Bella Hadid’s closest friends have to tell her ‘don’t be a bitch today’

Bella Hadid Steps Out In London

Bella Hadid has a new interview with Hello Magazine, and I can’t help it, I sort of enjoyed it. She’s got dead eyes, bad movement and an epic nose job… but I also sort of like her. Bella is promoting her contract with Dior Beauty, which means that she name-drops Dior products throughout the piece. Can Bella’s biggest fans – tween and teen girls – really afford the Dior Hydra Life Fresh Jelly Mask that she name-checks? Let me look at the price… oh, it’s not that bad. It’s $69 for a small pot. Of course, my Olay night cream costs about $12 for the same size, so…. I guess my question is: is Bella the best face for Dior Beauty and does she really appeal to their core customer base? Eh. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Her beauty & makeup inspirations: “All of the 90s supermodels – the most beautiful girls in the world. Make-up has always been super-sensual to me… Always bringing out the cheekbones, around the eyes and a good brow – that’s always what I looked up to.

Girly-girl or tomboy: “I was definitely more of a tomboy growing up – I grew up being at the barn from 6am ‘til 8pm and so make-up was never a big deal.

Her style icon: “I mean, Rihanna – I think she’s all of our style icons!”

How her style differs from Gigi’s: “Growing up, Gigi was always wearing a lot of colour, and a lot of florals, you know? She was definitely our Malibu girl. I was always wearing leather and dark things, and I think I am still like that. Red is my favourite colour and the only pop of colour you will see from me…. We share shoes but she gets mad at me when I steal her things. She will deny until the death of her that she has my stuff, but then I realise I probably left it at her house and then feel bad for yelling at her about it!

How she deals with pressure: “I try to keep the people around me who have known me since I was a kid because they don’t care about who I am or what I do. They’re just like “don’t be a bitch today.” I try not to take things too personally and make more time for myself.

Her family just bought a farm with horses: “Anywhere with my family as that’s what keeps me calm and makes me happy. We just bought a farm, and it’s the kind of the place where we’re going to be able to feel relaxed and just be together. We’re going to get some more horses and start riding again – I’m excited about that!

[From Hello]

Bella often says that thinking about her horses gets her through tough days, and she was a competitive rider for years, so I’m sure she’s actually really thrilled about the farm and buying more horses. So, yeah, I sort of believe her that she was a “tomboy” growing up. She was all about horses. This made me laugh too: “They’re just like ‘don’t be a bitch today.’” Like, she has to be told that? It’s something I honestly tell myself some mornings: try not to be such a raging bitch today, girl. And then I think, “Haha, yeah, that will stick.”

Bella Hadid Steps Out In London

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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23 Responses to “Bella Hadid’s closest friends have to tell her ‘don’t be a bitch today’”

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  1. Harryg says:

    Any other festivals you recommend?

  2. slowsnow says:

    Can we please stop with the ‘tomboy’? Sick of it. Riding horses and not wearing make-up does not make you a tomboy or a gender defiant character. It just means you’re a human being who likes stuff.
    I also used to say that I was a tomboy because I played football and didn’t like girly stuff such as barbies and the like. I know better now. This may irritate people who really like to affirm things about gender but I am sick of this separation.
    The other day a dad was telling me that his girl really liked sports but now she’s into more girly stuff like drama and arts. Is this for real??!! Where are we?
    Then my husband is a very girly man: he’s a visual artist.

  3. Blaire Carter says:

    Her only look is resting bitch face; I can relate.

    • Catherine Todd says:

      Blaire, Bella’s look is simple and serious. She is truly “at rest” in her photos, elegant and gorgeous. Not a “bitch” in sight.

  4. Shambles says:

    I can never get past the “epic nose job.” It pulls all focus.

  5. Ruby says:

    She’s really giving me Angelica Huston vibes

    • tmot says:

      Nooo, you take that back. Anjelica is awesome, talented, and gorgeous. She’s won an Oscar.

      Bella is an instamodel. There is no comparison.

      Also those “C” “D” earrings are tacky AF. First they let Lagerfeld trash up Chanel and now apparently Dior can’t wait to get into the act. Sad.

  6. PIa says:

    A beauty vlogger called out Estee Lauder for making Kendall the face of an anti-aging line targeted to older as well.

    It is weird, these companies cannot expect millennials to be buying these expensive products because Kendall or Bella front them, right?

  7. detritus says:

    Cerave for cheap moisturisers for life, its like $16 CND and is the best I’ve ever used for my sensitive skin.

  8. Sana says:

    ” Make-up has always been super sensual to me.” What does that even mean??? It’s literally chemicals and goo you apply to the face….. I can imagine lotions / perfumes making you feel sensual but makeup .. Lol !

    • tmot says:

      That’s funny, I thought she was an outdoorsy “tomboy” who didn’t care about makeup.

  9. Kata says:

    I like her. Her and Gigi come across as the most grounded of the nepotism models.

  10. Joannie says:

    I dont find her attractive.

    • mel says:

      I hate to be rude, but neither do I. I wouldn’t look at her and feel envious, or want to buy anything because she was shucking it.

    • Tiffany says:

      Her sister really does have the looks.

      The Bella we are seeing now is the after.

      • Catherine Todd says:

        I think Bella is definitely the more beautiful of the two. Just goes to show tastes differ. Go figure.

      • nataliek says:

        yeah, i agree. bella is definitely the more beautiful of the two imo.

  11. Antonym says:

    I read the headline and thought “Meh, there are several days I have to tell myself ‘don’t be a bitch today.’”

    I read the post and I see that I’m in good company 😉