Star: Elon Musk originally dumped Amber Heard after he caught her in ‘countless lies’

Justin Theroux rocks an Eazy-E shirt to Comic-Con

One week ago, I was done with the Elon Musk-Amber Heard story. Two weekends ago, Elon and Amber seemingly broke up for many reasons, and sources indicated that Elon had done the dumping. Then over the next several days, there was a crazy amount of back and forth with sources and competing tabloid stories about who dumped whom and why. Then Elon hopped on a plane, flew 18 hours to Australia’s Gold Coast and had breakfast with Amber in public. He also made some kind of formal (and extremely melodramatic) statement about how he and Amber are just two public people, living a fishbowl existence, and trying to believe in love or whatever. I declared that they were both giant drama queens and I hoped that would be the end of it for a while. For the record: I do believe that they broke up, I just think he ran back to her in a matter of days. As for why he first dumped her… well, Star Magazine has a theory:

Elon Musk said he and Amber Heard split up because of the “distance,” but sources claim it was close encounters of the come-hither kind that sealed her fate.

“Elon caught Amber in countless lies. She would tell him she was having a quiet night in when she was actually out clubbing,” says a source, adding that Amber didn’t act like she had a boyfriend while she was in Australia. “But Amber would always drop Elon’s name when she went shopping.”

Friends did try to warn Musk that Johnny Depp’s ex-wife was a golddigger dressed in hand-me-downs. “Elon had to learn that the hard way,” says the pal. “He couldn’t see it at first, but Amber was just using him.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Eyeroll to all of this. The narrative around Amber is that she’s always the girl being “chased” by wealthy/famous men. The narrative is that she’s the elusive butterfly and men are constantly being drawn in to marvel at her intellect and her beauty. I think it’s far more likely that Amber is just the kind of woman who knows how to play certain men. The whole “Amber lied to him” thing says to me that he was trying to keep tabs on her, and perhaps even spying on her. When he dumped her, she was like “okay, sure,” and she continued doing her thing and that just made him go even crazier. Anyway… they’re sort of perfect for each other. Drama queens of a feather flock together.

Justin Theroux rocks an Eazy-E shirt to Comic-Con

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  1. Shambles says:

    I think this is a gross way for the tabloids to continue to push the “Amber is a liar” narrative, and by doing so they’re still casting doubt on her claims of abuse. Not for this.

  2. Jegede says:

    Their final break up is going to be as messy as all out!

  3. jferber says:

    It’s none of his effing business what she chooses to do during her free time. He sounds like a total control freak.

  4. Jamieee says:

    Heard has been all over social media while on the Gold Coast (as in people taking and posting pics of her at parties and sporting events and clubs and so on), so he definitely wouldn’t need to spy on her to know where she’s been.

  5. Brittney B. says:

    So sick of the ongoing press campaign to paint her as a manipulative liar who wants men’s money. If literally giving away every penny of her entire $6 million settlement wasn’t enough, nothing ever will be.

  6. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    What does a gold-digger dressed in hand-me-downs exactly mean??? I find the phrasing very very weird but kind of purposefully put together. Does that imply she is poor? Or that a rich person cannot be gold-digger? I heard about “hand-me-downs” only when it comes to siblings.

  7. Merritt says:

    So if a woman is not visibly upset that a man broke up with her, she is playing him? That logic is offensive. I’ve always felt it was better to stoic and unemotional when someone breaks up with you. If someone is going to break up with you, they don’t deserve the satisfaction of seeing you upset.

  8. Reef says:

    I will never understand why average looking rich men who exclusively go for model caliber women get upset about “gold digging”. You want a 10 and she wants a rich man. What’s the problem?

    • detritus says:

      I never understood either.
      This is the type of man who refers to a girls twenties as her’ best years’ too. So its not like they are unaware of the ‘trade’.

    • Artemis says:

      It’s a good deal. I just think men slowly start resenting the women the older they get and the lonelier/emptier they feel.

      In Musk’s case, he doesn’t seem to know what he wants. He chased her, got her, then dumped her and clearly ran to the tabloids and her Instagram with conflicting messages, she is indulging him with it but still living her life and now this? I don’t know. Heard should drop him but going by her past relationships, including her relationship with Tasya’s, she seems just as messy and unable to let go of the drama (this does not include the abuse she endured). There’s a pattern and it’s not a good one. Also see her response about Barnaby (Australia debacle) in which she doesn’t realise she’s still in the wrong as she did do something illegal.

      If this couple is like this and still ‘together’ then the break-up is going to be BAD. Her career isn’t even good at this point so it’s time for her to change the narrative or learn to not be attracted to drama.

    • Taxi says:

      @ Reef. Agreed. Significant wealth allows very average-looking men to compete for the attention of & entertain women who already used to being in high demand for their looks, fame or talent. Do we really think a well-known actress or high-end print model wants dinner at Olive Garden or Applebees’ with a date who drives an old compact car & has to watch the budget? Invites to prestigious events & luxe entertainment venues can be quite alluring.
      I don’t think anyone ever dated Aristotle Onassis for his looks.

    • magnoliarose says:

      He should know better. The men who do are much more honest and know the deal. The ones who want love go for women of substance.

    • isabelle says:

      Yep… men should know this and if you are woman seeking a wealthy husband, so be it. Its a business arrangement like any other and men believing they deserve these women to worship them is crazy.

  9. tw says:

    Completely agree with your take, Kaiser! Spot on!

  10. Oliviajoy says:

    She reminds me of what they describe the “cool girl” as in the Gone Girl movie. She comes across super up for whatever, she’s just a laid back kinda girl, and then the real Amber emerges and she’s not like that at all.

    • Artemis says:

      Agreed. Free-spirited and independent women don’t stick around with men who exhibit giant red flags. She seems smart and adjusted but getting with Musk is a mistake and she’s allowing him already to treat her like crap when she knows what can happen with men like that. When she was with Tasya, she wasn’t that kind or clear in the end and Tasya would always have her back (in a relationship and as a supportive person) and she treated Tasya like crap all for men who want to control her. What’s stopping her from not tolerating the bullsh*t?

  11. CynicalCindy says:

    Two shitty people can be married, its not Amber Heard narrative.
    I doubt these Elon sources are even legit, I also doubt this relationship is anything to bat an eye at. Amber would shock us by dating an non uber rich douche, that would also not fit her “narrative”

  12. Bridget says:

    Its called negotiation. Depp lowballed. Heard asked for way too much. It’s kind of how these things work, are have you never actually negotiated something before?

    And the evidence against Depp was significant. Not to mention, she donated the settlement. She could have taken that money and walked, but she gave it all.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I think she had her eyes on Musk and just wanted to get out. He had been crushing on her and he has more money.

    • CaraD says:

      Actually, no. You’re wrong on all counts. There was no evidence against Depp. Had there been she would have filed a report with the police. They showed up at her place the night of the “iphone throwing” incident — but they saw no injuries, and she never filed a report. Nor did she obtain a doctor’s note at any point during their relationship. Jeez, if he was assaulting her, wouldn’t there have been at least one medical visit? Nor did she go to court to face him over the restraining order. It’s easy to make a restraining order stick if you supply evidence. She did none of those things. Instead, she sent him an extortion letter before going to the tabloids demanding 50K a month, Depp’s land rover, and his downtown LA penthouses. When he refused, she sent a photo of her face to People mag. Only problem was, the “bruise” seemed to migrate around or disappear altogether, depending on time/location. Emerging from court, the bruise was in a different place from the people mag photo — how odd. The day after court, a hidden pap caught her walking out of her attorney’s office with a friend, cackling. No bruise. Please tell us again about all the evidence.

      Also, she did NOT donate her settlement money. That is a lazy lie. Depp made the first installment for her after her pledge, and she went ballistic about not receiving the money herself. It was in the press. Did you not bother to check it out? Since then, she has donated NOTHING to either the ACLU or the LA Children’s Hospital. Interesting, ain’t it?

      • K says:

        Nice try, but sadly his own assistant sent her a verified message saying how terrible Johnny felt for kicking her. You can explain away and rationalise and excuse all you want, but that is a fact. So too is the video footage of his behaviour, and the image of his abusive message in his own blood. And only someone who knows nothing of abuse would argue that no doctor’s evidence means it didn’t happen – in my own country there doesn’t even need to be physical contact; coercive control is a crime. It’s sad how ignorant people are on abuse.

        And Depp donated it partly to continue to control the situation between himself and Heard, and partly to reduce his own tax bill. If she had donated it then she would have reduced hers – plus he had no right to give that money to anyone but her. It was court ordered that he had to pay her, and only a control freak would do as he did and think it was okay. The fact you don’t appreciate that is depressing, but not surprising.

        It’s very sad seeing Depp fans who refuse to accept that he is responsible for abusing someone. There’s loyalty, and then there is denial. I was a Depp fan as well, but the truth is, we don’t know these people, just their carefully created images. Here, the image slipped. We saw. If we didn’t close our eyes, anyway.

      • Ankhel says:

        Um, no. Only clumsy, completely out of control abusers hit their partners so hard they have to get medical help. Take my sister – her ex would grab, shove and shake her, pull her hair and hit the top and back of her head against the wall and furniture. The result would be only small bruises, messy hair and bumps over the hair line. She couldn’t prove a thing. Abusers are often cunning, especially once they’ve gotten some practice.

  13. CaraD says:

    Nice to see Musk preemptively beating Heard at her own game — given the way she dragged Depp during their divorce.

  14. Nickim says:

    In short, she was betraying him, in the phrase she did not behave like someone who dates. Sad more is what is done in nightclubs!

  15. K says:

    Coz gold coast bulletin received an email from space x that leak about an australia sportsmen that has been spending many nights at Amber’s place. With the name and address disclosed. Some said he flew to australia to buy back the story from the press hence gave many exclusive inclusing the photo shoot for that paper. L chat thread on amber heard got some details and was closed, some said it’s probably someone wanna cover the story. I think the best drama heard is she attended but could not receive the awards from the hospital that she said she will donate the monies (her pals received on behalf with long script), but 1-2hours later she shown up in pink color hair and sexy costume, at the party name “space” held by Elon Musk at his mansion for her birthday.

    • Jamieee says:

      Bit late to buy back the story after the paper’s already printed enough info to get others started on researching it. The list of GC athletes Heard could be having an affair with is fairly small, and if someone from SpaceX knows about an affair, then no shortage of people on the GC will know too. Super insular and gossipy place. Maybe the Bulletin won’t print it now, but it’s not like hundreds of other outlets wouldn’t. Musk also wouldn’t have to fly there to get the story back. The Bulletin’s not exactly the NYT, he could have bribed them with a phone call.

      Interesting tea on why she left that gala though. That was really odd.

  16. Zeddy says:

    Chris Brown, johnny Depp, bill Cosby, woody Allen and polanski: Meh, their air speaks for itself NO PROOF.
    Amber: likes guys with money. The worst, what a wh***.
    I’m getting real tired of this narrative. Next.