Ethics adviser: The Trumps are using the White House ‘like the Kardashians’

Donald Trump And Mike Pence Visit The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

Remember when Kanye West announced that he would run for president in 2020? And people were like “whatever, Yeezy” and “like Kim Kardashian would ever be our First Lady.” I said at the time that of course the whole thing was crazy, but that we shouldn’t dismiss the idea of a Kardashian – or a Kardashian-like figure – as FLOTUS. Personally, I would 100% prefer Kim Kardashian as FLOTUS rather than Melania Trump. Kim would actually move into the White House and keep her eye on the security costs. Kim would love being America’s Hostess. She would love putting together state dinners and White House events. She would even carve out some progressive policy positions as FLOTUS. Sorry, I know I’m defending Kim Kardashian pretty hard right now, but seriously, that’s how much I f–king hate the fact that we’re dealing with the Trump family.

I bring up the Kardashians because one of President Obama’s former advisers compared the Trumps to the Kardashians. And I think the reference is unfair… TO THE KARDASHIANS. Apparently, a lot of people are concerned about the ethical minefield of, say, the President of the United States using his Twitter bully pulpit to tweet-harass a private company for canceling his daughter’s fashion line. Add to that the ongoing debacle over Melania Trump wanting to “profit” from being FLOTUS, and here we are.

On Wednesday, President Trump lashed out at Nordstrom on Twitter for dropping his daughter Ivanka’s brand from their stores. The previous day, his wife Melania refiled her $150 million libel lawsuit against the Daily Mail’s parent company, saying she has lost “major business opportunities” because of retracted claims that her old Slovenian modeling agency was also an escort service. Now, watchdogs and former presidential ethics advisers are speaking out, saying the Trump family is trying to use the White House to expand their business empires, the Guardian reports.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Obama’s former chief ethics adviser Norman Eisen said, “The Trumps are using the White House like the Kardashians used reality TV, to build and vastly expand their overall business enterprises.” Likewise, George W. Bush’s former ethics adviser Richard Painter said the language of Melania’s Daily Mail lawsuit suggests she may be “in an unprecedented, clear breach of rules about using her government position for private gain.”

Per the Guardian: “An AP review of business filings has found that Melania Trump has not stepped away from companies that manage royalties from her name-branded products. As of Tuesday, she was listed in New York filings as the CEO of Melania Marks Accessories Member Corp, the holding company of Melania Marks Accessories LLC, both of which remain active. Those companies managed between $15,000 and $50,000 in royalties from her accessories lines, the Trumps’ May 2016 financial disclosure filing shows.”

The general counsel of the watchdog Project on Government Oversight, Scott Amey, called Melania’s ongoing businesses “another example of the first family blurring the line between public service and private business interests.” The Guardian also notes that while the president has handed over daily management of his real-estate, property-management, and licensing business to his adult sons and a longtime employee, he clearly “continues to financially benefit from his global business empire” in a “break from past practices.”

[From NY Mag]

As many have pointed out, there’s a belief that Easy D Trump is some kind of evil genius who throws so much deplorable sh-t out there, we are incapable of focusing on just one thing. I’ve said before: it’s ALL evil. It’s all deplorable. Focus on ALL of it. And Easy D is no genius. He just thinks no one cares, or no one is paying attention, or that he can do whatever he wants. I understand the comparison Norman Eisen is making between the Kardashians and the Trumps, and in strict terms, I agree – the Kardashians used a reality show as a platform to branch out and expand their other businesses, and that’s what the Trumps are doing with the White House. But Kim and her family have been private citizens this whole time, AND THEY PAY TAXES. They’re not public servants with all of the ethical responsibilities that entails.

Oh, and Kellyanne Conway – adviser to the president – is telling people in interviews to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff.” These tacky grifters.

Donald Trump Holds A Press Conference At Trump Tower

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  1. lucy2 says:

    I have a feeling that despite ALLLLLLL the other horrible things he’s doing, it’s going to be the business stuff that ultimately brings him down. He’s using the office of POTUS to sell stuff. It’s illegal.

    “AND THEY PAY TAXES” Do they though? Didn’t PMK start a “church”? I’m guessing most of their money gets “donated” that. They probably do still pay more than the Trumps though. Speaking of, where are his tax returns, hmm?

    • Anna says:

      I’ve always said PMK and Kim will eventually do time for tax fraud. Not to mention being in the FTC cross-hairs. God, I could go on forever. They none of them honor any commitments they make, they just quit mid-commitment or are fired or sued for breach. I am convinced that is because they are only capable of hair and makeup, and posing. AND I realize this is too much energy spent on these grifters so now I’ll forget about them and get on with what’s good in today.

      • molly says:

        Yep, it was the IRS that eventually brought down Al Capone. Congress can’t or won’t do anything to stop Trump, so it’s going to have to come from an unlikely source. Something will catch up to him. (<- Said desperately over and over.)

    • Christin says:

      A church or a foundation can be a way to avoid taxes, and both families have one or both.

    • Greenieweenie says:

      Me too. And I still can’t shake the feeling that this is meta reality TV. I look at this photo and I cannot believe we are talking about the Trumps in office.

  2. QQ says:

    At least the Kardashians have the Good grace of…. never mind I’m not finna sit here and Defend Sh*t just cause diarrhea is here now and it smells.. No Wait Ok i can do this I got it, At least the Kardashian Jenners are only here to ruin their Concubines and their own faces and bodies, not all of America in the process of grifting and selling us Kontour… and also they arent here decorated in sh*tty Rococo Style “Gold Leaf”

  3. Shambles says:


    I’m mailing this comment to Paul Ryan today, and I’ll probably wait until my cat Trumps on the paper to send it. Perfume, you know.

    • Birdix says:

      “He just thinks no one cares, or no one is paying attention, or that he can do whatever he wants.”
      But he can do whatever he wants, that’s the problem. The cabinet nominees from hell keep rolling through he confirmations. And we resist and march and call and write. I’m discouraged. If Hillary had done a tiny fraction of what he has done, she’d be spending all her time in impeachment hearings. Why not him?

      • Liz says:

        Because if wasn’t clear before, it is absolutely clear now – the GOP is not interested in anything but their own power. Party loyalty, and the power and money that flow from that loyalty is all that matters. Members of Congress are saying and doing things that would have been unheard of two years ago, all in the name of loyalty to the GOP. NOT Loyalty to the United States or its Constitution or its Laws or its People. Loyalty to the Party, above all. Congress has become a Politburo, straight out of the Soviet Union, circa 1975.

      • hmmm says:

        It seems Herr Fuhrer (and Russia) has the GOP by the short and curlies. The craven cowardice and lust for godlike power from all of them, their betrayal of country and the American people… soulless freaks. GOP will march in step just like the good brownshirts they are.

        No one in the GOP is going to do anything about anything. Now with Sessions as AG, it’s a guarantee that a full kakistocracy will bloom unimpeded while he sweeps The Russia Problem under the rug.

        The only things saving us all is dissenting voices and massive protests. The people.

      • Ashamed 2 b a Fl girl says:

        “Why not him?” Easy answer…the GOP isn’t done using him yet. More difficult answer…Not soon enough…I hope there is a country left to save.

        It really killed the GOP to deal with the success of the Obama administration in spite of their best efforts to derail everything good about the man and his family, and his administration. They are enjoying this “ride”.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        He’s getting a long enough rope now to set a trap for himself, only to be caught in it when/if Democrats regain control of Senate or House.

        The protests, calls, letters might seem of little good, but they support the people opposing Trump in gov’t , and give them courage to vote against( or record illegalities and leak to press).

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      I’m with Liz. Trump’s gonna Trump. It’s all about what they’ll let him get away with, so that’s where the pressure has to be applied.

      They have the numbers for now, so they’ll get what they want and it’ll be a parade of demoralizing ‘losses.’ But it doesn’t make them right, and the consequences will be all on them and their ideology and incompetence too. All tyrants fall. How horrible that people have to suffer in the meantime.

  4. JudyK says:

    Nothing to add…you nailed it, Kaiser.

  5. JRenee says:

    Do not pass go! Go directly to jail. Shameless!

  6. Mata says:

    The thing that’s infuriating to me is that they aren’t even bothering to hide it. Every day, there’s something new, yet nothing is done about it. Where are the official rebukes?

    • Clare says:

      Can you imagine the shit they ARE hiding, though? What if these shenanigans are clever sleights of hand, distracting us from the real dirt.

      • Birdix says:

        Want to get super meta? Because I’m starting to think worrying about hidden distractions is a distraction itself. Too much running in circles wringing hands. Impeach.

    • HappyMom says:

      There’s something about the “holy 100 first days” that means they’re careful about criticizing.

  7. Clare says:

    The Kardashians are private citizens. This this this. A hundred times this.

    The Trumps – none of them – get to claim to be private citizens anymore. I don’t care of they are not ‘officially’ part of the administration. Ivanka – if you are ‘taking calls’ in the white house, and sitting in on meetings with foreign dignitaries, and if the bloody white house twitter account is retweeting things about your brand…you lost that right.

    • Christin says:

      Paid government employees are joining the promotion of the family’s business interests. Imagine if *any* previous president and his staff did this unabashed shilling for his child’s business?

  8. Megan says:

    Trump, his family, and his cabinet picks are using this as one giant get-rich-quick scheme. It is so far beyond disgusting there is not a word for it.

  9. happinessinme says:

    I love it, i love it, i love it.

  10. Anna says:

    Nothing worse than a tacky grifter and that goes for the Trumps and the Kardashians who perfected the art of grifting, putting out garbage products and making money on being hated and lying about EVERYTHING under the sun.

    Oh, and the Mango Mussolini is shaped like a big, lumpy, sack of laundry. STAY OFF TWITTER YOU XENOPHOBIC SWEET POTATO, you ho with the cheeto glow. I wish I could come from a more spiritual place with this, but the man’s a moron being lead by the new Gestapo of Girlhaters. They should all eat a weenie.

    • GeekLuva says:

      Just wanted to tell you how much laughter and mirth this comment gave me! “Hi with a Cheeto glow” is gonna be in atleast one sentence today!

    • Ashamed 2 b a Fl girl says:

      “Ho with the cheeto glow.” Effing fantastic.

  11. Rhiley says:

    The GOP now has a buffoon leading their party, and he is making them look petty, ill prepared, and like amateurs. So how much longer are they going to sit there hoping the president reigns it in so they can pass their horrible policies? Because we can’t go on like this for four years.

    • HK9 says:

      As long as they can make money off it. The prerequisite for this administration is to have a business that can profit from the portfolio they are given. Once the money train stops and actual reputations are at stake, they will throw each other under the bus. The carnage will be epic.

  12. Marcy says:

    Kim would not be inhuman or put our country in jeapordy as Cheetoloonie does as I said before – The Easy (more like sleazy) D has lost his ever loving mind not that that is new according to what I read the EASY D is like a comparison to the Easy A movie but it’s about a boy who becomes president by deporting poor people (you can google read more) what a moron he is… attacks Blumenthal over his appointed Supreme Court Pick, then insults McCain and then goes on to talk about the poor fellow who was killed in Yemen and bypasses the girl never even acknowledges her death like the Quebec attack just conventiently leaves those out. It has gone past sad and pathetic, past funny, past OMG what will he do next, to lies about serious stuff, no tax showing, still promoting business. He has even out did Nixon on how many things to get impeached for where are the balls of our congress but at his feet can “We the People!” petition to have him impeached file papers or get a 72 hour psych hold on him where are all the psychologists his dementia is showing his father had it his is full blown now. The sad thing is he has the football and can literally take us all out in one swoop if he feels threatened or like he will lose his Kingship. Someone change those codes please. It’s a scary world with orangedoofus at the helm.

  13. Baby Crisis says:

    It’s really weird to find myself laughing at ,sneering at , and being dumbfounded by the idiocy of a person who scares me deep in my bones.
    He frightens me for my children’s future.
    I Have never experienced this with a world leader before (maybe Kim jung Un?..little bit?)
    This is the nightmare we became to complacent to stop at its inception.
    This must be how many felt watching the rise of Hitler.
    A sense of disbelief.
    I see how it happened now.
    Except Hitler didn’t have Twitter.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Hitler had a private police force, that’s worse than Twitter. Trump is trying to build a private police force now.

      • adastraperaspera says:

        Yes. He’s saying the U.S. crime rate is rising–LIE. He’s saying that there are brown-skinned terrorists everywhere–LIE (white supremacist ones, yes). He now has Sessions in place to LIE about this also, and help tear apart the Judiciary (cut up the 9th Circuit, for instance) and then unleash the police on anyone who protests. Don’t forget that the Fraternal Order of Police (largest cop union in the world) endorsed Trump for president. It’s getting hot in here, ladies. Give all you can to the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and other orgs that will press lawsuits against police brutality. And support Black Lives Matter, as African-Americans have been suffering on the front lines of this brutality too long alone already. RESIST NONVIOLENTLY, as they want us to be violent so they can use their machine to crush us. I believe that nonviolence is the only way.

    • Esmom says:

      I have a feeling that if Hitler had Twitter he could restrain himself unlike Trump.

      I’m with you on being frightened out of my mind about him but the thing that scares me just as much is all the ordinary citizens doubling down on their support of him, no matter what he does, and insisting on normalizing him. What the eff is wrong with people?!??!

      • susanne says:

        I work for and with Trump supporters. Bit of cognitive dissonance, as I value them as people and disagree so strongly with their politics. I think they are facebook informed, which is oxymoronic (heavy on the moronic).
        I can’t get into it with them, just made one statement today that I didn’t believe Trump supports the working class/middle class.
        Their argument is mainly that he is a businessman and will stimulate the economy. Folks like this listen to a narrow brand of news, and take it as truth.
        I’d much rather mobilize the kids and work in inner cities to get people to believe they have a voice.
        What the eff else can I do…

      • Esmom says:

        A new woman was assigned to work with me a couple months ago and I found out she’s a “reasonable conservative” who voted for Trump. Whenever she makes a comment like “I really like that Paul Ryan, what do you think?” or “What’s wrong with Betsy Devos, everyone should be on board with school choice,” I calmly give her my (opposite) perspective and she seems to really think about it and be open to my thoughts. I honestly think she made an uniformed decision to vote for Trump, largely because she “hates” Hillary for reasons she can’t articulate, and would probably vote otherwise now. Too late, though, and I can’t help but hate her a little bit for helping him win.

  14. Snowflake says:

    Today is my day off, and I do not typically shop at places like Nordstrom’s. But I am going to find one and buy something. Even if it only costs five or ten dollars!

    • Tate says:

      I am stuck home due to a snow storm so ordered something online.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Yes! Time to shop at Nordstrom either in person or online. I don’t usually shop their either, but they deserve to know there are consumers who support their decision to dump anything related to this crooked family.

      • susanne says:

        Nordstrom isn’t in my budget, but marshall’s is my jam. Right now wearing juicy couture velour pants in purple….originally 125$ and I got them for $15. And my booty looks noice.

    • Christin says:

      Having placed orders from the main store and the Rack within the past day, I can vouch that they have some decent deals right now. You can easily find a nice top or accessory on sale for 10 to 20 dollars.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Their stock actually went up after his Tweet.

      They said they were dropping her line because it didn’t make any money, and also she’s a liability – defending lawsuits.

      But I’m all for buying nice things on sale.

  15. robyn says:

    So Kellyanne said on a morning program go out and buy Ivanka’s clothes. Ivanka might make a fortune designing burkas for people like Kellyanne because they are so subservient to the Trump family and have lost all reason about what it is to be corrupted and repressed.

  16. Justmeonlyme says:

    Yes the Kardashians are private citizens…but do we REALLY know if they pay their taxes? I think that is something that may come up down the road, that Momager Kris got greedy, especially as the empire is likely not racking in as much as it once was. Less articles/covers/interest in the whole family overall now – it’s like dog hair..can be found everywhere, but people hate it and eventually get rid of it or ignore it entirely because they don’t really notice it anymore.

  17. LinaLamont says:

    “And Easy D is no genius.”

    Susanne Too posted, yesterday, that she was going to watch “Duck Soup”. I posted this apt quote from the movie…
    “Gentlemen, Chicolini here may talk like an idiot, and look like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you: he really is an idiot.”

    • SusanneToo says:

      Groucho was so prescient.😂😂😂
      I’d like to add this.
      “I implore you, send him back to his father and brothers, who are waiting for him with open arms in the penitentiary. I suggest that we give him ten years in Leavenworth, or eleven years in Twelveworth.”

    • Christin says:

      Duck Soup is great comic relief, and A Face in the Crowd is a more dramatic classic movie with eerie similarities to our current situation. I wish a Patricia Neal character would emerge and save us.

  18. Liz says:

    The Kardashians are embarassing, but it’s beyond humiliating that so many Americans thought Don the Con could be the leader of our country

    • Tate says:

      It really is humiliating. I still can’t wrap my brain around it. I thought is was as obvious as the sky is blue that Don was a con.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Agreed, Liz. His being President is a national embarrassment and we haven’t even felt the full consequences yet. He’s been in the position less than a month. Sigh.

  19. Jayna says:

    I can’t handle those long ties of his. It’s just so weird.

  20. Manjit says:

    Why would any American who supports “America First” buy something from Ivanka Trump’s line? Not one thing is made in America.

  21. Frigga says:

    Kardashians are equally as awful as Dump. Thinking one is better than the other makes you seem reeeeal stupid.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      They may both be awful, but one is in the White House making terrible policy decisions and antagonizing the rest of the free world. They may all have mercenary souls, but only one family finds it appropriate to use the Most Powerful Office in the World to lie, cheat and steal.

    • susanne says:

      I disagree with respect. Kardashians are trashy and that is their right. They do not have any influence over the bodies of women (in a legal way). They probably won’t start any wars, unless scott acts up in dubai.
      Give me shallow shit any day over this nightmare.

  22. Eric says:

    KAC (YAK) is getting a lot of flak for saying to buy Ivanka the Terrible’s stuff. No Senior White House Advisor has ever said such things.
    It’s disgraceful!

    My theory is that they all want out of the WH (except Pence). It’s a sh#t show and legal firms are putting pressure on several areas, including COI, the Muslim Ban, Sanctuary Cities, et al.

  23. Green Is Good says:

    Will somebody impeach this prick already?!

  24. lizzie says:

    i’m girding myself for hate but i don’t think the kardashians are in any way comparable to donald trump. first of all, a lump of kylie’s extensions are rhode scholars compared to donald trump. PMK would undoubtedly have exacting control over the roll out and execution of executive orders and Kim has a better understanding of foreign policy. The Kardashians are reality tv trash but they are not *EVIL*. They would not put a white supremacist in their staff. They put more consideration into a lipstick palette than the cheeto has to any aspect of his life, particularly being president. i would imagine they would have the same seriousness in any other endeavor (except marriage of course – which would make them Kennedys). it is possible they have a tax issue someday but it is also possible they are just EXTREMELY wealthy and protect their money the same way that all EXTREMELY wealthy people do. its actually not shady to have a foundation or charity when you are a mulit-millionaire – it is only shady when you manage it like a personal bank account (trump cough trump).

    i do agree with the analogy that he is using the presidency to turn a profit the way they use reality tv but what they do is vapid and what he is doing is criminal. the kardashians aren’t committing crimes and if you don’t like them you can turn off the tv. we can’t turn off donald trump b/c he is our president who lots of people willingly elected.

  25. Caroline says:

    I can’t comment on every story but man you are crushing it Celebitchy! I have stolen your “President Baby Fists” and I love how you hold nothing back. Really just love all around for you staying on this. It IS all deplorable. Thanks for keeping the spotlight on these dirty d-bags!

  26. Joannie says:

    Well he certainly likes the coverage just like the Kardasians. Everything is about Trump these days. He’s loving it!! If you really want to get under this guys skin everyone and I mean everyone should stop giving him attention. He’s such a buffoon! He’s making an absolute mockery of being the US president. Oh well he’s certainly given the entertainment industry a ton of material.

    • susanne says:

      I think he should be confronted over all the serious legal infractions.
      What will really get him are the ego deflators. I want to pick at him until he implodes. I cannot believe I am saying this about the president, but it is true.
      I wish I could manipulate my ex so easily. Fortunately, I have ethics and stay on the high road.

    • Melly says:

      The worst thing we could do is to ignore him. He would get away with even MORE then. We all need to be educated and angry.

  27. Twinkle says:

    Welcome to the kleptocracy! Thank you for not normalizing this horrible family.

  28. holly says: