Jessica Chastain in tasseled Givenchy at Cannes: lovely or too fussy?

Jessica Chastain is always so lovely and so well styled, but her fashion is usually a miss, as was the case for this bizarre light lilac Givenchy dress she wore to the Okja premiere at Cannes. The top is this fussy intricate lace with clear beads sewn into it and somehow manages to be unflattering despite her incredible figure. Then there’s a separate skirt which is made up of close tassels tied onto the bodice. I don’t know if she needs a new stylist or if she has enough input into the process to help choose these fug gowns but either way something needs to change for her. Okja is a new Netflix fantasy movie by South Korean director Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) with this year the first that Netflix is premiering films at Cannes. There were some technical glitches during the screening but Okja was otherwise well reviewed. It’s about a young farm girl who befriends a mythical creature which is coveted by food companies for its meat. Tilda Swinton plays the villain. (By coincidence I just saw Bong Joon Ho’s The Host last week, and it was entertaining, funny and unique but I couldn’t get through the whole film. I liked Snowpiercer much more, and if you’re looking for another South Korean horror film may I suggest the excellent zombie movie Train to Busan?)


Here’s Chastian in a Dior Spring 2017 coatdress at the premiere of another Netflix movie, The Meyerowitz Stories. (The film stars Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler and is getting overwhelmingly positive buzz.) This looks like a coat over another dress, right? It’s like something Duchess Kate would wear, but she would add giant buttons to it. The color is just too much and too monotone I think, but as a coat it’s amazing. Check out her gorgeous statement ring.



Julianne Moore was in this long Louis Vuitton dress at the Okja premiere which was very staid and full coverage from the front but featured a high side slit and what looks like a little white minidress underneath. The belt is cool and I like the mesh allover half circle pattern, but this dress is underwhelming.



Moore wore velvet Alexander McQueen to the Chopard party. The deep v-neck and wide piping and loose fit make this look like fancy loungewear. There are some cute photos in the gallery of her losing an earring and then putting it back in on the red carpet.



Also at the Chopard party, Isabelle Huppert was in yellow Nina Ricci. This is a rare miss for her in that the bodice meets the skirt in a way that mirrors her cleavage and just looks awkward. Imagine if the top wasn’t sheer and if it had a typical straight cut to the second half of the dress. It would be striking.

Finally here’s Huppert in Chloé at the photocall for her film Claire’s Camera, a French-Korean film by director Hong Sang-soo. Only Huppert could pair frayed bell bottoms with a white shirt with an giant untied red collar and make it work. Incidentally, Elle is available on demand and on DVD. Rent that movie when you get a chance.



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25 Responses to “Jessica Chastain in tasseled Givenchy at Cannes: lovely or too fussy?”

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  1. Indira says:

    Nope to all of these outfits.

  2. sarri says:

    I love Julianne but she has a terrible fashion sense.

  3. nemera34 says:

    I just have no words for any of these outfits. What happened to Cannes

  4. Maria F. says:

    I love Jessica’s green coat dress but not for the red carpet. At least not for Cannes. Or it needed a necklace or bigger earrings…something to spice it up. The colour is divine on here.

    I do not dislike the dress with the fringe, I imagine it was gorgeous in movement.

  5. Scal says:

    From a fashion perspective-fan bing bing has been bringing it to Cannes again. She’s also on the jury. There’s a white and black suit that she wore that is amazing.
    I’m bummed we don’t see her looks at Cannes on celebitchy to.

  6. OSTONE says:

    The outfits are fug, but I am overwhelmed at the beauty of these three talented ladies! Gosh this morning I wish I were a redhead!

    • Naddie says:

      That’s what I’m thinking here. Look at those faces, hair, body… I’m a (fake) redhead and I can only hope I look a bit like this when I get all dolled up.

  7. Joni says:

    That green looks horrible on her.

    • Emma33 says:

      Yes, it really does. I was thinking when I saw the lilac dress that she tries to dress in shades that compliment her hair color, but often gets the shade just a tiny bit wrong. Then I saw the green number and could not have agreed with myself more! Hahaha.

      The lilac shade is just a bit too washed out, a bit too pastel, and that green color is the opposite…to intense and harsh. Jessica….get some help!

  8. D says:

    Green is usually a really pretty color on redheads, maybe if it was a different tone of green it would be better. The dress also look a bit warm for Cannes.

  9. Prairiegirl says:

    That tassel dress is just garbage on her.

    • Emma33 says:

      Yeah…and how is it making her hips look so big? Is it the cut of it?

    • Mumzy says:

      I love (restrained) use of tassels but seeing that dress just made me sing, “Workin at the car wash, workin at the car wash-ah.”

  10. Sullivan says:

    Gorgeous redheads!

  11. WhichWitch says:

    Gorgeous women.

  12. jannab says:

    i’m in my 20’s and i’d wear that last outfit in a heartbeat, she’s killin it.

  13. fearfactor says:

    the black velvet that Julianne Moore is wearing looks almost identical (except for the very low v-cut) to the academic regalia I will be wearing on Commencement Day on Thursday, Pretty hilarious.

  14. detritus says:

    Jessica has horrible style, the colour of both dress and coat are lovely, execution fail on both. The proportions are all wrong for her.
    Isabelle always leaves me wanting to straighten her shoulders, she seems lovely but her posture is horrid.

  15. SusanneToo says:

    Isabelle in jeans beats all others.

  16. tmot says:

    Wow, that yellow dress is the worst! Shame on Nina Ricci! I should not be able to see your ill fitting beige bra.

  17. Micki says:

    I’m ready to wear all of Kate Middleton’s coat-dresses before I put on Jessica’s green number.

  18. Lime says:

    I actually love everything she wears. She’s so incredibly beautiful, gracious, and glamorous. And a great actor too.

  19. bella says:

    I love Jessica and thinks that she transcends whatever she wears. I also love both of Julianne’s dresses. She is looks amazing! Isabelle’s dress could have been amazing except for the top.

  20. Ange says:

    Is that tox eye on Julianne? I hope not, she’s so lovely. She needs to keep her gorgeous face so it distracts from what she wears lol.