Tara Reid: ‘Everyone knows I eat more than anyone. I’m just a thin girl’


Back in September, you may remember that Tara Reid posted a selfie of her face looking battered. The photo frightened some people at first because they thought something horrible had happened. Fortunately, the only tragedy was how bad the makeup job was. Tara admitted the photo was promotion for her new movie, Worthless, that deals with bullying. The film comes out in September and even while promoting her current effort, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, she took the opportunity to plug Worthless as well. Tara is really pushing the bullying angle of the film and to that end, she mentioned how she has repeatedly been bullied for her slight frame. Tara then reiterated that it’s not fair because she eats all the time and is “just a thin girl.”

As Tara Reid continues to find success with help from her memorable roles in the Sharknado franchise, the actress is opening up about her experiences with bullies.

“Bullying is such a big deal these days and it’s something I very much personalized with,” Tara explained to E! News’ Will Marfuggi while at Universal Studios Hollywood. “In my life, I’ve had a lot of bullying and I know what that feels like and how much it hurt.”

She continued, “What people don’t realize is that there’s so much kinds of bullying: Social media bullying, cyber bullying, physical bullying, mental bullying, there’s different kinds and today it’s so bad that people are committing suicide and overdosing.”

In her upcoming movie titled Worthless, Tara will tackle the subject of bullies and body shaming. In fact, she hopes the project will be a teachable moment for many moviegoers across the country.

“I think this movie could affect a lot of people and really think twice before you have something negative to bully on someone,” she shared. “One word can change someone’s life.”

And while Tara may be focused on her exciting projects, she just can’t seem to avoid the few negative comments online from certain haters. It’s one of the many reasons Worthless was such an important project to do.

“I’ve definitely felt bullying in my life. With media or press or just different things in my life,” she explained. “People always say I don’t eat. I eat all the time. They call me scary skinny. You’re my friend; everyone knows I eat more than anyone. I’m just a thin girl.”

Tara continued, “The body shaming that is going on right now is to a degree that is so bad for girls and I really relate to that and I understand that so this movie meant a lot to me.”

[From E! News]

I don’t want to detract from a discussion about bullying. Most people still associate bullying with “shoving kids in lockers” and it’s much larger than that so on the one hand, I applaud anyone who speaks up against it. And Tara has talked about being thin-shamed before. But here’s my issues with Tara’s comments: yes, she’s always been fit but she has lost a noticeable amount of weight over the last decade. She can’t pretend she hasn’t because there’s photographic evidence that she has. So I support Tara’s right to look however she wants but I don’t support her right to rewrite history.

My other issue is that I still feel Tara and the filmmakers are being disingenuous using bullying as their platform for promotion. The way they make it sound you’d think the movie was some gut-wrenching PSA exposing the bullying epidemic. Maybe it discusses the subject in some way but unless there has been a major rewrite, this is a B-horror film that sounds like it ultimately ends up glorifying revenge violence. Check out these screen shots.

On the set of my new movie in New Orleans I play Billie Jean 💜🦈😜💋

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  1. Nancy says:

    If the president can cyberbully without consequence, I guess we all can. When he calls out a woman’s bleeding face from plastic surgery or his perception of her low intelligence or posts videos of himself beating up a respected news organization, Tara’s cries of no fair will echo in the wind.

  2. Jeesie says:

    She has the most obvious stomach liposuction I’ve ever seen, there’s practically no fat left on her stomach. She actually has loose skin there despite always being slim and never having any children.

    You don’t go to those extremes if you’re naturally thin.

    • Heather says:

      She kind of famous for her botched lipo. She is delusional if she’s forgotten that’s how she got so thin.

      • Was wanting to say the same.Isn’t her career comeback basically discussing her botched lipo and terrible boob job?For a nanosecond she was the it girl,then she had terrible surgery,and then sharknado-and now let’s discuss her being body shamed for being too thin?Saw this post and do hope she’s healthy,but seems to me she could look better by taking out her large implants,cutting her hair,softening her makeup,and wearing more classic clothing instead of her skimpy style.To each their own I guess😃

  3. littlemissnaughty says:

    Sure. Most naturally thin people start out at higher weight in their teens and the become thinner and thinner until their late 30s. I see it all the time. *insert massive eyeroll*

    I don’t think celebs owe us an explanation and I wish we’d stop asking them. Because how many answer honestly? I don’t need this sh*t in my life.

    • Heather says:

      She is intentionally misleading anyone gullible enough into believing her that she simply eats more than most people and is super thin. You could too, if you were “lucky” (did a lot of speed)

  4. Ramona says:

    No comment. Just lmao at the white party girls of the oughties. Tara, Paris, Lynsey, Mischa and yes even Britney. Who would have thought we would be here now. Keep your heads down future aspiring starlets.

  5. Happy21 says:

    And the coke helps…a lot…

  6. Incredulous says:

    Reasons people are that thin at her age:

    Eating disorders
    Veteran long distance runner
    Some syndrome or another

  7. SKF says:

    Erm… 🤔 Okay Tara, you know we can all go back and watch the first American Pie with you as the “curvy” girl any time right?

  8. Calla Lily says:

    In the ‘photographic evidence’ she mostly just looks younger, not really heavier.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      But look at the lower half of her face… it’s as if it were sliced away ( March pigtail pic)… my guess is anorexia or cocaine habit, and she’s had fillers in her face so that it doesn’t look so gaunt, like the rest of her body. In this same photo, look at her pelvis and legs- she looks skeletal.

  9. Zondie says:

    I can’t get beyond her poor grammar.

  10. daisy says:

    If she has a ED, thats what someone with a ED would say. Deflect, deflect, deflect. Some people are not even aware that they have the disorder. Its dose not help when you are working in a industry that unables such a horrible disorder.

  11. shannon says:

    Waaah. She’s so silly. I don’t know her life. I do know that I have a thin frame as well, both of my sons had to be induced early. And while of course sometimes I eat junk food lol I can never eat a lot at one sitting. My stomach can’t take it.

  12. Jennet says:

    I just look at those photos and am extremely sad for her. She is obviously not well and has been “bullied” for it but she looks sick.

  13. Pandy says:

    There’s body shaming … and then there’s party girl syndrome body shaming. Tara hasn’t surfaced from the 90s waif look yet.

  14. Maria says:

    Oh god, I clicked on to see the movie stills and she looks like she’s headed toward Eugenia Cooney territory. Tara had not always looked like that. It’s actually shocking,

  15. KiddVicious says:

    I’m always in Tara’s corner. She’s a mess and will probably always be, but I’ll still be on her side.

  16. aenflex says:

    Why the lipo, then??