Jonas Bros mom doesn’t think they’re ‘above being seduced’

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No joking. The Jonas Brothers appear on July’s cover of Good Housekeeping with their mother, and their mom sat down for the interview (story via US Weekly). The Jonas Brothers are famously virgins, and they wear their purity rings proudly, and mom Denise seems to be defending them and their chastity. Denise Jonas says she totally gets that her son are “men” who have “desires” and “testosterone”. Then Denise comes out with this bold statement – “I don’t think they’re above or beyond being seduced.” Seduced? Because it’s the girls who are sluts, right? Not her little boys:

The Jonas Brothers may be virgins, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look at women, their mom admits in the July issue of Good Housekeeping.

“They are men. They have desires. They have testosterone,” Denise says of Kevin, 21, Joe, 19 and Nick, 16. “If they make a mistake, I’m not going to hate them. I don’t think they’re above or beyond being seduced.”

“They have been hurt in relationships by girls,” Denise goes on — without naming names. (Nick has dated both Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, while Taylor Swift has written songs about her split from Joe.)

“But it’s just about growing up and learning what it means to be in a relationship,” she continues.

Denise defends her sons’ decision to wear purity rings and talk about waiting until marriage to have sex.

“They’ve been criticized for proclaiming things they never proclaimed. And what’s the criticism?” she asks. “They don’t want to go out there giving everyone an STD? What’s so terrible about that?”

When her boys do fall in love, she only has one requirement before accepting her: “She must sincerely and totally love my son!”

So how to land a Jonas Bro?

“People always ask, ‘What’s a girl have to do to get your attention?’” Joe says. “She has to be good to Mom.”

[From US Weekly]

I don’t have a problem with the whole idea of waiting until you’re in love, or waiting until marriage, or teaching kids that it’s okay to be a virgin, et cetera. But there comes a point – perhaps when you, your brothers, and your mother are appearing on the cover of Good Housekeeping - when parts of it become a little creepy. Like Stephen King’s Carrie creepy. Like Denise Jonas is going to start talking about “dirty pillows”. It becomes less about waiting for love, respect and safety, suddenly virginity and “purity” becomes a fetish. Maybe I’m totally off-base, though. I think it’s great that there’s a movement afoot to teach both boys and girls to wait to have sex. But, I hope these kids realize that their virginity isn’t the property of their parents, that having sex doesn’t make them bad people, and that it’s not the end of the world to experiment and find what gives them pleasure.

Joe Jonas and Camila Belle are shown below out in LA on 6/3/09. Joe turns 20 in August. Credit: Header image from Good Housekeeping via NY Daily News

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  1. westindya says:

    This commentary from mother is just inappropriate. The boys are HUMAN! No one is going to “seduce” them. PUH-LEEZE. They will do what they want when they want to. And if you are going to wear purity rings – wear it in SILENCE.

    It is hypocrites who flaunt their “virtue” instead of living it quietly. If they are truly who they say they are, there is no need for a purity ring.

  2. ash says:

    Camille Belle and Joe Jonas could make some beauitul kids….hayooo.

  3. voodoobetty says:

    You know we finally have some pop stars that send a positive message to our kids, cant u just leave them alone? Why must you tear down everthing? I think her comments were sincere and honest. Yes young women can seduce young men, its totally possible for the female to be the aggressor! They can also be suduced by their own desires. Leave these boys alone please. i see no problem with them talking about their purity rings. Sure sends a lot better message than most of the pop stars out there who are trying to sexualise young girls.

  4. vale says:

    The crappiest of the mom’s quotes was “if they make a mistake”. Who says its a mistake, and don’t enough people feel guilty about sex already? Let’s add some more to the bunch. Something so natural shouldn’t be considered a mistake, in my opinion.

  5. m says:

    I don’t think she should worry of them being seduced by girls, but guys.

  6. Lucinda says:

    It’s hard to make that kind of stand with out coming across as self-righteous. Statements about purity are more appealing when they come from those making the pledges rather than their parents.

    Good for them for standing up for what they believe. It would be better however if they talked about why it was important though than mom talking about how they’ve done it and how they might fail.

  7. Meimei says:

    Uhhh… No. Parents do not talk about their kids’ sex lives (or lack of it) in public. This is not happening. Can’t be.

  8. Tee says:

    She’s talking about their virginity like Joe Simpson talks about his daughter’s breasts…very inappropriate!!!

    And I think she’s a bit late worrying about them being seduced. Come on, Nick dated Miley, who is now living with a 20 year old in her daddy’s house…I’m sure she and Nick didn’t just play Trivial Pursuit all evening or just send normal texts to each other. We’ve seen the “sexting” pics that she sent him. And Mama thinks those 2 older boys haven’t done anything yet…highly unlikely!!!

  9. manda says:

    I can’t stand how these purity ring people assume that NOT swearing celibacy until marriage automatically means you are having sex with whoever walks by and giving and getting STDs. Just because someone is not married doesn’t mean they don’t know how to act responsibly.

  10. Codzilla says:

    So wait? The oldest is 21? I thought they were all like 16 or something. Mom sounds like she needs to reel it in a bit. I’d be pissed if my parents were nosing around in my sex life at that age.

  11. photo jojo says:

    My kids are too old for these guys so pardon my ignorance… are they LDS or am I inferring something?

  12. Annie says:

    I feel sorry for their future…significant others.

    With a mom that overbearing, it’s going to be an absolute nightmare.

    I bet she calls them everyday and still thinks they’re 5 and drooling.

    Pass on Mama’s Boys.

  13. MSat says:

    They still suck.

  14. Laura says:

    I took the word ‘seduced’ as seduced by temptation–not ‘seduced’ as in by hoards of sex crazed girls.

    Either way, good for them for being out of the norm. Not being like the rest of society isn’t always easy.

  15. Bodhi says:

    They have a mom? I figured they were spawned by the Disney Machine!

  16. ! says:

    I don’t like all the emphasis placed on the value of virginity. Sure, we should all wait until we’re ready…but this obsession with virginity, especially women’s, only sets people up for feeling ashamed when they do have sex. And it places your personal sense of self worth on whether or not you’ve had sex. That’s just wrong. We should be placing value in our accomplishments, talents, abilities, etc…not whether or not we’ve had sex. That was a necessity and selling point when women were basically sold into marriage but in this day and age, it has no place.

    Oh and EL at CDAN has it on good authority that two of the Jonas Brothers aren’t virgins anyway, and hacked emails from Miley’s accounts were said to have mentioned her and Nick’s night of underage passion…*barf*

  17. This is a little strange but they are Evangelicals-certainly not “mainstream” Christians. Still, I’d take the Jonas Brothers over Bristol Palin anyday.

  18. What says:

    Isn’t Joe’s girlfriend like 3 or 4 years older? I’m suuurrrreee she isn’t expecting sex from him…

  19. Abby says:

    who wants to hear their mother acknowledge that her “boys” (if you can call a 21 & 19 year old a “boy”)… have “desires.” i think THAT is creepy. stop thinking so much about their sex life or lack thereof.

  20. belindaya says:

    I really think you should live your sexuality as you wish .
    Gosh I hate those who think they are the only good people and judge everyone who doesn’t think like them.
    You want to stay a virgin till you get married ?Good for ya. I just hope u don’t wait till you are 80 to experience physical luuuuuv.
    I think it’s wrong for parents to discuss theirs kids personnal life .Just imagine how they will like the kids to discuss theirs?
    If you want to have sex , go for it but take your responsability .
    nobody is waiting, hidden in you closet , to “seduce “you”!!!Get over yourself nobody is that tempting !!
    Just guess how they will feel if they “fail” and are “seduced” by somebody … yeah Mom i m sure that’s the way any parent wants their kids to feel like .
    I m sorry but for me if you flaunt something it’s because you are very insecure about it .

  21. eternalcanadian says:

    lolz. their mama is delusional if she thinks any of her precious babies are virgins. we all went down that road with britney spears, her parents going on and on about how “pure” she was and we find out otherwise she was doing the narsty at like age 13 or 14. those guys got to be the biggest illusion artists and how they’ve managed to lie all this time about being virgins and spouting those idiotic purity rings, lolz, pull the one one boyz.

  22. Dingles says:

    Do people really believe these guys are virgins? It’s called a MARKETING PLOY. South Park said it best- when people like the Jonas Brothers (or Britney Spears 10 years ago) go about blatantly selling sex, but *say* they’re wholesome and waiting until marriage blah blah blah, parents of young children feel okay buying their merchandise…because people are stupid.

    And who is she to claim that an adult man having sex is a “mistake” and implying that just because someone is sexually active they are putting others at risk for disease. Like there’s no grey area between virgin and slut.

  23. Annabelle says:

    Gross. Just gross.
    Wtf @ “They don’t want to go out there giving everyone an STD?” Why on earth would they give ANYONE an STD? There are plenty of easy ways to avoid STDs. I’ve been doing it for years and have never gotten an STD. It strikes me as weird that she kinda implied that they have STDs to give! Most parents are concerned about GETTING an STD, not giving it. Weirdness.

  24. Ling says:

    Lord alive. For some reason I was under the impression that the J Bros were trying to distance themselves from the purity ring mania. Apparently I was mistaken.

    Sidenote: why are all the sibling acts spawned from creepy christian cult parents? Why can’t a nice trio of church-on-christmas-and-easter-and-grandma’s-birthday christian children rise up and dominate?

    Other sidenote: My main problem with the “wait until marriage” rule is that it at once makes marriage a necessity while trivializing it as an expensive sex ticket. Sweetheart, want to experience all the pleasures of orgasm? Then marry the first guy you date out of college and be prepared for years of rugrats. What’s that? You want a career, too? That’s nice, dear. Good luck.

  25. hairball says:

    Sorry, after 8 years of Bush, I am SICK to death of these psycho Christians who are all hypocrites. But the point is, no girl with any self-respect is going to stay around with an over-bearing and controlling mother who has no life of her own. PATHETIC.

  26. spiceh says:

    Camila Belle is so pretty with a great body.

  27. Nicole says:

    what they decide to do with their bodies is their choice. they are great role models, so stop being so hard on them. they are teenagers! if they dont want to have sex…whatever. get out of their personal business and get a life…

  28. jayem says:

    ^^^Uh, we’re not IN their “personal business”, Nicole. They TOLD us their personal business. And they didn’t mention it once, in passing, like their favorite color. They talk about it ALL. THE. TIME. I think everyone else has said it nicely. Kinda weird, marketing, probably prove to be lies in 10 years or so. One of them WILL crack. And then date Paris Hilton! (Okay, I take that back. That was mean…)

  29. SUPPORTER says:

    Mrs. Jonas, if I may say…If there is any girl that you should accpet to love Nick, it’s Miley. Cuz’ Miley loves Nick so much! Her love for Nick is TRUE! She may have done some mistakes but, she’s just human! and those scandals Miley had, she did it all just to get Nick’s love! So, imagine a girl sacrificing her reputation as a role model just to get one of your sons to love for her again, isn’t that TRUE LOVE? and Miley’s album “BREAKOUT” almost all of the songs in there are written by Miley for Nick. WOW! Nick is so lucky to have someone like Miley love him that much! So, if anyone should have the right to love Nick and date Nick, it should be Miley! PEACE TO ALL!!

  30. i know the jonas brothers are virgins that’s still mean to me to say kevin jonas can’t have sex with a woman and make a baby who are you to decide that on cele bitchy under kevin can’t make a baby head line that’s mean don’t spread that around that’s mean your’ehurting kevin’s feelings

  31. THATbitch says:

    Lol dirty pillows! Wtf?!

  32. THATbitch says:

    Lol dirty pillows! Wtf that is hilariously disturbing