Tom Hiddleston wore an IWD purple ribbon to the ‘Kong’ LA premiere

The premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Kong: Skull Island

Here are some photos from last night’s LA premiere of Monkey Movie: Hiddlpocalypse Now (aka Kong: Skull Island). The premiere fell on International Women’s Day, and I’m honestly surprised that Brie Larson wasn’t on strike! But she came out and she wore red, which is great. Her dress was a custom number by Oscar de la Renta, and I’m okay with it. Tom Hiddleston marked IWD in his own way too, by wearing a purple ribbon on his lapel (I didn’t know before now that purple ribbons = IWD). So, Hiddles is showing some gender-equality awareness. Good for him. And his suit is Gucci. Also: HIS BIRD TIE!!!

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that some brave media outlets are still asking Hiddles about The Glorious Tiddlebanging of 2016. The Telegraph asked him about Swifty, which we discussed earlier this week – he apparently got “testy” and somewhat pissy about the questions. Then he appeared on the Today Show a few mornings ago and Savannah Guthrie asked him about the Tiddlebanging too. Skip ahead to around the 3-minute mark if you want to see Tom act all uncomfortable. Is he “performing” discomfort or is he genuinely uncomfortable? That’s the question I have. Because he had to know these questions were coming at some point. I also think he should be grateful that he’s getting Tiddlebanging questions right now and not questions about his ridiculous Golden Globes speech.

The premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Kong: Skull Island

The premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Kong: Skull Island

The premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Kong: Skull Island

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    An hour before Tom, Savanna Guthrie interviewed Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney about Ryan’s turd healthcare plan and allowed him to trash Obama and the ACA without asking him any meaningful questions about anything. She was saving all her hard hitting investigative reporting to badger an actor about a fling that ended months ago. When you begin your question with “Please don’t hate me …” you know you’re crossing a line. Dead air is not a great journalistic accomplishment, Savanna, unless you’re interviewing a dictator or someone implicated in a crime.

    I love the top of Brie’s dress but the length of it seems either a few inches too long or a few inches too short.

    • milibili says:

      @light +1 with everything including the dress

    • grabbyhands says:

      Agreed on both points.

    • Sixer says:

      Swiftgate and Tiddlesbanging was MARVELLOUS when it happened, but now it feels as dated as a mother-in-law joke. B-O-R-I-N-G.

      And female interviewers – or any women generally – should never start saying anything at all with, “Don’t hate me…” If you want to say something you think someone won’t like, either don’t say it, or, if you think it needs saying, don’t bloody apologise for it.

      LEGS is still in Coventry chez Sixer though, so don’t care if he squirmed. Tough bananas, LEGS.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Right? Because it makes it all about her and being “liked” instead of about any real news to be gleaned from whatever follows. Not that she was going to get any news from that ridiculous, out-dated question. THEY BROKE UP 7 MONTHS AGO! Not a divorce. Not a custody fight. A breakup of a fling. And the fact that she asked it that way makes me think that it was on a list of “Don’t ask” questions.

        If she just had to do the “don’t hate me” bit, she should have used it when she was talking to Mulvaney about depriving us all of healthcare instead of handling him so gently.

      • Sixer says:


        Can you imagine a male interviewer saying “Don’t hate me, but…”?

        I mean, either you’re being an arse, in which case don’t ask the question, or it needs asking even though it’s unpopular or awkward, in which case don’t apologise. It’s either mean girl manipulative or it’s apologising for speaking because you’re a woman. I dislike both options there!

      • Lightpurple says:

        I can’t imagine a man ever prefacing anything with that line. She was going for mean girl and she knew it and I would like to mean girl her for being so sweet to Mulvaney.

    • M.A.F. says:

      I don’t recall Savanna Guthrie being known for her hard hitting interviews. Then again, I don’t watch the weekly morning shows anymore.

  2. Daisy says:

    Brie looks incredible.

  3. shelley* says:

    Purple ribbons are also for Domestic violence, Thyroid cancer, Alzheimers, Epilepsy, Cystic fibrosis and many many more..!

    They are running out of colours for causes…!

    I do love his bird tie.

    • Beth says:

      So many reasons but so few colors. Purple day is March 26th. I’ll be wearing purple clothes and ribbons. I already have my epilepsy awareness nail decals on. Thought IWD would be red.

      • shelley* says:

        I have Epilepsy too, and last year I forgot it was Epilepsy awareness day….Doh !

      • Beth says:

        @Shelly* don’t forget November is epilepsy awareness month! The reason I have so many purple clothes

      • shelley* says:

        That always confuses me, having the Month of November, but the day in March…

        But I am easily confused.

  4. virginfangirl2 says:

    So many interviews and premieres to occupy my time swooning over Tom Hiddleston. I could look & listen to him all day, and those Gucci suites look so good on him. Happy to see he showed his support of women yesterday.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I’m very relieved as until I read this article, I thought IWD might stand for ” I’m With Donald”. Can’t tell you how happy I am that it was for International Women’s Day.

      • Grace says:

        LOL. No, the 8th of March is the International Women’s Day.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Secret squirrel – among what are probably Hiddles’ MANY personality issues, one of them is unlikely to be that he’s a fan of the Donald.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        Tom was once asked about Donald – when he was just one of possible Republican candidates – and he said he sees him as either a pure villain or somebody put there as a distraction.

        Well, a year later we have the answer to that.

    • Beth says:

      @virginfandgirl2 isn’t he dreamy? Every morning I wake up seeing his and Lenny Kravitz pictures on my door. What an awesome way to start the day.

  5. grabbyhands says:

    I’m not surprised Brie didn’t skip this-I’m reasonably sure she is contractually obligated to do these premieres. She probably wasn’t going to be able to get out of it.

    I think Tiddles is genuinely uncomfortable. He has had the benefit of unending adoration for years and now he is no longer controlling the narrative, one which does not show him in a complimentary light. And like, it is pretty harmless-he did a really silly, cringey thing and people are taking the piss (to borrow a favorite phrase). But apparently he was way more invested in his in age than previously thought. He should just laugh it off-reporters are like sharks and the I Heart TS debacle is blood in the water. The story should have died of boredom by now, but his reactions keep giving it fuel.

    • zzz says:

      He should lay low or find a new gf at this point. The sooner the narrative is diverted the better. If Taylor is dropping a new album this year then it’d be all over again.

      • spidey says:

        He can’t lay low when he is promoting a movie though.

        Next time some interviewer says “Sorry but I must ask……….” (meaning they aren’t sorry at all) perhaps he should just sit there and look at them in silence with perhaps a eyebrow raised, or say “so why are you asking?”

    • OhDear says:

      She’s wearing red, which was another way to show support.

  6. milibili says:

    He looks good. I also didn’t know that purple ribbon is for IWD.

    • Beth says:

      He always looks good. I would think the IWD ribbon would be red because that’s the color we wear that day

  7. milibili says:

    also new ragnarok photos are awesome!

  8. Jaii says:

    I have a thing for coloured suits paired with brown shoes , God knows why but it really ticks my box, kind of like when a man rolls his shirt sleeve up and has hairy forearms …

  9. zzz says:

    There is a marked contrast between his GQ interview and recent interviews regarding questions about Taylor. Someone is not being consistent.

    • OhDear says:

      To be fair, I think the GQ one was a couple of months ago, while these interviews are more recent.

      • zzz says:

        If he was this mushy about love and heartbreak a couple of months ago he wouldn’t be this resentful and snappy now. Either he was lying in the GQ interview or he was putting on a show now.

      • Beth says:

        @zzz, who wouldn’t be resentful and snappy being nagged about a breakup that the whole world knew about and happened months ago? Breakups hurt badly. Time for the interviewers to let the subject go.

    • Lightpurple says:

      What, exactly, is it that you want or need from him? Is he supposed to be punished for something? Do you need to know whether Swift snores? Squeezes the toothpaste in the middle? Is a screamer? Whether she ranted about the Misogynist Known as Kanye and his opportunistic spouse?

      Whatever was between them ended seven months ago. It is boring. Time to move on.

      • Beth says:

        @lightpurple, I totally agree with you. What else does he need to tell? Ìt makes breakups hurt a million times worse when people keep asking nosy questions. It’s been over for quite a while. Time to let it go

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      Where is the inconsistancy? He doesn’t want to give a 2 seconds answer to a reporter during his promotional tour for SI. The GQ interview was done by a friend over a long conversation and it didn’t interfere with his job. Notice he didn’t say anything bad about Taylor or said he wasn’t heartbroken here, he just refused to asnwer the question.

  10. Syvlia says:

    I saw a free screening of this last night and I have NO idea how he got top billing?????? He was the least interesting (and most pointless) of like 20 characters. Sam Jackson and John C. Reily were the actual stars of the movie with some of the soldiers. Hiddlesdumb and Brie had like 4 lines each.

    Anyway, it was a pretty fun movie.

    • milibili says:

      just like oacar winner brie also got top billing. and no sam wasn’t a star. he was meh like his so many same old same character. nothing refreshing about him. john was good and balanced. but he was no star either. cause the real star is kong. nobody cares what humen do when a giant ape is around. it is all about kong.

      • Syvlia says:

        Ok but I was talking about the actors. Sam and John were the only important human characters. Everyone else was just filler, especially Tom, yet he was the first credited. That is the point I was making.

    • seesittellsit says:

      Odd you should say that – it was my first reaction when that first stupid trailer came out: Hiddles didn’t utter a word. Like, is he the hero or the human sacrifice or the romantic lead or just scenery?!

      • Syvlia says:

        He is…..none of those things? Like I can not come up with a single reason his character was included.

      • Lightpurple says:

        The only point for any characters is to be awed by, frightened of, and smashed by whatever monsters are in the film. It’s a King Kong movie. It is all about Kong.

      • sura says:

        Lol is this a new talking point for Hiddles fans? “It’s ok if he didn’t do anything that’s the point anyway!”

        No, I also saw a screening of this. Samuel Jackson was great. Sure he was his usual self but he actually brought the drama and conflict. John was the best, and was sympathetic and smart and hilarious. The army guys or whoever were also really good and brought humor to the story. Brie didn’t really do anything except smile and look confused and click pictures but I get why her character was included. Hiddleston brought literally nothing to the table.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        @ Lightpurple. I want “It’s All About Kong” on a T-shirt.

    • Lightpurple says:

      @Sura, I speak for me and only for me. I do not spout “talking points for fans,” nor did I say what you are claiming. My view is that the monsters are always the stars of monster movies; the people are interchangeable for the most part. Sylvia thought he didn’t need to be there, that’s her view after seeing it and she’s entitled to her interpretation. I don’t think the majority of people going to see Kong will do so because of any of the actors. They’re there for Kong. Nobody went to see Godzilla for Aaron Johnson or Jurassic World for Chris Pratt.

      • Uh-huh says:


        I find it curious too. I haven’t seen it, but the reviews I’ve read focus mainly on Reilly and Jackson as being the ‘anchors’ of the film. Of course the real star is Kong and the digital effects, but it’s an interesting observation nonetheless.

      • Tulip says:

        @Lightpurple. I totally went to Jurassic World for Chris Pratt. And although I love king kong, I will still be going because Hiddleston is in it(which is why I’m sad to hear that his role is pretty minor).

        I will be eating more snacks at the snack bar as a result and be thankful that the test of the cast is amazing.

  11. zzz says:

    Him attending Ed Sheeran’s private concert and acting like bff with him did not help living down the rumor either.

    • Uh-huh says:

      Him and his PR appear to be spectacularly clueless at this point. That’s all I’ve got.

  12. seesittellsit says:

    Larson looks absolutely fecking gorgeous in that dress. For once, nothing is “off”. And what I really like about Hiddles’ ensemble is the robin’s egg blue shirt. But I do wish he’d stop the legs akimbo power pose – it’s so . . . pose-y.

  13. slowsnow says:

    I am fascinated his Eton-coating of the boring things he says. Truly, I am almost glad I watched that clip.

  14. Leah says:

    “My private life is private” … Major eye roll.
    He must think the public is dumb.

  15. spidey says:

    I think Brie looks wonderful in that dress and the rest. Best I have seen her.

  16. justme says:

    Well at least this morning on Heart radio, Tom was asked directly if he was single and he said he absolutely is. So the few remaining HS shippers have given up. I think the Taylor stuff will die down in the near future. The media had to get it out of its system. And both he and Brie looked fantastic last night. I love the tie!

    • Becky says:

      Well thank god he was clear about it, but some of these shippers are delusional. They’ll say he said that to keep it private or something.

      • justme says:

        Actually so far the biggest shippers are agreeing that the good ship Hiddleswift has joined the Titanic at the bottom. He was very emphatic about not only being single but available. No ambiguity (how’d they get him to keep it to only a few words? LOL)

  17. Bee says:

    You can see his mind ticking for a way to shut down the question. He managed to do that without being obnoxious, and not really answering the question either. So all in all, not a bad result.

    More importantly though, Brie’s red dress is great. I like everything about it, except the hem which looks a bit stiff and thus doesn’t quite fall perfectly.

  18. Chloe says:

    I see Brie brought her fiancé along. So people can stop asking hiddleston about her and he can stop being coy about it. Why does he never just shut down those questions I remember he was vague about chastain and Olsen too- I mean especially when the actress in question has a boyfriend, why not just say that?

    • cluedo says:

      Or perhaps he is busy working and met up with her in LA because that is where he works and some people are just overthinking this?

    • theHord says:

      Be vague about *what* questions? I don’t recall anybody asking Tom anything about him and Brie. In fact, I recall Tom’s words concerning her indicated Brie was pretty much regarded as one of the guys with the rest of the KSI group.

      And vague about Chastain and Olsen? What?…

  19. Andrea says:

    Tom is one of those awkward people who became famous. I am inherently drawn mostly to shy awkward types and most women are turned off by them and want a stereotypical man’s man. Most women I know have always been blah about my boyfriend’s. I get why some women react to him like they do. He comes across as a try hard but really, he just wants to be accepted and liked.

  20. Guest says:

    Did anyone watch his interview with Josh? That one was watchable. Adorable.