Solange Knowles tweets-and-deletes some shade about the Grammys

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Beyonce is an enigma wrapped in mystery and dusted in intrigue. I seriously doubt Bey will say anything one way or the other about Lemonade being snubbed for the biggest and most prestigious Grammys. While she’s won the most Grammys out of any female artist (of any race), she’s never won Album of the Year. Some people even doubt if she really cares one way or the other – Beyonce might even be too good for the Grammys and every other awards show at this point. Who even knows if she will boycott?

As much as people wanted to make the Grammys into “Beyonce versus Adele,” I seriously doubt Beyonce was mad AT Adele. Adele and Bey are friends, and Adele used her platform to honor Beyonce over and over. My general feeling is that Adele winning the big awards probably took some of the sting away for Beyonce – if it had been anyone else, Bey might have felt anger or disgust (who knows?) but because it was Adele, Bey’s mostly fine. Bey keeps on winning at life. But that doesn’t mean Beyonce’s little sister can’t disrupt on her behalf:

Solange is speaking out. Less than 24 hour after fans and critics slammed the Recording Academy for awarding Adele‘s 25 the album of the year title over her sister Beyoncé‘s Lemonade, the R&B singer took to Twitter seemingly to address the controversy — and the Grammys’ history with race.

“There have only been two black winners in the last 20 years for album of the year,” she tweeted Monday afternoon. “There have been over 200 black artist who have performed.”

Shortly after, she offered her social media followers a call to action, tweeting: “Create your own committees, build your own institutions, give your friends awards, award yourself, and be the gold you wanna hold my g’s.”

The posts aren’t the first time Solange — who won the best R&B performance Grammy for “Cranes in the Sky” — has appeared to weigh in on her sister’s snub. After the show, she tweeted “wuddup frank,” sharing a link to Grammy boycotter Frank Ocean‘s open letter to the show’s producers saying the annual awards suffer “cultural bias and general nerve damage.”

Solange later deleted all three of these posts on Monday evening, but she isn’t the only star to speak out against Adele’s win. The “Hello” singer herself — who won all five of the awards for which she was nominated Sunday night — said Queen Bey deserved the gold.

[From People]

Do you think Beyonce told/asked Solange to pull the tweets? We’ll never know because Beyonce is such an enigma, obviously. But it sounds like Solange was more upset about the Grammys than Beyonce. Or maybe Bey just wanted to make sure that she and her family stayed radio f–king silent on the snubs. Who knows?

59th Annual GRAMMY Awards

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  1. Suzie says:

    It’s not Adele’s fault that she won obviously, but what I was really disappointed about was the George Michael tribute, and I’ve just read that the Grammy production wanted it to be a medley of songs with Adele, Bey and Rihanna, but Adele refused, she wanted to do it alone, she wanted the stage to herself. I’m so so disappointed. I was surprised that the tribute was so short, flat and sad but I didn’t know it was her decision.

    • scar says:

      I saw that too. George Michael’s management wanted all three of them And a different song Adele Bey and Rih but Adele refused. I’ll sit back and watch how the Adele Stan’s spin this one. And I would have loved To see the reactions of Bey refused the others cause she wanted the sing alone. Twice. Oh and Adele still fucked it up. She started over but didn’t start her vocals over. She was pitch and flat as hell and nothing near perfect like she said. But don’t take know “she’s magic and Beyonce is average”

    • Miss V says:

      Where did you read that? Is that true? That does not sound like a real story?

      • evie says:

        Just goes to show you can interpret anything to fit whatever your own narrative is. I didn’t read anything in there that fit the description you gave Suzie. You took a bit of license and fleshed the story out with a bit more drama than is written in the article.

        To the point regarding the Grammy’s, why does anyone give a shit about them? They have always seemed like an out-of-touch award show. If the artists would get together and use their collective strength, they could make changes. What would the Grammy’s do if no artists wanted to perform? They would have to make major changes if they want marquee talent there. The artists have all the power here, imo.

      • Suzie says:

        Actually I’ve just read that Adele did it alone because it was what his family wanted, not because she wanted the stage to herself. “[The family] didn’t want a tribute at first, and they came back and were very specific that it be me.”
        I still think it was a poor tribute but at least it wasn’t her decision to do it alone.

      • Suzie says:

        @evie – no, I only said what I said because my source was MTV who ran a misleading article. I only read the Billboard’s article afterwards unfortunately. I would delete my comment but can’t now.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I think Beyoncé cares, regardless of what we think of it AOTY is the most prestigious award in the industry and Lemonade is considered her best work, the most critically acclaimed.
    Also, almost all of the Grammys she won are in the “urban” category, not the major ones.
    Still, she’s too gracious to comment especially since she has stopped doing press in the last couple of years.

  3. Mousyb says:

    Solange has always been super outspoken so I highly doubt Beyonce asked her to tweet on her behalf.

    • Pandy says:

      All I can think is that Solange is the KellyAnne Conway of the Knowles family … the little pit bull sent out to say what they really think …

  4. BW says:

    Awards are proving to be so irrelevant IMO. Adele winning for that redundant album and Emma Stone winning an Oscar for her basic performance in La La Land? Nope. I’m so over the illusion of importance that it all has. Garbage.

  5. Lucy says:

    Who knows. I don’t think Solange has anything against Adele per sé, it’s more about the Grammy Institution and everything it represents.

  6. scar says:

    Loud it, you Solo star. My girrrrllll. I’m pretty sure Bey asked her to take them down. Solange is not a tweet and delete person. She’s an “I fucking said what I said” kinda lady.

  7. Hola says:

    Wow can you imagine a george michael tribute by beyonce and rihanna? Would have been amazing!
    Can we elaborate on that please?

    • milla says:

      I am appealed that we did not get that. he adored black musicians, loved Bey, what a shame…

    • Mousyb says:

      Maybe its because they arent British? That was my first assumption

      • milla says:

        GM did not care. He loved London, but he referred to himself as Singing Greek. He spent years with Kenny Goss, who is an American, from Texas.

        I think the producers wanted the spotlight only on Adele. Rihanna may not be vocally strong, but her personality would eat all of them alive.

      • Rl says:

        And that Rihanna sounds like an injured dog live?

    • Manjit says:

      Here’s a link
      Personally, I’m glad she did it alone, if it was what his family wanted.

      • milla says:

        He did sing with Bey, he did not sing with Adele, though he wanted to.

        And as much as I am sorry for his family now, this was a tribute to an artist. Not tribute to Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. It should’ve highlighted his career and black music was big part of it. Especially black female singers.

        Bowie’s son said he hated Lady Gaga tribute last year, but that is it.

      • BrandyAlexander says:

        They should have brought out Andrew Ridgeley and Deon Estus to do a Wham! song and then rolled into other artists with hits from his solo career. They missed a chance for an amazing tribute. I love Adele, I just think he deserved bigger.

  8. milla says:

    I see nothing wrong in her comments. It is her opinion. I am white and live in white country, I did not know that only 2 black people won album of the year. That is awful, BUT, that silly show was never about music anyway. It is shinny and very overrated. I still want to know why Beoynce and Rihanna did not sing with Adele for GM…

  9. QQ says:

    Solange is the Dyonisian Model to Beyonce’s Apollonian Approach to life and this is why Solange Pops Off at the mouth more than Beyonce ever would, where Beyonce is self control Solo is fire Tweets

    • Lexx says:

      I also think, and this is from observing their work over the years, Beyonce adheres more to the theory of changing the machine from within it, and Solange is more setting fire to the machine and building what she wants.

      • QQ says:

        Absolutely, She is Very Hillary Clinton about it: I’ll play your game, be in Then do what im gonna do in the quiet. NOT SOLANGE Tho

    • Käthchen says:

      Awesome (and fitting) analysis, QQ!

  10. Anon says:

    Actually Alison Krauss has won the most Grammys of any female artist:

    She has won 27. Beyoncé has won 22.

  11. Hola says:

    I think Bey would have choosen Freedom and Rihanna I want your sex… but i would have loved Star People or Outside

    • lucy2 says:

      Freedom is my favorite GM song, I was bummed that wasn’t the selection.
      That would have been an amazing tribute with all of them performing.

  12. Ana says:

    The Grammys are getting more and more irrelevant with time, and current artists know it. Sure, it’s nice to get any awards, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Beyoncé was fuming on the inside over being the big loser of the night (since she was the most nominated and only got two minor ones), but it doesn’t really matter in the end how many Grammys you have. Look at David Bowie: while he was alive he only got one lousy Grammy for a short video he made in the 80s and he’s still one of the biggest musicians in history.

    That aside, I felt that the show was truly awful and boring. Adele in particular was extremely disappointing to me in every intervention she made. Her opening number was super out of pitch. Her George Michael snafu was deeply unprofessional. And saying she shared the award with Beyoncé was just awkward and disrespectful. Beyoncé doesn’t want you to share your prize with her! I see now why she rarely does live performances. The anxiety eats her up. She is just a recording star, and should stay that way.

    • Bluer says:

      Adele is the most overrated singer at the moment. Her voice is like nails down a blackboard for me and her song are so pretend angsty and deep. And you’re absolutely right about the Grammys fading away and becoming irrelevant. I think quite a few singers have already talked about this.

  13. Erica_V says:

    I think artists and people should stop giving these awards so much tangible meaning & value. In reality, it’s just a hunk of plastic – it only has the value that you give it.

    The less artists need to be patted on the back by corporations for making a “better” album, film, novel, etc then their peers the better.

    Real question tho – will the industry pay you more for your work or give you more opportunities because of your amount of awards? Do stars have it in their contracts with agents/studios/labels that if their album/film wins a Grammy/Oscar they get X amount of money?

  14. Bluer says:

    Beyonce has a terrible voice and is not an interesting artist. Narcissism doesn’t make you a feminist, a strong woman, a role model, or a pop icon.

  15. so says:

    Adele isn’t really my cup of tea, but I really don’t get that devotion around Beyonce… Why would she automatically deserve every damn award ? I was shocked to see Adele almost apologizing to her that she got the grammy instead of her.
    I don’t see any mystery in that woman, I think she’s just extremely egotastical and not very deep.
    I really don’t understand why everyone treats her like a divinity (btw what’s up with all the Virgin Mary imagery surrounding her pregnancy? that’s not a little too much?)

  16. Trashaddict says:

    If Adele felt that bad about winning, she could have taken her trophy, walked into the audience, and handed it to Bey. That would have made quite a statement. Unfortunately that would probably underline the problem of why white people should be choosing who gets the award in the first place.

  17. sunshine gold says:

    The Grammys are very well known for going with safe choices – usually always older and white and more classic than new and inventive. This isn’t a surprise. I don’t know that sour grapes tweets are the way to go though.