Jack Black hopes Meryl Streep ‘wins the Oscar & talks more sh-t about that a-hole’

The SAGs this year were extremely watchable for lefty film and TV lovers like me. There were several powerful speeches denouncing the current administration’s divisive and harmful policies while emphasizing the principles which unite us. I could go on about how watchable (and short) they were. We know the Oscars will never achieve a two hour run time and that they’re much more formal than the SAGs so my expectations are lower. The Golden Globes didn’t have as many rousing speeches but it was earlier in the year and Meryl Streep was truly the standout. We know that she pissed off Baby Fists because he tweeted about her. We also know that his people are making sure he doesn’t watch the Oscars this year because he won’t be able to resist firing back in his predictably juvenile way. He’ll hear about it though, he’ll see the recaps on Fox News, and he’ll tweet a bunch of stupid sh-t on his unsecured phone. It would be amazing if Meryl would provoke him again by winning, but that category is probably going to go to Emma Stone (ugh) with Isabelle Huppert a potential upset.

Jack Black was giving a performance at an exclusive charity event when he gave Meryl a shoutout and asked if she was there (she wasn’t). He said that he hoped she wins so that she can give another incredible speech. He also called on the potential Oscar winners in the room to do the same in their speeches.

When Black grabbed the mic, he jokingly wanted to know if a certain A-list Oscar winner happened to be hiding in the venue somewhere. “Is Meryl Streep in the audience tonight?” he inquired, before getting political. “I just hope she wins the Oscar and talks some more sh-t about that asshole.”

Black was referring, of course, to Streep’s Jan. 8 speech at the Golden Globes when she accepted her Cecil B. DeMille Award and took aim at then-President-elect Donald Trump. He continued his introductory remarks by defending what she said and applauding her courage to speak out. “A lot of people say, ‘Oh that’s just liberals … patting themselves on the back.’ I don’t agree. I thought it took balls,” Black said. “I thought she was very brave. “I was very inspired by it. To get up there and tell the truth about the President of the United States in front of a billion people — that takes courage and is very inspiring.”

Black noted that if she doesn’t win, guests in the room should follow in her footsteps by speaking out against Trump. “To the winners in here, I hope you do the same, ya know?” he said, before launching into an electric version of one of his School of Rock hits. It was a performance that received a standing ovation.

[From THR]

Streep shouldn’t win in that category, Florence Foster Jenkins was cute and she’s incredibly versatile but that wasn’t an Oscar-winning performance. I appreciate the message though. I haven’t seen Elle yet, that’s on my list for Saturday, but it looks like Emma Stone is going to win anyway as she’s been sweeping the other awards. That’s too bad because I thought her performance in La La Land was one note and I disliked that movie overall. (A lot of you disagree and that’s fine.)

In related news, THR reported on a poll of 800 people, half of whom voted for 45 and the other half for Clinton. The Clinton voters wanted more political and issues-based Oscars speeches while of the Trump voters, 66% said that they would turn off the TV if the speeches got political. Of course less of the 45 voters are even watching the Oscars, only 66% plan to tune in as opposed to 78% of Clinton voters. I doubt the Trump supporters watch many films or TV shows that challenge their beliefs either, but maybe that can change with highly entertaining films that have themes of inclusion and racism, like Hidden Figures and Get Out.




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  1. Lilly says:

    I read an article yesterday on a silicon valley guy who traveled to speak with, and try to understand, deplorable voters. I’ve tried, and did so again as I read, to understand their POV. I don’t get it or them, nor the constant cries of “don’t call us racists.” You are racists from your vote with full knowledge and the ongoing picks for the WH. But, that’s not incurable. There’s so much talk of divisions and attempts to overcome them. I think that’s rushing it. Let it be uncomfortable, it’s a natural stage, and, yes, more speaking out and celebrities using their time to challenge this mess. I found the article on yahoo for anyone interested. I don’t always watch the Oscars, but it could be watchable this year.

    • tegteg says:

      I ride the bus to commute to and from work – there are a LOT of deplorables on the bus and I hear their conversations regularly. There is no reasoning with them. They ignore facts and logic in favor of the bigotry and hatred they’ve always known. They disgust me 😐

    • RebbyRose says:

      Jeez lily, internet etiquette requires you to link any mentioned article.

  2. LadyT says:

    Honestly are we talking speeches or comments? When Streep won the DeMille Award it was expected that she would make a prepared speech and she did an excellent job of it. I recall JLDreyfous, Viola Davis and Mahershela Ali making some personal comments that happened to be political and that was wonderful. I didn’t vote Trump, I won’t turn it off no matter what but I do think there’s a fine line in there somewhere.

  3. Wowza says:

    An uncle of mine has been posting a lot on Facebook about how Bruce Springsteen, of all people, needs to shut up and keep his politics to himself #notmyboss

    It just doesn’t make sense to me and is so sad and weird. For starters, Bruce has been an outspoken liberal for decades. This isn’t new. But more importantly, how can a decent person not see that telling someone who is reasonably stating their political beliefs to be silent just because you disagree with them is so unamerican and wrong. I’m just so disappointed in his lack of critical thinking.