Salma Hayek in Balenciaga at the Met Gala: bizarre or interesting?

I feel like Salma Hayek is kind of over at this point, or maybe it’s just that I’m personally over her. She wears designs by her husband’s various labels and they it’s like they put her in the worst looks thinking she’s fashion-forward enough to pull them off and she just isn’t. That’s the case with this very plain black Balenciaga jersey(?) dress paired with Balenciaga boot pants. These boots retail for $1,395 at Neiman Marcus and they’re supposed to make this look, considering how boring that dress is. The boots make her look like she’s wearing half of one of those full body spandex fan suits. This is not in keeping with the theme and it just falls flat.


Lily Aldridge was in white Ralph Lauren, in a white silk cutout gown with a long train which fares much better than Salma’s dress at fitting the theme. She’s also wearing those Balenciaga boots (thanks Kaiser!) in red and she has on a pink half veil, as if she didn’t want to too closely match the color of her veil and boots. I don’t really understand what she was going for here, but she’s trying to make it work and you can see the effort she’s putting into it.



Emily Ratajkowski had on a formfitting sequin Marc Jacobs gown which had nothing to do with the theme but was so pretty nonetheless. It looks like a homage to Van Gogh, and someone on twitter compared her to that rainbow fish children’s book. It’s a beautifully constructed gown that fits her like a glove and I love the black band under the bustline, but again it’s just not for this event.



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  1. Sarah says:

    Lily and Salma look ridiculous but Emily’s dress is stunning.

  2. Chelly says:

    She’s understated, for Salma Hayek. But somehow I think it works for her, not so in your face

    • ichsi says:

      Abolutely. This is much better than most of the stuff she wore in the past year and I actually like how it is styled.

  3. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Neither nor

  4. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Salma is too short to pull off most of the looks her husband chooses for her. In this case, though, I think it works on her. It looks clean and simple. It doesn’t fit the theme, but it looks good on her. Lily’s outfit wins by a mile.

    Emily’s dress would be better if she wore a better bra and the black stripe was not directly under her boobs. It should not be on the dress at all.

  5. justcrimmles says:

    I really like Salma’s earrings. I’m a sucker for emerald jewelry. Emily’s dress is lovely.

  6. Merritt says:

    The black band ruins Emily’s dress. For all that Anna Wintour is said to keep the guest list exclusive, the presence of Emily and other thirsty C-list people proves otherwise.

  7. SKF says:

    Lily wins by a mile. The dress could have been boring but she went for it with the shoes, veil and attitude and it really works!

  8. Beckysuz says:

    Rainbow fish!! Love that book, and actually I like Emily’s dress. I don’t like her, but the dress is beautiful

    • Mel M says:

      Really? My husband and I just read that 10 times last night to our twins and were like, we should write children’s books lol. I guess they like it though since they kept asking for it.

  9. Lucy2 says:

    Emily’s dress is beautiful, but I don’t like the way she always stands with her back so arched. It always sucks and comfortable. Why was she there?
    Salma’s is both too boring and too weird for me, somehow at the same time.

  10. Bridget says:

    Emily’s dress is lovely, but I don’t get what it’s doing at the Met Gala. It feels like something that was an also-ran for Oscar day, and made it back to Marc Jacobs without anyone wearing it.

  11. Carmen says:

    Love Emily’s dress even though it didn’t fit the theme. Meh on the other two.

  12. detritus says:

    Those boots are straight out of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
    And Salma does not have the panache to pull it off.
    Lily’s look is cool, fashion runway cool, not what i would consider ready to wear, but good for her for going for it.

  13. Nikki says:

    I love Emily’s dress, but part of what makes it so stunning is it fits her KILLER body to a T. Too bad she couldn’t have jazzed it up at least to fit the theme.

  14. Twink says:

    The first Mexican woman to be nominated to an Oscar is over? Huh? She has Beatriz at dinner coming out for which she’s getting rave reviews. She’s an icon and she can’t be over. She’s not Gigi or Kendall.

  15. bella says:

    Emily’s dress is so beautiful! I want it now!