MTV Movie Awards: Sacha Baron Cohen v. Eminem

So, here’s what happened: Sacha Baron Cohen “fell” on Eminem in what was basically the 69 position. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Sacha Baron Cohen wasn’t wearing big, fluffy angel wings, a jock strap, no pants and bearing down on the stage from a wire, through the air. Sacha was acting as his latest alter-ego, Bruno, complete with a fake Austrian-ish accent. The way the wire stopped short, the way “Bruno” stayed in character, it makes me believe that Sacha knew what he was doing. Here’s the thing – I don’t think Eminem knew what Bruno was doing, and that’s what made what happened outrageous.

All I know is that for what felt like an eternity, Sacha Baron Cohen’s bare ass was in Eminem’s face (with Eminem saying over and over “You can‘t be serious“), and Eminem’s bodyguards freaked out and started beating the crap out of Sacha, who was still dangling from the wire. After that, it seemed like Eminem and his bodyguards walked out of the show. This was confirmed by Ryan Seacrest in real time, via Twitter, where Ryan tweeted, “If u saw the fight at mtv movie awards betwen eminem and “bruno” I am told it was real and em’s crew left the show”

The LA Times has some good analysis about whether the incident was faked:

It probably wasn’t the comeback Eminem wanted. His appearance at the MTV Movie Awards this year will be a hard one to top. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with his music.

Two hours of live product placement, the MTV Movie Awards don’t come back with much in the way of live music. There were two performances tonight – Eminmen and Kings of Leon. For Eminem, this represented his first major appearance since the release of his No. 1 album, “Relapse.”

He brought an award-show staple – a medley of recent singles “We Made You” and “Crack a Bottle.” But Eminem’s best performance came a few minutes later in the stands, when Sacha Baron Cohen’s flamboyantly gay character Bruno descended from the rafters in angel wings and landed, butt-first, in Eminem’s face.

Punches were thrown, curse words were lip-read and Eminem stormed out with a scowl. Credit MTV for having a little fun with the often humorless rapper, who’s long been a source of controversy for what many have deemed homophobic lyrics. In fact, the episode gave MTV what many of its recent award galas have lacked – a moment that felt a little daring.

Was it staged? Eminem is a master pitchmen, and he’s used his homophobic tag to move records before (see the Grammys’ 2001 performance with Elton John). But if it was planned, Emimen should have stuck around and had more fun with the moment. After all, storming out was the obvious move, and what we’d expect from Em (as is much of “Relapse”).

But if it wasn’t staged, score one for Cohen, who showed that the rapper, who hadn’t released an album of new material since 2004’s “Encore,” hasn’t grown up in the slightest.

[From The LA Times]

I’m siding with Seacrest. I don’t think this stuff was staged, at least not from Eminem’s perspective. There’s no way that MTV could have gotten “Bruno” to land so perfectly into Eminem’s lap if the crew hadn’t practiced that drop before. And yet, Eminem looked truly freaked out that Sacha’s ass was in his face, and those bodyguards looked like they were really trying to beat the crap out of Sacha. As cameras caught Eminem walking out of the auditorium, he looked visibly pissed off and outraged. Of course, it probably didn’t help that MTV pushed a bunch of cameras into Eminem’s face. So I think “Bruno” planned this stunt, with some help from MTV, but Eminem was caught off-guard. Too funny.

Update Thanks to commenter Are you F* for letting us know that those are members of Eminem’s band, D12, sitting next to him and are not his bodyguards.

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  1. Lori says:

    I love it because Eminem always thinks he is getting one over on the people he picks on and his audience and then someone comes along and does it to him and he just storms off. It is so funny.

    I really don’t like Sacha’s comedy, but I have to respect how bold he is!

  2. Melissa says:

    It seemed like Eminem was expecting Bruno to crash on or around him, but not expecting it to happen in such an unhygenic way. I think the full moon was the unexpected part. I would be pretty disgusted with that part too. Especially if he agreed to play a part in the Bruno stunt and was betrayed in that way. Although I think I could hide my disgust a little better publicly and I’m surprised he couldn’t.

  3. Mairead says:

    Oh that was priceless!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

  4. DANMOR9 says:

    Eminen, You just got PUNKED!

  5. someone says:

    Hilarious! Eminem sure looked p—-d off..good!

  6. patty phee says:

    why did he take his security to the awards? i think it was fake because of them. no celeb has securites sitting next to them at awards.

  7. dubdub2000 says:

    I agree with what Seacrest said. You can see that Eminem is expecting the guy to crash on him and he would take it in stride. What he didn’t expect was the bare ass and that really was un necessary, but if you’ve had the misfortune of seeing Borat you’ll see that there is no disgusting act Sasha Cohen will not stoop to for a buck.

  8. lilly says:

    This just made my year.

  9. Neelyo says:

    Keepin’ it classy, ‘CelebritySkanksMakeMesick’.

    That was hilarious. Eminem despite all of his bluster is humorless.

  10. butbutbut says:

    Unless invited, bare butt to the face is akin to a sexual assualt – even to the face of a poof like Eminem. This was poor taste (pun intended).

  11. teehee says:

    I was surprised at Em’s bad reaction- I mean even I get it as a joke LOL Ya think with all his joking and mockery that he would totally understand

  12. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Thank you Mr. Cohen for this wonderful gift, seeing that little punk douchebag getting humiliated in front of millions makes my heart smile. 😀 😆

  13. Melissa says:

    I want to see how hard you would be laughing if somebody put their sweaty buttcheeks on your face.

  14. bunkins says:

    that was so fake. it was staged. em was in on it. do we forget he can act? has anyone see n 8 mile??

  15. Rob says:

    Obviously staged, by both parties. I can’t believe no one else sees this.

  16. dirtyoldman says:

    Eminem should’ve pummelled that horrible douche.

  17. Liz says:

    Yeah, I think it was totally staged.

  18. Moore says:

    I hope it was staged cause otherwise it was just ridiculous.

  19. Kem says:

    I think it was staged and the joke is on the media because you are talking about it today it’s a win win for Eminen, Cohen and MTV. Of course Ryan Seacrest would play a part in the act.
    What about the opening skit with Andy being in Justin Timberlake’s limousine without clothes on? Justin tried to look irritated when Andy ended up across his lap naked. It was the same act. MTV tried really hard to make the show outrageous as they could.
    One other point why didn’t the people on the pully yank Cohen back up quickly if it was a mistake?
    It was all part of the act. I expect we will here more fighting from this staged act to get more attention since both have something to sell.

  20. ash says:

    If it wasn’t staged I agree with Lori. Eminem always zeros in on someone in his songs, and as soon as someone backlashes it into his face (literally), he freaked out. What a poon.

  21. Samantha says:

    I don’t know…I could see Cohen not telling Eminem about it…nothing else he does is staged, I would expect no different here. My guess is Eminem was not in the “know”, or if he was, he certainly didn’t expect to have his bare butt shoved in his face.

  22. LOL says:

    Totally stage.
    I believe it was over the top because Zac looked rattled when it was time for him to except his award. They should have let him in on it. Mtv over did it.

  23. Ash says:

    Priceless! Cohen is just hilarious..

  24. bagladey says:

    MTV owes Eminem an apology. Sacha Baron Cohen went too far. I don’t know any men who would think that was funny if it happened to them. MTV is lucky that Eminem behaved so classy because they could have had a really nasty outcome to that, that would have brought an early end to their show.

  25. MiMom0205 says:

    Who wouldnt be p**sed if Cohens flabby brown eye was staring them in the face? Who would sign up for that? Every guy I know gay or straight would be enraged! I for one cant wait for Cohens 15 minutes to be over. Cohen is an absolute waste of space.

  26. OXA says:

    Sasha was brilliant ans it coulnd’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  27. ash says:

    another thing, if it wasn’t stage, why would Eminem have sat there that long in his seat when clearly he had time to move aside during Cohen’s descent?

  28. fanTa says:

    Absolutly staged. The cameras were already on Eminem before Cohen came down. It’s awesome publicity for both of them, and they both have new things coming out. Eminem is a great actor, but he is also a cool guy and would have never reacted that way if this would have really been an accident.
    A job well done as everyone is talking about it today.

  29. It looked a little staged. I mean, Eminem was probably aware that Cohen was going to drop face first in his lap – but he probably wasn’t “briefed” on the thong situation. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    Ps – The movie trailer prior to the actual clip is so f*cking shameless – it pretty much sums up why we don’t have a TV at the Jaundice residence. (And why I rely on respected media outlets like Celebitchy and Dlisted to fill me in on all the smut I’m missing out on!)

  30. HashBrowns says:

    That was staged. It became really obvious that it was staged when the bodyguards (seemingly 4 in total) started “beating” Sacha up and then flinging him around. Not only that, but the cameras were already there and focused on Eminem’s face right where Sacha’s tush was going to be. And no one brings that much security with them to an awards show.

    Eminem is a good actor, lest we forget. And Sacha and Eminem’s favorite styles of humor are those which make other people uncomfortable.

    I think this was staged and of course the “incident” is doing it’s job of getting people to pay attention to the two people in question, both of whom have stuff to promote right now. Hmmm….

  31. Cattyone says:

    So, it’s o.k. for Eminem to totally rip apart everybody else from celebs to homosexuals UNTIL he gets it thrown back in his face? And I mean literally. I was laughing hysterically. Best part of the awards show. I was excited about seeing Bruno’s movie anyway and this has validated my reason. Uh, Eminem, KARMA!

  32. Tia C says:

    @ ash #27: After seeing the clip I really didn’t think Eminem was in the know, but you make an excellent point! Absolutely – why would he sit there and just let “Bruno” drop on him like that if it wasn’t planned…

    And I really wanted to believe that Eminem was actually pissed! Well, he still may have been surprised by Bruno’s attire, or the lack thereof, LOL!

  33. KelBear says:

    They already know who is going to sit where so its obvious they put Eminem in that seat knowing they would get a reaction out of him. Im sure Bruno rehearsed that plenty of times. If Eminem did know about it i really doubt he knew about the bare butt part.

  34. Kamil says:

    I think it was staged but eminem wasn’t in on it. I mean I think eminem knew mtv was planning something with him and sasha that night, I think he expected sasha to stop in the air and just make some stupid talk or something cause he didnt move but he could have. he had enough time to stand up. sasha was already right above eminem it was easy to place his ass right in front of eminem’s face. it was meant to be eminem for sure cause they showed him on cameras when sasha was still up.

  35. Rey says:

    “My bum is on your lips. My bum is on your lips. And if you’re lucky, you can give it a little kiss…” Sound familiar? Lyrics by Eminem aka “Slim Shady” aka Marshall Mathers from his breakout song “The Real Slim Shady. He has made a career out of lampooning celebrities and millions of dollars. It’s all in good fun…relax folks. The Real Slim Shady, pre millionaire status, would ahve found it hysterical and would have ad libbed a rap counter assault by now.

  36. viper says:



  37. Bobby the K says:

    but cohen isn’t all that funny. he just does things a considerate person wouldn’t do.

    if i were eminem i would have drilled that asshole in the nuts repeatedly,
    just to hear the sound it makes.

  38. AreYouF******Serious?! says:

    the 4 guys weren’t his bodyguards.. it’s his crew D12..
    i know eminem makes fun of everyone but he didn’t put his ass and balls in someones face.. that shit went too far.. i don’t believe anyone would think it’s funny if that would have happened to you..

  39. Grace says:

    This was NOT STAGED. EM is homophobic and did not expect this. It is surprising that all three (EM and bodyguards) did not beat Sasha to a pulp. It was obviously staged by Sacha and the MTV producers but we have not yet seen the “pay back” that will come from this.

    He’s suppose to be this hard core rapper and he has lost a GREAT DEAL of street credibility.

  40. connie says:

    ugh, i should know better than to comment, buuut knowing cohen (whom i find absolutely hilarious) he planned it and em was not in the know. like em, but he really just needs to get over it and it’s not uncommon for celebs to roll deep. hello entourage

  41. caribassett says:

    Honestly, I take Em’s side on this one. To me that is an assault. Way wrong.

  42. Lucky says:


    M & M learn to take a joke!

    At least Bruno had waxed…

  43. ChristinaT says:

    hahahahahahahahahah man that was wayyyyyyy gross… surely, we would hate it if it happened to us… but i can’t help but laugh my butt off… so bad

  44. derek says:

    If you rewind the video on tivo then you would have seen right before the commercial break it showed em walking to his seat and it said bruno would be dropping in while they where showing em. I think this was mt vs way to get em back …

  45. Anoneemouse says:

    Absolutely HILARIOUS! The man totally deserves it after all the bad-mouthing he does about everyone else!! haha!

  46. aleach says:

    im sure this was staged, eminem was miked up so you could her him say “get this mother f—— of me” or whatever” but it was still hillarious. eminem always acts like tough shit so im glad they did this…bring him down a few pegs at least!

  47. tandrli says:

    1.Eminem maybe know but jackstrape I don think so
    2.Why bodygurad didnt react right away looks like Eminem they only know half story
    3.Why Eminem didnt catch him or move.. may be he didnt expect to go this far ..

    any case its degrading


  48. M.E. says:

    I don’t get it. If anyone did that to me (a woman) I would consider it assault, and if people were laughing at my horror, it would be worse. Just because Eminem’s a jerk (and a man) doesn’t make it OK or funny.

  49. lilly says:

    It was partly staged, but I doubt eminem agreed to get 69’d… I mean surly there are other less humiliating ways for him to get some press? sasha obviously took it allot further then eminem thought…

  50. Haiti says:

    Really funny!!!

  51. Maritza says:

    I don’t find Sasha Cohen funny at all!

  52. CeeJay says:

    Give me a break…again…these “rappers” fake this shit all the time to come off as tough types whose reps cannot be blemished without “retaliation”. Do you people seriously think MTV or their advertisers would sign off on this without all of it being pre-staged, rehearsed and approved by the higher-ups? Quit falling for these pranks as if they are real time incidents. They are not, never have been and never will be.

  53. Katie says:

    So odd! Can’t you tell from these poses that Em does NOT want to be messed with?

  54. Melissa says:

    The big black guys were not “bodyguards”. Not every big black guy is a body guard. They are apart of Em’s group called D12

  55. Kylie says:

    I keep hearing the word assault?? Get off it!!! It was a joke! A little white BUM in a little white bums face! Im sure SBC is clean so what is the big deal? If Em can’t see the funny side he is a bigger loser than I thought.
    Personally I think it was the funniest thing ever! Keep up the good work SBC.

  56. ccoop says:

    I agree with kamil. Em was prepared for something to happen (maybe Sasha was supposed to end up sitting on his lap or something) but Sasha punked him. Hilarious.

  57. HashBrowns says:

    Just fyi: The head writer for the comedy bits of the MTV Awards said that, and this is a direct quote from Entertainment Weekly: “the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged,” explaining “they rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show.”

    You can find it on Entertainment Weekly’s website and probably some other places by now including the guy’s blog which is where he wrote that.

  58. Christina X says:

    For a wife beater and big-mouthed instigator, Eminem should have a thicker skin than that.

  59. dave says:

    sacha is not funny anyway, before or after this. i think it takes a little more than a “sense of humor” to let some guy put his balls and butt in your face. staged or not, it’s disgusting and any hetero male would have reacted in the same way. homophobe or not. people defending sacha are hypocrites and wouldn’t “let” that happen to them without throwing a couple of punches.

  60. Sophia says:

    It was staged. The producers have said it was staged.

  61. I Choose Me says:

    Funnee and obviously staged. Em did a great job of looking outraged.

    On another more yummy note is that Zachary Quinto at 1:14? cause it totally looks like him.

  62. Gigohead says:

    I can watch this until the cows come home and STILL TEAR UP in laughter.

    wow…this was sooooo funny.

  63. Aspen says:

    I believe that it was staged and, if so, was all in good humor and fun.

    If not? Sexual assault (which putting your crotch in someone’s face like that without permission most certainly is) is never funny…whether you think the victim “had it coming” or not.

    And Kylie, you keep hearing the word “assault” because that’s what it’s called in the courts when someone forces themselves on you against your will in a sexual way.

    Should we tell women who get “punk’d” in similar ways to this by men they work with or go to school with that they should “get over it” and grow “a sense of humor?” I think that’s a brilliant idea. Let’s change the definition of sexual assault to exclude any incidents that someone OTHER than the victim might get a chuckle from. Victimization is only criminal if no one thinks it’s funny.

    Besides…sometimes, people DESERVE to be sexually assaulted, right?

    The next time some man you don’t know comes up to you and grabs a boob or knocks you down and teabags your nose…we’ll all just point and laugh and tell you to get over yourself. Kay?

    In all seriousness, I invite any of you who would find that funny if Em wasn’t in on it beforehand to volunteer with a victims’ advocacy program. Two cases…or even just the training classes…and you won’t think it’s funny anymore.

  64. pregnancy says:

    well people quite shocked with it, I really don’t understand if it was the joke or something.

  65. rusty says:

    patty – ur a di ck, they anit body guards there part of D-12 , so why are you commenting when you don’t know what your talking about …………