Brad Pitt to Mel Gibson: ‘Thanks, sugart-ts!’ (Guys Choice awards spoilers)

Spike TVs Guys Choice - Show
What would you do if you ran into Mel Gibson at some event where you were being photographed? Would you have a drink with the allegedly (or not so much) nasty drunk, or would you be quietly gracious and polite, avoiding Mel at all costs? Or would you tease him about the infamous 2006 arrest that brought us such catch-phrases as “My life is f-cked,” “I’m not going to get in your car… you motherf-cker,” “Are you a Jew?” and, of course, “What do you think you’re looking at, sugart-ts?”

Spike TVs Guys Choice - Show
Brad Pitt chose the latter. At the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards Saturday night, Mel Gibson was chosen to present the Discretionary Guy Movie Hall of Fame award for Fight Club. The honor went to Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and director David Fincher. The film is ten years old this year, so I guess this is the way they mark the anniversary. After Mel’s introduction, Brad got the microphone (sidenote: why do they still let Brad have a microphone?) and told Mel, “Thanks, sugart-ts!”

Spike TVs Guys Choice - Show
According to US Weekly and Access Hollywood, Mel wasn’t offended. Why would he be? He was being accurately quoted. Mel and Brad even posed for pictures together backstage. Angelina Jolie wasn’t at the event – perhaps she hears enough of that “sugart-ts” stuff at home. Here’s a rundown of the event – some SPOILERS if you really care who won Spike’s “Brass Balls” Award:

Brad Pitt brought a fittingly locker room sense of humor to Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards on Saturday night.

“Thanks, sugart-ts!” Brad told Mel Gibson after the star introduced Brad and “Fight Club” collaborators Edward Norton and David Fincher, according to US Weekly.

Brad was using a term that Mel had reportedly used on a female police officer during his 2006 DUI arrest.

While Mel appeared at the awards show ready for a fight – he opened the ceremony on horseback while wearing a Viking helmet – he appeared in good spirits after the show, smiling with Brad in photographs taken backstage.

Brad, Edward and David were in attendance to have 1999’s “Fight Club” ushered into the ceremony’s Guys Hall of Fame.

Brad’s partner, Angelina Jolie, was not in attendance, but Halle Berry was on hand to add a woman’s touch to the testosterone-fueled ceremony, taking home Spike TV’s Decade of Hotness award.

In a move reminiscent of her Oscar smooch with Adrien Brody, the star shared a lip lock with Jamie Foxx, who presented her with the award.

Though she wasn’t there, Angelina won for Femme Fatale, while Megan Fox was named Hottest Girl on the Planet. Other female award winners included Katy Perry, Mila Kunis, Malin Akerman and Kate Winslet.

But men ruled the roost, as trophies went to such stars as Mickey Rourke (for Guy of the Year), Clint Eastwood (the Brass Balls Award) and Eddie Van Halen, who took home the first annual Guitar God award.

The Guys Choice Awards will air on Spike TV on June 21 at 10 PM EST.

[From Access Hollywood]

Wow, both Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie won awards for hotness. Original Jolie and Budget Jolie, joined in cheesy guy awards. Do men really not see the difference between the two women? I guess not. I kind of like that Clint Eastwood got the Brass Balls Award – except that Clint could just melt down his million Oscars and get Gold Balls. Not really, the Oscars aren’t solid gold! But I’m sure Clint has thought about it.

Spike TVs Guys Choice - Show

Spike TVs Guys Choice - Show

Here are more photos from the Spike TV Guy Awards, featuring Halle Berry, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, Mila Kunis, Rainn Wilson, Hayden Panettiere, Jason Statham and Alex Zosman. Credit: Sara Cullen / Fame Pictures

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  1. boomchakaboom says:

    Ponies! pony-pony-pony-ponies!

  2. gem15 says:

    Jolie has very narrow, boylike hips. that could have been the cause for the C-sectons as well. Know you’d prefer to think she’s diseased (as most haters do) but there are other reasons women have C-sections, not just herpes.

  3. DD says:

    umm that was a dumb and offensive generalization about women who get c-sections.

  4. hope says:

    I think he was reading from a teleprompter about the sugar tits.

  5. ash says:

    Maybe Megan Fox will appear with her trendy “wet hair” look. Yikes

  6. boomchakaboom says:

    Re: C-sections; it’s a passage on the INSIDE that has to be able to widen enough for a baby to pass through, nothing on the outside of the body is any indication of that.

  7. Pam says:

    Brad look so hot in that picture. I can’t wait to see this award show.

  8. someone says:

    Angie didn’t show up with him…just sayin

  9. hope says:

    Since happens to be filming in NYC, I don’t understand how she can be in LA and NYC.

  10. Michelle says:

    Never liked Brad Pitt or understood his appeal, but picturing him calling Mel “Douchebag” Gibson ‘sugartits’ is priceless and makes me like him just a teensy bit.

    Ed Norton, on the other hand, is the sex.

  11. cara says:

    I became a Mel fan after that Classic arresting rant. Nothing is better then “sugertits”. CLLLAAAHHHHHsic.

  12. lipgloss says:

    #10 Michelle –

    Ed Norton WAS the sex … until he did nasty-times with Courtney Love … not just once, but many, MANY times.

    Get a visual of that in your head when you look at him.

    Kills at least 50% of the hotness factor. =[

  13. Lucky says:

    Shiloh was born via c-section because she was breach. Nothing to do with Angelina’s body.

  14. ChristinaT says:

    omg… wow, brad actually has a sense of humor and some edge to him? i’m seriously astonished… seriously… 😐

  15. SAYWHAT!!! says:

    Christina T: omg… wow, brad actually has a sense of humor and some edge to him? i’m seriously astonished… seriously…


    Thats the mistake a whole lot of MVMs make. They really believe that his humble christian upbringing has any influence on who he is. He rejects the fundamentalists’ version of christianity. hes more of a humanist than anything.

    But, as a guy and a man, Brad has always been a nonconformist (thats one of the reasons he and Angie are so good together). Also, David Fincher, who has driected Brad in three movies now, said long ago that the real Brad is more like Tyler Durden than people would imagine.

    That man aint no goody two shoes. He’s a badass. But apparently he prefers to be under the radar with all that. Only people who really know him, know that aspect of him.

  16. orion70 says:

    where in this article does it talk about Angelina Jolie giving birth, having c-sections or for that matter STD’s?

    Norton was magnificent in “The Painted Veil”. More than made up for “Down in the Valley” which had a high ick factor to it. I don’t give a crap what he’s done with Courtney Love.

    Brad just ain’t aging well. He looks pasty and puffy here.

  17. Wresa says:

    “first annual”?? “first annual”????? IT’S INAUGURAL!!!! AP style, Access Hollywood, AP!!!

  18. Orangejulius says:

    Ed Norton with Courtney Love? No, say it ain’t so!

  19. lipgloss says:

    #18 Orangejulius –

    from 1996-1999. =[

    not just a fling—for three YEARS.

    *cue vomit gif*

  20. kiki b says:

    Haha, the writer of this blog doesn’t see the difference between Jolie and Fox? I’ll elucidate that for you. One is an Oscar-winning actress who has a brain in her head and looks beautiful without makeup, and the other is a piece of insecure trailer trash with no talent.

  21. Monty says:

    Pull yourselves together…
    Norton is Sex on Legs, regardless who he’s slept with…
    Courtney was the most coherent and sober she’s ever been in her life when she was with him!

  22. I Choose Me says:

    Sooo much hotness, Halle Berry sporting my favourite do on her, Jason Statham and Edward Norton. Rowr!

    @ SAYWHAT! I’ve always said to my friends that I felt that Tyler Durden was more like the real Brad Pitt than any other character we’ve seen him play.
    (and now I feel strangely validated) lol

    I’m also with orion70, don’t give a crap whether E. Norton had a relationship with Courtney or not. Keep in mind that she wasn’t always a hot mess.

  23. Your writing caught my eye. Thanks for offering this information.