Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon seem to be hanging out a lot lately


As Kaiser broke the news to us recently, another flame was extinguished in the candelabra of love when Mariah Carey and her boy-toy of five months, backup dancer Bryan Tanaka split. The question, of course, was how would La Mariah pick up the pieces and carry on from this devastating split? Diva, please – this is Mimi, she has other people to carry her sh-t. In this instance, she’s tapped ex-husband Nick Cannon to put her back on her diamond-crusted stilettos. Mariah and Nick have been spending a lot of time together of late and given both are single, perhaps it’s time to raise an eyebrow at this former couple?

Mariah Carey and her ex-husband Nick Cannon were spotted enjoying dinner dates in California two nights in a row. The outings came less than two weeks after the pop diva’s split from backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.

Carey, 47, and Cannon headed to Mr Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills with their 5-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, on Thursday, April 20. Carey looked beautiful in a black dress and a leather jacket, while Cannon, 36, rocked a burgundy suit, a white button-down shirt, a navy hat and studded black loafers.

The next night, on Friday, April 21, the amicable exes headed to Nobu Malibu for a private dinner without their children. The “I Don’t” singer showed off her cleavage in a plunging, sleeveless black top and wore her curly locks down. The former America’s Got Talent host donned a black leather jacket and a red turban.

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My take? Nothing to see here. Two things we know for certain are that 1) Nick adores Mariah and 2) Mariah loves to be adored. I think she’s bummed about the relationship with James Packer going sour only to have her New Year’s Eve performance go bad followed by a fling with a backup dancer which didn’t last. Enter Nick to bathe her in attention and divert the media’s attention with possible reconciliation rumors. Nick and Mariah have gotten along well since their marriage dissolved. Even though it took them two years (plus her engagement and his new son) to actually divorce, we didn’t read any drama over it, just some mild speculation to what he was holding out for. I think Nick and Mariah go beyond good co-parents, I think they are genuinely friends.

But that isn’t a lot of fun gossip-wise so let’s put our own Celebitchy speculation on it, shall we? Nick and Mariah secreted off to a popular restaurant because they have never been able to quit each other, a fact that bled through all their subsequent relationships like a built-in kill switch for future love. Nick clearly broadcasted his feeling with a red turban that symbolized the passion that courses through his veins for his predestined bride. Mariah’s plunging neckline symbolized her vulnerability and an openness to stoke the fire that never extinguished for her children’s father.

Or, maybe the were hungry and Nobu had an opening.

Aaaaand guess who had a follow-up date at Au Fudge with the kids yesterday? (I’ll give you a hint – it’s Mariah and Nick.)



Photo credit: Pacific Coast News and Fame/Flynet Photos

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  1. vauvert says:

    When you’re so desperate for attention that going to a family restaurant with your kids you still need to display your bosom in a tightly laced, super revealing, Victorian hooker inspired corset top…. maybe it’s time to invest in some therapy.

    Jen G gets a lot of negative comments on these boards – but one of the many reasons I like her is that she doesn’t seem to give a f*ck what people think of her makeup free face and flats. She goes about her day dressed like a regular person. (I know, some people dress to the nines to pick up mail. I think they’re the exception). I know Mariah thinks she has to bring the sexy on all. the. damn. time (just like JLo) and it must be so exhausting.

    Other than that I don’t think there’s anything going on with these 2. Just co-parenting and getting along.

    • Hopefully Mariah doesn’t care what we think, although I suspect she might. Some people just feel better/able to face the world when they’re dolled up. We don’t have to agree on the efficacy but we also don’t have to judge. And yes, I like that Jen owns her elder-care swag. It’s refreshing but don’t forget it’s also part of her pumpkin latte, minivan brand.

    • Anon33 says:

      Jen G’s image is every bit as calculated as Mariah’s. It just happens to appeal to you more.

      • Ankhel says:

        Yup. Jen has cultivated her image as the “natural”, church attending, farmers market-loving mother and wife. This aligns nicely with her roles in evangelical movies. It is what it is.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      “maybe it’s time to invest in some therapy” — the celebrity version of therapy is plastic surgery. You see it all the time. People who seem like they really need therapy (examples, the youngest Jenner girl, Billy Joel’s daughter, etc.) end up addressing their issues with plastic surgery. It’s very sad.

  2. QueenElisabeth says:

    someone care to explain the old lady turban he’s wearing?

    • NeexKC says:

      Blind items say hair transplant issues and/or recovery.

    • AG-UK says:

      That’s what I was thinking that stupid turban thing all he needs is a moo moo.

    • V4Real says:

      Yes, why is he wearing a turbun. He deserves the same backlash as Gisele when she disguised herself in Paris

    • Lizzie says:

      He says he’s like mr. open to exploring all religions, celebrating differences and promoting cultural understanding. Translation: he is full of s@t and is appropriating sikh culture to draw attention to himself. His version of mariah’s lace up bustier

      • Snazzy says:

        Yes!! I saw that and thought “since when was he sikh”?

      • Sikhs aren’t the only people who wear turbans.

      • Lizzie says:

        The kind of turban he wears is a sikh turban. Muslims wear different style turbans. Also he talked about how he’s not Sikh but he was studying the religion, started wearing the turban and how it “took off” as a fashion statement so he kept wearing it.

      • anna says:

        no, stop people, just stop! he can wear a turban when and how he wants to. end of story. no one has a copyright on a turban.

      • LaBlah says:

        The turban he’s wearing in these pics is not remotely close to a Sikh turban

    • Barnes says:

      He has lupus.

    • Chaine says:

      Why the mee-maw turban? He has to counterbalance Mariah by being as un-sexy as possible.

    • AmunetMaat says:

      He’s been wearing turbans more steadily since his Lupus diagnosis. Turbans are not only for those of Muslim faith, it has cultural ties. Other people and ethnic groups can wear turbans, especially since it originated in Kemet (African) culture. It became associated with Muslims because of Africans practicing the Moorish culture, which later evolved into the Muslim religious faith.

  3. Patricia says:

    The best thing for their children is if they maintain a respectful friendship, they will be coparents for the rest of their lives

  4. smee says:

    They look crazy. Like old time movie stars that have lost ALL sense of reality – a modern-day Sunset Blvd. But maybe I’m just getting a Norma Desmond feeling bc of the turban……

  5. Original T.C. says:

    She needs him for her bruised ego, he needs her to stay famous/ get magazine covers. Also he really does seem like a good Dad that loves his children (Mariah’s and the side chick’s), he spent Easter with all three children.

  6. Yup, Me says:

    But is that the ring she got from James on her middle finger?

  7. Pandy says:

    Omg you had me at the description of Nick’s turban symbolizing his passion for his predestined bride lollllll. Too funny.

  8. Libra girl says:

    She ALWAYS looks so uncomfortable in her clothes and shoes. Cut that hair already, cover up and wear clothes that fit. They are like Frick and Frack. Guarantee her next show will be their second wedding with her “manager” hanging on for dear life to Mimis cankle.