Ryan Phillippe shows off his abs on the cover of Men’s Fitness


Back in March, actor Ryan Phillippe shared a behind the scenes look at his photo shoot (with the hunky Riker Brothers) for Men’s Fitness magazine. The June issue, featuring Ryan on the cover, hit newsstands on Monday and in the accompanying interview, Ryan discusses his workout regime.

The actor, now 42, is currently starring on the USA network series Shooter. And, just because his days are busy with work, Ryan says that he always makes time for the gym, telling the magazine, “Whether I’m doing a movie or TV show or not, I’ve worked out five days a week, 1 1/2 hours a day, for the past 20 years.”

Ryan works with personal trainer Happy Hill (what a great name for a man whose sole purpose is to inflict as much pain as humanly possible) five times, doing what he calls a “prison-style workout” using basic equipment including barbells, dumbbells, and bodyweight moves. The workout, dubbed the “Happy Hour Grind,” is 90-minutes packed with weight training, cardio on the treadmill or elliptical and exercises that take you back to your childhood gym class. There’s nothing about this that makes me happy, but it does look like a solid workout.

While nobody really wants to go to the gym, Ryan makes it a habit, recognizing that the results are getting harder to come by as he gets older. He said, “You get half the results for twice the work [as you get older]. We’re all going to age, but if you don’t want it to be as devastating as it can be, take care of yourself. Eat right and get to the gym. I’ve never gotten lazy about that.”

In addition to his workouts, Ryan has been working on a new app, called Become, that will give users an “all-access pass” to celebrity diets, workouts and even skin care tips. Of course, you’ve gotta make a buck, so the app, which is set to launch soon, gives users the option to order the products that the celebrities use to look their best. Says Ryan, “I and others like me have worked with some of the best trainers, nutritionists, and doctors. We’re going to take all that work away for our users—men over 40 who want to stay fit and look young. The Become app will cut through and simplify.” (Why does this sound so much like a press release?)

If you’d like to talk health and fitness with Ryan in person, you could win the chance to meet him and his Shooter co-star, Omar Epps, as Ryan has launched a campaign on Omaze where you can win a trip to LA and a walk-on role on the show. The funds raised benefit Hidden Heroes, a charity that supports military caregivers. I can’t say anything snarky about that.

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  1. detritus says:

    Gym bodies take gym commitment. I hated being a gym widow.
    Honk for the abs created by that work though, too bad he still comes across like a giant douche.

  2. mari says:

    He’s such a douche, yuck. Vomit. Retch.

  3. Elisa the I. says:

    “Whether I’m doing a movie or TV show or not, I’ve worked out five days a week, 1 1/2 hours a day, for the past 20 years.”

    WOW, I really respect that. Of course he has been leading a privileged life as a successful actor, but it takes a lot of will power to do this over such a long period of time.

  4. PettyRiperton says:

    Douche but he can still ruin my life for a good 3 months

  5. z says:

    If this was 1998 I’d be very excited about these pictures.

  6. deevia says:

    He sh!ts on all the Ryans, the Chrises and the other “hot guys” today that are half his age.

  7. ElleBee says:

    In that first picture he looks like Klaus from The Originals.

    He’s trying to get a role in the Rihanna/Lupita movie and has his name as BadBoiRYRy

  8. Lisa says:

    He’s a rather non-descript fella, isn’t he?

  9. Tiffany says:

    He was on Brooklyn Nine Nine last night. He really should consider doing more comedy.

  10. blonde555 says:

    Damn i still find him HOT AS HELL. but his general douchiness is such a turn-off. He’s just a hotter Leo at this stage.