Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s bank accounts drained by IRS

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are “broke,” relatively speaking. They’re deep in debt and owe hundreds of thousands to creditors including credit card companies, the State of California and the IRS. Judging from Tori’s Instagram and the news we hear about them, they haven’t downsized their lifestyle at all, which is how they got into this mess in the first place. Unless Tori gets significant help from her mom, the very wealthy Candy Spelling, and/or sells her stuff and stops shopping, they’re just going to keep repeating this cycle. Money was likely motivating Tori to have her latest baby, Beau Dean, as Candy doesn’t like to pay for Tori’s stuff but will make sure her grandbabies are supported. Plus Tori is relying on renewed public interest in her with this fifth child. Anyway at least one of Tori’s creditors has been paid. Apparently the IRS drained her and Dean’s bank accounts for back taxes. Page Six had this story:

Page Six has learned that the IRS has emptied bank accounts belonging to late TV mogul Aaron Spelling’s daughter Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott.

In July 2016, it was reported that the couple — who had their fifth child in March — were slammed with a federal tax lien for $707,487.30 in unpaid federal taxes for their 2014 bill alone.

Meanwhile, Page Six reported that McDermott’s ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, is threatening him with jail over unpaid child support for their 18-year-old son, Jack. During a court hearing over the child support in March, McDermott told a judge that he had “fallen on hard times.”

And their struggles don’t stop there. In November 2016, “Entertainment Tonight” reported that the couple were also being sued by American Express over an unpaid credit-card balance of $87,595.55 and had been sued by the same company earlier in the year over a $37,981.97 bill.

[From Page Six]

Page Six goes on to remind us that Tori wanted another reality show, of course, “that would frame her as a Martha Stewart-like domestic goddess.” I’m sure she would plug a bunch of products and services on it if she was lucky enough to land one. I am not familiar with the circumstances required for the IRS to get access to bank accounts (knock wood) but it’s called a levy and they can also garnish wages and seize property including cars, real estate, etc. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for her to stop spending, but I doubt it.

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  1. Christin says:

    They mean business, no matter what sob story she has. They could force sale of her hoarded designer goods.

    • HeidiM says:

      It needs to happen. I just don’t understand how they could owe so much in taxes, if they don’t “make” any money? Where is the income coming from?

      • Christin says:

        Looks like she did that brief series with Jennie G in 2014. She and Dean also had a reality show that year, and Dean was on Chopped (Canada).

        My guess is that was a high income year for them, and now taxes they should have paid, plus penalties and interest have resulted in a big bill.

      • KB says:

        The figures are probably very inflated because they’ve gone unpaid for so long.

      • Lucy2 says:

        Even inflated with penalties, owing $700,000 for one year alone shows they do, or did, have income, and more than most of us will ever see. Crying poor has kept them in the tabloids and let him not pay his ex. At what point will he be arrested for non-payment of support?

  2. Char says:

    I’ve always thought Tori’s relationship with her mom was strange & her Dad leaving her so little money was strange; however, it was Aaron’s & now Candi’s money to spend how they like and I hope Candi is smarter than to flat out give Tori money. If she feels inclined to help her daughter (& more likely, her grandkids), I would hope she has her accountant paying whatever bills she feels like helping Tori & Dean with & not actually giving them the money to pay the bills themselves. That is the only way I see any bills actually getting paid & Tori not just spending it however she wants.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      The way Tori spends money I’m sure she would have blown through a larger inheritance at the same rate. I think Candy knows well enough to not leave any money directly to Tori. The money will probably be in a trust for the kids and a responsible person will have to look over everything before signing off on releasing any money, even to the kids. Tori would probably manipulate them into giving her cash.

      • Char says:

        Yes, I definitely agree Tori would have already blown through any inheritance she received, but if you believe Tori (which I know is questionable) her Dad left her & her brother the same amount ($850,000??) because he had no concept of how much he was really worth & he thought the amount he left them was a lot of money/plenty to get them through the rest of their lives. The only reason I think the story is at all plausible is because I do believe he left her brother the same amount as Tori, which was small compared to Aaron’s actual net worth. Either way, I actually don’t care how much he left her & I don’t have any problem with Aaron or Candi spending their own money how they want. I do think they set her up for failure, to the extent that they gave her an exceedingly lavish childhood & apparently didn’t prepare her for adulthood. But I also don’t have sympathy for her at this point. She has had plenty of time to learn to live within her means & yet she refuses to. In fact, I believe she has said something to the affect that her Dad would want her to continue living the way that she is accustomed too, which is ridiculous.

      • greenmonster says:

        @Char: I totally agree. The Spellings set Tori up for failure. BUT she refuses to learn. Everything was handed to her – everything, even her damn acting career. She has been raised as an entitled rich brat and she still won’t accept that this live is over.
        I don’t think she even wants to be an actress at this point, she wants to be famous and spend a lot of money. She would love to be a Kardashian!

        And those poor kids: they always look miserable or have a forced smile on their faces. I really hope they do well in school and try to achieve more than their stupid parents.

    • swak says:

      Candy pays for the kiddos private school, so pretty sure that is going directly to the school and not through Tori.

    • Millie says:

      Aaron also didn’t leave her brother that much money either and he manages to live a quiet life away from LA and Hollywood. He certified himself as a personal trainer and supports his children and his wife without feeling entitled like Tori. I don’t even think Candy gives him money for his children like she does Tori.

      • KB says:

        I think he’s a life coach, not a personal trainer

      • greenmonster says:

        Even though her brother has been on some Spelling productions as well, maybe he never really wanted an acting career or wanted to be famous (esp. for being a spoiled brat). The brother might actually wanted a career for himself and he found that as personal trainer.

        Tori is just a whole lot dumber than her brother and without any actual ambition. And maybe she thinks that life is just like one of her fathers TV shows from the 70’s or 80′. Rich and beautiful people struggle a bit, but it all ends well. Hey, people could always solve their problems when they checked in at the St. Gregory’s. This might be her Hotel California. She checked in as a kid, but she could never leave.

    • Teebee says:

      FWIW, if someone passes away often the entire estate is left to the surviving spouse. That’s my parents wishes. And when both have passed on the bulk of their estate is going to their grandchildren. So, even though Aaron Spelling’s estate was so large, it shouldn’t surprise people that he left most of it to his wife, and made token provisions to his grown children.

      My parents have expressed very specifically that I and my brother are responsible for our lives financially, though they have been very generous all their lives in so many other ways.

      I suspect that Aaron was driven by both practicality, to pass along his estate to his wife, who will then make her own decisions upon her passing, and also knew not to overindulge his children, especially his daughter and her new, but not trustworthy, husband. I applaud him for not being careless with his assets, though I think if he had made significant bequests to worthy charitable causes as well, people might not be so opinionated about this issue today.

      And I also admire Candy for not enabling her irresponsible daughter beyond providing for her grandchildren. She owes nothing to Tori, even upon her death, unless she feels strongly that her children deserve an inheritance, I do hope she places most of her estate in trust to those grandkids. Or divvies it up to family and other worthy causes.

  3. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    They both should be ashamed of themselves for letting it get this far.

    Honestly, I think there is something more going on than her just being a delusional spoiled brat; she is a forty-year-old woman with 5 kids to feed. Her skivy husband is no better; he either spends as much as she does or he enables her by letting her get away with this. Where are they getting the money/credit to buy anything if they are in debt to the point where the government steps in? It takes a long time for something like that to happen.

    Just to play psychiatrist from afar, maybe she has a compulsion to spend as if she is a Greek shipping heiress who plays polo all day because she is still grieving her father and her spending like she is a way of coping.

    • swak says:

      My daughter and her husband just went through a Dave Ramsey class (9 weeks) that teaches you how to handle money. But you have to be willing to say the word NO and really look at your spending habits. It is helping them.

  4. Beth says:

    So irresponsible to spend so much when they’re so much in debt that the grandmother has to pay for the kids. Stop having babies you can’t afford!

    • Shirleygail says:

      Too late for that…..the babies are here already…….

    • imqrious2 says:

      I just read an article where she’s saying she wouldn’t mind having a 6th kid! It is truly mind-boggling! She *must* be thinking that as long as Mommy Dearest is paying the bills (she pays for the rent on the homes Tori refuses to downsize in real terms, the kids schools, groceries, nannies, etc), so what’s to worry? I’m sure she feels that Candy will probably take care of the tax bills eventually, too.

      And didn’t Wesley Snipes go to jail over this??

  5. QQ says:

    About effing time if you ask me

    • Christin says:

      Yep, and the tax folks play hardball.

      I remember a couple of celebrity auctions in the 1980s-90s due to tax problems, where paintings and dolls were being sold to the highest bidder. Dottie West was one example. Her duet partner (Kenny Rogers) bought her a car, because she lost basically all her possessions.

  6. S says:

    This entire family is seriously screwed up. Talentless, lazy grifters sadly almost certainly raising another generation of same. Due to their D-list “fame” and sizable family fortune I’m not even slightly worried they’ll actually suffer for their irresponsible actions, but wonder what will happen to their kids, and their kids after that … The only family member that ever actually worked, Aaron, is long gone, and no matter how vast his accumulation of wealth, that money won’t last forever.

    And can we talk about what Tori has done to her face? Yikes. They’re clearly still finding the money for (terrible) plastic surgery somewhere. Just another symptom of total lack of judgement: like, 5 children and no money; putting their entire life, including their kids, on reality TV blast, etc. A cascading list of bad decisions that make the Real Housewives look sane, lucid and reasoned in comparison.

    • Chaine says:

      Both of their worst decisions were to leave their respective spouses for each other. That is what cause Aaron Spelling to cut Tori’s share to so little in his will, and that is also what has led to Dean’s ex hounding him for child support forever and ever. And Dean went from being a passably handsome TV movie leading man to a grotesquely prematurely aged reality TV sad sack.

    • Chetta B. says:

      LOL I was going to say the same thing about her surgeries. Her face has been way overdone at this point and now she’s old enough for fillers, too many fillers. Ugh. Expect to see a People cover soon, ugh. I stopped buying People when they published “Poor Tom and his lonely life” or some such bs, sympathizing with Tom Cruise. And their coverage of all things Duggar turns my stomach. Anyway, as QQ said, about effing time! 😉

    • holly hobby says:

      I can tell you what will happen to those children and their children. They will end up like the Vanderbilts (Not Gloria and Anderson Cooper which if you compare to the early Vanderbilt generation at the Gilded Age, are practically “middle class”). The fortune was squandered and many of the offspring are now regular joes – if they are industrious.

      • Christin says:

        Good example. The son who built the NC mega-mansion (still the largest private residence in the US) spent money like water. The house and a chunk of the land remains in the family, and they run it as a business.

  7. Jenns says:

    In my profession, I’ve dealt with a lot of levies. And I can tell you this–never, ever, ignore the IRS. Because they will drain your bank accounts and put a huge levy on your wages.

    As for Tori and Dean, I was thinking how this story is a prime example of being white and privileged . Imagine how the press would treat these two if they were black. Fox News would have a field day.

    • MrsBadBob says:

      My uncle screwed up with the IRS and they came after my aunt’s inheritance from her father even though she had divorced my uncle because he had embezzled massive amounts of money from her father’s estate! The IRS just wants the cash and they will take it from anywhere they can get it.

  8. Rianic says:

    The IRS will send several letters before they do this. I know! We had an accountant make an error one year that cost us $25,000 (now straightened out and refunded).

    Anyway, you get letters that you must pick up at the post office and sign for. They don’t do it without warning.

    • Syko says:

      Yes. I owed them $3K, due to an error (maybe) by my ex-husband, he prepared the taxes and I, who was a SAHM at the time, signed them, to my everlasting regret, because after spending some 8 years trying to run that slimy ba***rd down, they found me, and I was responsible. The IRS notifies you by certified mail. They will work with you. You just have to call them and talk to them, and they’ll set up payments that you can handle. The payment agreement kicks itself out of the system from time to time, and you’ll get the dreaded certified letters again, and you have to call again and make arrangements again. It took me YEARS to pay it off, due to their atrocious penalties and interest, but I got it paid, although I paid back more than ten times the original debt. Nobody ever seized my bank accounts, property or salary. They will work with you. At one point I lost my job, and called to beg them to let me skip a month of payments, and they not only let me skip three months, but lowered the payments from $200 a month to $50 a month. It took longer to pay off, but you can usually always find $50 to spare, you can’t always find $200. So the only way the IRS would have seized their bank account is if they ignored the certified letters and made no attempt to pay the amount due. Which sounds about like them.

      I don’t get these people. Why do they keep living like they do, if they have no money. I don’t get the impression that he does anything but inseminate her much too often, and she can’t be making much out of her career. I don’t understand people who live beyond their means at all.

      • cr says:

        My friend ended up owing back taxes after a screw up from his former employer. The IRS worked with him. So yeah, I have no sympathy for Tori and Dean, to have this happen they’ve had to ignore all warnings and not worked with them on payment plans.

      • Carmen says:

        Ten years ago the IRS sent me a letter saying I owed $12,000 on my tax return. I almost collapsed. I called my financial planner and he recommended a man who does his taxes. The guy turned out to be a genius. He went through my return and found that the people who prepared my original return omitted to file a capital gains and losses sheet that made all the difference. Not only did I not owe IRS a cent, THEY owed ME $1,200. He filed an amended return for me and guess what? IRS paid up!

      • MrsBadBob says:

        Never, ever take the IRS’ word for it, get tax advice from a professional, or find a tax attorney. The IRS is not your friend, and extortion is extortion.

  9. Moneypenny says:

    I can’t with these two. I could understand finding yourself in this situation once, but not repeatedly. Stop spending money you don’t have, stop having kids you can’t afford. I absolutely think they had this poor baby as a cash cow.

  10. jenn12 says:

    Can someone spay/neuter these two, FFS?

  11. jenn12 says:

    Can someone spay/neuter these two, FFS?

    • Suzy from Ont says:

      I remember a while back they were talking about Dean getting a Vasectomy but said they couldn’t afford it, but Dean is Canadian, from Ontario …and a vasectomy is fully covered under Ontario’s health insurance, so it wouldn’t cost anything. They are just full of BS. I feel bad for Dean’s ex and his son with his ex. He and his ex were in the process of adopting when he met Tori and he just walked out and left , so she adopted on her own. It must be hard to see them living such a lavish lifestyle, having kid after kid, when he isn’t even paying the child support he owes for his first son with her. Maybe Candy should tell them she’ll pay for real therapy (not for TV) to try to help them get their spending issues under control. Tori had more than enough chances to have a well paying career. Her father cast her in his popular 90210 show and she did okay. She could have worked steadily as an actress …maybe not great big roles, but enough. Or she could have done something more sustaining with her fame and name, but everything they do is so short term… none of it has any real commitment behind it. Wedding planners? Obviously just for one season or so on camera. Running a B&B…again, just for tv and a reality show. Well pick something and invest some real time in it instead of just doing what’s easy, and pare down your lifestyle. It’s pathetic.

      • Izzy says:

        He should’ve had it while filming Chopped then, because he can’t just head back to Toronto for a quick health visit. If you live abroad permanently, you have to come back and establish residence – it takes three or six months, I don’t recall – before you can reestablish health care benefits.

    • yep says:

      As per Planned Parenthood a vasectomy runs between 0$ and 1000§.
      I don’t know if they have insurance through SAG or something, but I don’t think they can’t afford one.
      Not being able to afford something sisn’t stop them from putting more than 100k$ on their AMEX.

      • MrsBadBob says:

        Yeah it’s total BS, the cost of a vasectomy compared to the cost of this child, even the delivery and prenatal care of this child costs more than a vasectomy. They are irresponsible and gross and I feel sorry for their children, especially his abandoned ones.

  12. Lightpurple says:

    The IRS gives you plenty of notice that they are coming for you. And they will come. And they will take what is owed. As they should.

  13. Nicole says:

    They deserve it and shame on them for bringing yet another kid into their mess. These two are awful and I only feel sorry for their kids (esp Jack)

  14. MaybeTomorrow says:

    The only help I would give if I’m Candy is kids’ education. These 2 idiots need to get real about life, procreation and adulthood.

    • Mia4s says:

      If Candy’s smart her Will has a trust fund for the grandkids administered by a professional to pay school fees and basic necessities only. The rest to charity Candy, you’ll be remembered as a hero.

      I wonder if these two losers will try to get their kids in the business? I’m surprised they haven’t already. Too proud to get real jobs to support their own kids. Gross.

      • holly hobby says:

        I’m probably going to go straight to H— for saying this but those kids are not telegenic so even if she tried, they won’t make it anywhere in Hollywood. She only became a name because her dad had the power to make it so. She has no influence to push that agenda.

      • Mia4s says:

        Eh, if you’re going straight there I’m going with you because I agree. I don’t want to be cruel so I’ll just say, those are definitely some…kids.

        Her career was never going to thrive. If your family connections get you in to showbiz you have to be either talented or super attractive to stay in the game. She’s neither.

        As for the freeloader husband he was in various Canadian shows I can recall. Not bad but no charisma or star quality. Looks like he worked as an actor in some B grade stuff this year and last so mooching off his mother in law is even grosser. He needs to get a side gig like all struggling actors. What is he waiting for, Marvel or Lucasfilm to call? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  15. Katydid20 says:

    Never mess with the government or IRS. They will get their money any way they can.

    Here’s hoping this wakes those two up, but with Candy helping I doubt it will.

    • paddyjr says:

      Exactly! I always remember that it was tax evasion that brought down Al Capone. As has been mentioned several times, the IRS gives you a lot of notice and will work with you. They just want their money.

      The “my mean mommy won’t give me more of daddy’s money” routine is getting old. An inheritance is at the sole discretion of the deceased; it is not something “owed” to a child or any other beneficiary. It is not unusual for one spouse to leave the majority of the estate to the surviving spouse with smaller (relatively) bequests for the children; when the surviving spouse dies, the remainder of the estate then usually passes to the children. I think the Spellings could have done better in preparing their children for life, but I also think Aaron was trying to set them up for independent success by giving them roles in his shows (assuming that they could live on royalties and/or those parts would lead to other roles).

      Regardless, Aaron has been gone for more than 10 years. Tori and Dean need to meet with a financial planner and get their affairs in order. I can’t imagine what this chaos is doing to their children.

  16. minx says:

    They had that much in a bank account?
    No sympathy from me. And why do they think having a fifth baby is going to earn them money? Nobody cares.

    • Moneypenny says:

      A deluded sense of importance, no doubt.

      This behavior makes it pretty clear to me why Aaron left her so little.

    • Izzy says:

      Doubt they had that much, but the IRS took whatever they had to cover the lien.

    • Tia says:

      My understanding is that they effectively get child support for each kid. I’m not sure if it’s discretionary from Candy or an actual formal trust set up by Aaron Spelling but they get a lot more than just school fees. Also, that might be why they rent houses – the trust may pay the children’s living expenses including the roof over their heads and of course the parents get to live there too.

  17. Anon55 says:

    It always makes me scratch my head (and infuriates me) when people have another kid “for the money.” Obviously don’t know what Tori’s paycheck situation is with her mom, but the paycheck would have to be > the cost of raising the child to be profitable (unless they just flat-out take the $ without much actually being applied to their child).

    My very clever (sarcasm!) brother and sis in law actively factor in their govt child support checks into their budget (like…for ski trips they can’t afford). SIL is expecting #6 any day now. It infuriates me and I want to yell at them that the cost of raising a child is far greater than the subsidy they get from the govt. The math is not in their favor. Grrr…

    ETA: Lol…just want to clarify that the grubby grifters mentioned above are all on my husband’s side, not mine!

    • Tia says:

      I always figured it’s a standard gold digger system where the child support pays for housing / cars etc. for them until the youngest is 18. It would explain why she keeps having kids – to stretch the payday as far into the future as possible.

  18. original kay says:


  19. trollontheloose says:

    I think her dad just knew her taste for everything and anything. I don’t know if he ever handed her some money or just bought what she wanted. We’re talking about a woman who had her whole wardrobe in a computer. A whole wing of the house was for her and her dolls another for the clothes. So I think her late father let the matter at the discretion of his wife. way smart and maybe many extra wealthy parents did/do the same on their wills.

  20. Giddy says:

    A number of years ago this happened in my neighborhood and it was just awful. A couple that was not well liked had evidently really cheated the IRS. A moving van pulled up and men began emptying the house. The cars were driven away. The wife began screaming when the agents took all her jewelry, and the police were called. The couple finally left in a taxi and the wife was sobbing. A For Sale sign went up within a month. I don’t know where the people went, but I did hear that all their possessions were auctioned off, and that those IRS auctions were great places to get bargains. But don’t ever mess with the IRS. If you’re lucky they’ll leave you the clothes on your back. I feel sure that no one who witnessed all that ever tried to get away with fudging their taxes. It was terrifying, and maybe that was the point.

    • Baylor says:

      I hope this happens to them. The Kids can go live with grandma. Tori and Dean should be a left on the street.

    • holly hobby says:

      They did that to Willie Nelson (anyone remember the IRS records? He made a few records to pay off his taxes). They came down to estate and took anything of value – even the rings off his fingers.

      Yup IRS means serious business.

  21. mellie says:

    When I think how hard my husband and I have scrimped and saved over the years so our kids wouldn’t have to have huge student loan debt and so we could comfortably retire (and by that I mean, live frugally, a little bit of travel, no debt, maybe work part time and use our retirement savings as needed). Then you see this baby factory of a mom and sweaty looking dad living like millionaires, when they clearly are not, it just p!sses me off to no end. Those poor kids, exploited and dragged to every opening of this or that and told to smile and act perfect…the poor things probably just want to be outside running and playing like normal little kids. It’s just sad and disgusting. I hope the parents end up in jail for tax evasion and the kids end up with their grandma and out of the spotlight. And honestly, how could she even show her face? I bounced a check when I was in college and my dad made me go to the store and “make it right” and I was mortified! I didn’t go back into that store for years after.

    • Christin says:

      I cannot muster sympathy for these two. They’ve already made more income than many see in a lifetime.

      There are some people who think someone will bail them out, or just don’t believe obligations such as income or property taxes apply to them. I would not be able to sleep at night if I repeatedly ignored tax notices.

  22. PettyRiperton says:

    They are rich people broke, not poor people broke. So this entitled pricks deserve what they get.

  23. Josephine says:

    If her Mom gives her anything at this point, I hope it’s money to pay for counseling (financial and psychological). The kids never seem all that happy, and these family photos always seem forced and leave me feeling a bit morose. I’m sure she thinks that her kids want a certain lifestyle, but my guess is that they would be perfectly happy with an average lifestyle and happy, healthy parents. But neither of the adults seem capable of providing that.

  24. Hope says:

    I read her latest People story introducing the baby and she’s already saying she wants baby #6 because this last pregnancy was so easy for her.

  25. Cupcake says:

    I always enjoy a good Tori and Dean post! If I was in that kind of debt there’s no way I would be smiling like they are in those pics.

  26. OTHER RENEE says:

    Who keeps giving these people credit cards?

    • MrsBadBob says:

      I wondered about that too. What company sues them for $40k one month and lefts them runup $80k more in debt after a legal battle? That makes no sense.

  27. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t paid attention to them for a long time, but what in the hell happened to them? They look like a glorified WalMart-roving family (my apologies to anyone who shops at WalMart).

  28. courtney says:

    actually her brother Randy is responsible and doesn’t over spend

  29. Sassback says:

    I don’t like to be a body shamer, particularly for children, but I see this alot in the upper class area where I have nannied-very very thin mom with botox and their kids have some weight issues. Could be genetic, the kids could be healthy and just have some baby fat, but it don’t think it’s infrequent for women who have food issues like Tori to pass on food issues to their kids. This is just a snap judgment from seeing pics of her with the kids, but I wonder if that is at play here?

    • WTW says:

      That’s interesting, Sassback. It’s hard to tell in this case because it looks like the kids take so much after Dean, and there may be weight issues on his side of the family. I’ve also noticed that Kelly Ripa’s daughter is just a teen but noticeably bigger than her rail-thin mother. I was the opposite. Raised by two overweight, then obese parents, but never had any weight issues my entire childhood and adolescence. Tori has literally said she’s starved to lose her baby weight. I would imagine her kids notice that.

    • Lafawnda says:

      I’m glad you said something b/c I sure was thinking it. She clearly has issues with weight and things like that can definitely be passed on one way or another to the children. Especially, if they are hyper aware of her issues and I have a feeling she doesn’t do anything to hide it. She comes across as the type to use it for attention. I LOVED them when they had their first reality shows. I thought they were to so funny and cute together. Those days are long gone for me.

      • TeresaMaria says:

        The first season of their reality show was actually quite good. But after a while it became more and more clear that something is seriously wrong with their way of thinking and operating and I lost interest

      • Pinetree13 says:

        Yeah I didn’t want to be the first to point it out but yeah the oldest two are definitely over weight for their age. I think it’s unfair when adults let their kids become obese…it’s choosing a harder life for them.

    • Canadian Becks says:

      Hattie, the youngest girl, in particular, has gained a lot of weight. Stella was already heading that way, but Hattie has really ballooned.

      I suspect it’s 1) relying on electronic babysitters such as the TV, iPad, videos to keep the kids out of your hair, and 2) not wanting to cook from whole foods, so over-relying on processed meals, takeouts, and restaurants for most meals.

      We know now that young children NEED to run, jump, climb. They actually require @ 2 hours of fairly high activity daily. The sedentary lifestyle plus the easy access to fatty, salty, processed foods are a really terrible one-two punch.

      Kids are kind of helpless in these situations….if the parents don’t bring those things into the house, they wouldn’t have access to them.

    • MrsBadBob says:

      To be fair, weight issues are a huge issue for children across all social classes in our society, and I doubt Tori is teaching her children healthy habits or feeding them healthy foods because she is far too busy navel-gazing.

  30. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I can’t believe I am saying this, the kartrashians are way above these two.

    • mellie says:

      At least they are spending money that they actually have in an account!

    • minx says:

      Agree, and I can’t believe I’m saying that either. The K’s look completely sober and responsible next to these people–at least they “work” and don’t have kids they can’t afford.

  31. Rhiley says:

    You know you are out of control when you make LeAnne and Eddie look like a responsible couple…

  32. Sassy says:

    the look on the little boy’s face says it all.

  33. Spike says:

    It is refreshing to see how her brother Randy saw it as an opportunity to simply his life. (Oprah interview).

    He lives in Oregon with his wife & daughters. He avoided the spotlight. No drama. He appreciated his childhood. There is no bitterness about the will. He accepted the reality & worked to get the life he wanted. Tory should learn from him…

    • Char says:

      Thanks, that is what I thought; Aaron left Randy & Tori the same amount & it was very small, considering how much he was worth. But obviously Randy was smarter then his sister & learned to adapt.

      • Carol says:

        It was also telling that Candy was asked about Christmas for the grandkids and replied that Randy puts strict limits on what she can get his kids. Tori, on the other hand . . .

  34. Sansa says:

    When credit card debt goes into a default, as previously reported with these two nut jobs, especially anyone with access to a lawyer with probably settle the debt. The entire amount of the settlement is considered income, thus you now owe the IRS taxes on your debt. So, For these two we must have had six figures plus. As long as Mommy is there with her checkbook these two will crash and burn on and on.

  35. Izzy says:

    People forget that it was the IRS that finally took down Al Capone. You do NOT mess with the tax man.

  36. spidey says:

    First law of finance – make sure you pay your taxes! And actually, unless you are poor or not very well off at all budgeting is not that difficult. But of course in the UK for the ordinary workers the PAYE system takes your tax out of your salary so it is only extra income that you have to pay the tax on separately. Is there is similar system in the States?

    • spidey says:

      That post disappeared and then came back again. 😲

    • Lucy2 says:

      It depends what you do and how you are paid. I work for a firm, so I have taxes taken out automatically every paycheck. My friend is self employed, so she has to allow for and send payment herself.

  37. Amanda DG says:

    I still find myself rooting for her to get her stuff together, but she has so many issues and doesn’t really commit to resolving or helping any of them.

  38. Lucy2 says:

    I get so annoyed at these two. Her mother pays for the children. Her dad left her $850,000 and earlier gave her a CAREER, including a 10 year stint on a popular show. They both had numerous reality shows, book deals, other opportunities.
    They were never going to be huge stars, but they both could have done just fine for themselves and their family. Instead, this.

  39. Minxx says:

    I feel really bad for their kids. They’re so young but you can already see how tired they look – it’s in the eyes of the older ones. Tori is a narcissist and she’ll never grow up, emotionally, or take any responsibility for her actions. They’ll keep producing kids as long as they can, this way Tori gets the attention she craves and keeps the family circus going. The kids are going to have so many issues – they already look sad and neglected.

  40. Egla says:

    I work for the government so the taxes are taken automatically from my salary. Even the health insurance payment. No problem there as it’s mandatory for everybody who works. My problem is with debts. I wanted to buy a car but the little money I had were not enough for the car I wanted. I thought long and hard and in the end I bought an old car (in good shape at that but still) with the money I had, even had some left lol. I avoid debts like the plague. I even went to the bank and the girl there who knew me said to me under her breath “Don’t do it if you don’t really really need this money. It’s to much to pay in the end. ”

    These two had had all the opportunities in the world; money, a career, extra income, children schools paid by the mother. It just shows how messed up they are. It can be done. Look at the brother. He has had even less and still lives a god life.

  41. Sonia says:

    Whomever told her to hold her head like that, and make her face do that in every picture, wasn’t her friend. Although that being said, maybe that the best she CAN look?

  42. Teddy says:

    Yeah, the kids always look unhappy with forced smiles.