Patton Oswalt and Meredith Salenger cozy up at Comic-Con

Waking up excited to go to #ComicCon2017 with @balvenieboy 😜🌈💖

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Newly minted Twitter lovebirds, Patton Oswalt and Meredith Selenger, attended Comic Con this weekend. Patton was there on business as he’s been cast as the voice for Happy in Syfy’s adaptation of the graphic novel with the same name. The casting news was announced during their panel at SDCC. He also moderated the Stranger Things panel. However, as you can see from the Instagram above, both were excited to go. When a fan questioned Meredith’s actual enthusiasm, she listed her credentials for being there:

And Patton had her back, of course:

Which begs the question – what happened to not responding to the “bitter grub worms”? Anyhoodle, while there, as I mentioned, they hung with the Stranger Things crew about which they gushed:

They walked the floor, and somehow found a way to find romance amongst zombies:

They made time for some fans, and turned things super-cute, per usual:

And, of course, took the opportunity to cuddle for the cameras because what else do you do in front of a giant promo wall?

Oh you kids! Get👏🏻a👏🏻room👏🏻#ComicCon2017 #sdcc2017 #EWparty2017

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Hahaha – no seriously, please get a room.

I get it, they’re still in their honeymoon phase. CB likened them to “that couple” on Facebook who can’t stop posting about how amazing the other person is and I agree. When I see their tweets and notice they’ve either tagged or retweeted the other, I skip over it. Some are starting to wonder if this over-the-top affection is genuine. I don’t, I believe they are this giddy. I do worry a little that they might get so caught up in presenting an image as a happy couple that they’ll forget to look at it realistically when the cameras are off. The rush of new love can sometimes act as blinders. I am glad they’re still going strong. I hope that feeling keeps up because usually, when a candle burns this bright, it can flame out.

Patton, however, still has his moments on Twitter so I’m not quite ready to unfollow him yet:

Plus, we got this from the Con, which is oddly very satisfying:


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  1. Nicole says:

    it’s been a few weeks and they are already overexposed and eye roll worthy

  2. CynicalAnn says:


  3. Maple Girl says:

    They’re acting like they’re 16.

  4. Malibu Stacy says:

    I honestly don’t know how anyone can still follow them at this point. They seem to constantly post on social media. Do they ever spend time with each other without documenting it??

  5. Cat'sMeow says:

    Have they jumped the shark?

  6. Nyawira says:

    People over share to compensate for shortcomings. With a couples it’s even more compulsive because rather than address trouble it allows them to focus on the mutual goal of selling an image. This seems to be a full time thing for them now.

  7. detritus says:

    They remind me of my friends in highschool who used to make out with tongues in front of everyone despite the loud ewws and get a rooms.

    Limerance, its a hell of a drug.

  8. Jayna says:

    Gag me.

  9. elle says:

    The only cute photo in this lot is the one with Matthew Modine.

  10. Jenns says:

    Patton used to be a huge baby on Twitter, which is why unfollowed him. I think he’s too sensitive for social media. I think even he knows it, which is why he used to takes breaks.

  11. Wilma says:

    I don’t know. I’m the total opposite so I don’t know what it’s like to love PDA and sharing everything on social media. While I don’t want to judge people who do, there’s this little voice in the back of my head that thinks these people will burn through their romance really fast like this.

  12.  SG says:

    He rubs me the wrong way for some reason. I don’t like him on Twitter but it goes beyond that and I can’t pinpoint why!

    • minx says:

      I feel the same way, and I can’t pinpoint it either! I’m sorry he was widowed, and I do appreciate his anti-Trump remarks. But there’s something about him that I find irritating.

  13. Jerusha says:

    The breakup will be epic. Thanks, Cole.

    Cole Porter – Just One Of Those Things Lyrics
    It was just one of those things
    Just one of those crazy flings
    One of those bells that now and then rings
    Just one of those things

    It was just one of those nights
    Just one of those fabulous flights
    A trip to the moon on gossamer wings
    Just one of those things

    If we’d thought a bit before the end of it
    When we started painting the town
    We’d have been aware that our love affair
    Was too hot not to cool down

    So good-bye, dear, and amen
    Here’s hoping we meet now and then
    It was great fun
    But it was just one of those things

  14. BobaFelty says:

    I’m just at that age where my first group of friends are starting to divorce. My friends that are couples (age 30+) who share the most on social media are the ones who behind closed doors are having the most problems in their relationships. Example: my friend will post ‘happy family’ and ‘look at my cute husband’ pics on facebook an hour after leaving a get together where she told me she regrets having a kid, hasn’t had sex in months, and is thinking divorce, etc. The men behave this way as well. So I take oversharing as a HUGE red flag on social media. Overcompensating for something.

    Specifically in Patton’s case: How would any of us feel about a single father who gets engaged after dating someone only a couple of months? To me that is an issue for any single parent…introducing someone so quickly and jumping into things very fast. Whether divorced or widowed, a few months is not very long. Children, especially those under age 10, tend to view dad’s new girlfriend as a threat to the bond between dad and child, even if they like the woman.

    • LA Elle says:

      The single father point is a great comment.

      And I love your first paragraph because I think it applies to celebrity couples too – I see comments criticizing couples for not looking totally loved-up in paparazzi shots or whatnot, and I always think ‘but that means nothing!’

      My favorite overshare ever was a Facebook friend posted that she and her husband were divorcing, they were still best of friends, etc., etc. and her soon-to-be-former MIL replied spilling on my friends affair and how there was nothing mutual whatsoever about the break up.

      It was deleted quickly.

  15. sasha says:

    They look like they’re related.

  16. Snowflake says:

    Aww, new love, how sweet

  17. LA Elle says:

    Let me preface this by saying: I don’t think anyone should go into eternal mourning for a dead spouse. I want Patton to be happy. I want Meredith to be happy too.

    I haven’t said anything because anyone being anything other than happy for Patton has been lambasted as being a jerk, but he and Meredith’s super fast engagement and junior high social media love fest is nauseating. Yes, I want Patton to move on with his life, but in the past three years, I’ve watched two men move on very quickly after the deaths of their wives and how much it hurt the other people grieving.

    My cousins lost their mother, and they’re both adult men with families of their own. Their father moving in with a new woman nine months after their mother died hurt them. Their father was angry they weren’t happy for him, and they were hurt that he expected them to be done grieving.

    As one of them said at the time: I want him to be happy. Mom would want him to be happy. But would it have been so difficult to respect that the rest of the family is still mourning and wait a few more months before moving in with another woman?

    That’s how I feel about Patton: yes, please do move on. Be happy. Find a new person to love.

    But I don’t get why he can’t just date for a few months. Yes, life is precious and goes by quickly, but would it really be so horrible to date for even six months before getting engaged? Let the lust cool down and then see what remains before making any sort of deeper commitment.

  18. Jeesie says:

    He’s always been an extreme over-sharer. His relationship with his wife never got this kind of press attention, but he was the same on social media with her. So it’s not something new.

  19. D says:

    I unfollowed him the other day. I think they are both acting like morons, living for the attention and its just effin weird how he git over his wife so fast. If she had cancer it might be explained that he did some of his grieving before she died but it was out of nowhere. You’d imagine you ‘d still be in shock for months after… certainly not thinking of dating. I think they were undercover together for a while. Possibly since xmas ..

    She is really loving the attention

  20. Matador says:

    Sorry, but I think they are being embarrassingly thirsty attention seekers. I really grieved for Patton after his loss but this is just… Sure, it’s none of my business; however, he and she are splashing it everywhere in front of the cameras and on social media. So yeah, if you’re going to continually parade around, expect to be judged. They’re hardly behaving like they don’t want people to notice.

    I really suspect this won’t end well, which is unfortunate as there’s a child involved. It’s like Patton is simply not thinking of her whatsoever.

  21. magnoliarose says:

    Ugh. I want to be supportive because of his loss but I have to be honest, something is off with them. I am not a huge social media person so the thought of putting so much out there is off-putting in the first place. The answering each other sometimes is cute but this is just juvenile. Pick up a phone for crying out loud. Text each other privately. Stop with the smooching all the time. He reminds me of the type of guy who is way too into a relationship and needs constant reassuring, and she seems just as needy. I wouldn’t know that if these middle-aged people had kept it to themselves. They are both up on pedestals for each other but I bet when one slips the whole thing blows up.