Dani Mathers: ‘I am not sorry about what happened to me’

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Dani Mathers would have us believe that she has completely embraced her ‘mistake’ and turned her experience into such positivity, that she’s now making the world better. In other news, I’ve recently acquired the deed to the Golden Gate Bridge and will sell it to you – cheap! Dani is the former Playboy centerfold who pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor invasion of privacy charge for photographing a naked 70 year old woman and posting it publicly to Snapchat with a nasty caption. The victim cooperated fully with the prosecution and was willing to give up her anonymity to testify if asked but the case was settled with a plea bargain and the victim was allowed to maintain a shred of dignity. That’s all the victim wanted, to move on with her life without Dani Mathers anywhere near it. But Dani can’t even let her do that because Dani’s sole motivation in all of this has been Dani and she really doesn’t care what this woman wants, let alone deserves, like an honest apology and some actual remorse. Instead, Dani is continuing her Poor Dani’s the Victim Sympathy Tour and I don’t know why. It can’t possibly be working, can it? US Magazine allowed her an exclusive interview and even after reporting on Dani for a while now, I cannot believe what I read.

Dani Mathers : I am sorry that it happened to this woman. But I am not sorry about what happened to me. I would not have this push to create positivity and try to change people’s minds about how they act without thinking. My life flipped upside down. But it’s a blessing in disguise.

Us Weekly: When did you realize the severity of what you had done?
I’m still learning how big of a deal this is. More than anything, I hurt somebody I don’t know. It’s a terrible feeling to know that’s something I was capable of. But I do think that it taught me a lot. 

Us: If you could speak to her today, what would you say? 
DM: A million things have run through my mind. But bottom line is: “I’m so sorry.” I never intended to hurt her. There was a lot of pain caused and I think she would like to put this behind her, as would I.

Us: How have you learned to handle the backlash directed toward you? 

DM: People have been relentless. That’s a lot of why I had to step away. All I want to do is defend myself. But if I spend every moment defending myself, I wouldn’t be getting anything positive done. I have to block it out. I can’t feed my mind and my heart with negativity.

Us: Do you think there’s more animosity because you were a Playmate? 
Absolutely! Prior to this, I would get unfortunate comments about my physical appearance. I was pigeonholed into this stereotypical view. It discounts the work I put into my career. Being in the public eye isn’t all rainbows.

Us: Plan to overhaul your image?
DM: My hope is to turn the corner and show people the person I am. Some people want to believe I’m only working with charities because of my consequences. But at the end of the day, I know who I am.

Us: Is there a charity you’re especially involved with?

DM: I work closely with Coupla Guys and Gals Give Back. I’m heading their anti-bullying department. I’ll be speaking at schools about the responsibility that comes with social media and telling kids about the pain we can cause if we don’t think before we speak, before we post.

[From US]

She just doesn’t get it. It didn’t ‘happen’ to this poor woman – Dani did it to her. And nothing ‘happened’ to Dani either, she was forced to pay for her actions – and meagerly, I might add. I strongly object to her heading an anti-bullying department, she has far too much to learn to be directing anyone on that topic. For the love of Pete – she thinks things were worse for her because she was a Playmate? I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. And as for her wish to show us the person she really is? Well, Maya Angelou told us all we need to know about that.

If Dani has so much to say to her victim, she could actually attempt to reach out to her instead of these stupid staged acts of faux contrition. And for God’s sake, did she forgive herself on behalf of her victim? Lady, please. Don’t even take a seat – just show yourself out.

🐭 #nationalbestfriendday ❤️

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  1. INeedANap says:

    Side note and an excellent piece of advice: so long as you say “happened to him/her” you are not taking responsibility for your actions. A true apology is not “sorry for what happened to you” it’s “sorry for what I did to you.”

    See also: Chris Brown.

    • Seraphina says:

      Exactly. And she sounds like an idiot. Especially that first quote. She has had more then her fair share of 5 minutes of fame (shooing away the fly).

    • DystopianDance says:

      I would like to hear, “I DID intend to hurt her, I DID intend to hurt all human beings for the normal and natural process of aging. I had evil intentions to promote my youth and surgically enhanced favorability in this inane culture. I can’t UNFEEL or UNSEE this ugly part of myself which I’m so desperately wanting to understand and change”. If I was the victim, that’s more of what I want to hear.

      • Rose says:

        Exactly!! My daughter is currently 3 and a half and it is really hard work getting her to differentiate between ‘accident’ and ‘on purpose’ and what exactly ‘mean to’ means…if that makes sense. I say this because this woman is a grown woman and yet she can say ‘I never intended to hurt her’…like does she ACTUALLY understand the meaning of the word ‘intend’ because when you post a photo of someone else with a bitchy caption i would say the intention is pretty bloody clear.

      • Jenny says:

        Rose: I agree completely but I also want to stress that even just taking a picture without permission of another human being especially while that person is naked is such a gross invasion of privacy that it doesn’t matter if she didn’t intend to hurt her or not. She did hurt her just by snapping that photo whether she ever intended to share it or not. And as an adult she knows that’s wrong and there is no excuse or mitigating circumstances for what she did.

    • detritus says:

      Its the only bloody time she doesn’t use ‘I’.

    • Yes! This! She’s still making it all about her – “What happened to ME!” Nothing “happened” to her. She intentionally ridiculed/body shamed an older woman.

    • Carrie says:

      Yeah. She’s a mean girl in best sense of that phrase.

      I knew someone like that. She was very similar and interfered with my family. She succeeded; I walked away to save myself and let her have what’s left of any family I knew. Seems they are all in it together. Getting away from these types is the safest reward in my experience.

      The 70 year old woman has the right idea and i’m so glad she didn’t have to reveal her name. Not wanting this young mean girl anywhere near her is the best outcome. Leave her to it.

      Dani Mathers will do more in life to make things worse for herself down the road as long as she continues to avoid taking responsibility for this heinous stunt.

    • Trashaddict says:

      sociopath language

      • BB says:

        I call it “dodge speak.” The vacuous crap that normally oozes out of her filtered through 14 layers of lawyer until all traces of sincerity and accountability have been removed.

      • Jag says:

        Sociopath and narcissist. Exactly!

  2. Esmom says:

    I first read her line about the charity as “I’m heading the bullying department.” That makes sense, lol. But anti-bullying? And heading it? Psh. I sense zero humility whatsoever.

    • heather says:

      Narcissism at its finest.

    • SoulSPA says:

      I don’t know how come she can head such department of a charity. Most likely she is its “face”. Heading a charity’s department takes some education, relavant experience, skill, and from my view, commitment and real passion. And I petty the organisation/s that have chosen to have her working with them. IMHO it makes them look bad. For I all see this is a PR ploy to clean up her image.

  3. Dhavynia says:

    Don’t you just love it when the bully plays the victim?
    She’s a disgusting person

  4. Kate says:


  5. KBeth says:

    She isn’t just a self absorbed, mean spirited person….she is also incredibly stupid.

    • DystopianDance says:

      For me she encapsulates the trophy hunting cheerleader who post on FB. My neck muscles tighten into maddening pain to know these human beings garner any positive attention.

  6. Stacy says:

    She really doesn’t get it. The cluelessness of this woman….The judge in this case needs to, or her lawyers need to, put a muzzle on her. Then again, the more she runs her mouth, the longer she reminds people of how disgusting she is.

  7. RBC says:

    She is sorry she was caught /found out.
    Just go away Dani

  8. third ginger says:

    She can’t “let negativity into her mind and heart.” I would say there was already plenty there. She is a moron.

    • Jaded says:

      Well I’d say she has neither a mind nor a heart to begin with. She’s an empty, soulless little piece of fluff.

  9. smcollins says:

    “Don’t even take a seat-just show yourself out.”

    This^^^^^All day long! She’s nothing more than a self-centered, unremorseful, trying-to-get-famous-off-this piece of trash. My mom is 70, and if someone did to her what this chick did….She needs to go far, far away now and stay gone!

  10. HK9 says:

    Every time this woman speaks, I have the desire to personally hire a scary lawyer to sue the living daylight out of Dani. This is a woman in her thirties who has absolutely no clue what she’s done and doesn’t care. The only thing she’s trying to do is prop up her image. What ever happened to giving a proper apology and putting and end to it?

    And there is no animosity because she’s a playmate. There’s animosity because she made fun of a 70 year old woman and people saw it for the despicable mean girl tactic that is was. Someone better tell her she’s gonna get old too and she’s gonna get the face & body she deserves. The karma that Dani will reap from this will be epic-I just hope we get to see it.

    • Christin says:

      She says in her word salad that she’s “learning” what she did was wrong. That suggests how self-absorbed, mean and non-empathetic she is.

  11. grabbyhands says:

    God, stop framing yourself as some sort of a victim!!

    You brought this all on yourself and the only thing you’re sorry about is that no one thought it was as funny as you did.

    She is terrible.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Coupaguysandgals really need to rethink their spokesperson. I would have looked it up and took it seriously if it was anyone else but this clown.

  13. Ainsley says:

    Happened to her??? Sweetheart you CAUSED this! Now STFU because no one feels sorry for you.

  14. prissa says:

    GO AWAY!!! NOW!

  15. Aren says:

    I would’ve expected her IG pics to have 2 likes.
    That she’s popular, and people are hiring her, makes me think that she successfully managed to make a career out of her crime.
    What a shame.

    • SoulSPA says:

      The fact she’s got those “jobs” with charities is beyond me. Just because I know to some extent how charities work. They veto people that could possibly work with them, PR-wise, in case they would hurt their image, and the cause they work for. In my view, being a (former) playboy model is a not a credential to work in charity. In addition, especially a person that has done that horrible thing.

  16. Chetta B. says:

    Oh please, take that sideways victory V and shove it. Getting so old. Please go away.

  17. Christin says:

    Why is MeMe getting these interviews? She apparently doesn’t have the guts to directly apologize to the one and only victim, and that’s all we need to know.

  18. Luca76 says:

    The media outlets that play along with this P.O.S. woman should be ashamed of themselves. She wasn’t some major celebrity beforehand she should have been marginalized and destroyed by this. I don’t want to see her on tv or magazines and it’s dangerous for youth to be reading her f-ed rationalizations and buy into her creepy sickening behavior.

  19. Alex says:

    She’s honestly vile

  20. Miss M says:

    You already showed us the person you are…

  21. QQ says:

    BYYYEEEEEEE DANI, YOU’RE STILL ONLY TRACY ANDERSON’S BARGAIN BASEMENT TITSTY SISTER, KEEP IT ( and Late In the Game now cause George Clooney wont take you for an appreticeship, no All you get now is David Spade and Hef)

    • detritus says:

      ahaha this is the truth. Its Tracy if Tracy was dumber and didn’t have an eating disorder pretending to be fitness gimmick.
      And isn’t that a sad state of affairs, I didn’t even think about the poor hot women with no real skills. Your options going from Georgie to Hef. Now isn’t that a paycheck and cleanliness downgrade.

      I couldn’t figure out the David Spade thing for a long time (Heather Graham? Naya Riviera?), I mean he’s funny, but so are tons of cleaner looking people.

      • QQ says:

        *Taller Cleaner Moneyed people .. a small addendum but Still had to be said LOL


  22. detritus says:

    Us: Do you think there’s more animosity because you were a Playmate?
    DM: Absolutely! Prior to this, I would get unfortunate comments about my physical appearance. I was pigeonholed into this stereotypical view. It discounts the work I put into my career. Being in the public eye isn’t all rainbows.

    Listen, there is a time and place for discussing how women can’t win, and how beauty has its negatives too, but this isn’t the time or place. She was literally making fun of the woman for not fitting into her physical standards, and there isn’t even a whiff of understanding her own hipocrisy here.
    I’d like to ask Goop and Mathers if they’d like to trade looks with Rachel Dratch.

  23. LadyT says:

    >>> All I want to do is defend myself.
    Defend herself? WTH? There are no excuses-there is no defense. We saw the picture!

  24. Neo says:

    Narcissistic personality disorder.

  25. sendepause says:

    “I am sorry that it happened to this woman. But I am not sorry about what happened to me.”

    1. I didn´t just happen, YOU DID TO THEM!
    2. I didn´t happen TO you, YOU DID IT TO SOMEONE!

    There, fixed it for you, Dani. You´re welcome. Now stop riding the pitty train, YOU. ARE. NOT. THE. VICTIM!

  26. JustJen says:

    “It discounts the work I put into my career…”?????? How much work is involved in taking off your clothes?? Pffffft!!!

  27. Lorelai says:

    Oh my god this woman ENRAGES me.

    She wants to “put it behind her,” yet she’s doing interviews with US magazine, and did and ever apologize to the ACTUAL victim?

    This feeling sorry for herself is absolute BS. Nothing “happened to her.” She did a shitty thing and refuses to full-on own up to it.

    She needs to go away now. Permanently. 😒

  28. holly hobby says:

    So much ew about that one. On the other hand, Melania is looking for a way out. Maybe she can be wife #4 for orange baby butt. She sounds compatible with him!

    • AnnaKist says:

      I love your idea, holly hobby! Perhaps Melania can even cut herself a better exit deal by introducing this pos to Bigly and brokering his fourth?

    • Magnoliarose says:

      Mmmm I like the way you think. She’s already proven herself to be a despicable person and a female misogynist. She would reward him for doing horrible things to people and he would laugh genuinely for the first time in his life when she humiliates older women. Tangerine would love every moment.

  29. Loras says:

    Please just go away until you reach your 40th or 50th birthday and then post a picture of yourself at that time.I would bet a month’s salary ,based on the amount of cosmetic procedures she has already been through,she will either look like a freak or she will look like she hit the wall.I highly doubt this one will be able to prance past Karma.

  30. jenn12 says:

    What is it with bullies that they think denial and framing themselves as victims works? They’re not apologizing. They want to get back to their lives and want people to stop calling them out. People were “relentless”? WTF? She photographed a woman and wrote a nasty caption and put it on Snapchat, which she’d never had trouble using before. She is still denying and lying.

  31. Ruyana says:

    Her mouth is shockingly big. I think she could make the Guiness Book of Records. Seriously.

  32. Pandy says:

    You know, I would have a smidgen of respect for her if she said “I was being a smart ass and fired off a nasty comment for laughs about this poor lady. I played for laughs and didn’t realize at the time how truly nasty and unfunny it is.”

    But, sure, go preach about bullying. You’re being bullied because you’re a beautiful playboy bunny. That’s it.

  33. Pumpkin Pie says:

    “She just doesn’t get it. It didn’t ‘happen’ to this poor woman – Dani did it to her. And nothing ‘happened’ to Dani either, she was forced to pay for her actions – and meagerly, I might add. ”

    Super spot on !

  34. hogtowngooner says:

    “I never intended to hurt her.”

    Bitch, you took a photo of a woman in a gym locker room, uploaded it to Snapchat, wrote a horrible caption and hit send. You used an innocent woman to prop up your warped sense of self-esteem.

    I’m SO SICK of people like her claiming they’re being bullied because they got caught being an asshole.

    Just go away already. You’re not helping yourself with this woe-is-me charade. God, this woman enrages me.

  35. paranormalgirl says:

    Oh Good Lord. Sit down and shut the eff up, you entitled victimizing brat. Just go away.

  36. Meggin says:

    I just can’t with her… not to be rude but she looks like 45 years old! Who is she to criticize?

  37. Sophia's Side eye says:

    She’s using her crime against that poor woman to get herself attention, and the media is letting her. They need to ignore this waste of hair.

  38. Nicky says:

    She is loving this and will milk it for all it’s worth. She won’t be going away.

  39. FLORC says:

    ZERO self awareness. Which is actually something you need to have when spreading positivity in the world through tour actions. You need to understand how your actions relate to others.
    Fade away bully.

  40. MsNotHere4That says:

    Hmmm… I think it’s time to reach out to Coupla Guys and Gals and let them know that unless Dani Mathers is the RECIPIENT of their anti-bullying education, and not “the head” of ANYTHING, they’re doing themselves AND others serious damage.

    This little twit doesn’t exhibit a single solitary sign of having learned ANYTHING. She doesn’t need a platform.

  41. Casi says:

    Why are we still talking about this walking pair of bolt-ons again?

  42. naomipaige says:

    Maybe if she got some jail time she would understand that what she did was wrong. I’m not too sure this dingbat twit gets it.