Meghan Markle worries that she’ll end up dressed similarly to Duchess Kate

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Brace yourselves, because we’re probably going to have a million stories about Pippa Middleton, Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge ahead of Pippa’s weekend wedding to Terribly Moderately Wealthy James Matthews. I have to give it to the professional gossip-mongers in America and in Britain, because they’re finding different angles every day to report the same old sh-t. So, we know that Meghan has been invited to Pippa’s wedding, and when I say “invited,” I mean that Prince Harry was invited and he’s apparently insisted that Meghan be his official plus-one for the entire thing, church service, reception, party, everything. We already know that Meghan has had “two dress fittings” in Toronto, where she lives and works. And now we know that Meghan is actually between a rock and a hard place because she doesn’t want to wear anything that will overshadow the bride nor the sister-of-the-bride.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in the swing of things. As they approach their first full year of dating, the Suits star and her royal beau are adjusting to having a romance as high profile as theirs. Fortunately, the publicity hasn’t taken a toll on their spark.

They are “doing so well,” a source tells E! News. “Obviously things aren’t as intense as when the news about their relationship first came out, and that’s really made it easier for them to navigate the craziness when it comes to public attention.”

While they’ve figured out how to keep their trips across the pond almost under wraps, there’s no denying that a relationship between an English prince and an American TV princess is the stuff of modern fairytales.

“On the set, people find it crazy to look at her and think, ‘You’re pretty much living with Prince Harry,’” the source described.

While the world waits patiently to see if Markle will be the one Prince Harry gets down on one knee for, they’ll get to watch another pair close to the royal family walk down the aisle first—Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton, and her future husband, James Matthews. However, there’s one thing the actress needs to figure out before May 20: her outfit! As the insider close to Markle told E! News, she waited to find the perfect outfit to wear for the wedding because it took a while to find out what Duchess Kate will don. Of course, this is not the occasion to accidentally wear the same thing! So, while Markle always styles herself, she bounced ideas off of her Toronto BFF, Jessica Mulroney, who happens to also be a stylist.

“Jessica is a fantastic stylist and is smart enough to know that, as well as making sure Meghan looks her best, they also need to be mindful about what Kate is wearing,” the insider said. “The last thing anyone would want would be for them to be in a similar color or design. Meghan would never want to attract the wrong kind of attention.”

[From E! News]

Well, this shows that Meghan is at least acknowledging the conversation around her appearance at Pippa’s wedding. Meghan does not want to be known as The Thunder-Stealing American. But here’s the thing… while I’m guessing Meghan will look completely appropriate for the occasion, I also think that it’s inevitable that she will be overshadowing the Middleton women for (hopefully) years to come. Kate and Pippa’s style is often so notable because they don’t have the best style. While it will be fun to see Pippa’s wedding gown, I already know what Kate’s going to wear to the church service: a pale coatdress that she’s had tailored to make her look less long-waisted. THAT’S WHAT SHE ALWAYS WEARS. So of course Meghan will be more notable.

Duchess of Cambridge visits Luxembourg

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Snowpea says:

    Is this relationship a fauxmance? I can’t work it out. Something seems off to me. Is it just because MM’s not a vapid, pneumatic blonde? Someone?

    • Flufff says:

      No, it’s not a showmance. How could it be, when both have worked so hard to keep it under wraps and keep out of the public eye? Very unlikely Harry would want or need a showmance, and he’d certainly never be pressured into one.

      I honestly don’t see what people are seeing that’s supposedly coming across as “shady” or whatever. Have you been reading the Tumblr stan blogs by any chance? Because they say literally the exact same thing (pretty much word for word) about more or less every woman who’s in a relationship with a ‘desirable’ male celebrity even those in longterm marriages with multiple children. Someone should write a thesis on it.

    • Crumpet says:

      That’s interesting. What about it gives you an odd vibe? There has been so little coverage (here) and I have seen so few pics of them together, that I’m curious about your intuition. Not trying to be sarcastic. :)

      • seesittellsit says:

        @notasugarhere: by not welcome, I didn’t suggest her husband lost his rights, I’m talking about the way Pss. Angela was treated inside the family circle, which I heard was, nastily.

        Re Pss. Grace and her affairs – you can say that again, she had every stud in the studios – but in those days, the press was much, much more discreet and there was no social media and Internet. I think both she and Rainier had affairs after marriage, too, but no one except insiders knew about that.

        I think it may have been Ray Milland’s wife who made a beatchy comment about Grace and her well bred demeanor and wearing those “little white gloves” as she “helped herself to my husband.”

        But people in the 1950s just didn’t know that stuff, and the press didn’t spill the beans, just as they didn’t spill the beans on JFK’s truly incredible womanizing.

      • notasugarhere says:

        These are both showing up in odd places. In reply to the Angela discussion, if she had not been accepted by the family, I don’t think she’d have a title, their son would not be in the line of succession, and they wouldn’t be part of family events. The three of them would be outside of Liechtenstein, not living there and being part of the family.

      • FLORC says:

        Regarding press spilling beans.
        It wasn’t for lack of trying! I watch those little behind the scenes stories on amc sometimes and 1 stuck out.
        Rock Hudson was caught coming out of another man’s room. A photog caught it and ran, but some security … beat the man or threatened to. Loads of tales like that.
        But, without social media. Without instant access. Everything was more easily controlled .

    • Bitsy says:

      Royal white guy meets beautiful,educated, exotic (by his standards) American actress and becomes infatuated. Is that really a stretch? I think some people have a hard time with their relationship b/c they don’t know royal history. I’m talking royals everywhere as well as the Windsor family.
      1. Prince of Monaco married an American actress
      2. Prince of Monaco son impregnated a black flight attendant whom he very well may have married had interracial marriages been more acceptable to his family
      3. Prince Maximilian of Denmark (i think) is married to black American Angela Gisele
      4. Lord Weymouth married a black woman against his mothers wishes
      5. Royal historians have said that Prince Charles was attracted to black American celebrities like Diana Ross and Dian Carroll but wasn’t allowed to date them because Philip wouldn’t allow it

      I could go on but my point is that this relationship isn’t far fetched at all.

      • SchnauzerFluff says:

        Don’t forget the guy (Edward?) who abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcée.

      • Alp says:

        @SchnauzerFluff I looked them up because I thought that was sweet but it turns out they were Nazi sympathisers…


        @Bitsy, it was actually Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein, his wife is Afro-Latina if I’m not mistaken. Joachim of Denmark married a woman of Asian descent (1/4 I think).

      • manda says:

        The rapper Eve is married to some kind of royalty / aristocrat! I love her

      • seesittellsit says:

        Prince Maximilian isn’t Danish, but from Lichtenstein, and the family was anything but happy about it, as I remember, and were not too welcoming to Pss. Angela.

        Prince Joachim of Denmark married a half-English, half-Asian woman, an investment broker, highly educated, good family; they had two kids, are now divorced and he is now married to a pretty French girl who is the spitting image of his brother’s Australian wife – they even have the same name and their birthdays are only a day or two apart. I always thought it was weird. The newer younger French wife isn’t half as educated as the first wife, but kind of bummed around until she hooked the second son of the Queen of Denmark. The first wife learned fluent Danish very quickly and was greatly accepted and respected by the Danes and Joachim’s family. No clue how they view the second wife.

        Princess Grace was an Oscar winning A-list actress from a wealthy, deeply Catholic, socially prominent family, still in her twenties, and a beautiful blonde. Nothing against Markle personally, but she’s a D-List actress soon to be on the shady side of 35, and Monaco isn’t Great Britain. (As Noel Coward once said of Monaco, “A sunny place for shady people.”)

        Lord Weymouth, from what I understand, did get quite a bit of heat for his marriage from the family.

        I just don’t think Harry and MM will come in for much heat on the racial stuff except from hard core BNP types and maybe the older generation. He is already fifth in line, you can barely tell MM is biracial unless you look closely and think about it, and they’ll all probably think it works for them as representing the new multicultural Britain. If he were the Heir, people might care more, but I don’t think they care on Harry’s behalf. My guess is what they will see as a problem is a clearly dodgy family, and her actress past (Pss. Grace never took off her clothes on screen for love scenes), there is always the fear of potential for blackmail.

        But I really don’t think there will heat for the racial issue.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Grace Kelly was also known to have affairs with her leading men, married or otherwise, and with her couturier. Love match or marriage of convenience for one of the most famous women in the world at the time?

        Angela has a title from the marriage, her husband and son remain in the succession, they attend family events. How is that not being welcomed? One Habsburg is married to an African-American woman, another is married to a Sudanese woman. Neither of them have been shunned by their families.

        Marie didn’t accomplish much in the way of a career, but she speaks 5 languages, which seems like a big accomplishment to me. Alexandra was really popular at the time of the marriage with Joachim. Now she’s increasingly unpopular, especially as she still receives an allowance from the state instead of her husband paying alimony.

        Don’t dip a toe into the DM, because there are plenty of racist comments about Meghan Markle on there all the time.

      • Lana 234 says:

        @bitsy I was surprised the British royal family would be okay with Harry dating a biracial woman and American at that simply because I like many people perceive them to racist. To be honest I personally feel their ok with it because her skin isn’t dark and she wears her hair straight so she doesn’t look too ethnic

      • LAK says:

        Lana234: The public has made and continues to make assumptions about the royal family and insists said assumptions must be true when the reality is quite different and those assumptions say more about the public than the family.

        For your particular colourism assuption, the Queen gave permission to one of her cousins to marry a dark skinned Nigerian lady in 1999. Marriage still going strong. No objection whatsoever to the marriage.

        One of the Kent children dated a darker-than-Dev-Patel Asian man for several years in the 00s. The kents gave public quotes of disappointment that it didn’t end in marriage because they loved him. He was welcomed to the family and to all events.

        Since 2004, one of the Gloucester daughters is married to a Maori man who is darker skinned than MM. Their babies clearly favour their father in skin tone and ethnicity.

        All were/ are welcomed to royal family events and parades and play.

        The cry used to be that the royal family would never accept MM because she’s not white, and now the goalposts have moved to colourism. Seriously.

      • PrincessK says:

        What is wrong with white people marrying black people? Why did people find it so shocking? If Harry had chosen a dark skinned woman there would have been an uproar , can anyone tell me why people are nervous , irritated , repulsed….I don’t know…by skin colour that is not white? What do they think will happen?

    • ell says:

      it’s not a showmance, but she’s just as vapid as the lot of them.

      • Andrea says:

        If she is vapid, the definition must have changed. I’ve never heard of her being a clueless airhead. Intelligent, well traveled articulate yes, but never vapid

      • LP says:

        @ell receipts please??

      • ell says:

        are you serious? i don’t think any highly of the royal family, in fact as a brit i rather loathe them so i’m not a jealous harry stan. i really wouldn’t call this woman either well travelled or intelligent, all the pr around her is absolutely nagl e.g. she’s gonna stop acting so she can do… what exactly? marry in the royal family and live off my hard earned money? even this story, her concern over what she wears is rather vapid.

        i don’t think it’s the definition of vapid that’s changed, just some of you have very low standards lol.

      • bonobchick says:

        @ell : Receipts of her being vapid, pls.

        Cause I haven’t seen anything suggesting nor showing that. Quite the opposite, in fact. So wondering where this opinion is being sourced from.

      • Merritt says:


        Evidence of her being vapid? Because it seems like you pulled that opinion out of tumblr’s derriere.

        Meghan graduated from Northwestern University, which is a prestigious university. She has spoken on racism and sexism.

        So your dislike of her is based on your own issues and not on anything she has done.


        @ELL, so…she’s dumb and vapid because she might marry into the royal family? As for this article, are there direct quotes from Meghan or her publicist that I’m missing? How are you so sure that E! isn’t just making shit up as gossip websites tend to do? For someone with such high intellectual standards, you seem to be putting a lot of stock on the credibility of tabloid media.

      • ell says:

        you lot of stans are ridiculous:

        1- i’ve never said i have high intellectual standards, just that she’s vapid like the family she’s attached herself to.

        2- lmao, literally TONS of people have degrees from prestigious university, and they still manage to be the worst. just some: george w bush, james franco, our current prime minister, a woman who’s incredibly small minded and xenophobic to say the least, got her degree in oxford. need i go on? i don’t even know what to say to people who still think that having a degree makes you smart or means you can’t be vapid. also you can be both intelligent AND vapid. fancy that!

        3- again, you lot in the US do not get to tell us brits what we can and cannot think of the RF and their entourage. when you start paying them as much as we do you might get a say, until then sayonara and vaya con dios.


        @ELL, Meghan isn’t a member of the royal family and you aren’t financing her lifestyle, so by your own standards you can’t have a say either. When YOU start paying for her, you might get a say.

      • ell says:

        actually i am financing her lifestyle, since i highly doubt she’s paying for everything herself when she’s in harry’s company. also, she’s already announced she’s giving up her job to do nothing like the rest of RF.

        try again.


        You highly doubt, in other words, you have no clue and you’re making assumptions. Sorry, but if you expect us to defer to you & other Brits when it comes to opinions about Meghan you’re gonna have to do a lot better than that. She didn’t announce she was quitting her job become a royal.

      • ell says:

        you need to start reading what i write, or just stop arguing for the sake of stanning.

        i never said you need to defer to me or anyone. i said that you people in the US don’t get to tell me, a brit, not to be critical of the RF and the people they associate with, as much as i wouldn’t dream to tell you in the US what to think about stuff that isn’t in my country and i know nothing about. it’s really not a very hard concept, is it.

        and she did say she was gonna quit, all that stuff that came out was her PR.


        But who exactly is telling you can’t be critical of the RF? No one said anything about the rf. You called an American woc who’s a private citizen dumb & vapid, people disagreed with you or asked you to back up your claim.

        I’m a black African from a former colony, I have no warm & fuzzy feelings for Britain or your inbred scroungers. Criticise them all you like.

      • morrigan says:

        No ell, Meghan NEVER said she was going to quit to become a Royal. She has said she’s been thinking of leaving acting to focus fulltime on her philanthropy work – as she said this back in 2015 a year BEFORE she met Harry. The ONLY things she’s quit are her lifestyle blog and her clothing line, and she never said she was giving those up to become Royal either. That’s what people are assuming, but she, personally, has never said ANYTHING about becoming a Royal. And all her PR has said is she quit those things to focus fulltime on acting and philanthropy – never once mentioning anything about her becoming Royal.

        It never ceases to amaze me how people like you are content to judge people based on false information – and things you just wish were true – instead of what actually IS true. You are judging this woman based on who she’s dating, not on anything she’s actually done with her life BEFORE she’d met PH. She may be on the D-list, but she’s at least been on and part of a successful TV show for 7 years now, which is more than 95% of actors in Hollywood ever get. She’s gotten TWO degrees from a top ranked university, interned at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, given speeches at the UN as a UN Women’s advocate, and is a member of World Vision Canada. All of this BEFORE she ever met PH and started dating him. But you’re content to judge her based on that ONE thing. YOU want to talk about vapid and shallow?

      • Merritt says:


        You are just mad that you got called out on your choice of words and are now creating new meanings because you can’t admit that you were wrong.
        There is no evidence that Meghan bought her way into Northwestern, unlike some of the people you listed to compare her to.

        She never announced she was giving up her job. And unless she becomes engaged to Harry, she won’t be.

        Also, a lot of the stuff that is being printed does not seem like it is from her PR. It sounds like tabloid writers who are inventing nonsense.

      • morrigan says:

        Well said @Merritt.

        Honestly, the idea that a biracial girl from the San Fernando Valley could ever buy her way into Northwestern is so incredibly laughable and stupid, I would think the person was either joking or a troll for suggesting it. Her mother is a social worker and her father was a cinematographer. George W. Bush is part of a family that has a long history of being part of the political elite in the US. His grandfather was a Senator, and his father, George H.W. Bush, was Director of the CIA for goodness sake, long before he became VP and then POTUS. The two are so far removed from each other it’s ridiculous.

        This whole idea reads like Trump and other right-wingers forever hounding Obama about his birth certificate and Columbia/Harvard transcripts. The most Meghan likely got out of any networking contacts she made when she was young was some awesome letters of recommendation when she applied to college, and that’s it.

      • ell says:

        ‘You are just mad that you got called out on your choice of words and are now creating new meanings because you can’t admit that you were wrong.’

        lol no i’m not, and it kinda pains me i can’t convey how little i care about any of this. nothing changed, her pr is super vapid, and her choices in the people she associates with are really telling. soon enough i’m probably gonna have to fund her lifestyle too, full time, so really give it up.

        @morrigan, as i’ve said about a million times i’m british and not american, so you don’t get to lump me with the trump lot in your country. at least keep it relevant. also reading is important, i made more than one example other than bush, one was a british person.

      • morrigan says:


        No this is about Meghan. I don’t give a f— if you’re British, you act like someone with these inane arguments you’re making – no matter what country they’re from – I’m going to say it. And in trying to paint Meghan as someone who bought her way into college via privilege, with absolutely no proof on your end, you are acting exactly like the same people – including Trump – who accuse Obama of the same things with no proof. This isn’t some BS “balance” thing. I don’t care if you used a Brit and an American in you so-called example. So what? Like I said, this is about Meghan, and your so-called balanced example was flawed wrt to her, full of absolutely no proof and inane logic.

        Anyway, Meghan is an AMERICAN woman who went to AMERICAN schools and went to college in the AMERICAN university system. I’m American. I know how the system of privilege works over here. (Especially WRT the university system). You, clearly, don’t. So as I said, your argument how she got into school was laughable and stupid.

        And so is your “people she associates with” comment as well. (Which also is part of the right-wing talking points thing). You don’t personally know any of the people she associates with. Meghan is good friends with Serena Williams. Does that make Serena – one of the greatest tennis players of all time – vapid in your eyes as well? Hell, as far as the Royal Family goes, the only person she has a close relationship with is Harry. You don’t like him? Fine. You don’t like her? Fine. But don’t dare call her vapid when you have no evidence to back it up based on the things she’s actually done with her life. Because all your arguments are just as vapid and shallow as you keep trying to claim she is.

      • Merritt says:


        You keep getting caught in lies. And you also keep making up your own definitions of what words mean.

      • ernie says:


        Wait though, are you British?

    • Original T.C. says:

      I think we frequently confuse having a type to mean the same as being exclusive to one type ONLY. So we don’t trust a relationship to last if the woman is outside of a guy’s usual type. Human beings are complicated.

  2. LAK says:

    As long as she stays away from Erdem, McQueen, Jenny Packham and Temperley she will be fine. Those are Kate’s go-to labels. And dolce and Gabbana lace dresses.

    • detritus says:

      No buttons, no lace, no flouncy skirts and Meghan will never look like Kate.
      She’s going to pull attention no matter what, she’s the new girl to that set.

      • Clare says:

        No ill fitting coat dresses.

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        Meghan brought the buttons to the polo match. And a clutch bag. She looked lovely, but let’s not kid ourselves, it was a look Kate might have easily worn.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Meghan has worn both Erdem and D&G and looked way better than Waity. I think she’ll go for an American or Canadian designer.

      Meghan would outclass both the Middleton sisters even if she turns up in a black bin bag and crocs.

      It pleases me to read that Harry pushed for Meghan to be his plus 1 – shows that Pippa wasn’t being gracious after all.

      • Polly says:

        Meghan’s Erdem was just as ugly as Kate’s. From what I’ve seen, her style is a bit hit and miss, just like Kate’s. She’s worn some pretty ugly dresses, but I quite like her casual looks. If she marries Hazza she’ll be dressing in bland frock coats, ugly fascinators and nude shoes soon enough, lol.

      • LAK says:

        Bland frocks, fascinators and nude heels are Kate’s style choices. It’s not a requirement to dress that way as a royal.

    • CynicalCeleste says:

      Two things:
      1 – Is Kate not expected to be in the bridal party? If so, her outfit is likely bespoke and determined ages ago.
      2 – If Meghan’s goal is truly to reduce attention, she will wear a repeat. But that is unlikely. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
      Conclusion: all these pre-wedding stories are bunk.

      • notasugarhere says:

        One of the many spin articles we got – whether from the Midds or from the press making things up – was that Kate Middleton was not in the bridal party. The maid of honor is said to be Pippa’s best friend, not her older sister. She didn’t want to draw attention away from her little sister was one story. This was the same time we got the hilarious story that nobody needed to bring their nanny – because KM is going to babysit all of the guests’ kids during the ceremony and reception.

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        Thanks nota, I missed that round. So much frenzy.

  3. susanne says:

    My most fervent hope is that Meghan will be style everything and humanitarian everything. I could use fashion pr0n to get me through the next few years. And to have a new generation of royals be everything they could be? How uplifting would that be?

    • vixi says:

      You mean like Amal Clooney?! lol

    • Melly says:

      I hope Meghan goes to this wedding looking stylish and on point. I don’t want her to water down her style because she doesn’t want to offend Waity. I secretly want Meghan to steal the show. It shouldn’t be too difficult to overshadow Kate & Pippa, 1) Wear appropriate dress, 2) Have dress properly tailored, 3) Accessorize look with appropriate jewelry, 4) Wear hair in a style that complements the outfit.

      • LAB says:

        Don’t forget 5) wear nice shoes that go with the outfit that aren’t nude LK Bennetts or wedges

      • Melly says:

        Good point LAB! If she follows those 5 rules she’ll have no trouble overshadowing the Duchess of Dolittle. From what I’ve seen of Meghan (admittedly, it’s been very little) her style is pretty on point. She always looks well put together and event appropriate.

      • Sarah says:

        I don’t get why anyone wants the bride overshadowed by an actress from a cable show most of us never even heard of 8 months ago. I mean, I don’t want any bride overshadowed but I don’t get the Meghan worship. She seems bright and pleasant but she sure seems to be falling into the younger generation’ version of the BRF: nice clothes, polo matches, weddings but not doing much charitable work anymore, is she?
        She will fit right in with Kate and Wills and Harry, all of whom are Dolittles.

      • bluhare says:

        Right now I think she’s filming her TV series, and seeing Harry when she can get away. So at least she has a job. Obviously, she’ll be stopping that if she gets with Harry permanently, but I’m not shading her because she has a job, ran a lifestyle blog until she recently shut it down, and writes op-eds for magazines.

      • Elaine says:

        @Sarah, Meghan just got back from a charitable trip to India for World Vision. She then wrote an article in Time magazine about her experiences. Quite a lot of charity for a woman, unlike the BRF, is employed full time.

      • Wendy says:

        I think it says much more that you actually hope someone is overshadowed on their wedding day…for what? Gossip? Ok.

  4. jeanne says:

    i have a feeling kate is going to look very mother of the bridey. because she always does.

    • Jennifer says:

      I think she’ll emulate how Carole looked at her own wedding. Baby blue, bespoke, blah blah. Carole in baby pink to be RADICAL *rolls eyes outta my head*

      Meghan will kick their asses, sartorially speaking.

      FWIW, Harry’s not so secret instagram tag line “hopes for rain”… is he over the Middleton Mafia wedding too?

  5. Andrea says:

    Meghan.. Don’t Go

    • Olenna says:

      LOL! I kinda wish she’d stay away, too. Ma and Pips don’t deserve the added attention they’re getting for putting on this high society circus.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Are they even engaged? Isn’t she getting ahead of herself? Is insulting Kate the best thing to do right now?

      • Maria says:

        Kate went to plenty of weddings when she was only the gf. Duke of Gloucester’s daughter’s wedding in 2008 and to Peter Phillips’s wedding also in 2008. Solo both times. At the Phillips’s wedding she went with Chelsey who was with Harry. Chelsey was also at the Cambridges’ wedding. I don’t think Meghan is getting ahead of herself. And this is NOT a royal wedding. And how is this insulting to Kate?

      • Melly says:

        Kate insulted herself by waiting 10 years to marry Prince A$$ Clown. No one can degrade that woman more than she has degraded herself.

      • Ankhel says:

        Well, that made me feel great about my upcoming wedding to my boyfriend of twelve years. 😂

      • graymatters says:

        Did you put your life on hold for those years? Did you forgo a career, taking on less than a year of part-time work in that time? Did you ignore charities until your boyfriend’s granny commented on the lack but then drop out as soon as possible (at great inconvenience to others)?

        Waiting to marry a college boyfriend is fine. A lot of people don’t marry in their 20′s because they’re still figuring out the whole career/community/adult thing. Kate didn’t. She just waited for Will to propose. Hence the nickname WaityKatie.

      • Spiderpigg says:

        How is she insulting Kate? Some tabloid fanfic writer made up some silly nonsense about her wanting to behave with what most people would consider normal good manners? That’s a story?

      • Merritt says:

        Pippa didn’t have to invite Harry. He is not related to her and it is unclear if they are friends. Once he was invited it became unfair to him to expect him to third wheel at a wedding.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes, I would be so pleased if Meghan and Harry stay away, it seems that the Middleton’s are banking on them being there because it will sell more copies of Hello and Ok if they are. I am sure a lot of money is riding on their presence at the wedding. I don’t know why Harry and Meghan want to allow themselves to be used like this,unless it suits there own agenda going forward.

  6. Flufff says:

    This article screams fake. Like 99% of the Royal articles in American tabloids. They know Royals sell so the journalists (I use the term lightly) come up with ever more inventive fanfiction. This particular article is inoffensive trivia but it is clearly made up.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Yeah, I think it is fake too! It isn’t “investigative reporting” to guess that a guest doesn’t want to upstage the bride and wedding party in general or her probable future in-laws. It is just good manners.
      I do think she and Harry will garner lots of attention and I am here for it but I expect decorum. I’m certain everything will be lovely. I hope Meghan gets along with all and a basis for future bonds are formed. That is always lovely to see in extended family.

    • Suze says:

      Other than the fact of their relationship, and her probable attendance at the wedding, nothing about this rings true. I could have written it sitting at my desk here at work.

  7. Maria F. says:

    Did Jessica Mulroney commission this article ? – ‘she is a fantastic stylist’ GTFO

    Recently all the info comes via E-online…seems to be the mouthpiece for MM in the US.

    • PIa says:

      RIGHT?! I mean, Meghan’s PR really needs to step up. First the “darling of TO” quote, and now this Jessica Mulroney nonsense!

    • Jaded says:

      God I loath the mulroneys! Jessica is only “stylish” because she can afford to buy high end pieces but there is nothing unique or daring about her style. I like MM but her friendship with the Mulroneys makes me wonder.

      • Citresse says:

        Yes, Jaded, I understand your comment one hundred percent. The book titled: On the Take by Stevie Cameron comes to mind.

  8. Karen says:

    Meh. The same princess role out everytime. I’m tired of the articles of Meghan being the great hope for something interesting in this family. The sparkle before doesn’t matter, because once you’re in you follow the grey men’s rules. And as Philip retires I thought the Queen wanted the youngsters you focus less on their own charity projects and more on state-matters. Protocol, ribbon cutting, plaque unveiling, and balcony waving gets old quick. And just as Harry’s projects aren’t promoted or counted to make William look better, the same will go for Megan for Kate’s numbers.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I finally watched a Meghan Markle video for God Housekeeping on this site and I could very much see what Harry sees in her. IMO, she was far more attractive in motion and full of personality. I did google her and her first husband. I was surprised at the age gap, length of the marriage, and relative unattractiveness of the original groom, of course that isn’t everything. That did give me pause but I guess he could have been a starter husband.
      She and Harry so seem to have a great deal in common and I want to like them together. I’m sure we will find out more about her and see more interaction as their relationship progresses (publically). I do think they may already be engaged.

    • Lady D says:

      Their numbers might be different, but the general public will see who is doing what. If H&M show 3 times a week, while W&K continue to show once every 3 weeks, the numbers aren’t going to matter.

  9. Kate says:

    So I just looked and these two (Meghan and Kate) are the SAME AGE. Yikes.
    I think Meghan is gorgeous and her career lends itself well to being comfortable in the spotlight/at public events. I wish her well.

  10. ncboudicca says:

    Dear Lord, she could wear a potato sack and orthopedic shoes and still look more stylish than the Middletons.

  11. Nicole says:

    I’m rolling my eyes so hard at this story

  12. PettyRiperton says:

    Unless Meghan forgets how to dress or someone kidnaps her stylist I highly doubt she and Kate will have on anything similar.

    I’m one of those who don’t care about Marcia Brady Middleton’s wedding I’m just want to see what Meghan is wearing. I’m sure I’m not alone or otherwise it wouldn’t be such a big deal that Meghan is going.

    Meghan’s PR game strong she got E in her corner. Which could be valuable for Harry since he has none and he relies on big bro’s team.

  13. Talie says:

    I worry about her with Kate — who I don’t think is going to be helpful to her at all. I just hope she can form a bond with Camilla or Sophie. I think she’ll be more open in that way — she’ll need some good mentors.

    • Natalie S says:

      It would be great if Elizabeth, Sophie and Meghan became friends and went riding together.

      After marriage, Meghan is going to show up to the Sandringham Christmas and the Boxing Day Shoot and all the Windsor festivities throughout the year. It will be interesting to see how the Cambridges react.

      • Lady D says:

        W&K must have expected Harry to marry sooner or later. Did they expect him to stay single his whole life, or is the idea that Harry marry someone they approve of? Someone who won’t outshine Kate.

    • notasugarhere says:

      If they marry, she’d be smart to look to Sophie, Duchess of Gloucester, and Lady Sarah Chatto. And to make friends with other “second tier” royal women like Marie of Denmark, Madeleine of Sweden, Mabel of The Netherlands, Martha Louise of Norway (angels and all).

      Whomever marries Harry will end up as a working royal; their kids never will be. Seeking advice on how to raise them as members of the family but private citizens would be a good idea.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Notasugarhere – I like your idea of Lady Sarah! She is artistic, cool, I am sure they would get on. Seeing her with Mark Dwyer’s American wife, she can definitely help her find her way. I think the Scandinavian royals would be great to her too.

        Talie – I wonder how Kate might be as well, she could just put things off to the last minute to tell Meghan or have that ‘competitive sporty streak’ in her that won’t want her to upstage her. Where is Kate channeling the competitive edge now that she ‘won’ William and has her two kids?

      • PrincessK says:

        Why should Meghan and Harry’s kids be private citizens? I want them to have all the titles and trappings of British royalty.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        It is wong of us to think Prince Harry Meg kids would be non working royals – the children would be in the same position as Princess Elizabeth – during a King Charles rein.

        I am with PrincessK – full titles and all that is royalty. Especially with ALL the middletons abuse of the entitlements with status!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Here’s how I understand it. Harry’s kids would have lord and lady titles if HM was still monarch at the time. If she wanted them to be prince or princess, she’d have to issue special Letters Patent to that effect, as she did for W&K’s kids.

        If Charles was monarch when the kids were born, they’d automatically get prince and princess titles, unless someone (Harry, Charles) decided otherwise. See Louise and James, who are lady and lord but by rights are princess and prince, because of requests from Edward and Sophie. Anne’s kids do not have titles because titles do not pass through the female line *plus* her husband refused a title.

        Regardless of titles, Harry’s kids won’t be working royals. If the rumored slim-down plan is true, when Charles is king the working royals will be Charles, Camilla, W&K, Harry & Spouse. Only W&K’s would become working royals for the generation after that, and maybe only their eldest if they follow the lead of some other monarchies.

    • MinnFinn says:

      I just read somewhere that Meghan is friendly with Beatrice. If true, it makes sense because I think Harry is pretty close to B and E.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        Both brothers were close to the York Princesses but William has fallen away from them because they and Waity don’t like each other. There is bad blood between the Wisteria sisters and the York sisters. They used to be close to Zara and Peter Phillips but not sure know – i believe it was William who introduced Zara to Mike Tindell.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Prince Harry introduced Zara and Mike in a bar in Sydney in 2003.

  14. Hem weights. There. Fixed that for ya, Meg.

  15. lilacmagnolia says:

    If we’re being honest here,even the Queen is more Fashionable than Kate but I hope Meghan wears something long.Either way,She will overshadow all guest there.

    • Flufff says:

      Haha, it’s bad when you’re getting outshone by an 80-something.

      The Queen has epic fashion, I loved that neon green number (for her birthday maybe?).

      • Erinn says:

        *90 something – even worse.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        **++90 something! and who brings a smile to our faces – the joy in her colours whenever she is out.

        Is HM designer – Angela Kelley an OBE or similar – since beckham was given a royal award?

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Very true, the Queen is more stylish.

  16. Crumpet says:

    Why would one want to look less long waisted? I am short waisted, and have always envied women with a long lean torso, so perhaps I’m missing the point.

    At any rate, Megan will outshine both women, I’m afraid – she is just that beautiful. I can’t wait to see what she wears. Will she wear a hat? Is that a must for an English wedding, or just Church?

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah, I have a long torso, I don’t mind. I feel I can gain more weight and it’s not as noticeable.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Maybe she just isn’t bothering to get her dresses fitted? Its more work to have a seamstress take things in, she’d have to get dressed in advance? I don’t get it, I have to go with she is doing the laziest thing because that is her MO.

    • seesittellsit says:

      I agree, I think that’s just an attempt to diminish one of Kate’s best points – her really tiny waist, flowing into what I think of as a very English sort of racehorse look. Everything above the waist is boring, though.

    • Alexandria says:

      I love my long torso cos I have short legs! Anyway I don’t comment on Kate’s looks or height. But her style and work ethic are open season.

  17. Lainey says:

    Meghan could wear the most bland thing on the planet and she’ll upstage them because she’s the shiny new thing. Her simply arriving at the wedding will be enough to upstage the Middleton’s. They’re old news these days. And we’re getting so much news about this wedding because Pips hired the Beckham’s PR guy.

  18. seesittellsit says:

    My guess is that MM will make herself look as much like someone who “belongs” there as possible, an elegant suit or coat-dress and hat for the church. I actually like Kate’s figure, it must be admitted that she has a really tiny waist, however high it is, and long great legs. Her shoulders and bosom are indifferent, but the waist and legs are great.

    The thing is, the frenzy over MM won’t be about her clothes, but what her presence there means. So it’s either a win-win for the Middletons, or a lose-lose, depending on your point of view: more attention, or the wrong kind of attention focused elsewhere than the bride.

    Pippa looks so ridiculously worked out I do hope her wedding dress has sleeves, the last photo I saw of her arms were horrifying.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      I think for the Mids it will be a mixed bag. They will get the PR that they have been desperate for but it won’t be because people want to read about Pippa but because the want to see photo’s of Harry and his GF.

      The Middletons refuse to acknowledge that NO ONE is interested in them but still they keep shoving themselves in our faces, fronting like they have arrived and therefore we must give them our attention and deference because they are the boss of 2 future Kings – we must kneel to them.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        Why are the Midd women so intent on pushing themselves as some kind of cultural icons? Pips destroyed any credibility with her horrible writing skills and vapid book. She is intent on improving her looks, but to the point that she looks horribly plastic. The public mocks her without mercy the more she tries to force herself into the public consciousness.

        The only thing I can posit is that the Midds wouldn’t know real talent, beauty or achievement if it ran them down like a Mack truck. They must be incredibly cut off from reality. They know hair salons, online shopping sites and what they tell one another about their self perceived fabness. Really, really pathetic.

    • Suze says:

      Kate does have a great figure for clothes, but her legs, while fantastic, are not long. She has a long torso, shorter limbs. Same for Carole and Pippa.

      Which Is fine. Lots of long torsoed women wear clothes beautifully.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      I totally agree! Her style sense regal carriage is just a BONUS.

      The fact Meghan WORKS. care about others less fortunate (not just taking tax payers funded millions and luxury entitlements for in laws and family of.4+). But she works at making a difference, and “be.the change we want to see in the world” (MM, The Tig) – like so many of us; gives great hope for a sparkling future with Prince/ess Henry Line and another duty bound hardworking royal for the people of GB UK CW from the BRF.

  19. SBS says:

    It’s a little bit sad how much of Kate’s worth is put into how she dresses. Complaining about her lack of work I get, but not really complaining about her clothes.

  20. Cordelia says:

    Anyone else think she looks a bit like Pippa?

    • Maria says:

      I think she looks a bit like Pippa. I don’t think Pippa and Kate look alike. To me Kate looks like her Mom and Pippa like her Dad.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      No. At first blush some mat – a second look and from Meghan photos she is sparkling! feminine. Intelligence humility, caring, friendly approachable, professional and more oozing. All those inner beauty come through and make us that more beautiful and then some.

  21. scar says:

    I don’t like Meghan. There I said it.

    • Jennifer says:

      That’s ok. She may not care for you either.

      • ell says:

        i’m sure she cares a lot about you wasting time defending her though lmao

      • notasugarhere says:

        As I’ve written before, I’m not a fan of hers, I don’t watch the show. W&K have had 15 + years to do better, and they’ve earned the criticism leveled at them. This woman? Her “sin” is dating a man other people want. I defend MM because of the truly outrageous behavior going on around her.

        What is being thrown at Meghan Markle is the worst I’ve ever seen in all of my royal watching. If she can use her media savvy to deal with that, more power to her. One of her most obsessed critics? A senior citizen living in a retirees-only trailer park in Florida, who loves that all the unhappy fangirls believe every lie she spins on tumblr. How pathetic is that?

        Someone who runs a Camilla fan blog was told by one of Camilla’s staff that she knows about the site and appreciates it. Royals are aware of the negative, and many of them are also aware of the positive.

      • scar says:

        Good if she doesn’t. I’m from Nigeria. My country was colonized by the royal family. We only gained independence 56 years ago. I don’t like Meghan not because she’s dating a man other people want. If you recall, i am a black woman and my black ass have never found the ginger balding prince attractive for any reason. White guys are not my type if I’m painting a broader picture.
        Now why I don’t like her; nothing much. Same way anyone can comment on any post if they like or dislike someone being talked about. Yeah that way. And you know what, This is celebitchy. I don’t have to like your favorite girl. Its allowed. Get over it.
        Also the constant comparisons with Do-Nothing Middleton on this site is stupid. But I’ve chosen to dislike them both. Equally. Now stop going around challenging people who don’t like this chick

      • Mimi says:

        This is the same reason I defend her–because I believe she is being unfairly slandered by racists who hate her solely because she is messing up their wet dreams about Prince Harry.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She’s not my “favorite”, and if she and Harry marry, she won’t be my favorite married-in royal. Dislike whomever you choose and shout it from the rooftops. My point remains. Much of what has been thrown at her is being fueled by unhappy fangirls and racists, in royal fandoms and elsewhere. The same ones who attacked Cressida when they were dating, because some attack anyone he dates. Only this time around it seems more serious and the attacks have ratcheted up. Add in the racist trolls and it is a whole new ballgame.

        The comparisons between two women dating (and possibly marrying) two royal brothers are valid. Whomever Harry marries will end up being part of the working royal family, a job that Kate Middleton has failed at for the last 6 years. If Harry marries someone who does well at the job, that would be a good thing IMO. Not because it would re-verify how poorly Kate Middleton does this job, but because the taxpayers deserve it.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        Some of these haters could be a part of camp middleton PR, to make up for waity decade stalking drunken clubbing – underwear display to get wm’s attention.

        The small difference is – this relationship is from both sides – Prince Harry seek MM is in charge, and both has invested a great deal of love care time, from the reports and the minimal photos. And she did win in love without mum/her family hunting a title – (talk about fairytales when we need one).

    • scar says:

      No Mimi, no racism here. I’m even darker than her. Some people just don’t like her. Some people don’t like Jennifer Lawrence, Aniston, Jolie, Beyonce if you doubt me take a look at some of their posts. If you defend aniston you’d get reminded that this is not celefawny but celebitchy. Im sure Meghan is not bothered so why should you be. She won’t even see this comment! Why are some of y’all so pressed that not everyone will like her? And its silly to claim racism anytime you see someone not talking about how her farts smell like roses. Some of us get to deal with racism in the real world. I bet you’ve never encountered that. If you want to fight racism on her behalf, join the next Black Lives Matter march. Also understand that not everyone will like her and its not about her skin colour in fact that gives her a little pass because I’m not about to be outchea slandering a sista getting her coins and sticking it to the crackers. I just don’t like her. There are celebs you just don’t like. It happens

      • notasugarhere says:

        Racism is alive and well in some parts of the royal fandom. They’re still going after Maria-Teresa of Luxembourg for being Cuban, and some go after Meghan Markle for being bi-racial. You’re welcome not to like her, but to ignore that racism is alive and well and is the reason why some people dislike her? Doesn’t make sense.

      • Spiderpigg says:

        I guess I just don’t understand why someone’s dislike of a minor actress they’ve never even met would be so strong they’d be willing to align themselves with racists and jealous stans.

        There are loads of celebs I don’t especially like but I’ve never felt moved to track down articles about them (especially on blogs I don’t usually post on) just to inform a bunch of strangers how much I dislike them.

      • ell says:

        ‘There are loads of celebs I don’t especially like but I’ve never felt moved to track down articles about them (especially on blogs I don’t usually post on) just to inform a bunch of strangers how much I dislike them.’

        it’s not a fansite. so if me or anyone is feeling particularly petty, i don’t see why not. it’s a gossip site after all.

        also, idk about anyone else, but as a brit i get to whine and moan for as long as i like about the RF, since they literally leech off my money.

      • morrigan says:

        I don’t like Jennifer Lawrence. And I’m not talking about her acting, I mean HER as a person. But here’s the thing: it was because of her ACTIONS as a person that I began to dislike her. Not because of her race, and definitely not because of who she was dating, or ever dated.

        Yeah, gasp, shock. I try to judge people by their actions and what they do. And, so far, nothing Meghan has done has given me any reason to dislike her. IMO she’s done pretty damn well for herself before she met PH, and is navigating the circus that goes with being with someone like him pretty well too. Especially given the undue and racist hate that’s been directed at her since the news came out. So yeah, if I think people are being shady about her based on hearsay or nothing at all, then damn right I’ll question their motives and defend her.

        Because at least I have real receipts to back up my dislike for Jennifer Lawrence, based on things that she has actually said and done. The hate for Meghan just seems to come from a bunch of vapid, shallow and even downright false reasons (some of which are just used to cover up the real, ugly reasons for the hate).

    • scar says:

      When I say “no racism here” I mean in my comment. Where did I deny that there is racism in the world. I actually got the sideeye in a shop today. I am talking about myself because if you look well, someone came under my comment because I didn’t like Meghan. Some people don’t like her eg Me and its a stretch to claim its out of racism immediately someone doesn’t fawn. Jeez Louise

  22. Margo S. says:

    Meghan is so cool and beautiful. I cant even stand it. The middletons… just no. So fake. Zero style. Scouse brows. I’m sorry to hate but it’s just how I feel.

  23. fiorucci says:

    Yeah I feel soooooo sorry for kate and her hideous waist. I’m sure NOONE would want to trade bodies with her right? Seriously though , I would love to be that thin and I’d happily take the proportions, length of legs etc! As noted yesterday other royals and Jackie o also have/had “long waists”…. i guess though, girls and women need another thing to be insecure about which is impossible to change

  24. Suzanne says:

    She knows what she’s signing on for…and the life she’ll get will be under a microscope with Queen Mummy sitting behind the looking glass. OZ ain’t all its cracked up to be. Forewarned is forearmed.

  25. lunchcoma says:

    How many articles are there going to be about what this woman will be wearing to someone else’s wedding? It comes off as being thirsty as hell.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It comes off as the media being desperate to publish anything they can make up, since these two are so good at hiding from the press. I think that’s part of why she shut down her website; to stop the media dragging up old stuff on there and republishing it.

    • bonobchick says:

      @Abby Rose, where in that link does it state that MM/her publicist is giving the info to the press? Granted, I read it quickly but didn’t see the article specify that tidbit.

      • Bea says:

        Ah, those with the greatest contempt for Meghan’s existence have been getting their life from that article since last week. When I say life I mean their overactive imagination life.

  26. ell says:

    for all her pr about charity, being connected, working etc, she sounds super dumb. not surprising, i mean the royals aren’t exactly clever either, they never had to be because privilege.

    • Maria says:

      For someone who is super dumb, she did very well to be accepted into one of the top US universities and to graduate.

      • scar says:

        George Bush graduated from a top university too. The former president of my country had a PhD and was stupid as hell. Now I don’t think Meghan is dumb, far from it. But you won’t have me out here caping for her while she marries into that family.
        It has naught to do with race (I’m blackity black), who she is dating (seriously people that guy is not attractive at all) but its laughable when y’all upload her as this standard because i don’t understand. You say one thing not in favour of the girl and everyone jumps on your damn throat. Scenes when she becomes besties with Do-Nothing Kate and y’all choke on your tears. Personally they can all choke, the entire RF

      • ell says:

        you lot in the US, who don’t pay a single penny out of your own pockets to the royal family, do not get to tell us brits whether we should be or not be critical of them and their entourage.

        @scar +1

      • HappyMom says:

        @scar-George Bush graduated from an Ivy because he was from a wealthy and well connected family-and his father, and grandfathers went there. That’s not remotely the same thing as a middle class girl from the Valley getting into Northwestern. Sorry to burst your bubble-but it does say that she’s very smart, and very active. If you don’t have family connections you have to get into those schools on your own merit.

      • ell says:

        being educated and being smart are not the same thing. i can’t believe we still have to explain this in 2017, it’s frankly mind boggling. like, theresa may has a degree from oxford! OXFORD! she’s as xenophobic and close minded as you can get, so you see you can be highly educated and still be the absolute worst (not saying MM is as bad as the prime minister, just that this university argument is just a load of bollocks).

    • morrigan says:

      Well, from the way you write and (try to) debate on this site, you don’t come off as particularly smart either ell. Like I said above, you seem kinda vapid and shallow really. Meghan at least has well written, PUBLISHED essays about relevant topics to her name. (Almost all of them, again, written and published before she met PH).

      So really, your opinion on this topic of her intelligence (and my opinion on her’s and your’s too, truthfully) is all rather subjective on all of this, isn’t it?

      • Karen says:

        El we in the US have to pay for the orange tangerine and separately for his wife (who Can not stand him) and his young son. Way more than wardrobes for the Dutchesses.

        Also Northwestern is an amazing university and Meghan must have been an exceptional student to have been accepted.

        The Royal Family has had many unsuccessful marriages-perhaps these 2 can work? If anyone was hungry to marry into the RF-Kate and her mom were super ambitious. I personally think she is bland and a phoney and lacks the charisma of Princess Diana.

        It is nice to comment but it is their private relationship and whatever will be will be.

  27. JaneDoesWork says:

    I sort of get the feeling that Kate decides what to wear somewhat last minute…. but I also think that since this is her sister’s wedding it was decided awhile back. That said, it would be a totally Middleton move to change her mind at the last minute and make Meghan change.

  28. Heat says:

    Frankly, I’m rather tired of the constant comparisons between Meghan & Kate. Understandably, there would be SOME comparison to styling, etc, but I don’t understand why it feels like people are ‘picking a side’ between the two women, as people.
    I don’t mind Kate’s style; I doubt that it’s entirely up to her what she wears, anyway.
    Meghan may have more choices when it comes to her styling, if she remains with Prince Harry, but that makes sense. Harry isn’t the future king.

    • scar says:

      Lol. Someone is speaking some sense. Honestly i liked this çhick at first but now it feels like im being sold something. Ronaldo vs Messi. Beyoncé vs Rihanna, PAC vs Biggie, Kate vs Meghan. Ayyyy lmaoooo they are not your friends Meghan, they just don’t like Kate and William

      • Bea says:

        Comparisons of the ladies are are unavoidable at this point so we might as well get used to it if Harry and Meghan get married. Who are they that you speak of?

  29. TyrantDestroyed says:

    She will be stealing their thunder because she is by far more interesting than the Wisteria sisters and Lady Carole combined.

    • Cheryl says:

      Not really – people, blogs,magazines, news etc. are obsessed with Kate. The money made off her is amazing. Always has the most comments etc. As for this new royal – she will never be queen so there is just not as much interest. At first for sure because Harry has been single and has not settled down so it is an interesting story. However, once the newness wears off it will be the same comments about her as Kate. Actually she looks alot like Kate same hair color and length, same skin tone, etc. I expected that she will get much the same treatment as Kate about her clothes and hair etc.

      • TyrantDestroyed says:

        I don’t know, Harry is very popular and charismatic and she seems to be very intelligent and involved in social causes. If Kate doesn’t start getting more invested and this woman does probably the people will see her as a more fascinating persona than Dull Kate, title or not title.

      • Erica says:

        I don’t think Kate sells well at all .Most of magazines with Kate on the cover just sit on the shelf, the news tries to sell her but she is just boring.Back in 2011 I worked at a store where we marked down the magazines and DVDs about will and Kate wedding to try to sell it and they still didn’t sell.

      • Natalie S says:

        Kate doesn’t give anything of herself away for people to connect with. No one wants to connect with the Sears catalog.

        It’s going to be interesting watching how Meghan navigates royal life. She’s already shown considerable resourcefulness in creating the good life she has so it’s entirely possible she will “take things in her stride,” but for real this time instead of it being an empty pr line.

      • PrincessK says:

        I think you are wrong, Meghan may never be Queen but if she marries Harry there will be more interest in her than Kate because she is way more interesting from so many angles.

  30. Addison says:

    As long as she doesn’t flash her panties at us I’m good.

  31. JAN says:

    Hope she wears whatever she wants to as the press are way more interested in her than Pippa’s wedding anyways.
    Didnt like her at first in the beginning but I have developed a major girl crush on her.Having read some absolute horrid comments about Her, its got me hoping she doesn’t marry into the BRF,she can do much better than Harry (im sure hes a nice chap and all) without having to sacrifice her freedom,life,friends to live a life in the royal fishbowl where every thing she does,wear and says are constantly going to be dissected but I wish them the best
    Also pointing out that no one is forcing some of you to read about her,you click on articles about her then complain that you are being “sold something” just dont read them,its that simple

  32. vava says:

    It doesn’t really matter what Meghan wears, she’s intelligent and a hard worker – and those two traits make her more beautiful than Kate could ever hope to be.

  33. Call me AL says:

    Did y’all see King Charles III on Masterpiece PBS last night? It was an interesting fictional play depicting an imaginary scenario of what could happen when Charles becomes king, but it gave Kate way too much credit and Charles way too little. Harry did fall in love with a black girl though.

    • PrincessK says:

      Hmmm…is that life imitating art or what?…..or did the writers have an inside track on Harry’s true female preferences

      • morrigan says:

        When King Charles III was being done on the West End and on Broadway, the character of Jesse was played by a white actress. The TV movie made her black probably in a nod to Meghan.

  34. bonobchick says:

    I am curious to see what Meghan wears. I think whatever it is will more interesting than Duchess Kate since D.K doesn’t have much range in what she wears, plus for the bridal party, it will be what Pippa chooses for her to wear, so I doubt the bride will want to be upstaged by her sister (though there’s some some irony in that).

    On a side note, so much saltiness over an innocuous woman dating an ex-military man. The negativity against Meghan won’t change her relationship with Prince Harry one iota since they’re grown and make up their own minds.

    If they’re happy, then cool. It doesn’t change my life but I’m amused by the people who want to malign Meghan for “reasons.” I’m just enjoying the fallout from social media entitlement towards Prince Harry more than anything.

  35. M.A.F. says:

    “American TV princess “- that’s rich. The show is on a network most pass over.

    • Darling says:

      I, for one, dislike Meghan because she ruined Suits for me.

      Years ago, when Suits was still in its first season (and I was still a Kate fan because I didn’t know that she doesn’t wear slips on purpose and finds mutilating children interesting) I wanted to watch the show for outfit ideas.

      But M’s facial expression annoyed me so much that I couldn’t keep watching the show.  To me, she’s like Gal Gadot, who I also think has only one facial expression and can’t convincingly play soft-hearted characters.

      I never bothered to research M because I don’t care who Harry marries.  All I want is for the UK to limit what they pay the Windsors to £250,000 A YEAR PER PERSON.

      I think that’s a reasonable amount for smiling, waving, and shaking hands a few MINUTES every few days (I don’t know if the queen does it everyday, but I know she gets summers off. She can get 500K).

      If M marries Harry, I think she will do more appearances than Kate because being an actress, she knows the value of PR.  But I think that unless stopped, she and Kate will compete in draining the coffers dry.

      I won’t bother to debate with anyone because everyone is entitled to an opinion.  (Even Kate’s fans, who choose to worship a lazy, extravagant, low EQ, low IQ “Can you test the smell by smelling this?” exhibitionist.)

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think there definitely need to be limits, including instituting a cap on security expenses for vacations. I include Harry and his stays in Lesotho too, the costs of which need to be examined. Don’t disallow vacations, but put a limit on how many of those expenses are paid by the taxpayer annually. Go above the cap, it comes out of your own pocket.

        Make sure that no government security is used at private residences – Balmoral, Castle Mey, Sandringham (including Anmer), Gatcombe Park, Middleton Manor, all of them. There should also be clothing budget limits, to stop anyone from spending $200,000 a year on clothing.

        The pay-for-play idea has merit – compensation based on how much they work. That pay-for-play needs to include the costs of their residences as part of their work compensation, which would mean much smaller clothing and vacation security budgets.

      • PrincessK says:

        Why oh why are people always getting their knockers over the few pence we all contribute yearly to the RF? Sounds like the broken record that keeps repeating on DM online. It is so pathetic.

      • LAK says:

        PrincessK: we don’t pay pennies. That is Palace PR designed to lull the public into thinking the royals are cost effective.

        If you divide the publicly known streams of taxpayer money that go to the royals, it adds upto £335M per year. Per the most recent statistics from HMRC, there are 26million taxpayers out of the total population of 65million people in the UK. That means those 26million taxpayers pay £12.88 per year to the royal family. Whether they want to or not. Some of those taxpayers eg nurses are so badly paid that they have to go to foodbanks yet without fail they have to cough up that £12.88.

        With the new 10% rise in the Sovereign grant to repair BP, they will have to pay £14.168. Perhaps that is pennies to you, but it makes me furious when i see the foodbanks.

        That lie UKIP told about diverting £350M annually from the EU to the crumbling NHS?

        Here is the money. £335M from royal family to NHS. Major problem solved!!

  36. Bellagio DuPont says:

    @ Scar: It’s interesting, I still don’t know specifically what you don’t like about Meghan (other than being annoyed at not being able to dislike her in peace)…….please elaborate, I’m curious to know….. :-)

  37. Bellagio DuPont says:

    Personally, I’m actually a big (recent) fan of Meghan’s. Used to watch suits….loved the show, but was VERY indifferent to her. (I don’t think she’s a 10/10 actress, maybe more 6/10….IMHO!). After she got busted with Harry, I started reading all these awful things about her and how unbelievably trashy she was etc. I was shocked and started doing some research on her, articles, videos, that sort of thing…..and now, I’m a massive fan of hers. I think she’s fresh, smart, sassy, beautiful….etc. She’s perhaps a bit too “L.A.” for me……ie sometimes her bubbly personality can cross over into the pure sugar territory. None-the-less, I think she would do very well as a presenter of some sort, where her effervescent personality can shine and breathe.

    I really couldn’t care less who doesn’t like her…..that’s entirely natural…..what drives me up the wall is the pure and extreme vitriol… get the sense that some ppl want to get at the very heart of her self esteem with their nasty comments. So where I can, I try and push back for her, not that it makes the slightest difference, but hey….it makes me feel better! ;-) ;-)

  38. Paris says:

    Ohhhhh, rich people problems.

  39. MBJ says:

    LOL! The Terribly Moderately Attractive Middleton sisters have zero style. I am American and even I want your royalty to be more….uummm, “Royal?” Royalty is aspirational and the persistent middle-classness of the sisters M is frankly just sad. (Yes, I know Pippa isn’t royal but ya’lls press treats her like she is.) Diana managed to balance compassion with approachability with vulnerability with glamour and with nobility. If I had the UK as my checkbook, and had no style, I would sure as heck have the best stylist in the free world on my speed dial. Like it or not, Royals at least owe the UK glamour for living on the public dole to the tune of millions. If Kate and her husband insist upon acting like a middle class family, then they need to get middle class jobs and forego their allowance just for being. MM can’t help but shine because she has star quality, which the sisters lack.

  40. Citresse says:

    Harry is playing.

    • Andrea says:

      Playing what?

      • Citresse says:

        Where is the engagement announcement? Players can fall in love sometimes but again where is the announcement? I’m sorry but Meghan is too old and too intellectual. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but I suspect Harry will marry young, British woman in Africa.

      • morrigan says:


        Where’s the engagement announcement? They’ve only been dating for roughly 10 months! Most people give it at least a year (if they’re smart). And if Meghan does want to marry him, she does have a life she has to get in order. She won’t be done filming Season 7 of Suits until the end of the year, and then her contract with the show is over. The minute they announce any engagement, people would know she’s leaving the show, which hasn’t been renewed for season 8 yet.

        Ask about an engagement at the end of the year. Right now is still too damn soon.

        And your agism about Meghan is really kinda disgusting.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Their ages aren’t that different from other royals of this generation when they married. Some outliers; Meghan and Harry wouldn’t be among them. BTW Camilla, KM, and Anne are older than their husbands.

        Victoria (33), Daniel (37)
        Madeleine (31), Chris (39)
        Willem-Alexander (34), Maxima (30)
        Frederik (35), Mary (32)
        Felipe (36), Letizia (31)
        Philippe of Belgium (39), Mathilde (27)
        Albert (53), Charlene (33)
        Edward (35), Sophie (34)
        Maximilian of Liechtenstein (31), Angela (42)
        Zara (30), Mike (33)
        William (29), Kate Middleton (30)
        Harry (32), Meghan (35)

      • Citresse says:

        She is older than most brides into the BRF. Anyway, you can be sure she’s too intellectual – so maybe she is dating Harry though actually, at the same time, helping Harry find a suitable bride. Don’t forget Camilla did so with Diana. And Camilla was and is desired most by Charles.

      • Citresse says:

        ps- I also wanted to say, for the record, I like that last photo of Kate where she’s laughing beside the man in a suit and a woman in red. It is a really lovely photo. It’s more of a confident grin than maniacal. She’s on the road to improvement, I hope. I’d really like to see the Cambridges provide a short documentary of life at Amner. I know it’ll never happen due to William’s controlling nature, but we need to see the more down to earth, confident, maturing Kate.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She’s 35, Sophie was 34. I don’t see her being outside the norm, nor do I find her “unsuitable” as you apparently do. You do not have to have a college degree to be intelligent, and people with college degrees can find those without them a good partner. It all depends on the individuals. See Victoria (with degree) and Daniel of Sweden (no college degree but successful business owner). Haakon (two degrees) and Mette-Marit (“experiential” degree) of Norway.

        I sincerely doubt she’s dating Harry as a lark, and of course she is not there to vet potential future brides for him. What a ridiculous notion. That role seems to be being played by Eugenie, who may have introduced him to both Cressida and Meghan.

        I think KM’s performance in Lux was as others have described it. She likes being the center of attention and catered to. When that happens, as it did in Lux, everything is done for her and all she has to do is show up. Nothing of accomplishment in that visit, nor is her manic grin in that photo appealing or an improvement.

        Those with her were the Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess, the equivalent positions of Prince and Princess of Wales, who in royal circles outrank W&K. She isn’t doing a good job in her role either, and is even lazier that Kate Middleton which is shocking, but she isn’t some nobody.

  41. MellyMel says:

    Lmao…some of y’all are real bothered in these comments!

  42. Starlight says:

    Meghan could wear a sack but The media will make it haut couture and ravishing

  43. LA Elle says:

    I still feel like the smartest thing Meghan could do is run. Nothing against Harry, but why would she want to live in the BRM fish bowl and spend her life being the scapegoat when Kate screws up and they need to make someone else look bad?

    • msthang says:

      LA Elle, the perks,and there are so very many, beautiful homes, vacations which most of us would never be able to afford,endless wardrobe, you are so very taken care of and will never have to worry about the roof over your head, not to mention surreal jewelry at your disposal, and oh yes, folks bow and curtsy to you and address you as your up there, and the list goes on and on and the downside every bit of privacy is gone,gone,gone and also endless gossip, even if it is true, and also interesting other celebrities and world leaders, and basically seeing the world at other countries expense. From the outside looking in, the good out weighs the bad, until the first time your husband looks at you well bored, and eventually decides to cheat and their is a child or two in the middle. Does anyone really believe Gingerboy wouldn’t cheat, then it is time to put on the charade of see how happy we are, and so on and so on !!!!!!!!

    • Royalsparkle says:

      Ha. Fishbowl is a good thing – living amongst other royals of the world- grand status to do all the good for the less fortunate – luxury lifestyle, is none existent to the duty bound dedicated royals.

      It is the entitled lazy, flasher, idle secret private ones with hangers on mil using taxpayers funds who gives the neg impression of same ‘fishbowl’ .

      • msthang says:

        Royalsparkle, there are still huge perks for the duty bound royals, which are the tiny minority, which I truly believe are a charade for the media! Do some actually care, may-be but do you really believe Miss Markle would have any interest if Gingerboy were a garbage collector, deeply caring about all of humanity, it’s the perks,girly, the perks!!!

    • msthang says:

      La Elle, she should run so fast,it leave the courtiers heads spinning!!

  44. Guest says:

    I hope they get engaged. Megan seems so down to earth