Pink and Carey Hart are ‘solid’ now after two breakups over 11 years

It’s kind of sad that a married celebrity couple who have survived for over a decade is such a cause for celebration, but singer Pink and her motocross riding hubby Carey Hart have made it work for 11 years. Their union has suffered a few bumps in the road, but they have persevered.

Back in January, the 37-year-old singer posted a throwback pic sharing a smooch with her 41-year-old spouse to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. In the caption, she declared, “I’m very lucky to be able to say that you’re mine” and thanked Carey for “sticking around.”

The key to a happy marriage, according to Pink, is taking breaks, or so she told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview last year. Pink detailed the couple’s two breaks on the show, explaining, “The first one was about a year (in 2003, when they were dating). And the second one was 11 months.” The second, in 2008 was almost permanent, with the couple going so far as to draw up divorce papers. They managed to kiss and make up, and have brought two adorable kids into the world, 6-year-old daughter Willow and 5-month-old son Jameson. Carey recently gave Prink a new motorcycle as a “push present.” (Her words.)

This happy family spent their Memorial Day weekend on a camping trip. Pink posted a collage of shots on Instagram on Monday and it sure looked like a fun time was had by all.

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And, if you ever wondered what Carey Hart looked like in a Speedo, wonder no more. Pink also posted a shot of her sweetie in his barely-there briefs with the caption, “Happy Memorial Day. ‘Merica.” You’re welcome, by the way.

Happy Memorial Day. 'Merica

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The singer’s relationship is the cover story of the latest issue of US Weekly, where a source close to the pair revealed that “They’ve been through a lot, but they are solid now. They love their life together.” The singer told the magazine that she’s loving life as a Mom, confessing, “I honestly can’t believe how responsible I am. All of a sudden I’m a soccer mom and doing the damn thing. No one would have guessed this for me. Honestly, I didn’t realize that you could enjoy it so much.” And she is just as committed to being a supportive parent as she is as a performer, but her enthusiasm may sometimes get the best of her. She recalled watching her daughter playing T-ball and said, “I was screaming my head off. I made my baby cry!” Of course, she did admit that “Embarrassing them is the fun part!”

As someone who has walked down the aisle not once, but twice, I can attest that marriage is hard. I am a big fan of Pink’s and Carey Hart endeared himself to me on The Surreal Life (and the motorcycle “push present” was all kinds of awesome). I’m glad these two were able to work out their problems and stay together, even though they had to do the “break” thing.

Autism Speaks Celewbrity Chef Gala

Pink and Carey Hart out and about in SoHo

2015 UNICEF Snowflake Ball

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  1. KitKat says:

    I LOVE this couple!

    • Erinn says:

      I do too. I think they’re a hell of a lot more real than most – and the fact that they don’t just advertise the ‘everything is wonderful and perfect’ aspects of the marriage really makes me think they both are where they need to be.

      My husband and I broke up the first time we started dating, back in 9th grade (I know, I know, young). Got back together – almost broke up during my second year of university because of the long distance and guilt from both of us about not seeing each other often. But it’s stuck. We both have the same kind of opinion on the ‘big things’ and a lot of the ‘smaller’ stuff too. And it’s not like it’s all peaches all the time. When you’re around someone as long as we have been, and when you go through rougher times in life – you kind of know what buttons to push even if it’s not really intentional. But when we fight – we do whatever we can to fight ‘fair’ and talk things through rather than just holding grudges and letting things build up for too long.

    • Ceire says:

      Me too! I loved Pink back in the day, and it’s amazing how a lack of thirst is endearing to me.
      No photo-ops, no public image they need to maintain, no lifestyle brand to protect…they just seem chill, and that’s kind of all I need from celebs, y’know?

    • Pix says:

      I love them too. I mostly love her and really think she is so talented. She has some of the best breakup songs.

    • Lyssa says:

      I love them too! I think it’s the lack of thirst. They don’t seem to be willing to exploit their relationship and paint it as this unrealistic love affair. I like that about them.

    • hannah89 says:

      you know what couple I also love…ok this might sound weird but…

      Ice T & Coco

  2. detritus says:

    My parents also broke up for a year before settling down. Sometimes one of the two needs a wake up call.
    Theyve now been together for 35 years

  3. slowsnow says:

    They’re so cool.

    I am pretty sure that travelling quite a bit for work is good for my relationship not only with my husband but also with my 4 kids.

    Not everyone can have off time because of money, work obligations or even inner guilt (I sure have had all those issues from time to time). But if you just go for a walk on your own once a week and forget about those godamn favorite people of yours for 30mns, I assure you, it’s beneficial.

  4. Feedmechips says:

    I LOVE them! I’m a total Pink fan-girl.

  5. Maraidh says:

    Nothing but love for this beautiful couple. They seem so real. Cute babies, too.

  6. Don't kill me I am French says:

    I enough agree.I broke with my now husband after 9 years together and we came back together one year later when my dad is dead.

  7. Luca76 says:

    Hmm I love Pink. I hope Corey has sewed his wild oats he’s sort of infamous for cheating…it kind of reminds me of a Gavin and Gwen situation. As long as Pink is enamored and willing to stay together they will.

    • Artemis says:

      I know he hooked up with Jesse James’ (ex-husband Sandra Bullock) mistress, that racist one. Even though he was separated from Pink, still makes me side-eye him. But didn’t know he cheated on her while being with her. Was that truly confirmed, did Pink write songs about it?

      • Luca76 says:

        I mean confirmed as in photographic evidence etc no heavily rumored yes.

      • Artemis says:

        Oh, apparently Pink has denied it but I can believe it. In 2007 he denied the cheating rumours and that he would take it to court but he never did (so it’s probably true lol).

  8. LooperFor says:

    Now THIS is a positive role model for women everywhere. Love them!

  9. Nina says:

    Carey won me over on The Surreal Life, too! I assumed he was probably some douche, but I was impressed with what a nice, down-to-earth guy he seemed to be. And I like that he and Pink have fought for their relationship and have made it work. I think that society and the media place a lot of unrealistic expectations on couples, and that there isn’t enough encouragement for two people to WORK THROUGH their issues, but rather to throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble. I’m neither married nor in a relationship, and unfortunately, the relationship models I had growing up were pretty unhealthy.

    My maternal grandmother said that my grandfather was physically and emotionally abusive to her (though they stayed together because God!), my dad screwed around on my mom for over a decade before she found out and the the two of them separated, and every single one of my older sister’s relationships has crashed and burned horribly. Granted, I see that my mother and sister have tendencies and personalities that do make them very difficult to be in a relationship with (my mother is cold and cannot express emotions in a healthy way, while my dad is a deeply sensitive man with clinical depression; my sister likely has BPD and/or HPD as well as anger management issues), but my family’s relationship history still isn’t the most encouraging thing.

    But I guess that the point of my rambling is that should I ever find someone who’s crazy enough to settle down with me, I’m going to try my hardest to make the relationship work through troubled times and not give up at the first “red flag”. If it’s something that can be worked through and discussed, great. If not, then I’d hope that we could end things amicably at the very least.

    • scylla74 says:

      Hey…. good luck to you! But just a little stickler here: red flag normally means something IS wrong and mostly it means: RUN! So if he gets physical, puts your achievements and looks down, only takes, never gives… such stuff: red flags, no reason to stay around!

      • Nina says:

        Oh hell yeah, *those* kinds of red flags are definitely a deal breaker! I guess I mean more “pink flags”. 😉

  10. Cartwright says:

    i am not from US so can someone explain what is a “push present”? sounds like present for giving birth to a baby, which i find confusing because, what else can a women do? continue to be pregnant?
    what if she gives birth by c-section, does she qualify because she didn’t push?

    • Escondista says:

      As an American who gave birth a few months ago, this push present business is dumb to me. Just call it a gift of affection.

      Your “push present” is your baby.

      • hannah89 says:

        THIS. Ive never been pregnant or had a baby but…

        isnt the ultimate gift having a healthy baby with no issues/problems????

        some women, tho.

      • Eden75 says:

        I dunno, I don’t see anything wrong with a gift after giving birth. I received a lovely gift when I had my daughter. Her father felt that after all I had been through with the pregnancy and labour (one month of contractions every hour on the hour and then 36 hours of hard labour which had, at one point, doctors saying that if the baby didn’t move, there would be a choice, me or her ), I deserved something nice that was not baby related. After my son was born, my hubby gave me the ring that I had picked out as an engagement ring before we were married but couldn’t afford. He also wanted to give me something that was just for me, not for baby, and something that meant a lot to both of us as I almost didn’t make it through that birth either. The ring was his way of showing me, and the world, that I would marry this woman all over again. (Apparently he asked me to marry him again before they rolled me into surgery, but I was too out of it on morphine to remember.)

        I get that not everyone is into it and yes, I love my babies, but I also understand the guys reasoning. Everything in your life for the next god knows how long is going to be all baby. Giving the woman they loved something nice afterwards was a way to say I love you and you’re are beautiful. Something that was very nice to hear after all we’d been through with both pregnancies.

    • Malificent says:

      It is a present from a spouse or partner when a woman has a child. Despite the nickname with “push”, women who have C-sections get them too. And I should hope that adoptive moms get them too, considering the Herculean amount of red tape that they have to go through to become a parent.

  11. Who ARE these people? says:

    Happy Memorial Day remains, forme, an oxymoron. Is the ability to forget its meaning part of the reason things got to where they are?

    • Erinn says:

      I guess it’s a mixed bag – a lot of horrible events had to happen, and you have to remember what people went through – but on the flip-side, it can be a time to really think about how lucky we are, and how we GET to enjoy a happy, usually family oriented time because of the sacrifices of others. This sort of thing has always been bittersweet for me. Remembrance Day (Nov. 11 – I’m Canadian) was always an incredibly somber event for us, because we’d go to the cenotaph for the service with my WW2 vet grandfather. He lost a lot of friends – though our family was somehow incredibly lucky to not really suffer any loss of close relatives. His father and uncles were also all WW1 vets. One of his best friends was a Jewish man who was a POW who I suspect lied about his name and heritage. So for us – that’s how the morning would always be – sad, serious, and reflective. But we’d always have a big family meal later in the day. And usually, the spirit would lift quite a bit by then, and it really shifted to being thankful for the kind of life we are able to lead now. I think it’s probably healthiest to have a mix of the two, really. You shouldn’t ever forget what the holiday is about, and how all those things we tend to take for granted are the things that so many others never got to enjoy, but also a celebration of family and the kind of lifestyle we’re able to lead – the exact kind of thing that so many fallen were working so hard to achieve.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Erinn, perfectly stated, thanks for helping me to think about it a new way. Ivanka Trump’s company posting about making “champagne popsicles” for Memorial Day really got my goat. I grew up in the US but live in Canada now, and I am impressed every year with the seriousness with which Remembrance Day is taken – really a hallowed day despite the passage of time.

  12. monette says:

    I love Pink and her songs have gotten me through some rough times. Just like a pill and Fucking perfect are my favorite. She is awesome, I want her to be happy.

  13. Marion C. says:

    I remember watching Pink’s Behind the Music and her father talked about how Carey wore a long sleeve, collared shirt when they met (or maybe it was when Carey spoke to him about proposing) to cover his tats so the Dad wouldn’t have any preconceived ideas. That seemed so respectful (I have no issues with tattoos!) and sweet that he wanted to make a good impression. They seem to be a couple that really likes each other as much as they love each other.

    • Keaton says:

      I remember that too! I think deep down both Pink and Carey are a little conservative, but in a really sweet cool way (not in a judgy hypocritical way). I think they share the same values and as such I think they have a good chance of lasting.

  14. Canadian Becks says:

    I am amused that from the neck up, he looks like a 1950’s accountant, minus the horn-rimmed glasses.

    I find him quite attractive, and Pink is a wonderful artist.

  15. Lucy says:

    Not only are they both cool AF, they also seem like such lovely, kind people. I wish them all the best.

  16. Craven says:

    Nobody is going to want to hear this but when I watch clips of these two interracting its clear that Pink is one of those really abrasive women who thinks thats what it means to be a strong woman. She is really rude to him and I think their dynamic is one in which he takes her sh-t and keeps his opinion to himself. Since someone will dispute that analysis, watch her tour documentary in Australia I believe. He is on their quite abit and I pity him at every single moment. If the genders were reversed those scenes would probably have been a bigger deal.

    • Snowflake says:

      Can you post a link to it? I can’t find it. I’m not very tech savvy

    • QQ says:

      I kinda Like em both Together ( they make sense together, much like the naming of their kids etc ) but I TOTALLY get that vibe from her, like she is one of those Loud and Brassy “I WAS TOLD BY APPLE CARE..” types but He’s always come off to me as a chill more passive partner.. There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with being the Loud one to a more submissive partner that subsumes a lot more than the Loud Type A one but if it’s abusive in any way I’m out the pool

    • slowsnow says:

      They come across as those couples that have an “agreement’. He strays, she’s a pill (I think I read or saw an interview where she said she was hell to live with and that he’s calmed her down and she pitied him because she knew she was awful etc).
      If that’s the case it would be good, as she is such a role model for so many people as we can see here, if she could tell the whole story? He strays, I am a crazy intense person, we have accepted each other with our flaws etc. IF that’s the case. Maybe the arrangement is that he can go away with his motocross buddies and they have some “me” time. If they get down with other peole when they’re on a break that’s understandable.

  17. Penelope says:

    Love them as individuals and a couple. As others have noted, they don’t seek the limelight and have never pretended that their marriage was made in heaven…they seem like real, unpretentious people (albeit wealthy ones) who struggle with the same relationship issues we all do. They’re a breath of fresh air and I’m so happy they are still together!

    Oh, and Carey is HOT. 🙂

  18. jc126 says:

    My favorite couple, these two.