Emmy Rossum is on photo safari in Rwanda for her honeymoon: amazing?

I know that Emmy Rossum is not controversial in the least, but that’s why I like her. She had what sounds like an amazing wedding to Sam Esmail the last weekend in May, but she didn’t hypermanage it (like I would have done) and she wore just one incredible dress, designed by Carolina Herrera. Her reception was at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, but she didn’t change out of her wedding dress to a reception dress and instead kept it low key and fun. Judging by the photos on social media, a good time was had by all. Now we have photos of the cake too, and it was a very simple tiered white wedding cake. I know that Emmy said that she designed her dress in conjunction with Herrera to mimic the clean architectural lines of the Guggenheim, and it looks like her cake was designed with that in mind too. Check out this cake! I love how simple and elegant it is. This is from an Instagram story by actor Nyambi Nyambi. You have to click the arrows to the right of the photo to scroll through. Look at how they look at each other during their first dance, they are so in love.

Cake or dance? First dance & wedding cake along with a beautiful perfect weekend with @samesmail and @emmyrossum.

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Emmy is a rare celebrity I’m actually happy and rooting for instead of feeling any level of jealousy about, except that may have changed now that I’m seeing photos from her honeymoon, on photo safari in Rwanda. I just looked up tours for that and found this website for a touring company endorsed by the World Wildlife Foundation that promises you can “sit with a family of wild mountain gorillas, look into the eyes of a huge silverback at close range, watch babies cling to their mothers, [and] laugh at youngsters playing in the trees.” I have goosebumps now imagining that. Emmy’s new husband posted these photos from their tour (I don’t know which company they used) that show the gorillas at close range, and Emmy taking pictures.

Hanging out with these guys today.

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Safari Rossum

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Safari Rossum 2

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I am getting goosebumps again looking at the photos and video Emmy posted, which actually show gorillas playing in trees. Emmy wrote in a caption that she walked into the mountains in Rwanda with a guide to observe like Dian Fossey and that it was a “once in a lifetime experience.

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Plus she posted more photos of wildlife including leopards and zebras. The pictures are so clear and close, she must have a good camera and it must have been amazing to see in person. Now I’m jealous. It’s so nice to see celebrities going on conservation adventures instead of posting typical beachside bikini photos. I never get jealous of those.

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photos credit: WENN and Instagram/Emmy Rossum, Same Esmail

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  1. detritus says:

    I’m going to two weddings this summer, and both have almost identical colour schemes and almost identical dresses and identical flowers.
    It’s very strange how wedding fashions change and trend.
    Anyhow Emmy is adorable, the wedding look beautiful and not identical to everyone else’s, and their honeymoon looks insane.

  2. Maria F. says:

    that really seems like the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Seems that she has naturally curly hair :)

  3. Snowflake says:

    Wow that would be amazing. Couple of my mom’s friends went on Safari, saved for years so they could go

  4. Patricia says:

    Isn’t it a pretty bad idea to look a male silverback in the eyes? I mean as far as animal behaviorism goes, isn’t that perceived as aggression by the animal? I would be pretty hesitant to do that!
    The rest of this trip though… sign me up I’d go in a heartbeat. What an amazing adventure.

  5. Al says:

    I went to Rwanda in 08/2016. It was an amazing trip. The gorilla trek in Volcanoes is so worth it. It is a difficult hike and it is expensive, but I recommend it to everyone. Kigali is also wonderful.. the city is so beautiful. It was a great trip! If you are planning a big trip… consider going to Africa.

    • Lucy says:

      Would you say it’s okay to bring a 4 year old? My husband and I want to plan a safari trip next year to take our daughter on her 4th birthday but I’m not sure how intense these types of trips are for a small child.

      • Felicia says:

        I’ve done the gorilla trek in Rwanda, it was amazing. Stayed in Dian Fossey’s habitual room at the hotel as well,vwhich was cool. In answer to your question about a 4 year old, the age limit for the Gorilla trek is 12 or 16, don’t remember which. They give you very precise instructions as to what to do if one of the silverbacks get aggressive and a small child is likely to panic if that happens (it did to us) rather than remember those instructions. Hence the age limit.

        Sadly, they are very used to people now, unlike during Fossey’s time. The dominant male was literally posing for the cameras, like he was on his own personal red carpet.

  6. PG says:

    I saw the gorillas a few years ago and it was amazing. Here is more information for those of you interested: http://thetravelsisters.com/gorilla-trekking-mountain-gorillas-rwanda-africa/