Eminem was MTV’s second choice for staged Bruno stunt

18th Annual MTV Movie Awards - Show
Many of you thought that the incident in which Bruno’s crotch landed in Eminem’s face at the MTV Movie Awards was partially staged, but that Eminem’s reaction of disgust was genuine and that he had no idea that the prank would go that far. In case you missed it, Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed in character as flaming Austrian TV host Bruno, dropped from the ceiling on a wire right in Eminem’s lap. He landed so that his legs were up in the air, and his goods – clad only in a thong – were right in Eminem’s face. Eminen sneered “are you f’ing serious? Get this motherf’er off me.” Members of Eminem’s band D12 sitting next to him then started trying to disentangle Bruno and ended up pushing him as he flailed around.

Life & Style claims that it was a planned stunt gone too far and that homophobic rapper Eminem was not the producer’s first choice for a Bruno target. Bland cheap brand representative Paris Hilton was first approached about having Bruno land on her, and she refused. Eminem was said to be a good sport in theory, and agreed to the set up without realizing what it would entail:

At Sunday’s MTV Movie awards in LA, viewers were shocked when Sacha Baron Cohen landed nearly butt-naked on rapper Eminem’s face. A shocked Eminem then cursed and stormed out of the theater. But an MTV insider has told Life & Style that producer Mark Burnett cleared the prank with the rapper beforehand. However, Eminem wasn’t aware of exactly how naked Sacha would be when he agreed to do it! A second insider also confirms that Eminem was actually Burnett’s second choice. The first? Heiress Paris Hilton, who, luckily for her, declined to participate (probably because she was on a date with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt!). “Paris is quite happy she turned down the offer,” the insider tells Life & Style.

[From Life & Style]

It sounds like Paris is gloating that she was Bruno’s first choice, and I bet she would have gone through with it if she realized all the publicity it would entail. With Paris no one would be paying much attention, though. She just would have giggled and flipped her fake hair. Recreating the scenario that made Paris Hilton famous just doesn’t carry the same weight as offending a macho homophobe.

Contrary to Life & Style’s account, a writer for MTV confirms that not only was Eminem aware of the stunt, it was practiced just that way with Baron Cohen’s junk in Eminem’s face. If that’s the case Eminem is a much better actor than I gave him credit for.

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18th Annual MTV Movie Awards - Show

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  1. Lili says:

    It was fu…ing amazing!!, it wouldn’t be that awesome with paris hilton, she would have sucked bruno’s ball that whore

  2. Jazz says:

    Paris is used to having men’s crotches in her face!

  3. Kem says:

    I knew it was staged. Eminen has a new cd to sell and Cohen has to sell his Bruno character. They along with MTV got the attention they were seeking.
    I agree it was more convincing with Eminen. I agree with Lili, Paris would have sucked Bruno’s balls right then~even with the cameras rolling.

  4. ash says:

    yeah, that’s really no surprise at all. I think the audience would have yawned if it were Paris.

  5. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    He’s still a douchenozzle for stealing black urban street culture. No forgiveness for that. Ever.

  6. TaylorB says:


    Thank you! Lord I needed a good laugh today.

  7. Boom says:

    Paris would have just looked at Bruno’s junk as appetizer

  8. Ling says:

    Why should p hilt get all the fun?

  9. Anoneemouse says:

    There is no way he knew what was coming – that was priceless and should be used to teach other homophobes a good lesson! Let him write a rap about this!

  10. gg says:

    Man, that was hilarious. M&M allowed himself to be pinned against the chair, so it was planned. He could’ve moved over or stood up before Bruno landed. Funny stunt!

  11. CeeJay says:

    Seriously? Don’t be so naive.

    “The head writer for the MTV Movie Awards has settled the debate: the stunt involving Sacha Baron Cohen and Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards was completely planned.

    Comedy writing veteran Scott Aukerman wrote in a posting on his blog that the incident was staged and rehearsed in advance.”

    Why do you people fall for this crap all the time? Eminem stormed out to up his image as the pissed off bad boy. It’s a rapper charade as old as the art of rap.

  12. Aspen says:

    How, precisely, does one “steal” culture? Has someone lost theirs because a white boy with undeniable talent for rap has a successful career?

    What a racist bag of crap that comment was! Racism flows in both directions, Dear.

  13. Bay representa says:

    I think it was staged but he wasn’t aware Bruno would be sporting a thong

    As far as stealing black culture that makes no sense
    Eminem grew up in a really bad part of Detroit and had to work double hard to earn respect as a dope mc
    Wich he did. So much so that one of the biggest innovators of rap and black culture signed him
    Stop hating him just because he’s white