David Mueller claims he can pass a polygraph & denies groping Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wins her court battle against groper David Mueller

Taylor Swift was victorious in her countersuit against Denver DJ David Mueller. The jury found that Mueller did sexually assault her, and they awarded her the symbolic $1 she sought from her countersuit. Mueller did not make any money off of his lawsuit, which makes me happy – Taylor won’t have to pay him a dime, and neither will Taylor’s mom Andrea. In the wake of the verdict, Taylor is still keeping a pretty low profile – she briefly returned to Tumblr to like/repost a quote from the NY Times about how a man brought his 10-year-old daughter to the trial to show his daughter how she is always capable of standing up for herself. Meanwhile, David Mueller has spoken out following the verdict in Taylor’s favor. He sounds like a gigantic tool. A pervert, a sexual assailant and a tool.

Mueller denies ever grabbing Swift’s ass: “What I’m saying is that I didn’t do what they say I did. I didn’t do it. I never grabbed her. I never had my hand under her skirt and I can pass a polygraph,” he said. As for the photo in question, the radio DJ alleged that it was a rushed snap. “That wasn’t ready. I wasn’t invited to be in the photo. So it was–I just moved into the shot the best I could.”

He didn’t really want the $3 million he was asking for: “I asked for something in writing which stated that there was a misunderstanding and I can take that and possibly convince someone at a radio station to hire me,” he explained. “You didn’t want money? You just wanted this note?” Sandell asked. Mueller replied, “Absolutely.”

[From E! News]

I can pass a polygraph and say that I saw the photo of Mueller with his hand on Taylor’s ass and that he should actually have to face criminal charges rather than this civil case. This is ridiculous. This man is a liar.

What else? Denver sketch artist Jeff Kandyba is defending his terrible courtroom sketches of Taylor, claiming that it’s actually more difficult to sketch someone so perfectly proportioned and pretty. Sure. And please read this brilliant Daily Beast piece about how Taylor – who has successfully rebranded herself with this case – now needs to specifically slap down her white supremacist fanbase. We already heard that Taylor is the “Aryan princess” poster girl of white nationalists’ dreams, and she’s played into that image by consistently casting herself as a dog-whistling Darth Becky. It IS time for Taylor to say, in no uncertain terms, that white supremacists need to move along and that she doesn’t need their support or money.

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  1. Loopy says:

    Oh give it up already DJ. Anyways this $1..she wont really receive it will she? lol i dont know how it works with such a low settlement..and does anyone know why she asked for so low,i thought she wanted to donate her winnings to shelters and foundations?

    • Casi says:

      I think she would rather donate her own money. She tends to be very generous in that regard.

    • milla says:

      So ppl would not say she was after money. She may be Swifty but she is still a woman.

    • gobo says:

      It was an inconsequential sum so as to further emphasise that she had no interest in his money, or in punishing him financially, that it was purely about the fact that what he did was wrong and that he did it.

    • Lindsey says:

      It’s also a beautiful “Screw you, I don’t need your money” to a man now drowning in legal fees, court costs, and the judgement against him (lol). Yes, he really does owe her a dollar. It is a court ruling the amount is irrelevant.

    • Lindsey says:

      Also, I’d imagine he is close to what they call “judgement proof.” He has been out of work, no one in radio is going to hire the man that grabbed Taylor Swift’s ass so that nice $150,000/year is gone. He is paying court costs at the very least, if his lawyers took this on contingency, if not he has huge legal bills. Even if he didn’t the amount you could get from him is a drop in the bucket to her. She’ll donate her own money and not even blink. He was never going to fund her charitable endeavors, at his peak he could have been worth a few hundred thousand dollars, that’s nothing to her. You can’t collect money a guy doesn’t have.

    • angie0717 says:

      Hey DJ just go f–k off cause ain’t nobody got time for that. Your country is being destroyed by a hateful hateful man. Pay attention! There are bigger fish to fry

  2. OhDear says:

    Homie needs to take the L and let it go.

  3. milla says:

    Oh well… i do believe that he believes he was absolute angel.. but that is his delusion.

  4. M. says:

    Polygraphs aren’t admissible in court because people can lie and pass them asshole…just go away. We’ve all seen the picture of your hand on her “rib”

    • Chinoiserie says:

      Correct. They don’t mean anything.

    • QueenB says:

      Exactly. I mean I dont even doubt he could pass one because they dont work.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        They are easily “fooled.” I can pass a polygraph with little to no effort and do it lying through my teeth. Learned how that worked when I was in forensic psychiatry training.

  5. Goats on the Roof says:

    He grabbed her ass and the picture proves it! His hand was nowhere near her ribs (as he tried to claim in one of his versions of events) and her skirt is bunched up. I’m gonna believe Taylor and my eyes on this one.

  6. Sam the pink says:

    The problem is that he can’t answer “why” as to Taylor’s motive. If he is truly innocent, why is she accusing him and why is she so insistent on what happened? It’s not money, because she got none from him. Is she delusional? Obsessed? He has no defense for any of this.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      You don’t need to prove someone else’s motive to be declared innocent. Unless you mean by court of public opinion not actual court. Since there was already a trial maybe you just meant with the public.

      • Lindsey says:

        It may not be required but in this case (as well as many others) it would make a big difference. Otherwise we are to believe one day she was bored randomly picked a man a decided to get him fired. So she lied about him after taking an incriminating photo. Then when she was sued she stuck to the lie, counter sued so it could not be dropped and spent a week in a Colorado court room for $1.

        Motive would REALLY help because that’s a CRAZY story

  7. QueenB says:

    THat article is not wrong but I mean its sick that a sexual assault case is a rebranding…seriously.

  8. Nicole says:

    He’s full of it. Anyone can figure out how to pass a polygraph which is why they aren’t used. Also if you didn’t want the 3 mil you don’t ask for the 3 mil. Taylor actually didn’t want money which is why she asked for the symbolic $1.

  9. Aimee says:

    She won’t.

  10. minx says:

    Oh, just go away!

  11. Mumbles says:

    He *might* be able to pass a polygraph, but only because he doesn’t consider what he did “groping.” A lot of these pigs think that their unwelcome touching/kissing/hugging is just them being “friendly.”

  12. Lyla says:

    Maybe he’s so dumb that he confused ribs and ass. So that in this mind he was grabbing her ribs. But yeah, it’s clear to everyone else he was grabbing her ass.

    • Amiblue says:

      Yes, I was thinking perhaps he needs a human anatomy class. But I also wouldn’t want some douche to be getting all handsy with my ribs, either.

  13. SandraDee says:

    Too bad polygraphs aren’t always admissable in court. This is just a ploy to make himself look innocent because I doubt a court would enter it into testimony. My friend is a criminal defense attorney and refers to it as a Oujia board because depending on the tester and the tester, it can be manipulated or even give a false positive. In Ohio, it has to be stipulated on all sides to enter it into court proceedings. He has clients secretly take it. If they pass, he offers it, if they fail, he refuses to stipulate to it if requested. I would imagine a sociopath would be able to easily pass one, and I’d be so anxious I’d fail if they asked me to confirm my name.

  14. nono says:

    oh please. Tay Tay will never say bad thing about white supremacy. This is a big part of her fans. Plus her Daddy and Mommy are big Trump supporters. Just read some Mr Swift awful comments to anti-Trump people on his FB. I won’t be suprise if TS wote for him too. And she is rebranding – no more paps stroll, sqeud and she will milking this DJ case forever. How person can rebranding herself every few yers. She is just a brand people.

  15. Llamas says:

    Polygraph aren’t even that accurate though…. there are just too many confounding variables. I know that my blood pressure would spike if I had to do one, even if I was completely innocent, simply because I have anxiety.

  16. Merritt says:

    Mueller needs to just go away. Taylor did not ruin his career, he ruined his career.

  17. lightpurple says:

    Uhm, most courts don’t accept polygraphs, dear, but if you were going to try to get that in, the actual trial in lower court would have been the time. Nobody testifies at an appeal, dear. Lawyers write briefs and either rest on those briefs or do an oral argument but no witnesses testify and the issue is whether the judge or jury were right.

  18. BobaFelty says:

    Other people saw him move his body towards hers, and then her yelling. And there are pictures. This guy has a screw loose.

  19. adastraperaspera says:

    Swift’s team 1. Pervert 0. And since when did courtroom sketch artists need to be Renoir?

  20. Sparkly says:

    I was never really a Swift fan, but I have a lot more respect for her in the way she handled all this. Jerk dude just keeps digging himself a bigger hole with everything he says. Sure, you didn’t want the money. Disgusting all around. It’ll be a tiny taste of true justice if he can’t find work again. Too bad he wasn’t legally branded a sex offender. I wish the courts would do more to show men that they aren’t entitled to women’s bodies whenever they please.