Angelina Jolie took Shiloh & Shiloh’s Cambodian friends to Disneyland

Angelina Jolie visit Syrian refugees

Out of all the kids, doesn’t it feel like Shiloh takes the most interest in whatever her mom does? Shiloh was the kid who wanted to go to a refugee camp with Angelina. Shiloh is the one who loves Cambodia so hard, just like Angie. Shiloh is the one who seemed to really bond with the late Louis Zamperini, even wearing some of his running medals to the premiere of Unbroken. Shiloh is, I believe, the “wild child,” probably a lot like Angelina was at her age, although much like Angelina, Shiloh has a big heart and a big worldview. So, Shiloh made a bunch of friends when the family was in Cambodia last year. And for Shiloh’s 11th birthday, she wanted something special: she wanted her Cambodian friends to come to America and go to Disneyland with her. So that’s what happened:

Angelina Jolie took her family and friends to the happiest place on earth for her daughter Shiloh’s birthday. Jolie, 41, and her kids, along with some of their friends from Cambodia, went to Disneyland on Friday to celebrate Shiloh’s 11th birthday. Their Cambodian friends are some of the same child actors who appeared in Jolie’s film First They Killed My Father, which airs on Netflix this fall.

“All [Shiloh] wanted for her birthday was to see her friends from Cambodia,” says a source close to the family. “She wants to show them America.”

And what better introduction to America than Disneyland? The group was spotted around the park by ecstatic fans on social media throughout the day. At one point, Jolie and the kids were photographed inside the Ridemakerz store in Downtown Disney, which is like a Build-a-Bear for toy race cars.

The outing was a fun reunion for her kids and their friends from Cambodia. Speaking to reporters at the Cambodian premiere of First They Killed My Father in February, Jolie said, “[My] children have close ties to the children here, many of them are their best friends.”

[From People]

That’s very sweet, right? All Shiloh wanted was to hang out with her Cambodian peeps. At Disneyland, which was probably a huge culture shock for the Cambodian kids too. But I bet they loved it, because Disneyland is crazy. I wonder how Angelina arranged everything with the kids and their parents. Anyway, I’m glad Shiloh got the birthday of her dreams. Maybe a trip to the RenFaire is next!

Photos courtesy of WENN, PCN.

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  1. Alix says:

    Shiloh’s the spitting image of Brad!

    • eXo says:

      Yeah, I always thought she looks like Angelina and Brad but now she looks like Brad with Angelina’s smile.

      • Sarah says:


        And Knox looks like Angelina, Vivienne looks like Brad.

      • Indira says:

        @exo & Sarah


      • Paige says:

        I think the girls look more like Brad but Shiloh has some of Angelina features. Vivienne is Brad’s twin. Knox is Angelina twin. He looks like Angelina in the mid-90′s when her hair was shaved low.

    • Tiffany says:

      Realky?? When I’ll okay at her, I see a young Jon Voight. Angie looks just like that around that age.

    • Brittney B. says:

      Have you seen pictures of Angie at 10 and 11, though? Shiloh has the same exact face.

      • bettyrose says:

        ITA! I was thinking, if you put a brown wig on Shiloh, she’s the spitting image of young Angie.

    • serena says:

      I agree, with some of Angie’s feature.

    • Ennie says:

      They are all changing through their growth, but IMO, Shiloh is the one who looks more like Brad, maybe it’s the brows (AJ in the mix), Knox has more of Brad’s dad, and little Vivienne is a mix.
      Hooded lids come from both their grandpas, and Brad has them too, so we will see.
      All six of them are very good looking, IMO, with sporty Shiloh being one of the prettiest celebrity kids out there. Good that they are being raised to have different experiences and some sense.

  2. BearcatLawyer says:

    Something nice: that was a very sweet gesture to bring Shiloh’s friends to CA for her birthday.

    Now not-so-nice: very few people from
    countries like Cambodia ever get tourist visas to come to the U.S., no matter how good their reasons for traveling here (e.g., the Nepalese girls soccer team who were denied visas to come for a tournament). They probably never would have gotten anywhere near Disneyland but for the fact Angelina Jolie was involved. This is what privilege looks like.

    • nemera34 says:

      I think the kids were in the movie FTKMF. So they could be here too for some promotional duties as well. Which would be a part of the work for Netflix. I don’t think this was just because Shiloh wanted to show them America. Things don’t work that way; even if it is Angelina Jolie.

      • bap says:

        @Nemara34 For whatever reason they came to America, they are having a wonderful time with Angelina and her family. Angelina is demonstrating to the Cambodians children and adults their are Good and Caring Americans. She is also showing them this is a beautiful and wonderful country

    • jwoolman says:

      Maybe they need to get Jolie on the job in such cases. She obviously has some extra pull.

      Keeping the Nepalese kids out of the tournament was awful. That should have all sorts of repercussions and affect any plans to hold other sports events here. No good having international participation if the teams can’t get visas. Canada already is hesitating to schedule school trips here for fear that some of their kids or teachers will be blocked. (Which has already happened.)

      Scientists have been discussing boycotting conferences in the US and planning new ones elsewhere for that very same reason. Some have already dropped plans to participate in solidarity with colleagues who won’t be admitted. We’ve always had problems with our government delaying and denying visas for students and scientists and others for purely political reasons, which got worse after 9/11 and the establishment of Homeland Security (still sounds so 1930s Germany to me). But it’s even worse now since Trump was elected.

      • bap says:

        @olga Angelina has her foundation in Cambodia that helps hundreds of children everyday. When they were in Cambodia shooting the movie Shiloh sponsored a family and paid for their schooling and clothing.

      • Peeking in says:

        JWoolman – Canada is not just hesitating, many trips have already been cancelled.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      Tell that to the little Indian boy who starred in “Lion” whose visa to do promotional work and attend the Oscars early this year was denied.

      It is EXACTLY how things work. Especially in the Cheeto Mussolini era.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Sunny Pawar is his name. And I agree with you completely about the privilege. This is exactly how it works.

      • Olga says:

        It’s the same with the kids from the movie Slumdog Millionaire – from the Red Carpet back to the slums.

      • Brittney B. says:

        Completely agree that our immigration system is f****d, but…

        Sunny Pawar did attend the Oscars this year. And the Golden Globes.

      • abby says:

        @ Olga
        Actually I fully expect the kids to return to Cambodia and their lives but I am not sure it’s the same as Slum Dog.
        Jolie is fully invested in Cambodia, it’s not a passing fancy. She has a home, is a citizen and has the Maddox project. Not to mention maddox is from there. She employs locals.
        Not to mention the schools she established in Kenya and Afghanistan.
        Personally I don’t see Jolie walking away and ignoring these kids. I see her securing their educations and helping their families stabilize their livelihoods. Maybe even gain employment with the Maddox project.

    • Megan says:

      I was wondering how they got visas. If you are from a developing country and are able to get a tourist visa, it typically takes months, if not years, for processing.

      • bap says:

        @ Megan Angelina is a very powerful woman with influence. I am not talking about her power in Hollyweird. Angelina is a Diplomat and a Dame Commander.

      • Ennie says:

        When I was accepted in a Fullbright scholarship along withva large group of colleagues, our student visa dates were especially scheduled and processed. We even met with the consulate representatives. It was very nice. They probably can manage somethig similar.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        @Ennie – you were coming for an educational program and a prestigious one at that. Tourist visas are an entirely different situation. Most people are not as well treated by the consuls, even when they have completely legitimate reasons to travel to the U.S., no disqualifying factors, adequate money, and ties to their home countries. Cheeto Mussolini’s overt hostility to immigrants has already prevented numerous international organizations and businesses from holding their meetings in the U.S. and prompted many others into limiting travel to the U.S., including freaking UN agencies! The U.S. is losing money, stature, and opportunities for international cooperation thanks to this idiotic administration.

      • jwoolman says:

        Ennie – to back up BearCatLawyer:
        Back in the Reagan Administration, I knew a physician from Honduras. He ran a clinic in the capital city and saw children of formerly middle class farmers, displaced by US-sponsored contra bases for attacking their neighbor Nicaragua (also illegal and unConstitutional according to Honduran law). These children were getting very sick and even dying from diseases that were deadly only because the children were so malnourished. So he spoke out about the contra bases, making him persona non grata to the US Embassy (the Ambassador was always out training the contras, who were mainly mercenaries paid by the US from other countries) and a target of death squads.

        He had received his M.D. In the US. He could not get a visa any more even to just fly over the US on his way to a workshop on pediatric malnutrition in Canada. He could not come as an invited speaker in Puerto Rico. The US Embassy made it very clear that this was because of his public complaints about the illegal contra bases. This was not a violent guy, he was well known in his field, he had studied extensively in the US and so had references galore from US citizens. But the US Embassy didn’t even want to let his plane touch down briefly in the US.

        These incidents ebb and flow with various administrations, depending on the country of origin and the wars du jour. But it really is a continuing problem for many people. And current behavior of ICE is worse than ever. They have actually picked up people to deport them while they were at an office to apply for a green card…. or when picking up children from school or when at the courthouse to testify. During the Reagan Administration especially when I was pushing information around concerning such things, ICE’s precursor the INS was even trapping playing children in roundups and busing them into Mexico unaccompanied and unbeknownst to their parents. Sometimes the children had legal papers but were not carrying them because their parents were afraid they would lose them. You can imagine how frantic their parents were. Sometimes US citizens were grabbed and immediately deported in such groups. INS agents were illegally getting on commercial buses (drivers would pull off into an isolated area to let them on) and demanding ID from everybody. Then there were the detention camps…. People applying for refugee status from Reagan’s friends in Central America had a really hard time, which resulted in the Sanctuary Movement trying to protect some of them in churches.

        So although the Orange Maroon in the White House brings out more of the worst in people and the initial implementation of his Muslim ban was especially bizarre and mean-spirited and the airport people seem to have collectively gone completely bonkers, we really have had serious problems for many years. It just hasn’t been publicized much in the past.

      • Ennie says:

        I’ve been there too, I’ve had tourist visas, I have suffered he long process where one doe snot have any idea of the outcome of the application, and Lord, have we heard some sad stories of people being denied, Bearcatlawyer, I thank you for your commitment to your clients. I love many of the people over there, I know there are lots of well- meaning Americans. You guys deserve better.

        I visited the South (Univ. of Ark.) and we were lucky to spend a month there, we loved it in Fayetteville, but I noticed how some of our trainers from out of town were kind of wary about the climate, you know, the confederate flags in some homes, they were careful with us when we were moving on our own, it was a great experience, and I can say I still keep friends from those times; but I’ve not traveled to the US for over 15 years now.
        I kick myself for not having applied for a new tourist visa before this administration, I have elder siblings I gotta visit. Everything is more complicated now, from the process to the political climate. I hope when I get there we won’t discussing much politics.

      • Snowflake says:

        I lived in Fayetteville for about a year, glad you liked it!

    • B n A fn says:

      I believe because Angelina could prove to the gov she could take care of them monetarily and they would not become dependent on the gov they were granted visas. I know I invited someone from another country for a vacation and I had to show my bank account to prove I was able to afford the vacation.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        @ B N A FN – having a relative or friend to complete an affidavit of support helps, but it does not guarantee visa issuance. Sunny Pawar had his entire promotional tour for “Lion” paid for by the studio, but his visa was still denied until public outcry forced the consul to change his mind and issue it.

      • B n A fn says:

        Thanks BCL, was not sure of the law.

      • jwoolman says:

        Reminds me that when a friend’s daughter was on an exchange program with a Finnish institute – the school wanted to poke around my friend’s bank account to make sure they could afford to bring her home after the term ended! Maybe they’ve had sad experiences with stranded Americans before…. (“I need health care! Please please let me stay!!! I’ll do dishes, shovel snow – anything!!!”)

        But generally sponsors are needed for other kinds of immigration/refugees, people who will support them as needed. So the sponsors have to prove they are financially capable.

      • Hazel says:

        Jwoolman: proving financial wherewithal, I’m guessing, is not unusual. Example: when I went to grad school at Cambridge (from the US), I had to bring a document with me to prove I had enough cash in the bank to keep me for the year. I had to show that to immigration at the airport & again when I went to the local police station to get my ID card.

    • PettyRiperton says:

      This crowd sure knows how to turn a nice gesture into something seedy. The big difference the argument y’all trying string together is Angelina has had ties to Cambodia for 15 years. She has invested time and money to in that country so of course they would allow for this to take place. She’s not some fly by night person who once she leaves she’ll forgot about that place.

      I wonder if Brad was the one who did this would y’all still have a problem with it? I doubt it y’all would be gushing about how great of a father he is for doing this.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        I am not questioning Angelina’s commitment to Cambodia. I am questioning why these kids got visas at a time when so many people are being barred from the U.S. Angelina clearly has pull; the average Cambodian would never get a tourist visa to visit Disneyland, no matter how much money s/he had or relatives or friends in the U.S. had. Believe me, I know – I have represented dozens of Cambodians over the last 20 years. Getting any kind of visa or green card to the U.S. is a NIGHTMARE.

        I simply pointed out the privilege. We cannot forget that as nice as this story seems, it is NOT normal. Again, I am happy these kids are having a good time seeing Shiloh again and doing fun stuff. But many other children are growing up without their parents and unable to experience real childhoods thanks to the harsh shift in immigration enforcement.

        I will concede that perhaps it rubbed me the wrong way because I have been up half the night trying to find a client’s employee who was detained by CBP and falsely accused of working illegally in the U.S. Good luck with fixing this on a holiday weekend! She did not have a celebrity in her corner so she is getting shipped back to Mexico this morning. And I will spend MONTHS trying to sort this out for her U.S. employer, which will likely end up paying thousands of dollars to get her a new visa she did NOT need -all because some CBP officer went on a power trip last night.

      • Cynical Ann says:

        I agree that Angie has had ties to Cambodia and could arrange something. But I think you’re assumption that people thinking something less than glowing about Angie makes them anti-Angie and somehow pro-Brad ridiculous.

      • bap says:

        Angelina lost her mother, double mastectomy, ovaries removed and a wacky father yet she does not get enough credit for staying strong and persevering. She did Not resort to drinking and medicating her feelings. Angelina new she had a family to take care of and obligations to full fill.

        The main thing she did not do was Whine. You have these so called hollyweird men stars who are so weak and selfish that they destroy their families because they cannot cope with life o are to cowardly to leave the marriage.

      • Lady D says:

        BearCatLawyer, is there a chance these Visas were obtained 2 years ago when she started working with these Cambodians on a movie. Was it easier before the Orange One got in? She might have gotten visas for them all when filming started.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        @Lady D – good thought but no. U.S. visitor visas for Cambodians are valid only for three months and limited to two entries during that three month period. They almost certainly got these visas after Cheeto Mussolini was inaugurated (assuming they arrived in the U.S. fairly recently). They may be given six months to stay legally in the U.S. upon entry, but the CBP officer at the airport can give less time.

      • Keely says:

        I don’t think @bearcatlawyer is insinuating anything funny , it’s clear she is frustrated at the treatment of her clients and that’s understandable. I bow to your superior knowledge of the law but we clearly also don’t know the circumstances of the children’s visit so there’s that to consider. As for Trump, he hates Angelina and would never do her any favours, he spent years saying the most vile crap about her while that idiot Voight continued being besties with him. As for your clients, I hope that situation sorts itself out and you get the outcome you want. BcL you mention privilge- do you think it was Angelina’s celebrity or her UN status that got things moving as you see things?

  3. smcollins says:

    I bet that was a fun day. 11 years old! I can still picture the cover of People for her birth announcement. Such a beautiful baby and she seems to be growing into a beautiful young lady, both inside & out. Happy Birthday, Shiloh!

  4. Sushi says:

    Shiloh is always my Jolie Pitt favourite child. She seems to have a mind of her own.

  5. bap says:

    Angelina is a Great Mother.

  6. abby says:

    Yes, Shi at least seems intrigued by Jolie’s work.

    I remember years ago Shi was maybe 2 or 3 and Jolie was taking Zee and Shi on a flight on her plane. Zee stood aside, seemingly waiting for her mom to let her know it was time to board, while Shi followed Jolie back and forth as she did her checks and loaded the plane.
    It was cute.
    Of course kids that age do follow their parents about but it seems Shi does follow a lot of Jolie.
    She does with Brad too though. She seems to like art. During WWZ promo Brad had Zee and Shi with him and he mentioned that Shi liked to sketch. And I think both she and Pax are into photography.

    IMO, For some reason I see Shi getting into photojournalism or something like that. Documenting the horror or war zones or the beauty of remote countries with her camera or her sketch book.

    Anyway, I hope Shi had an enchanting birthday. Jolie has wanted to take the kids to Disney for years.

  7. Naddie says:

    I think her kids are being very well raised (does this term exist?) and I highly doubt we’re going to hear about them later getting in trouble a la Justin Bieber/Lindsay Lohan.
    Now, it’s annoying to see people treating them by nicknames, picking their favorite, guessing who’s wild, who’s edgy… One thing is commenting about their resemblance to their parents, but this? Seriously, no.

    • slowsnow says:

      So agree with you.
      Even this article seems creepy af to me. Who cares? And seriously, “what better way to know the USA than Dysneyworld”? Let me count the ways…

  8. Phaedra says:

    Thank you! It’s creepy that people have nicknames and pretend they know how these kids act and their personalities.
    So so creepy.

  9. The Original Mia says:

    Happy Birthday, Shiloh! Glad she & her friends had a good time at Disneyland.

  10. mogul says:

    What happened to Zahara? It’s been awhile, i’ve noticed that she’s been staying more in the background, literally and figuratively. Except, for that awful story during the divorce. We haven’t seen her and Angelina alone, like the rest of the kids have been seen out and about.

  11. Luca76 says:

    I think it’s a heartwarming story and I like that Shiloh is growing up to be so compassionate… The fact that Angelina wears a mom backpack in Disneyland makes me ecstatic.

  12. abby says:

    I think people are making more about this visa issue than need be. Maybe if this was still the Obama administratio with whom Jolie had a good rapport. But this is Trump and theTrump State department. Sure she’ll work with whomever necessary but the difference is tremendous.
    IMO, Those kids probably came on Netflix dime and sponsorship to film some promotional material for the U.S.release of FTKMF in the fall. Schedling around Shi’s birthday is convenient for Jolie. And if the studio is willing to accommodate (and the kids were coming at some point anyway) well, why not?
    Let them enjoy their trip.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      Angelina is a celebrity and a beautiful woman – two things Trump LOVES. Cambodians are also not Muslims and not generally anti-U.S. (now). My cynical self feels Angelina inadvertently handed this administration a PR gold mine. Now State and Homeland Security can brush the denials of visas to kids like Sunny Pawar or Nepali soccer teams or Canadian teen athletes aside by pointing to these kids and saying, “See? The system works.” And they make it hard for someone as pro-refugee as Angelina to be *too* critical of them because after all, she got what she and Shiloh wanted – these kids were allowed to come to the U.S. CLEARLY this would NOT have happened if Angelina Jolie had not been involved. But this administration might have had yet another PR disaster on their hands if they had denied visas to these kids, as they do to thousands of other worthy visa applicants every year.

      I am all for them enjoying their trip. I think it is utterly lovely that Shiloh makes good friends across different cultures so easily. But behind this cute story is the sad reality that privilege matters. We should not forget that.

      • CherryCordial says:

        @bearcatlawyer-”Cambodians are also not Muslims”– wrong. Try telling that to my son in law and his family who are Cham from Cambodia. The Cham have been a Muslim presence in Cambodia for ages. But it’s probably safer for him in this age of hatred to not fit the stereotype.

      • Luca76 says:

        Trump hates Angelina he’s made more than one nasty comment about her publicly.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Trump told Larry King live years ago that he basically hates Angelina Jolie. 🙄
        Makes Jon voights crush on trump even creepier… jV has no loyalty to his family,

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        @Cherrycordial – the official state reglion is Buddhism. Muslims are less than 2% of the population. If any of these kids are Muslim, I would be surprised. Cham and Malays have a tough time getting visas. But if they are, that tends to support my theory of special treatment.

        Trump may hate AJ, but the U.S. consuls in Cambodia obviously do not. Yet I doubt other similarly situated Cambodians without AJ’s backing are getting visitor visas as easily.

  13. BJ says:

    Personally I don’t believe anything People magazine says about AJ.Those could be kids who live here and People made up that story.A couple weeks ago they claimed JP kids were giving gifts to Jon Voight when it was actualy James’ birthday dinner.

    • Ohdear says:

      Some of the kids are main characters in her new movie FTKMF. I don’t know if they really are Shiloh’s friends or if the PR for FTKMF slowly starts.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      people magazine stalked fans on Twitter and begged them for more information about her trip to Disney with her kids. So yea, I doubt they have a source close to her.

  14. KiddVicious says:

    I can’t imagine the logistics of keeping a famous family safe at such a crowded place. Their security must have been exhausted at the end of the day. From the few photos I saw it does look like people were cool about it, not crowding them for pics, but still, keeping up with one or two kids at Disneyland is hard, 5 or more would be impossible. LOL

    • Hazel says:

      It looked to me like there was one adult per kid, a good ratio at a crowded place like Disneyland.

  15. bap says:

    Perhaps some people of upset because Angelina is seen with her children in public and he has yet to be seen with them.

  16. Cara says:

    Come to think of it, it has been almost a year since he has been seen with the kids in public.

    • bap says:

      @Cara Question was he seen much with his children for entire year of 2016?

    • Prince says:

      Public photos – I don’t think we will see all of them together anymore. It will be Angelina with the kids or Brad with the kids. Maybe we’ll get a family photo when one of the kids marries ;D

      • Luca76 says:

        I doubt we will see him with the kids for a long time. He has supervised visits.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        If everything was cleared up by now his Pr team would’ve set up a photo-op. It’s not gonna happen because he doesn’t have joint custody.

        He’s gearing up to start filming another flop so he won’t have time for their kids. Angelina is taking them to Africa for world refugee day. She said so in a new interview with marriane pearl for French Elle.

        Angelina and her kids were spotted at universal studios on Shilohs b-day so looks like yet another b-day skipped by daddy dearest.

      • Prince says:

        We don’t know what’s going on right now because the case is sealed – thank god for that.

      • Paige says:

        “Angelina and her kids were spotted at universal studios on Shilohs b-day so looks like yet another b-day skipped”.

        Not really, there are many hours in a day. Shiloh could have spent time with her father at any time. Unless people know their arrangements than that’s hard to say.

      • bap says:

        YEPISAIDIT I agree with you. Question does Angelina have full custody and he has supervised visitation? This is the weirdest custody situation. Does anyone think custody has been worked out?

        A few of the media outlets tried to help his new movie.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        After his bizarre Pr team push to make him look so innocent (kinda contradicted by his own interview) you think they wouldn’t jump at the chance for Pitt to be seen with any one of his kids? 😂🙄 I’m sure his team will send a story to People magazine about what he did for her b-day… But as an ex fan I remember when they were together and he skipped Father’s Day and their other kids b-days in favor of work-proven by paparazzi photos as he always called them to get photographed- …. So not a surprise if he skipped the kids day.

        Prince, we do know what they’re Teams have put out there. Which is a therapist was still controlling Pitts visits with the kids on his first over night visit with them which wasn’t too long ago.

        Bap, couldn’t agree more. It’s very odd and only confusing because his team created a smear campaign against Jolie and wanted everyone to think he’s innocent yet he still does not have joint custody.

        Sorry if this is a double post.

  17. Sarah L says:

    I remember reading an article in 2003 saying that Brad and Angelina were going to work together. I also remember seeing pictures from when they were filming. To me its seems like just a couple of years ago. I cant believe Shiloh is 11!

  18. bap says:

    Kaiser wrote a Wonderful Introduction to Angelina’s family and friends Disney Event. The introduction was very touching.

    • friend of says:

      I doubt we will see much of Brad alone with the kids. When he has custody he may want to have them out of the public eye. Once things settle down both of them will be busy and will probably enjoy having the other to see about the kids. Seeing them in public, or not, is no reflection on their custody battle. I believe it is still very much a battle and may be for a long time to come. What is more telling is the amount of time we are seeing angelina in public in the US with the kids. In times not too long past, we saw them mostly in and out of airports. Once custody is settled and she can move them around as she pleases, we will probably see them more out of the country than in.

      • bap says:

        I agree Angelina and children will be out of the country more than in country.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Lmao if he wanted privacy for his kids he wouldn’t have let his Team leak personal info to every tabloid in America. He went really low when he used in touch magazine. Yuck. But I do agree Angelina a and the kids will likely spend most of their time out of America and he won’t care because career is number1 for him- he’ll be a FaceTime dad lmao

      • bap says:

        YepIsaidit How can one tell if his new movie with Netflix was a failure?

  19. GoOnGirl says:

    bap and YepIsaid it: From the bottom of heart, I sincerely thank you for always, always speaking Angeina’s truth! Thank you again.

  20. Mar says:

    Vivian is Brad and Shiloh and Knox are Angelina in the face.

  21. bap says:

    I am proud of Angelina for giving Shiloh a great birthday at Disneyland with Shiloh’s friends.

    • truth hurts says:

      You are correct. Interestingly enough I think Angie is doing fine considering the salicons attack on her that her ex allowed not only on her but her son. It’s amazing but I’m also waiting for her response to his GQ lies in Sept when she starts promoting FTKMF. In all aspects I feel she needs to talk less about him as possible and talk about her decision and the effects it has on her children. Being a single mom and the joys of her kids being healthy and thriving. No need to beat a dead horse because people want to blame her for everything and he allows that for his own sake. I feel she should address how they attacked her deceased mother and son and how she won’t allow people to attack her children.
      Pitt in inpenetrable in some eyes because they feel he is an asset. But what they fail to see is Angie gave him more cred. Just wait until he trots out his new arm candy. They will reference Jolie in pure gossip delight. He sucks as an actor and rely on his friends to give props to the BS movies he helps produce.

      • Cara says:

        Now that he has back to back flops, what is he going to do for an encore? His star power was elevated to a new height because of his wife and her support. Now that she left him in the dust we will see how well he is gonna fare, lol.
        Also it will be interesting to see who he is going to morph into with his new arm candy. Man can’t live alone very long and is a blank canvas until a next young thing come along. Here’s hoping that his name will not pass her lips any time soon cause that will just drive dude mad.

      • bap says:

        @Truth hurts Everything you said is the truth.