Hilary Duff posted photos of her vacation to social media and her house was burglarized


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My mom is always telling me not to overshare on social media. I try to be careful, keep my friends list low and not share things publicly, but you never know if that new acquaintance is a stalker or thief. And if you’re a celebrity and you’re posting things publicly of course there are stalkers, thieves and worse people watching. When it comes to mid and low-level celebrities they have to balance out their need for publicity, as social media is their bread and butter, with the risk to their security. Hence Hilary Duff, a staple of the dude blogs, posting some sweet photos and videos from her vacation with her five year-old son, Luca. Hilary posted a photo of herself with Luca on a plane, using a plane emoji, on July 15. Then there were beach and water sporting posts and, four days ago, a video of Hilary doing a handstand into a lake with the caption “Canada.” At some point last week, maybe after that post, Hilary’s house was burglarized.

Hilary Duff’s Los Angeles home was burglarized last week while she was away on vacation, E! News has learned.

The Lizzie McGuire alum and Younger star was with her 5-year-son Luca in Canada, where her ex and his dad Mike Comrie is from. She had posted photos and videos from their trip on Instagram.

“This is a scary and upsetting situation for anyone to go through, but Hilary is thankful that her family, her staff, her home and her pets are all safe,” Duff’s rep told E! News Sunday. “That said, she has a significant security team in place that will work with the authorities on this incident and handle security measures moving forward.”

TMZ, which first reported the news, said jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was stolen from the house and that a security alarm never went off during the burglary.

Police confirmed to E! News that a home in the actress’ neighborhood was burglarized but did not offer further details.

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So Hilary did have a burglar alarm but it was probably deactivated. I wonder if she has a camera system too. Probably not or she would have released footage if there was any. You know she’s scared because she hasn’t posted anything to social media for days. I hope she’s ok and that she didn’t lose anything of sentimental value. That story about Emma Watson’s ring really got to me last week. It sounds like she’s going to put a lockdown on her place so this doesn’t happen again. This is a lesson my mom tried to teach me and one I’ll take to heart – stop sharing so much, or at least put a time delay on it. Poor Hilary.

Also, it’s known Hilary was in Buffalo, NY last week (holla! I used to live there) because she was photographed with a Chipotle employee there. She was just being friendly posing for photos, which is nice.

Losing track of days. Collecting mosquito bites.

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I don’t think this is Hilary’s dog because I can only find three posts of this beautiful pup, but look at him!

Woof #momothechug

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He's real. #momothechug

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  1. trollontheloose says:

    they don’t learn. In these days of greed and social media there is no such thing as “if you got it flaunt it”. Do like Hermione: post your pics a day or 2 later from your actual vacation or place. I think insurance soon won’t insure them anymore because of this. It’s kind of saying “hey thieves! I am not home. Go ahead”

    • Dem says:

      Why do you actually need to post vacation pictures on a public platform even after the fact? I truly dont get it. If you want your buddies and family to know what a good time you had, have a group just for them or send them a link. Its not even just a security thing, I just really wonder about how narcissistic this society became. “Look at meeee!”

      • trollontheloose says:

        For the smart/common person they won’t but celebrities don’t post for family and friends. they want to show up. Instagram is all about “happy me and life I am so blessed” beach, swimsuits, healthy snack, dogs, empowerment memes, lucid dreams, astral projection, “o my god he proposed”..etc.. you catch my drift. They post a multiple time a day. So it is very easy for thieves to track them especially with the geo localisation.

  2. Anon33 says:

    I honestly think this is a new “problem” that these oversharing types have created in the wake of what happened to Kim K. Now every one of these D listers has an “oh I got robbed” story, just like suddenly all celebrities were ugly and poor and all got bullied when they were kids.
    Not totally buying it.

    • Karen says:

      Its not a new problem, most people, even before the internet, knew not to advertise when they were not home.

      I don’t think Hilary wanted to get robbed for publicity though. But some discretion and waiting to post photos until she returned would have been a better plan. Hillary probably was sponsored for some posts, so her income is wrapped in social media sharing

    • milla says:

      I do feel bad for her. She is a victim. But…even police warned ppl not to post on social networks. Its bad enough that anyone can hack your phone unless its a flip phone.

  3. Talie says:

    This happens to regular people with Facebook all the time. That’s why you should wait until you return to post photos.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve seen so many articles warning of that very thing, for years now, and yet people continue to do it. I have a friend who with her husband travels internationally all the time, and always posts as it’s happening.
      I post when I get home.

  4. teehee says:

    Burgled? Burlgaraled? Burlgarred? lol

    • Lex says:

      Yahhh… I am assuming ‘burglarized’ is American… I’ve never heard that, nor would I ever say it…


  5. CleaK says:

    That is the trouble with celebrity, high profile means people know where you are and assume you have something to steal (see Kim Kardashian’s robbery, they knew she was in Paris and what she had from social media.)
    Years ago, pre-social media days, Floyd Mayweather went on MTV cribs and showed off his Las Vegas house. He proudly showed that he keeps thousands of dollars just laying around the house (like on his bathroom counter) and his very expensive jewelry collection. Shortly after that aired, while he was off on a fight, his house got robbed. I have family that lived a block or so away from that house and the complex had to hire a new security company and change all their procedures at the gate.

  6. Twink says:

    She’s great in Younger. I didn’t think I’d like the show so much.

  7. JenB says:

    I hope they catch the person that did this! It’s a good reminder to be careful of seemingly harmless sharing.
    The jeans she is wearing in the last shot I swear I owned circa 1997, with a similar belt – minus the tears.

  8. Barbcat says:

    I hate Facebook. I like a friend’s vacation
    post and everyone that is MY friend sees tha post and my comments. Or I like a political post and it is shared with everyone. So I just don’t use Facebook anymore.

  9. Miller621 says:

    It’s not just a celebrity thing, this has been an issue for a while. My mom always gets upset with my SIL for posting they are out of town or even out for the night while my mom is at their home alone with the kids or back and forth between her house and there’s. She doesn’t understand why she can’t wait till they are home. My SIL is one that practically twitches if she doesn’t have her phone in her hand chronically it as it happens. Which can get annoying when we’re out with 3 young kids in the blazing heat taking twice as long to do anything. I never post anything whether it’s a vacation or we are out for the day until we are home. I also am not one to check into places and chronicle our every move on social media I’ll maybe post a pic, usually of our daughter once every week or two just for family and close friends and our accounts are private. If I were in the shoes of a celebrity who makes money off posting things I would still be very cautious how and when I posted things. To each their own but I’ll never fully understand the need to overshare on social media and people so busy posting stuff as it’s happening that they spend the whole time with their heads in their devices.

  10. raincoaster says:

    I’m a pet-and-house-sitter and I can’t count the houses I’ve looked after in the last seven years but I can tell you this: only one of the households actually used their burglar alarm. Most of the houses I take care of have the alarms, but they just don’t set them, ever. It’s ridiculous.

  11. Jag says:

    And that is why I post pictures AFTER the event. Once I’m home. Not in real time.

    I’ve seen too many celebrities robbed, and some of my friends, too just because they advertised when they weren’t home.