Kim Zolciak got dog mom-shamed, is outraged that animal control was called

Do you guys remember when Kylie Jenner posted photos of her greyhound dogs to social media and got dog mom-shamed and investigated by Animal Control because the dogs were “thin”? In reality that’s how greyhounds are supposed to look and her dogs were perfectly healthy. Well something similar happened to Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak, who is fostering three puppies. Kim has been posting photos of the dogs to her social media, and she’s been showing her nearly five year-old son, Kash, cuddling them. Kash was the victim of a violent dog bite this April that required hospitalization and stitches and almost affected his vision permanently, but he’s in the clear now. Kim has been trying to reintroduce Kash to dogs safely and gradually and has been fostering the puppies to help him. Apparently someone saw a Snapchat of the puppies that Kim posted, took offense to it and thought there was abuse happening, and contacted animal control. (I’m sorry that I’m unable to locate the Snapchat in question after looking for two whole minutes.) The animal control officers visited Kim’s house and saw that the puppies were well cared for and left. Kim got so outraged about it that she promised not to share any more photos of the dogs to social media.

Kim Zolciak-Bierman… took to Snapchat earlier today to express her “disgust” towards an unknown social media follower who called animal control on her, complaining that the reality star wasn’t taking care of her foster dogs properly. Talk about a dog day afternoon…

In the video, the mom of six revealed that a stranger had called animal control to complain about her treatment of her three foster puppies, Shiloh, Sage and Stella. According to the reality mom, Fulton County Animal Services came and checked on the condition of the animals.

Kim said, “Apparently somebody thought it would be really cute to call the animal control center on my dogs today and say they were not being taken care of.”

The 39-year-old lashed at the unknown person, saying, “I am utterly f–king disgusted and appalled by the person who did this.”

The reality star, who is an avid poster of both her personal dogs and foster dogs, said that all the hubbub was for nothing.

“Of course we are in the clear because my dogs are very well taken care of,” she said. The blonde also revealed that she’d actually shelled out more than $3,000 to take care of the pups.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star concluded, “I will no longer be sharing any part of my dogs and their life on my social media any longer.”

That’s a pretty big deal for the social media savvy star, as she’s frequently featuring the animals on her pages.

[From E! Online]

Kim’s evidence for the puppy’s well being is the ridiculous amount of money she’s spent on them. That’s not the point, idiot! I’m team dogs, but I get it somewhat. Kim is mad that people are scrutinizing the photos and videos she’s putting out to the public, upon which her popularity depends. I would be more on Kim’s side except this over the top testimonial that her family’s chef, Tracy Bloom, posted defending Kim and her family against a few trolls online. You can read Tracy’s very long post below, but it boils down to a rant against a minor inconvenience, on which Kim is capitalizing. How long do you think it will be before she posts photos of the dogs again? She’ll probably wait 4-5 days so she can take advantage of the next news cycle.

Also, in Bloom’s Instagram below, there’s a very telling sentence. “They don’t post pictures of cute puppies for likes they have plenty of cute kids for that.

#Repost @cheftraceybloom This is my family. Minus a few kids This is not only my TV family but it is a family that has welcomed me into their hearts. They give me tons of stuff. They take me on family vacations & gift me w/ things so great I can't even emotionally handle it. They don't post pictures of cute puppies for likes they have plenty of cute kids for that. For years I've watched people make nasty comments abt their children that are too young to defend themselves We've all grown tough skin because that's just 1 of the negatives that comes w/ being in the spotlight & sharing your life on television. Today was especially upsetting because a stranger, a lurker a hater a judger & perhaps even a "fan" thought they should call animal services on my family because they felt that by viewing a post on snapchat that their animals were being mistreated. Animal services was not there long after seeing the impeccable conditions that the dogs were in. Kim has become an advocate for #animalrescue & #adoptdontshop she has brought awareness to millions of people. I witness their pure true hearts on a daily basis. After their son was bitten by a dog and almost lost his sight they immediately called on experts to re introduce animals into his life. He loves dogs. They were not left scorned by what an animal did. They continued w/ their rescue efforts. Even while on vacation they made 2 stray sick dogs part of their family & making sure they were cared for long after we left. They have not instagramed their balance sheet of good deeds bc they don't need to. But I'm glad to air that laundry. Personally they've donated dozens of crates hundreds of pounds of dog food and thousands of dollars to dogs they've never even met. Recently 3 very sick dogs needed a foster & they stepped up even creating an IG page just for them. Those 3 pups have experienced more love and attention that most of us will get in a lifetime. It's shameful that someone who thinks they know something or maybe someone just wants to throw hate. I hope you realize that you have a great impact on furthering animal rescue. After all that's what you wanted right? I don't know what Kim will do w/ her social media

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Walking into the weekend like .. #Sinn 😍

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I love chewing on paper-Shiloh @shilohsagestella

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  1. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Noise pollution all the way around.

  2. astrid says:

    If one of my kids was badly bitten by a dog, I wouldn’t be introducing dogs into the house again!

    • Missy says:

      Why not? She’s trying to make her kid comfortable around dogs…no reason to be afraid of them for the rest of his life

      • Sarah says:

        I agree. I used to run into parents who would tell me their child was afraid of my dog (a social 20 lbs beagle) because he/she had been bitten by a dog. I would ask when it happened and they would say it was X years ago. “Years” and the parents had seemingly done nothing to help the child get over the traumatic experience. I would always shake my head.

    • annier says:

      that’s a good way to harbor a life long unnecessary phobia.

    • Jess says:

      There’s no reason to be afraid of dogs, you just have to know their boundaries and when back off. I don’t know the story of how her son was bitten but I’d bet money he was doing something to agitate the dog and was given plenty of warning to back away.

      I was chased down and bitten by a dog, I had been run over by a car a few weeks earlier and in a lower leg boot and couldn’t run as fast as I normally would, it attacked me and bit my thigh for no reason other than I was walking down the street and it jumped the fence to get me. I got treated and reported it and moved on, I love animals dearly and wouldn’t let one dog ruin that, no one should!

    • aenflex says:

      I was bitten in the face twice, by the same dog. Once when I was two, and once when I was about 10. One bite was quite bad. We had dogs in our family before that incident, and afterwards. I love dogs, and I’m glad my mother didn’t hide them from me after the bites. I don’t think that would’ve helped me at all.

  3. Honesty people calling the cops wasting their time are just as bad as people who allegedly hurt animals. People really need to mind their own damn business!

    • S says:

      Extra paperwork and wasted time is “just as bad” as animal abuse? Seriously?

      While I certainly don’t advocate busybody concern trolling, it’s hardly equivalent to hurting a living, feeling, dependent creature.

      False equivalence must die.

  4. Neelyo says:

    I love that she thinks she’s punishing people by not sharing one piece of her overexposed life.

    And damn I haven’t seen in her in a few years but that’s a completely new face and not a good one. Budget surgery.

  5. Barbs441 says:

    She loves the attention. Sidenote: Please don’t feed your dogs dry kibble that thing is poison.

    • GameofScones says:

      I’m sorry what, dry dog food is poison?

      This is news to me as an animal behaviorist and trainer that works directly with a large service dog organization and multiple local rescues.

      • Brittney B says:

        Rescues, vets, trainers, behaviorists… they all buy into the pet food industry’s lies. Some even perpetuate them for profit! Admittedly I don’t know about dogs and whether many of their “common” health problems and “natural” deaths could actually be prevented by food with more hydration (though that’s definitely the case with cats).

        BUT… your credentials don’t necessarily mean that you have intimate knowledge of nutritional needs that are still not completely understood even by scientists, or of the possible causes of disease or organ failure later in life. I’ve met plenty of people who worked with cats their whole lives and still feed their cats dry food.

      • Barbs441 says:

        We really don’t know what type of meat and ingredients they use, I go by the policy if it’s not good enough for humans to eat it it not good enough for my fur baby. I use Dr. Harvey’s Veg to Bowl mix and I prepare the protein. Every week he gets a different protein we alternate between salmon, ground turkey, lentils, and lean ground beef. He hasn’t eaten dry kibble in years. I’m super picky.

    • freewhitebaby7.0 says:

      We’ve always fed our dogs and cats dry food. Way back when, my granddaddy only fed his dogs some crap called Chatham. It was nothing but corn and assorted fillers. We kept his dogs after he died. One terrier lived to age 19 when we had to put her down because of her hips. You can’t generalize like that.

      • SchnauzerFluff says:

        I have a dog with a cast iron stomach. She is a large terrier and she eats dry food (your basic Purina in the green bag). I always roll my eyes at people who get all helicoptery about dog food. If you have a dog with health issues, fine, do what you need to do. But otherwise? Chill.

        Things I have received back in poop or had to finish pulling out of her butt include condoms (she unwraps them first!) and the top part of a flip flop. Just yesterday she broke into the bathroom and WENT TO TOWN on the litter pan and the laundry. She got the crotch out of 3 pairs of panties, one pair of shorts, and a pair of jeans.

  6. BlueSky says:

    Gawd, she looks like a blow up doll!

  7. Bridget says:

    I have watched every season of Top Chef and have no clue who that woman is.

    Also, why would you spend $3k on dogs that aren’t even yours? When these two go broke (esp now that Kroy’s playing days are done) it’s not going to be a mystery how it happened.

  8. JC says:

    Kim thrives on chaos. Not an ideal environment for children or dogs. Especially not in the numbers she likes…gawd all those adorable kids and dogs, it’s just too much in the chaos she unleashes. She’s so sloppy and haphazard. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    I never thought her ex-football playing husband would go along with all the crazy, especially when his kids came along I thought he’d rein her in. But he seems a-ok with the whole scene.

  9. lala says:

    My take away from this article was that we are supposed to believe she is 39?

  10. Dttimes2 says:

    OMG those lips though

  11. Laur says:

    Those pups are TOO CUTE!!!

    Never been a fan of hers but what she’s doing for needy unwanted dogs is great. I wish I could foster but I work full time. I love that she promotes adopting over buying pups, even after what her son went through. I can still dislike the other crap she does but she gets a pass from me on this one lol.

  12. JoJo says:

    I’m not saying anything bad happened in this specific instance, but I’ve watched her show (quite a bit, embarrassingly), and that household is absolute chaos. Honestly, the out of control environment and the way the kids act is a recipe for a dog bite.

    Lots of kids, too many dogs, no boundaries or structure, waaayyy too much yelling and screaming, along with physical rough housing = big potential problems. Sorry … team dogs.

  13. Brittney B says:

    … I still don’t understand what the alleged abuse was. Why was she reported? What did someone think they saw in that Snapchat?

    • poorlittlerichgirl says:

      I read that it was because she kept the dogs in her garage 24/7 and never let them out. I’m not sure how that was determined by the person who started all of this though.

  14. christy j says:

    I’m a fan of her show and their family. She’s hilarious and she doesn’t take herself too seriously on the show. Those are really cute puppies!

    • poorlittlerichgirl says:

      I loved her on housewives and I really enjoyed her earlier spin offs. I lost interest after a few seasons though.

  15. Gene123 says:

    She got reported because she had a snap of her dogs in crates stacked upon each other with the large dogs crates above the small dogs. They were stacked like 3 rows high. It was dangerous and in their garage

  16. Mar says:

    I cant get past the opening picture where she looks like. Blow up doll

  17. Jc says:

    Some people do in my opinion go to far with dog shaming. I went to the grocery store with my husband at 10 o’clock at night. It was a hot day and we went out late and parked in an underground garage with our dog in the car. My dog stayed in the car as he cannot stay home alone. He has terrible anxiety and he has injured himself by jumping on furniture. He is perfectly happy waiting in his car seat for us to return shopping. I get back to my car after maybe 20 minutes and an employee of the grocery store is sitting there watching my car and telling me my dog is hot in the car and I need to roll down a window. I told her it is not hot in the car and I don’t roll it down because of the exhaust in the garage is more dangerous as the car is not getting hot. She keeps going on to me and I tell her that our house doesn’t have air conditioning so the car is better than our house at the moment. She goes on and says she took a picture of my license plate. I was so upset and mad that this woman judged me when this dog is the love of my life. It was really upsetting to me and I cried about it several times. As a science teacher I wanted to explain about greenhouse effect and the car isn’t getting hotter and why but people are overly critical buy ignore important issues all around them. I acknowledge that my dog has a more comfortable life than a good percentage of the planet and we have to do what we can to help others. Anyways long story, I just had to get it off my chest as I felt unfairly judged and extremely hurt by the incident.

  18. KJ says:

    Can’t stand Kim and I’m not at all excited for her to return to RHOA, but those puppies are adorable and look well-cared for.