Gwen Stefani’s Easter Sunday church ensemble: inappropriate or fine?

Gwen Stefani Takes Her Kids To Church In LA

Gwen Stefani is a nice Catholic girl. She was raised Catholic, and she’s talked about how her faith is extremely important to her. Most Sundays – when she’s in LA – she often takes her sons to church. Easter Sunday was no different this year. Her bow-tie-clad sons Zuma, Kingston and Apollo all joined their mom at church for Easter.

While I think the boys look adorable and appropriate for church, Gwen’s church ensemble gave me pause. Like, I’m sure people weren’t judging her in church – it is LA, after all – but what’s the general thought on wearing a miniskirt to church? Considering I’ve never been a church-goer, I always feel like going to church is like going to court. You should wear trousers or a skirt down to the knee. You should wear a bra. You should be conservatively dressed in general and probably not pair a flouncy miniskirt with a pair of three-inch Louboutins? Does this look seem conservative? Now, all that being said, she looks nice. She looks like a barely-decorated Easter egg. I think the white tights – OMG! – sort of make the miniskirt look somewhat appropriate.

(I just realized I sound like I’m all “Goody Stefani is showing too much leg, burn her as a witch!” That’s not what I was trying to say. Since I’m not a church-goer, I really don’t know what is considered appropriate for today’s modern church-wear. My interest in this is sartorial and occasion-appropriate, not miniskirt-shaming.)

Also: Gwen was Snapchatting on Easter and she hinted that she had her first bite of chocolate in 40 days, meaning that she probably gave up chocolate for Lent?

Gwen Stefani Takes Her Kids To Church In LA

Gwen Stefani Takes Her Kids To Church In LA

Gwen Stefani Takes Her Kids To Church In LA

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  1. Heather says:

    I saw much less appropriate outfits at mass this year. I’d rather see this ensemble than ripped jeans. At least she put some effort into it.

    • V4Real says:

      She still dresses like she’s 18 instead of 46 but I would too if I had that body.

    • Matomeda says:

      Well I wouldn’t wear that to church. My skirt went to/past the knee. BUT. As I tell my kids, God doesn’t care what you look like; he cares that you showed up.

    • Pinetree13 says:

      Honestly it looks like a fetish outfit when paired with that hair and heels. like she’s playing naughty school girl angel. It’s a weird look anywhere let alone church if you ask me..

  2. Jennifer says:

    I go to a pretty old fashioned Catholic parish and it probably would look out of place, but no one would scold her for that outfit. I’m never that focused on what other people are wearing.

    • Wilma says:

      Over here people talk about everyone, the ladies in the pew before me always gossip about the very conservative ladies who wear a veil to Mass. Damned if you do and such.

      • Matomeda says:

        But Vatican II did away with veils? Or so I’m told- I wasn’t alive for that. But I know what you’re saying- there’s always 1 or 2 with them. Personally I like veils and half my family is Russian orthodox and wear them to mass (there’s a box of them outside if you forget yours), but Catholics don’t wear them now

      • TrustMOnThis says:

        i was just thinking what it needs is a little veil! lol!

  3. catwoman says:

    The miniskirt is OK paired with the tights. Coopting Grandma’s tablecloth when she had just set the table for Easter is not.

    • Rachel says:

      See, I’d actually be okay with an entire doily dress. Lined. With her, I feel the need to state that it would have to be lined. My biggest problem with the ensemble is the white tights. She’s a grown woman dressing like a little girl. Like this is what you’d dress your 4 year old in. My second biggest problem, closely following those tights, is the busted ass wig/extensions(?). I can’t tell which. But it looks like cheap Barbie hair.

      • Moneypenny says:

        Exactly. White tights are for children and ballerinas. They kill this outfit.

      • Gretchen says:

        Agreed. The white tights are the worst part of this whole ensemble, they look ridiculous on anyone over the age of about 10.

  4. pru says:

    Maybe it’s the tights? But it’s too little girlish for a grown ass woman.

    • Chrissy says:

      Those tights remind me of support hose.

    • Veronica says:

      I can see why she wore them given the length of the dress. White tights are just hard to pull off in general. Something that’s better relegated to children, unfortunately, though I appreciate her dedication to looking Extra all the time.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        I don’t like the outfit, but I think it is fine – without the tights, it would definitely not be okay, but it is fine. She’s not flashing tons of skin. Does it look uncomfortable and boringly mono-chrome, yes.

    • ctgirl says:

      Too short, too see through and too young for anyone over 25.

      • SM says:

        My impression exactly. I do not go to church since I am jewish amd maybe it os ok, however when I am for my husband’s family I try to remain respectful so I would not wear that to church. And this is not okay in any case since she is dressed like a teenage girl (notice the school girl hair also) and she is a mother of 3. I have one son and I would not like to blend in with girls in his kindergarden group

    • mar_time says:

      I hate the black shoes but if she had paired them with black opaque tights, it would’ve been a bit better right? If the skirt was longer, there wouldn’t be a need for tights but overall she’s covered and most importantly goes to church regularly so…that’s more than I can say about myself

      • Kosmos says:

        I’d also go for black opaque tights along with the black shoes, or even keep the white tights, but definitely a longer skirt. Personally, she’s dressed too young for her age, but add on some inches to the skirt and she’d look fine. I don’t like going somewhere drawing so much attention to my attire, especially a church setting, no. The rest of her clothing and hair look fine.

    • Pandy says:

      Each piece is wrong for a 46 year old woman. And I’m someone who likes to dress “youthfully”.

  5. teacakes says:

    Honestly, I think she looks all right – as you said, her legs are covered by opaque tights even if her outfit is rather costumey (i.e. very ‘Gwen’).

    Tights have saved my bacon from quite a few too-short skirts in my day so I’m on Gwen’s side here.

    • Jennifer says:

      Right. Without the tights? Eh. But I’m sure she knows what is expected at her parish.

  6. Shambles says:

    The dress and the tights clash– the colors are too starkly different. And the shoes are so wrong for the outfit

    • smee says:

      thankgawd someone else sees this – creamy white on blue-ish white.

    • justcrimmles says:

      Yup, black shoes with white tights screams Moonwalk.

    • Angel says:

      Thank you…the real ‘crime’ is that her whites don’t match, and the shoes don’t work with the outfit.

    • WTW says:

      @Shambles, I agree that the shoes definitely didn’t match, and I couldn’t pinpoint why the tights bothered me too, but it probably is the different whites.
      That said, I don’t know where most of the commenters are from, but in L.A., I don’t think this outfit would turn many heads. I go to Catholic church a couple of times of year and Protestant church more regularly. She could probably get away with this outfit in both kinds of churches. The main church I go to is “come as you are,” meaning there are some people who are really casual, and others who have on their finest Sunday hat and outfit for Easter. I have dressed on both ends of the spectrum, and I know church leaders are highly aware that they shouldn’t criticize people for looking different–whether someone has purple hair, head-to-toe tattoos or whatever. Pastoral teams know they should be welcoming because so many people feel like they’ll be judged for being who they are in church.

  7. mishka says:

    She looks try-hard. NOT 18 anymore. Boo hoo

  8. Anon says:

    The part that’s bugging me is the black shoes.

  9. Alleycat says:

    What church is she even going to where there’s just paps standing right next to her car or fans taking pictures of her on the street? I don’t think it would even register if I saw her walk by me. I’d be curious to know how often celebrities call paps to take the casual shots

    • Chloeee says:

      I am almost positive that’s St Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood. It’s pretty much on a mainstreet and parking is a bitch. Not hard to get pap shots there

      • Gabby says:

        Yes Chloeee,
        It is St Charles Borromeo – my local church.
        The paps know she goes to the 10am mass and will show up automatically almost every week.
        It’s extremely frustrating for people just trying to go to church since sometimes they’ll stop their cars in the middle of the street just to get a photo.

  10. Arock says:

    It’s not a matter of appropriateness, it a matter of fuggly. Those tights and shoes look ridiculous.

  11. trtgfc17 says:

    Umm that skirt is too short and the heels are too high. The last time I wore a skirt like that was when I was 18 going to the club. Gwen has unique style and she could’ve done better than this. I would’ve been okay with the heels if they weren’t with that miniskirt. Maybe it’s okay with Catholic people, I don’t know. I was raised in Baptist churches.

  12. MissMerry says:

    white tights?

    you’re a woman, not a child.

    IDK man, I’m all for dressing how you like, but I don’t get how she wears this sh*t and doesn’t feel foolish.

  13. TJ says:

    It’s fine, whatever she’s into. God loves all!

  14. Lipreng says:

    Wow..that child is a spitting image of his dad.

  15. cindyp says:

    I can believe my eyes here; commenters actually like this look & think it’s church appropriate????She looks ridiculous; she is way too old to be dressing like this, no matter what the occasion.

    • MoreSalt says:

      +1 this is terrible. As others have said, the tights plus the hair are way too schoolgirl-fetish with those shoes and miniskirt.

  16. Scal says:

    My take on it would be the same as at my church-you’re there. You’re making the effort to be there. I could not care less what you are wearing unless you’re 100% naked. I’m not going to shame some teenager or pop star when they’ve made the effort to actually come to church and be present. That’s what matters.

    From a fashion standpoint-ugh the shoes.

  17. Chell says:

    I personally think that it the problem is never solely the outfit, but rather also the venue it’s being worn to. Do I have a problem with what she’s wearing? No. Do I think she should be wearing it to church? Also no. There are just certain things that should and should not be worn to certain places. I also don’t believe what she’s wearing should be worn to a mosque or a synagogue. It’s a matter of appropriateness to the situation, not slut-shaming.

    • Naddie says:

      Word on. It’s a church, of a religion that preaches modesty. I’m all about “my body, my rules”, but if you are in a temple or something, you gotta submit to theirs.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        To be fair, the bible and other religious books (as well as religious groups) also preach female obedience to males, not getting an abortion, premarital abstinence, abstinence from certain foods and beverages, and sometimes even abstinence from oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation, marrying only people who share your faith, not getting a divorce, not getting tattoos, and a whole host of other things that not every individual Christian or Muslim chooses to follow today. There are some religious people (some of them even progressives) who believe in the god or in Jesus and but who also choose to take a more pragmatic look at religion and scripture than conservatives- meaning that they keep in mind that these religious books were also written a very long time ago, by many different males with different opinions, characters, and prejudices, in a time where stances on things like sex, gender roles, women, consent, male accountability, marriage, laws, people of other religious beliefs and nationalities, the body, violence, and other issues were a bit more strict, brutal, and patriarchal than they are now. (or then again, maybe not!)
        I think that as long as Gwen’s church has no written, non-sexist rules about clothing, what she wore is fine.

  18. GreenBunny says:

    I don’t go to church, so if I ever did, I would probably also dress like I was going to court. So I can’t say anything on the appropriateness, since I have no idea. That being said, what gives me pause is the tights and shoes along with that hairstyle and barrette make me think she’s styling herself as a 15 year old girl and not the 40 something woman she is. It’s jarring and does not work at all.

  19. Anatha says:

    I’m not even from a conservative area or family, but when you go to church you are dressed in a modest way, especially on Easter. Cover your shoulders, skirt/trousers long enough to cover your knees, as an adult not too colourful or metallic. No one would scoff at you or say a word, if you don’t follow this rules, but it is still a place of worship and not a party.

  20. Beth says:

    I’ve seen worse at church. This is not something I would ever wear, but I’m not a famous person known to always dress this way

  21. Joannie says:

    And people are saying Kate looks bad? This is ridiculous!

  22. Luca76 says:

    Haha one time Mariah Carey went to a church in Harlem and according to some in the parish her cleavage was to her ankles. I think Gwens outfit is silly but it could have been much worse.

  23. Malificent says:

    I’m not going to go all fire and brimstone on this. I live in Colorado, where people wear their best fleece and Tevas to church on Easter Sunday. The tights keep it appropriate.

    However, whether a grown woman should be dressed like a 10 yr old for Easter is entirely another conversation….

  24. Sirius says:

    The outfit has sexual undertones of an underage catholic school girl, complete with the short skirt and white tights. It’s ridiculous and very provocative for the occasion, but she loves the attention. I am sure the men in the church got it.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      Agreed entirely. All I saw were the sexual innuendos of the combination of black heels + short skirt + white tights. It’s totally provocative schoolgirl/vixen and IMO entirely inappropriate for church. It’s not like she can’t afford to buy clothes to look classy and sexy while covering up but instead she chooses this awkward combination of tights meant for a 4 year old with heals meant for a street walker and a busted a** wig to boot. Not cute.

  25. Giddy says:

    I think her outfit had exactly the effect she wanted…lots of pictures and she’s being talked about today. She’s s star and expected to wear attention getting outfits. But she made sure that her boys were appropriate and they look darling.

  26. Shannon says:

    I think it depends on the church. I go to one where the pastor is very fashion forward himself and he’d probably love it. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt, and it’s pretty liberal in that sense. But I’ve been to some where the old hens would cluck and frown at that.

  27. The Hench says:

    Ok, recognise I’m off topic here about the church going appropriateness of her outfit (summary – never mind church, the real issue is, as others have posted, mutton dressed as lamb) but WHAT has she done to her face?? I am in similar mourning as I was when I saw what the actress who plays Lorelai in Gilmore Girls had done to hers in the most recent episode. Noooo! Ladies, fillers are not your friend 😢

    • pru says:

      I agree. Gwen would be an attractive woman without the work to her face. This, plus the outfit, just makes her seem youth obsessed. Which is a shame.
      Also, she has enough personal style to put together an outfit that is interesting. This look just makes her seem like she’s looking for attention.

    • Lama Bean says:

      I’m getting Miley Cyrus at age 46 vibes from her face. I can’t unsee it.

  28. Lightpurple says:

    She looks uncomfortable. She’s tugging the skirt down in one picture so she knows it is too short, not just for church. If you’re tugging a short skirt down, it is usually because you’ve realized you’re about to expose bits. Would I be talking about it in church? Probably not; she’s there, that’s what matters. But if people were to talk about it, the issue would probably be how silly the pieces are, not whether they’re “inappropriate” because she IS covered.

  29. nikzilla37 says:

    It’s definitely not an age-appropriate outfit. She looks like she’s role-playing.

  30. Cheryl says:

    Nothing to do with church – she shouldn’t have left the house in this for any outing. Just bad all round. Seriously white tights – isn’t she close to 40 – the only people I see in white tights are like 10 and under. As well the dress looks to small (nothing to do with the length – I have nothing against the length and see women in church all the time with that length). Just bad. Would love to see the comments if this is what Kate had worn – what would the Queen have said? This shows the difference in class between royalty and Hollywood. Just saying.

  31. slowsnow says:

    Is she going to get baptised?
    Only explanation for the all-white little-girl fantasy cosplay atrociousness. In mean the ‘all white’ bit of the outfit of course. For the rest, her incredibly strangely uncomfortable, choice.

  32. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Tbh I find this outfit inappropriate for the occasion. And hideous. I know she had this fashion label? so maybe she promotes her products but why won’t she wear that outfit for brunch or something like that?

  33. Maum says:

    That outfit is inappropriate anywhere.

    She looks like she’s going to Comicon as an anime schoolgirl. It’s ridiculous on anyone outside of a cartoon.

  34. Meggin says:

    Oh man those white tights are terrible. She looks uncomfortable in the outfit like she knows it’s a miss lol

    • Andrea says:

      The white tights scream young girl to me. I haven’t worn white tights in 20+ years and I am 36 now.

  35. deadnotsleeping says:

    I go to a mainline Protestant church in the south. Nobody would bat an eye at her outfit in my church. Some people where dresses. Most wear extremely casual wear. Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year everyone decided ahead of time to wear jammies. I didn’t wear jammies myself, but I did wear yoga pants and loungewear. We can always tell when new people visit our church because they will be the only people dressed up. The “dress like you are in court” comment amused me because one of my friends at church is a lawyer and he comes to church in shorts no matter the weather.

  36. Libra girl says:

    I am in no way a prude, but I have longer shirts. Cmon Gwen really??!!

  37. Jayna says:

    Silly looking lengthwise for her age at church. I give it a thumbs down. But I’ve always loved Gwen’s legs. They are one of her best features.

  38. Angelica says:

    Why does she look like a 5 year old who’s pouting about having to have her picture taken?😂😂😂

  39. andrea says:

    I don’t mind the outfit. This is Gwen and her quirky fashion style is what i love about her. I just feel like she could have picked a better shoe.

    Why are only little girls allowed to wear white tights I don’t understand…

  40. Tashkent says:

    I think it is inappropriate but people have zero clue of what is or isn’t appropriate for an occasion any longer. It is really quite sad. I’m sure churches are happy if you are there, and that’s fine but I want to dress nicely one day a week and show respect. But I am a prude and am tired of seeing everyone’s body parts all the time no matter what. 40 degrees outside? Don’t wear a mini skirt and stilettos. Snowing and icy? Maybe daisy Dukes and platforms aren’t the best choice. Going to court? Don’t wear an ice capades ensemble. You know?

  41. DesertReal says:

    I just want to clarify that I’m not a Catholic (Easter eggs/Lent etc really isn’t in the Bible) but I am Christian and go to my congregation twice a week. Torn jeans, mini skirts, and the like- we don’t judge, and no one would blink an eye at it/her.
    She looks like she’s wearing a really bad Alice in Wonderland cosplay outfit. So I’d welcome her, and compliment the lace on her tunic in a southern​ way.

    • Lisadoll says:

      A little clarification. I’m Catholic and we don’t think Easter eggs or lent are in the Bible either. Eggs are merely a symbol of renewal- worldwide.
      And lent is just the way Catholics and some other Christian religions choose to observe the sacrifice Jesus made for us during his 40 days in the desert.
      And I agree with you. We don’t judge either, which is why Gwen felt comfortable to be herself.

      • DesertReal says:

        Egg and rabbit renewal and fasting aside- there is only one thing (other than loving/respecting others) Jesus said to keep doing in remembrance of him.
        I am wrong about her outfit though- its two pieces and not one like I’d initially surmised.

  42. Jaded says:

    I think she looks idiotic.

  43. Lucy2 says:

    It looks like a costume, not an outfit for church with her family. The skirt is too short, but I wouldn’t say inappropriate, just the whole thing is awful. White tights are no one’s friend.

  44. Susan (Sue) Whitehurst says:

    She need to grow up and Blake needs to dump her. She looks like trash

  45. trtgfc17 says:

    Also, I saw the Easter updates on her and Blake on the DM UK online, and he looks terrible and like a complete grifter riding her coat tails. I know that type when I see them. He’s getting old and running out of time on being “somebody” to a woman, and he’s willing to play step-daddy to her kids and wish deep down inside that she didn’t have any.

  46. Shirleygail says:

    Awww, c’mon now ~ God doesn’t care what anyone wears; S/He’s just glad to see you!

    • robyn says:

      I love your comment. It’s true, or should be. For some reason Gwen’s outfit made me think of the leg lamp in the old classic Christmas Story.

    • Cheryl says:

      If God were the only one there then yes I agree. Unfortunately, alot of other people are attending as well and they have to look at this and they are way more judgmental than God. It just hurts the eyes. God loves anyone whatever they wear. The rest of us not so much. Her son is going to be a teen soon how embarrassing will this be for him. I can just hear his girlfriends making fun of what his mom wears.

  47. Annetommy says:

    I’m struggling to think of an event where that outfit would be appropriate. It’s horrible.

  48. Froma says:

    There is something Suicide Squad-y about this outfit. Like something the wife of the Joker would wear.

  49. Yup, Me says:

    That top would look so stylish with a pair of crisp white wide legged pants.

  50. Amelia says:

    Leave her alone.

  51. Neens says:

    She’s dressed like a kindergartener, sans stilettos. It’s the white tights and barrette combo.

    Gwen gives off deep insecurity vibes.

  52. isabelle says:

    She is giving me a The Shining one of the twins vibe.

  53. Matahari says:

    I love that she dresses how she wants, who cares what age she is.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Same. I’m loving her outfit because it looks like something out of a manga. And even though it looks like something you’d *expect* a young woman/teen to put on, I have nothing against women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc. wearing what they want and not suddenly ‘classing it up’ or ‘sophisticating it up’ just because they’ve hit some age. Freedom from the arbitrary gender-based dress codes is one of the perks of your occupation being ‘pop star’ instead of ‘lawyer’, ‘teacher’ or ‘student’, and she’s one of the celebs who take advantage of that. This outfit is tame compared to what a truly thirsty or lazy pop star COULD get themselves papped wearing (or not wearing!) at a church.

  54. Marianne says:

    Considering there are some people that show up to church in jeans, a hoodie and flip flops, I think Gwen Stefani gets a pass. LOL.

    The ensemble does strike me as “little girl” though.

  55. BooRadley says:

    Sorry but I think she looks like an idiotic overgrown child. Like wtf is that outfit. You’re almost 50. Grow up.

  56. Embracelife says:

    , I think she looks amazing and I applaud her for wearing what she does and not having a care about anyone except hey boys. Good for her for having that great of a bod at her age or any age, she’s probably worked really hard for it…. or not…who cares…good for her. She’s at church on Easter Sunday with her kids isn’t that what matters here !!!
    Looking the way she he does, pulling off that outfit quite well and i think it’s totally appropriate, especially church considering God should accept you no matter what…right!

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      This. I’m not religious but, feminine modesty and physical appearance seem like issues a real deity would care about even LESS than what consenting adult is banging who and whether or not people were married before they had sex.

  57. FLORC says:

    To put this as simply as possible. Are you dressing for comfort? For the eyes of others? Or to attend an event with the respect you deem it worthy of?

    She dressed for eyes. She did. We’ve seen her in casual. For the eyes of others. For comfort. And for stage. This is for attention.
    Is what it is.

    • Andrea says:

      We all do but it seems like she is looking for attention 24/7 and I find that quite sad at her age.

      • Lisadoll says:

        N. Craves attention at all times.

  58. The Other Katherine says:

    I’m an agnostic liberal feminist who’s about Gwen’s age, and I think this outfit is incredibly inappropriate for wearing to a place of worship, especially on the highest holy day of that place of worship’s religious calendar. The outfit is a monument to personal vanity, being worn on a day when followers of her religion are supposed to have just completed the Lenten period of mortification of the flesh and be celebrating the Resurrection of their Lord and Savior. Instead she looks like she belongs on a Mardi Gras float. Skirt too short, heels too high, too many see-through cutouts, everything too tight, and worst of all the whole thing looks like some kind of f-tish ensemble worn to tickle an ephebophile’s fancy. NOT appropriate, on so many levels.

  59. megan says:

    I think she always looks a little odd in her church-going outfits, but good for her for going and taking her kids. I bet with it being a parish in LA, there are always some strange outfits.

    I have more of a problem with the way she dyed her sons’ hair when they were babies/toddlers.

  60. JennyJenny says:

    She looks like she’s going to that faux PMK Church…
    Those outfits are always WTH worthy!

  61. Gaby says:

    She looks absolutely ridiculous, actually she has for a while.

  62. Andrea says:

    Where is her third son?

    • Beth says:

      Her 2 older sons have pink shirts and are standing right next to her. Her youngest is in blue and she’s carrying him. Look at all those pictures

  63. dancingonmyown says:

    She tried and she cares and her body is insanity for 46 with 3 kids. Girlfriend gets a flying pass from me! FLYING! Considering most people look like crap on any given day, she gets two flying passes.

  64. Dollypaws says:

    She knows she’s gonna get papped so she’s just dressed for headlines. With most celebs the thirst is never quenched, hence Gwen’s ridiculous outfit. We need to start worrying when she sends the kids out in bin liners.

  65. april says:

    Wow–even on Easter Sunday it’s all about her. Attention-getting outfit and all. Very narcissistic.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Narcissism is not an outfit. There are narcissists who dress classy/modestly and narcissists who don’t. All I ever see Trump in is a suit.

  66. Lisadoll says:

    Pretty sure God Doesn’t care what pop star mothers ( or anyone else) wear to church. (hurch & its rules have very little to do with God, and everything to do w religion. )
    Isn’t it enough that she’s teaching those kids the observation of their religion by demonstration?
    She’s THERE almost weekly. How do you think the paparazzi know how to find her?

  67. Dissa says:

    I didn’t realize Celebitchy was so sexist. In the other posting on Jenn Garner and Ben Affleck attending Easter Sunday church while divorcing – no one mentioned the literal bum outfit that Ben wore – to church no less! I find Jenn a bit too casual at times too but she was okay in the most recent one.

    At least Gwen had the decency to wear tights … but yeah that thing is too revealing for church.

    Must have given the older crowd something to talk about at brunch?

    What do I know? I’m atheist. I suppose it’s the thought that counts with their God. lol

  68. Angel says:

    For Gwen, it’s ok. Anybody else, it would be a hot mess. This is her day to day style.

  69. courtney says:

    the dress is fine in fact if it were longer it could pass as a wedding dress for a Catholic ceremony which Gwen would know she was raised devoutly catholic you can’t wear short or sleeveless dresses for a wedding held in a catholic church I’m one as well though not as devout

  70. Mikeyangel says:

    Offensive…AF! Why couldn’t she go someplace else dressed like that, like Wal-Mart. She is really looking for attention extra hard huh?

  71. april says:

    Maybe on Easter Sunday, Jesus should be the star of the show, and not Gwen Stefani.

  72. Ladiabla says:

    I love Gwen, but this just looks silly on a 40-something year old woman, even one with her killer legs. She can do better than this.

  73. raincoaster says:

    If your skirt is so short you have to hold it down, it’s too short. Not too short for church: too short, period.

    Also, the Loubs are vulgar. Between the contrast and the flashy red HEY THESE ARE LOUBOUTINS sole and heel they take a too-short skirt into full blown Novelty Escort territory.

  74. Anare says:

    I haven’t been to church for awhile, ahem, but the large Catholic Church I belong to attracts all kinds so Gwen’s look might get an eye roll or 2 but no one would care what she was wearing. That said, it’s a silly looking get up regardless of wear she was headed. She used to be cool. She seems to have lost her mojo.

  75. EMAu says:

    How old is she? 15?

  76. serena says:

    Not really appropriate, but more than that what’s bothering me are the white tights.. so awful, she looks like a little girl.

  77. Goliano says:

    I’d lift and insert. :shrug:

  78. Desi says:

    Less inappropriate, maybe, and just plain “look at me!” weird. I’m embarrassed for her kids.

  79. Penelope says:

    She’s too old to carry off that outfit.