Megan Fox, role model: ‘Wonder Woman is a lame superhero’

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According to the British tabloids, Megan Fox spent four hours getting ready for the MTV Awards on Sunday. Four whole hours to not shower, slick back her dirty, greasy hair and fit herself into a cocktail dress. Which reminds me of that old saying – “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” According to a source, “Megan was in a complete state… She was red in the face and convinced she was having a fat day. Luckily she eventually found the perfect one.” Megan herself tweeted about her poorly-received look, “The awards were great… Sorry if you didn’t like my hair. Opinions are opinions.”

That’s all just the precursor to Megan’s latest interview. The girl who compared all actors to prostitutes and came out with the now infamous statement “I resent having to prove that I’m not a retard” is now claiming that she wants to be, and is, a role model to young women. Megan says that she’s not interested in being a “preachy” role model, but rather a role model that is “strong and intelligent and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right.” Uh… fight for what exactly? The right to pose for Maxim? She also has some stuff to say about the lameness (lamertude?) of Wonder Woman. What a bitch:

Fox is just as careful not to overstep her abilities when it comes to her career. She might not fit the butter-wouldn’t-melt mould of stars such as Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley, but she reckons she’s a role model of sorts for young women.

“It depends on what your idea of a role model is,” she says. “If your idea of a role model is somebody who’s gonna preach to your kids that sex before marriage is wrong and cursing is wrong and women should be this and be that, then I’m not a role model. But if you want your girls to feel strong and intelligent and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right, then I want to be that type of role model, yeah.”

Fox reportedly turned down the chance to take over from Jolie (the two are strikingly similar, down to their mutual love of tatoos) as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider series, and says she has no intention of starring in a Wonder Woman movie, despite recent speculation.

“Wonder Woman is a lame superhero,” she says, clearly unfazed at the thought of ruling herself out of a potentially career-making franchise. “She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don’t want to do it.”

“Hollywood is the most superficial thing you could possibly be a part of,” she says. “And if I weren’t attractive I wouldn’t be working at all.”

Ask if she’s afraid of typecasting and she pouts defiantly. “Getting typecast as what? Attractive? How bad is that?” she counters. “That’s not really a bad thing. If people want to look at me like that I find it flattering. And it gives me an advantage because people don’t expect anything from me. If I show up and give any sort of performance at all, even a mediocre one, everyone will walk away going, ‘Holy shit! Megan did a great job in that movie!’ So I’m an overachiever just by default because of the category I’ve been put in.”

[From The London Times Online]

Wonder Woman is awesome! She can fly, she has a cool outfit, and even her accessories have superpowers! What is Megan thinking? Megan is also contradicting early statements she made about her “beauty” – just a few weeks ago if anyone tried to tell her she was too pretty for a part, she would have gone off on an obscene tirade. Now she’s very chilled out about the whole thing. And I don’t think it’s because she’s an “overachiever”.

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  1. nimble minx says:

    her publicist needs to tell her to STOP TALKING.

    my guess? she wanted WW but was rejected for the part…sour grapes and all…

  2. photo jojo says:

    I just don’t get the appeal.

  3. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    I’m with the previous poster- what’s her appeal aside from stealing Angelina’s look and tatts? I didn’t want her in the f*ck*ng movie anyway, the no-talent bimbo. And thanks Megan for making Transformers even more unwatchable. Why didn’t Shia LaBeouf’s character just run around with an honest-to-god hooker for 90 minutes?

  4. ash says:

    ehh she may not say the right things in interviews, but I still think she’s gorgeous. *hides*

  5. barneslr says:

    I think you’re right, Nimble Minx. Those are the words of someone who was rejected and is trying to save face.

  6. cc says:

    I hope that’s a spray tan. Something about her just looks cheap. Although, she is one of the hottest young actresses right now. She just looks very porn star. If you see pictures of her before, she was pretty , but she didn’t look quite as hot as she is now. She had a flatter nose with a slight dent in the middle. Now her nose looks better, It’s still slightly wide, but now you can barely see the dent. I think she also over inflates her lips too much where they look off. That’s where the porn Star look is coming from. She just looks unatural.

    As far as what she has to say, she just sounds like she’s trying to say edgy things so she can come off smart, It obviously isn’t working’, plus, she looks too young or is it small to play Wonder Woman.

  7. knowitmost says:

    Kaiser Wonder Woman can’t fly she needs her jet

  8. HS says:

    Don’t dog on Wonder Woman.
    I had my own Wonder Woman barbie doll and you could wash her hair. Then I traded it for some other stupid barbie. I’m an idiot.
    Anyways, that was a billion yrs ago, but I always did love that show.

    Megan Fox- go back to the dark corner you came from.

  9. Lucky says:

    Megan Fox talks too much. It feels like every week she’s giving another controversial quote to stay in the news. Didn’t she actively pursue the title of sex object by posing promiscuously in mens mags (Yes) Didn’t she want to play wonder woman before (Yes). Such a hypocrite. Ho hum, she’s lame.

  10. nony says:

    “And if I weren’t attractive I wouldn’t be working at all.”

    good thing she had all that plastic surgery so she could get a job,
    is this why she compared actresses to prostitutes? She can be a role model to all the prosti-tots 🙄

    great brows though, absolutely flawless.

  11. 88Modesty88 says:


    I had my first sexual fantasy about Wonder Woman!

    The headline shoulda read:
    Megan Fox is a lame superho.

  12. Don’t talk smack on Wonder Woman!!! She doesn’t “get” the power of truth? Probably because the truth is that she’s stupid & ugly on the inside. Truckstop Hooker Girl would be a much better super hero, right, Megan?

  13. TaylorB says:

    Wonder Woman is not a ‘lame’ superhero. She was a hero to countless young girls, showing them how they could be strong, smart, and didn’t have to rely on a man to ‘save’ them; they could take care of themselves. Ms Fox seems to be struggling with that whole ‘I have to prove I am not a retard’ concept, since every time she opens her trap she seems to be heading in that very direction.

    Oh, and the invisible plane really was pretty cool and frankly rather practical; sure Superman could fly without a plane, but when they landed which one of them had windblown hair and bugs in their teeth?

  14. Sauronsarmy says:

    Hieronymus Grexx: IMO both Megan and Shia ruined Transformers for me. I know its a Micheal Bay movie, but dude, pick somebody that can act.

  15. Flourpot says:

    This bitch is the epitamy of superficial on every level. And she’s a horrid actress. There, I said it! Take that, Hollywood!

  16. nimble minx says:

    “sure Superman could fly without a plane, but when they landed which one of them had windblown hair and bugs in their teeth?”

    Holy CRAP, that was hilarious. good one, TaylorB!

  17. Wow says:

    Its better to be thought of as an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it.

    This chick grates on my nerve. Why the heck is she spouting off at the mouth so much?

  18. Green Is Good says:

    Wonder Woman has been a cultural icon for 60 years.

    Megan’s only “talent” are her tits and ass. She’s pissed that Hollywood has finally figured it out.

  19. grisgris says:

    Megan is an idiot. With the right actress and director Wonder Woman could be a kick ass movie. The tv series in the 70’s was terrific and we were lucky as girls to have someone like Linda Carter to look up to, and not lumps of plastic like Megan Fox.

    Alex Ross has amazing illustrations for the Wonder Woman comics in his galleries that show what great material is there under the right guidance. I would love to see the Amazon back story developed.

  20. Carrie says:

    Wonder Woman isn’t lame!! Megan Fox is Lame!!!!!!!! This woman needs to have her mouth-sown shut. She may think she is a hot piece of ass, but the more she opens her mouth the uglier she becomes.

  21. Codzilla says:

    So it’s a good thing if people applaud her lousy acting because of her looks? Or did I read that wrong? And why would anyone want their daughters to emulate a person who feels it’s acceptable to embrace this idea?

  22. Mel says:

    I just read the head line- that’s it! I officially hate this woman.

  23. nnn says:

    How long will the media tolerate this twit ? She is uneducated, uncultured trailer trash ! A moron !

    She is the epitome of the bimbo, an arrogant one at that. Bimbos usually are sweet and dumb.

    This prick is permanently braindamaged with a massive ego.

    Please STUP Mega Forehead, i mean Megan Fox ! Wonder Woman’s shoes are too giant for you anyway ! Coming after lovely, classy Lynda Carter ? Please !!!

  24. Bubulle says:

    Yeah because her part in Tranformers is not lame at all. Seriously this woman is so predictable, she keeps posing half naked and telling craps to draw attention. She wishes she was the next Angelina Jolie I don’t even think she’s the next Jessica Alba.

  25. cookies says:

    hhuuuhh . . she hmmm . . . i dont know what to say i mean the gurl delusional or something along those lines wonder woman is lame ? ? . . she is just plain stupid i mean . . i really dont know what to say i cant handle this much stupidity i mean really just shut your mouth megan every sentence you speak makes u more into a retard and you have already proven that u r one .. .

  26. clare says:

    She sounds like a selfish, spoiled brat who could star in porn movies with Brooke Hogan.

  27. tiki says:

    Four hours? To do what? Look like a chonga? All she has on is red lipstick, mascara, foundation, no jewelery and horrible hair with a simple dress

  28. Lem says:

    Dolly Parton said “it takes alot of money to look this cheap” she also said
    “I`m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I`m not dumb. I also know I`m not blonde.”

    .. hmmm

  29. nimble minx says:

    Lem, you just posted two of my FAVORITE quotes ever.

    love me some Dolly!

  30. MSat says:

    Megan Fox isn’t fit to carry Wonder Woman’s head band. End of discussion.

  31. Meh . . . I can kind of understand about the lame superpowers comment, but then again I was more of a Marvel Universe kind of girl, myself. But there’s no denying that back in the day, WW was the first of her kind – the archetypal superheroine. And even though her superpowers were kinda “lame” in comparison to her ass-kicking male cohorts – WW was a badass!

    Somewhere in the world, Linda Carter is breathing a sigh of relief.

  32. Kitten says:

    I can see why she wouldn’t want to be Wonder Woman… it would mean that she wouldnt be playing the skanky gf of the male lead… people need to stop hiring her, because she’s obviously not grateful for the work she’s been getting

  33. BlueSkies says:

    Lynda Carter didn’t have a nose job. She was born with that nose and face.

  34. Sijoi says:

    WW has all of Supes powers.

    Flight, Marble Hard Skin, Strength, etc.

  35. fizXgirl314 says:

    “look at me, i’m so sexy, i’m just so hot… i can’t help it… look at my pouty lips and my bedroom eyes, you like that huh? you like when i look over my shoulder and give you that sexy glance….”

    LAME! she is so desperate… in what other profession would this seem normal? if i walked around trying this hard at my job, somebody would call up the psych ward on me… *eyeroll*

  36. czarina says:

    Hey, did any of you guys watch the Wonder Woman shows with Linda Carter? I loved those! I especially loved the ones set in WWII where Diana and Steve constantly foiled evil Nazi plots, etc.
    I think Wonder Woman is great!
    (and didn’t her headband do something, too? Wasn’t it like a boomerang?)

    Nothing bugs me more than hearing (or reading) celebrities b*tch and moan about Hollywood and how it’s “soooo superficial” and how they have to transcend the burden of their beautiful faces and bodies.
    If you hate it so much, GO HOME! Become a teacher or an office manager or whatever.
    But stop being a hypocritical jerk by living your life according to the Hollywood standards you publicly sneer at.

  37. SixxKitty says:

    “Opinions are opinions.”
    here’s mine. megan, its aweful that you only take your foot out of your mouth to put the other one in! You are a role model, you model the ‘what not to be’ style. You are not that talented, nor are you that beautiful, your best asset is your hair and you treat it like a toilet paper. Should this be the last press I read about you, I would not notice, as not only are you boring and trite, you are uneducated and crass.
    Thats my opinion.
    Sorry if it offends any readers on the site.

  38. paranel says:

    What’s all the hype about this woman ? She does not look beautiful or even stylish. None. Next.

  39. The film industry has been trying to make a new Wonder Woman Movie for the longest time. From my understanding, the biggest problem they were having was trying to find the proper actress to play Wonder Woman. The character has a strong and loyal following and the movie will do very well assuming that the movie industry does not go cheep on it.

  40. I love her in movies. she has the oomp factor. I would like to know the next movie of hers.