Sarah Hyland: Fashion gives confidence, I get dressed & feel like I can do anything

Sarah Hyland has a new clothing line with Candies, and I would usually pass over this kind of promotional story but I found myself agreeing with her. It’s such a simple answer to this question but it’s one that I’ve rarely heard from celebrities. We see them step out dressed to the nines and showing off the latest fashion, practically begging us to discuss it, (see Olivia Munn this summer) but they don’t really admit that’s what they’re doing, it’s just implicit. It’s nice to hear from a celebrity that they love fashion and place a lot of emphasis on it and how it helps their mood. Hyland said that fashion helps her feel more confident. Even if this was a canned answer to support this campaign I’m ok with that, I needed to hear it.

Sarah Hyland has dealt with a lot in the public eye — growing up on TV, defining red carpet looks, health scares, romances, breakups and social media posts that have gone viral. And among it all, she’s remained completely confident.

Her secret, she says, is an easy one — own who you are.

“I think confidence is important no matter where you are in life, whether you have a fan base or not,” the Modern Family star, 26, tells PEOPLE during a phone conversation this week. “It just kind of gives you the actual confidence to move on in life and be proud of yourself and who you are as a human being.”

One way she gained so much of it is in her style choices, whether she’s dressing for the Emmys red carpet or her daily workout. “Fashion for me is one of the ways that I show off my confidence,” she says. “I feel like I like to play with fashion and it puts me in the mindset. As soon as I get dressed for the day I feel like I can do anything.”

[From People]

You can see some of Hyland’s looks for Candies, available at Kohl’s this fall, on People’s site. The pieces are cute and feminine. I also love fashion and am so lucky to live in a college town where the students get rid of high end stuff at Goodwill. Finding Nordstrom brands there in my size gives me such a thrill. Just yesterday I got jeans from Rag and Bone and a brand called Beija Flor for $5 each. I have so many clothes that I haven’t even worn, so I know when I’m depressed because I end up in workout clothes all day. I did that the last two days honestly (Kaiser was right about this week). It becomes a kind of feedback loop where I wear workout clothes to bed, wake up and work out, and then wear those clothes all day like I don’t GAF. I end up kind of rolling my eyes at the day, especially when it’s so hot like it’s been. (I do always brush my hair before leaving the house and put on eye makeup at least.) So this is a reminder to myself to take a shower during the day (I shower before bed, I’m not that gross) and change into a cute outfit. I have so many clothes I don’t wear because I’m waiting for the right occasion. Every day is a damn occasion and I’m worth it. Thanks, Sarah Hyland.

Oh and Hyland Instagrammed this photo yesterday where she’s wearing a red wig. This is for her two episode cameo in the supernatural TV show Shadowhunters, on the Freeform network. I’ve read that she plays Seelie Queen, the queen of the fairies, and that she got the role because of an amazing Halloween costume. (In this post she seems to deny that she plays that character though.) Her hair here reminds me of Gemma from Sons of Anarchy.

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  1. littlemissnaughty says:

    It’s just easier to deal with everything the day might throw at you if you feel put together. Whatever that means for the individual person or for that day. Some days I feel like I look pretty great in jeans, a sweater and no makeup and some days the pink lipstick comes out. I know some people think you shouldn’t need any of that stuff and they’re super proud to not be interested (I don’t have the time!) but hell, making a little bit of an effort to me means making time for myself.

  2. Lucy says:

    I love this, and I can relate. Some may think of fashion as superficial and frivolous, and while it can be that way sometimes, it’s (for me) an amazing tool to bring up my best features, express myself and improve my confidence.

  3. Erinn says:

    I REALLY like Sarah. She’s had so many health issues, and so many people have made terrible comments about her while she was struggling with them. She genuinely seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders and is doing a good job of having at least a somewhat normal life despite it all. I wish her onscreen sister took some notes from her.

    And I completely understand how clothes can make the difference. There’s something about wearing something that you REALLY feel good in that can make a huge difference on your outlook for the day. I’m hitting the late 20’s now and I’m trying to make a conscious effort to buy things that I really like, not just what’s comfy. It’s also kind of difficult being only 5’2″, and probably a 12-14. I’m also in a small town without a lot of resources – and online buying can be hit and miss. I think I’m going to have to start making use of the seamstresses in town and get certain pieces hemmed/taken in where needed. I’ve finally managed to find short enough jeans at either Reitmans or Marks Work Wearhouse as far as in-town shopping goes, so that’s a plus. But we don’t really have any *fancy* stores. Mainly just a couple juniors places, sports stores, and like… Walmart, sadly.

    • Tan says:

      Online shopping is dream for me too
      I am super short, shorter than you actually and was on a heavy side for quite a while too.

      I buy the things I like in my size and then go to the local tailors to curtail them a bit
      Like that cute akirt which hangs below the knees in my size, go tailor!!

      Important is feeling good and also looking good in the dress. If you loook in the mirror and go daym girl, pretty sure no matter how much of a shitty day is ahead, you feel you have the strength to face it all

  4. Tan says:

    I really liked what she said

    Fashion , dreasing yourself up, putting some make up even if you will sit in ofc the entire say, is a nice way of appreciating yourself, specially when you are feeling low, too much work is there and you feel stressed or you just want to admire yourself

  5. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I think Sarah is awesome. She’s been through so much, yet seems so grounded. I’m not a fashion girl but I’m obsessive about taking care of my skin.

    Eta: Looked at the People article and that polka dot dress is adorable!

  6. Zondie says:

    I agree with Celebitchy about having those days where you stay in work-out clothes all day and essentially end up kind of writing the entire day off. And Sarah has some good points about making a commitment to starting the day off with confidence and that includes being prepared mentally and physically for “making it a good day.” A commitment to doing your best can include dressing well/professionally and extend to going that extra mile at work/school and with family/friends/acquaintances.

  7. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Dark hair again, Sarah

  8. bella says:

    I love fashion and I make an effort to dress every single day. It makes me feel better and puts a smile on my face.