Megan Fox talks casting couches & marijuana legalization

We’ve already heard a little from Megan Fox’s epic GQ (UK) interview – namely, that all actors are prostitutes, and it’s totally gross, in Megan’s mind. Now we’ve got some more excerpts from the interview (because GQ didn’t release the complete interview, we’re just getting excerpts here and there), and they’re just as… is there really a word for what Megan is? She’s very quotable, and nearly every interview she gives gets massive publicity, which I suppose is good if you’re promoting a movie. But after reading and covering my fair share of Megan Fox interviews, I think I’m qualified in saying that the girl’s not very bright, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing if her publicist or the studio told her not to speak anymore. She seems to be hellbent on talking herself out of jobs. Which is fine (if you like movies with good acting).

First up, Megan Fox is talking about how she’s so hardcore because she smokes weed, and she defends pot-smokers everywhere. She says that when pot is finally legalized, she will be “the first f*cking person in line.” She’s so tough. But they also have another little excerpt from the interview where she’s talking about how Sex and the City: The Movie totally sucked. Megan wins that point:

Megan Fox wants the government to legalize cannabis.

The Transformers star, 23, insists there is nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional spliff.

“America’s war on drugs is propaganda,” Fox tells GQ magazine. “I can’t tell you how much bulls**t I’ve been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed. People look at it like it’s this crazy, hippy, f***ed-up thing to do. And it’s not!”

“I hope they legalize it and when they do I’ll be the first f***ing person in line to buy my pack of joints.”

Megan then went on to criticize the recent Sex and The City movie.

“Sex And The City: The Movie was so tragic,” she said. “Costume dramas bore me and Hollywood comedies are total garbage, not funny at all. Fame doesn’t mean anything because anyone can be famous, and TV news is mindless bulls**t.”

[From Showbiz Spy]

SATC: The Movie was tragic! I was so disappointed. Lord, Megan Fox and I have something in common. Does this mean I have to get some big, ugly tattoos now? Anyhoodle, in the next excerpt from GQ, we have Megan talking about the casting couch. The casting couch is always interesting Hollywood lore, but I always wonder how much of that sex-for-stardom stuff really happens anymore. According to Megan, she’s had to deal with casting-couch situations several times:

Megan Fox has blown apart Hollywood’s casting couch culture – insisting several leading film directors have tried to bed her since she found fame.

The Transformers beauty has attended a number meetings with top moviemakers to discuss potential roles. But she was shocked when they made moves on her during the interviews – and immediately turned them down.

Fox, who refuses to name names, tells Britain’s GQ magazine, “Any casting couch s**t I’ve experienced has been since I’ve become famous. It’s really so heartbreaking. Some of these people! Like Hollywood legends. You think you’re going to meet them and you’re so excited, like, ‘I can’t believe this person wants to have a conversation with me,’ and you get there and you realize that’s not what they want, at all. It’s happened a lot this year actually.”

[From Starpulse]

Do you think it’s really happened to Megan? Here’s what I think happened – some of those older Hollywood heavyweights simply hit on her, and tried to get her into bed, but it wasn’t necessarily a casting couch situation. It wasn’t like Megan came in for a meeting with a producer and was told that she had to have sex to get the part. That’s what I think, anyway – but I could be wrong. Maybe the casting couch is an prevalent today as it was during Hollywood’s Golden Era.

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  1. viper says:

    That girl needs to be insitutionalized. She clearly has no idea what maruijana is. The hallucingen has more cons than perks and in all honesty with all the crap we have to deal with. THIS particluar topic is on the bottom of the bottom bottom of our list of priorities. What a boardline individual. Whats next Fox? First it’s being a lesbian, then bi, then a shemale, a prostitude, almost married, almost a step mom now you don’t see what the big deal with drugs? …all this and you want to be taken seriusly….never gonna happen.

  2. HEB says:

    I think she is very attractive, but her look and behavior at the MTV Movie Awards just turned me off. Better luck next time Mullet Megan.

  3. viper says:

    Megan dresses the way she does and then is shocked by how producers treat her? She’s got her tits hanging out of her blouses in almost any out and about photo!

  4. TellysWorld says:

    You know how sometimes sarcasm or happiness or even sadness has trouble being percieved for what it truly is across print? Well this girl’s stupidity has a fucking literary power that I have never witnessed in my life up until now. I get the feeling that if I met her in person, I would be compelled to hand her a helmet.

  5. czarina says:

    I can understand MF’s ambivilance over pot, because that argument has been going on for a while and there are pros and cons.
    However, when I think of America’s ‘war on drugs’ I tend to think of much more dangerous substances like cocain, heroin, meth, crack, etc. Does Magen dismiss those drugs with the same contempt? I have a friend who fosters children and she often has to take care of newborns who are born addicted to crack or herion. It’s heartbreaking.
    The damage caused to so many lives by these kind of addictions cannot be overestimated (particularly the “collateral damage” to children involved one way or another).
    This girl needs to think before she speaks. Or, better yet, don’t speak!
    As for the casting couch, well, sure I believe her.
    All those Hollywood people are filled with their own self-importance, and very likely influential directors or producers consider it a fair ‘trade’ to bed the starlet who wants to be in a movie.
    I don’t have a lot of faith in the morals of these people.
    What I found intersting, is that MF claims this happened to her AFTER she was famous…whereas I had the impression that “casting couch” was a term for taking advantage of a wanna-be actress and demanding sexual favors for a ‘big break’.
    The fact that it happened to her when she was in a a more powerful position and therefore more able to say ‘no’ is a bit of a relief.
    However, despite thinking she is a compelte moron, I feel some sympathy for her disillusionment with some of her Hollywood “heroes”–I have no doubt most people who actually meet the people they read about end up feeling the same way.

  6. Ggirl says:

    anything to keep her name in the headlines…and what a dumbass tattoo

  7. viper says:

    It’s a terrible thing to even entertain the thought of legalizing a hallucingen like marijuana when we have moms microwaving their babies ( no joke ) and school shootings just about every four years not to mention domestic violence at home due to alcohol alone. So I think legalizing that sort of hallucingen should be at the very least the LAST thing on our list of priorities. The side effects alone are anything but positive. It is also poor in thinking that lightening a subject like drugs is something that should be acceptible. It’s starts with saying ” it’s just marijuana” but we all know that marijuana is just the tricycle of the line of drugs sooner or later it will evolve into coke then meth but hey what’s the big deal? That too is a problem we have, when we have such an outragous attitude and habit of lightening issues that should be taken seriously.

    My point is: The attitude Fox has encourages people the wrong way. It leads many to believe that such subjects are cool, light topics that really are harmless. That is what I am against and now I think poorly of her for it. I mean come on now:

    “People look at it like it’s this crazy, hippy, *beep* thing to do. And it’s not!” – I don’t know who she is hanging out with but I see marijuana for what it is: a hallucingen that impairs perception and coordination, making it difficult to operate things like machines or cars. IT also impairs memory and learning. In addition to causing anxiety and confusion. Also strong intoxication gives some marijuana smokers frightening experiences because of it’s distinct effects on consciousness. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY.

    “I hope they legalise it and when they do I’ll be the first *beep* person in line to buy my pack of joints.” – The girl has issues, alot of issues and should NOT be sharing such an idiotic and boarderline mentality. When clearly she has no idea what she is talking about.

  8. Sauronsarmy says:

    Go Pot! Shut up Megan Fox.

  9. Codzilla says:

    I’d be second in line. Until I shanked that ho and stole her place. Or maybe I’d shank her AFTER she bought her “pack of joints” so I could steal those, too. Decisions, decisions …

  10. the original kate says:

    codzilla – get the shank ready…i’ll create a diversion.

  11. Amy says:

    I don’t know about pot causing moms to microwave babies, Viper. Sounds like “Reefer Madness” to me.

    Still, Megan Fox is an idiot.

    “America’s war on drugs is propaganda.”

    Doesn’t she mean, “America uses propaganda for its war on drugs?”

  12. HashBrowns says:

    People really bug me who say that marijuana smoking doesn’t do anything or it isn’t as bad as smoking cigarettes. If you inhale smoke, any kind of smoke, it damages lung tissue, putting a person at risk for cancer. If you have any kind of smoke in your mouth, it damages the soft tissues in your cheeks, gums and tongue, putting you at risk for cancerous cells taking their place.

    Smoking, in general, is dangerous. Whether it be cigarettes, cigars, marijuana or any number of other things. Damaged tissue=heaven for irregular cell formation. Sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer, but it bothers me when people excuse marijuana smoking because it’s “natural” but don’t think that hey, it isn’t natural to INHALE SMOKE.

  13. Ana says:

    Her boyfriend needs to dump her ass since he has a CHILD. But I get the feeling he smokes with her.
    Legalizing marijuana scares me. Who wants to go to the emergency room and be treated by a doctor stoned out of his mind?
    It’s bad enough you have to worry about drunk drivers, but stoned drivers as well.
    I hope she gets caught smoking weed and goes to jail for the longest sentence possible. Yea, I know–never gonna happen.
    Gosh I used to like this girl but she is so stupid. She shouldn’t do the over the shoulder pose either and invest in that hair removal cream for her face.
    She will say anything to get us to talk about her. She is nothing more than a prettier version of Paris Hilton, not Angelina like she wants to think.

  14. Annie says:

    And see, it’s idiots like that that make it so much harder to win the “Legalize Pot” argument.

    Girl couldn’t form a well-thought out argument if I spelled it out for her with condoms.

    As far as legalizing pot goes, there are a lot of arguments on either side of the board. I tend to fall on the side of legalization for several reasons: our limited resources should be used to target more dangerous drugs

    (yes, HashBrowns is correct that smoke inhalation of any kind is unnatural, however, given the funds we have at our fingertips, it would be better to focus on “hard” drugs. Also, let’s note that cigarette smoke is more dangerous, which does not in any way make weed smoke safe and natural as a counterpoint, it’s just to bring up the fact that it does have less toxins and yet cigarettes are totally legal and highly taxed!)

    also, think of the tax benefits of legalizing cannabis and the fact that hemp can be used to create clothes, paper, any number of products that would help save our depleting rain forests. I view cannabis as beyond a joint. Though, I am not naive enough to think people would only use it for its other properties. LOL

    As for the DUI argument, well. Guys. alcohol is legal, but driving while intoxicated is NOT. So the same can occur with weed. Make it legal, tax the crap out of it and penalize the crap out of anyone who drives stoned.

    Oh. For the record, I’ve never smoked a joint in my life. Seriously.

  15. Lizzy says:

    Hey Ana, just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean you can’t go to the ER and be treated by a high doctor. That is the most ridiculous claim I’ve heard. Alcohol is legal. Are you worried about your doctor being a drunk?

  16. teehee says:

    I’m on the against-it side on this one, not because I want to take away what offers some peace of mind or a settled feeling or even relief of pain, but as others have said for its incapacitating effects.
    There are countless ways to offer pain relief (if only psychic) or a pleasurable sensation through (other) herbs or medications which dont have the same mentally handicapping effects.
    The smoke part/carinogenicity is a valid point agaist it too, but it could be taken as a tincture or capsule as other herbs are– so its more how it threatens to unleash “stoned” drivers on the streets or elsewhere thats got me concerned. (eg if a person is ok with smoking and its damaging effects, so be it, but dont pose a hazard to everyone else in addition to already providing us with unwanted second hand smoke please)

  17. Annie says:

    But people drink and drive. In that vein, we should go back to prohibition too. (Which, if you will please recall, was a total disaster.)

    providing us with unwanted second hand smoke please

    And that also means we should make cigarettes illegal, which they are not.

  18. jayem says:

    A drug is officially deemed illegal if it has no medicinal value (i.e. – LSD, which was created by accident while trying to make pharmaceutical psychotropics. When it was found to have no medicinal effect, it was declared illegal, since it cannot cure or recess a disease.) So the fact that marijuana HAS a medicinal effect for people means that it should be legal by their definition. And don’t forget one point, doctors used heroin and cocaine to treat people, until they were found to have no actual medical effect.

    And EVERY SINGLE drug on the market, illegal and legal, has side effects, which is why they are ALL classified as Controlled Substances. Most of them are practically worse than the actual ailment. (Because if ones allergies are acting up, they should risk nosebleeds and migraines just to stop sneezing!) So I’m totally fine with legalizing marijuana and treating it as they do cigarettes and alcohol. And making some tax money off of it so I can keep some of MY hard earned money. (That I can turn around and spend on weed!!)

    Disclaimer: This information was from a documentary I saw. I am not a doctor or a researcher. I let them do the hard work and just repeat what they said.

  19. Victoria says:

    Are we really to believe Megan Fox did not sleep her way to stardom? Who is she kidding? Didn’t she hear about Jon Peters’s book proposal?

  20. Ned says:

    Even if she did sleep her way, that doesn’t excuse potential employers from sexually harassing her.

    Megan should name names and consider legal recourse.
    We are not in the dark ages and no one can exploit the situation of a person interested in a job, to pressure her for sexual “favors”.

    As for marijuana- it messes with the brain and the effects can become known 10 and 20 years later.

    Cognitive functions, memory is only the beginning of the damage.

    Megan should talk to people who are 20 and 30 years older and ask them about what it did to their brain and mental stability.

  21. wow says:

    She is in dire need of constant attention. Her PR peeps need to fall back on promoting her non-stop because she is fastly becoming over-exposed.

  22. Ana says:

    I do realize that I can be treated by a doctor under the influence of illgel substances and/or alcohol. Running into someone under the influence on the road or in a respected profession already worries me. If marijuana was legalized it would just make me that much more worried. maybe it’s because I’m a mom and I worry about EVERYTHING now.
    I have heard the arguments that the crime rate would go down and that the country would make a ton of money off of taxes. I just don’t understand why people would want to legalize marijuana. There are some seriously stupid people out there.
    Do Americans really need to become even more stupid? We already have cigarrettes and alcohol, both of which are dangerous. Why do we need anymore especially a gateway drug!!!

  23. Ana says:

    And I’m sorry for the generalization I just made. I realize that not everyone is stupid. And not everyone would abuse marijuana (like use it before or during work or drive under the influence.) But there are just too many people that would ruin it for others.

  24. Katharine Jaynes says:

    Hash Browns and Annie, You are both wrong!!!
    The effects of marijuana are under studied and under reported. The fact of the matter is pharmaseutical companies have billions of dollars to spend on lobbying. (For example a company that produces the THC pill- the active ingredient in marijuana- sells pills for $500 a pop! PRICEY, especially when a dime bag is 20 bucks.)

    Pot has positive effects for cancer patients as well as others suffering from chronic health problems, yet the government insists on classifying it as a ‘drug with no medicinal purpose’… catagorically false if you read any of the recent studies. Marijuana does not cause cancer, and actually can prevent or stop tumor growth….

    Read and INHALE with pleasure and without GUILT!

    “The active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread, say researchers at Harvard University who tested the chemical in both lab and mouse studies.”

    Here is another study:

  25. loldongs says:

    Her tattoos are straight fucking retarded.

  26. Christina X says:

    Re: “the first f*cking person in line.”

    No she wouldn’t. She’ll probably stop smoking it if it becomes legal because that would detract from her reputation.

  27. Candi says:

    Never seen Transformers,but I hear Megan Fox isn’t the greatest actress.

    So she smokes pot,and probably does coke and other things as well,big fuckin deal….

    Casting couch situations happen all the time too,and it’s not just with the younger actress’s either.

    Anyways,this girl seems to luv shocking people,but it’s not so shocking,as we know what Hollywood is already about.

    And her statement about not getting roles because she is too attractive?Give me a fuckin break.

    Perhaps she doesn’t get roles,because there are better ppl to choose from…

    This girl has such the ego,and she looks awful in the first pic you posted.

    Wrinkly neck,overdone mascara like a racoon,and too much red lipstick.

    This girls 15 minutes of fame will be over soon,if it isn’t already,and Hollywood will move on to someone else.

    Geez,does this girl not have a publicist to tell her to shut up every so often? She makes herself look like an egotistical a-hole.

    Another thing,although Brian Austin Green is a nobody,I’m sure he doesn’t like everyone knowing he is f*cking a skank.

    And as someone else has said,how do we know that she didn’t have sex to get a role? Maybe she is a borderline personality,and is not being completely honest.Only telling ppl what she feels they want to hear.

    Well,I don’t want to hear anymore from her,she annoys

  28. Annie says:

    Hash Browns and Annie, You are both wrong!!!

    You’re an idiot.

    Did you even read my post? Like honestly, read it? Because then you probably would’ve noticed that I’m 100% for legalizing pot….

  29. DK says:

    she isn’t as interesting as I first thought she would be. She was decent enough in transformers, held her own with the actor, and she’s more than hot enough to get the part with her looks alone…I think in hollywood the casting couch may be a more subtle thing…not “if you sleep with me I’ll cast you”, but the producer/director casts the actress expecting something in return and often gets it, and casts the actress with the implication that they are expecting something in return…I hope that made sense

  30. melanie says:

    i like pot its alright. I used to smoke it everyday when i was younger. It makes you lazy and less ambitious unless your a person that will not settle for less. I think it tastes good and it relaxes me, but i like i said i would be on a one way road to no where if i continued smoking it. Hey you know what? WHAT ever comes out of Magen Fox’s mouth annoys me she is full of her self and dares to throw punches at other cleberities bigger then her. She is probably a ONE HIT WONDER, it has happened before.

  31. Dan says:

    God, or whoever created the Big bang, needs to kill her.

  32. Dannii says:

    I think she just speaks her mind people feel threatened by her because she does that

  33. Big Pimpin' says:


    and how the hell can she be hot or beautiful when she looked like this??

    it’s all fake. plus the plastic surgery just made her look like beavis and buttheads’ sister.

    i have no problem with women enhancing themself but that’s just too fakey. plus she’s a bitch so i have no prob telling others about her surgery.

  34. Ran across while looking for something else . Useful information . Thank you.

  35. KT says:

    Pot isn’t a hallucinogen, you f–king idiots. Google its medical benefits. Brainwashed morons..

  36. Top 5 reasons for Marijuana to be legalized are as follows:

    1. It has beneficial healing properties for many mental and physical illness.
    2. Save lots of money reducing prison, police and court costs.
    3. Take a large amount of money out of the black markets and put it into the economy.
    4. Tax and license it so people can grow, buy, sell etc.
    5. It will create new industries and jobs.