. Slowsnow says:

    Oooooooh it’s so cute when parents make children all about themselves.
    Then we wonder why celebspawns are crazeballs.

    • Lascivious says:

      Ikr? I see it with regular people too. I did the same with my first kid, until I smartened up and realized that parenting is about service, not self.

  7. QueenEllisabet says:

    Cleopatra FTW

  8. Sally says:

    Question– are there no pap photos of Beyoncé from the last 4-5 months ? How did she disappear for this long and no one noticed ?

    • ElleBee says:

      The same way she records an entire album and crazy videos filled with everyday people and no one notices or utters a word. The woman is a sorceress

      Jk. Celebs have often said that there are spots that are known for the paps that everyone knows to avoid if they want to go unseen

    • Ramona says:

      She didnt even disappear. She hosted Hillarys final concert in full view of the world. But she showed up in a loose pinstripe suit and people just assumed it was an ode to Hillarys style. The photo above with Mariah was taken in Dec I believe but she is in full black and wearing a jacket that prevents a profile shot. Anyway, however she did it, she pulled it off.

    • Anilehcim says:

      It just goes to show that it is possible for celebrities to keep a low profile if they actually want to. Beyonce is one of the most famous people on the planet and she managed to hide a pregnancy by staying out of the spotlight. For all the celebs who complain about how they can’t escape the paps, it’s clearly BS.

      • HappyMom says:

        Lainey Gossip always says that. And clearly it’s true. So I eye roll from the celebs who complain yet we still see their kids frequently. The papps are being tipped off.

      • Jeesie says:

        To be fair, hiding like this requires a lot of money, power and giving up any semblance of a normal life.

        You need staff and personal security and a very private and expensive home. You need to be able to get people to come to you rather than you to them. You need to be ok with never just popping out for coffee or going for a walk.

        A lot of celebrities who are targeted by paps are wealthy, but not compound/penthouse, 24/7 security staff, multiple assistants, buying cars to serve as decoys wealthy. Security alone can be millions a year, not including the cost of housing them. You would need to be bringing in at least 15 million a year after taxes, agents and managers fees and so on (or have already made your fortune) before it’s not completely insane to spend that much.

        Younger celebrities and those who are more internet famous than famous famous have no chance unless they just lock themselves in their houses and only come out for work.

  9. Bubbles says:

    I didn’t sense any shade in her comment. I think it was genuine.

  10. Amelia says:

    Twins are common via IVF because there is a higher success rate with implantation of multiple embryos. And yes, it is possible to choose gender because they are implanting fertilized eggs.

    • me says:

      I’m predicting a set of boy twins and they will look just like Beyonce. Jay-Z has his cute mini-me now Beyonce gets hers.

  11. Scal says:

    The odds of having fraternal twins after 35 also goes up (without ivf). the body will spit out 2-3 eggs at a time when ovulating in a ‘go!go! Go! Time is running out!’ kind of way.

  12. MissMerry says:

    who is the other little girl near Blue holding a fan in that photo?

  13. Eric says:

    I’m pretty sure Romulus and Remus were twins also.

  14. HK9 says:

    Well she does have a PhD in petty so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  15. Mike says:

    Living your life for pr and attention seems loony and sad. I never understood people’s desire to be a “star.” Rich yes, but famous?

  16. kri says:

    Mariah just Mariah-ing all the live long day. Love it.

  17. Lucy says:

    Don’t forget about Them Babies, people! All jokes aside, I think Mariah is genuinely happy for Bey. It’s nice to know she’s capable of getting along with other women in the business, or at least with one of them.

  18. JRenee says:

    The comments are funny as sh!#, lol.

  19. Paisley says:

    I’m still so over the moon excited Bey is pregnant.