Robin Thicke, 40, is expecting a daughter with his 22-year-old girlfriend

Robin Thicke and April Love Geary watch PSG

Earlier this week, I was honestly sitting here and wondering to myself, “Did Robin Thicke and Paula Patton ever resolve their custody dispute?” In January of this year, Robin and Paula’s custody fight over their son Julian exploded – Julian told people at his school that he was scared of his father, and that Robin had hit him and he didn’t want to go with his father. Paula also told the family court that Robin had been abusive to her, and that he shouldn’t be allowed near their son. Back in March, TMZ reported that Robin and Paula were close to some kind of custody settlement, but there was no follow-up, and I personally find it hard to believe that Paula would ever let Robin have equal, shared custody of Julian.

All of that is just backstory for this though… Robin is expecting another child. He got his girlfriend pregnant. Robin started dating April Love Geary back in the spring of 2014, soon after he split from Paula. At the time, April was a teenager – she was either 18 or 19. She is 22 years old now, and Robin is 40. I just want to grab April and say “girl, don’t do this” but it’s way too late for that. April confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram, writing: “Robin and I are very excited to share with you all that we’re having a baby! The due date is March 1st, Alan’s birthday!” The Alan being Alan Thicke, Robin’s late father. TMZ reports that they’re expecting a girl.

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  1. Clare says:

    I thought that was Ricky Martin from the header photo!!

  2. Squiggisbig says:

    Yikes. He is not someone I would want to be tied to for the rest of my life.

    • Neelyo says:

      Don’t worry, this probably won’t last til the rest of the year.

      • Brittney B. says:

        …the pregnancy?!?!

      • Geekychick says:

        father of your child is someone you’re tied for the rest of your life, no matter if you’re together or not. I think it’s actually even worse woth this creep, bc he made ot clear that although he doesn’t especially care about his child, he’ll try to control and hurt the mother through custody of the child (cough*abusiveas*hole*cough.

      • bettyrose says:

        Right, but she’s not seeing past the child support check for the next 18 years. Nothing is worth being in an abusive relationship, but young people don’t always seems to benefit from the wisdom/experience of others.

  3. Mermaid says:

    Ugh this guy is such a tool. I hated his song from the second it came out.

  4. AbbyRose says:

    Already sad for the child.

  5. grabbyhands says:

    God, he is just a slimy, pathetic mid life crisis stereo type, isn’t he.

    His new girlfriend isn’t at all creeped out that she’s his ex-wife’s doppleganger stand in?

    • smcollins says:

      Ugh, right?! And the fact that she was barely legal when they first got together is even creepier. Weren’t Paula and Robin high school sweethearts? Talk about trying to relive the past…

    • Artemis says:

      She’s a younger more pliable version of Paula. He’s reliving his youth with this woman but not the annoyances of having the adult issues that come with it like he’s experienced with Paula, He’s starting all over again, I’m sure. He’s probably her first real love and long-term relationship. Clearly her age prevented her from clocking that he’s a manipulative creep who will ruin her life because an older woman would have noticed the physical similarities with Paula and I dare even say emotional since Paula seems like a sweet caring woman who finally had enough and saw her ex the way he really was.

      Maybe they wanted to have a baby together but this woman is too young to let her life be controlled by having a baby with a creep like that. She’s tied to him forever now.

    • vavavoom says:

      It is so creepy how much she looks like her. He was obviously obsessed with Paula. I feel sad for the women and the children. 🙁 Robin is so creepy gross .

  6. Jess says:

    She looks so much like Paula it’s creepy as hell. I can’t stand him and feel sorry for her, but she’s stuck now!

    • Allie B. says:

      Beat me to it! He’s gross.

    • Ankhel says:

      I thought that was Paula at first! Also: Girl, he doesn’t love you. He’s too shallow. Men who swap their wives/girlfriends for exact copies, only younger, don’t even usually hate their exes- they just don’t tolerate ageing.

      • Carol says:

        because we let men get away with that kinda childish behavior.

        I remember as a 18 or 19 yo dating and my mom could admit that my boyfriends were handsome so I don’t buy that women don’t like younger men.

        I guess people are at their most physically attractive in their twenties but of course you can def be attractive as you grow older too and you’re best matched with someone within 5 years of your age rangs.

        But we let me date much younger women – we let them get away with it , but not women. Because it’s shallow and objectifying behavior that we let men get away with but not women. It isn’t just some weird biological truth that men want younger women, its just men being jerks and we let them act that way – we let them get away with swapping out for a younger model, we let them objectify women as a society because it’s a sexist society.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:


        I’m not sure you can blame society “letting” men choose younger women. They just naturally do. Men are attracted to youth and beauty. Women may find some younger men attractive but they tend to seek men with maturity that can provide financial security or stability. Every culture on the planet works like this so the only way to stop that natural course is to pass laws preventing men from dating women younger than what 25? Do you really want us to go that far? What would be the penalty jail or a fine?

      • bettyrose says:

        Original T.C.,
        You’re missing the point, which is that these relationships are usually terrible for the younger women. While the initial thrill of dating an older/richer/more powerful man who worships your youth might be enticing, the chances of this type of power dynamic resulting in happily ever after is very thin.

        No, we shouldn’t pass laws. We should work towards a culture where women view financial independence as a more viable life option than power through marriage.

      • Veronica says:

        Wait – you don’t think older WOMEN are attracted to youth and beauty? I don’t really think that’s true of anyone in this society, male or female. American culture in general extols youth and beauty as virtues; we have a massively thriving anti-aging industry thanks to the aging baby boomers. I’m in my thirties. I find plenty of late teens and 20-something men attractive. I imagine I’ll still find them attractive twenty years from now. I just don’t act on it because I don’t feel it’s appropriate for somebody my age to go after an individual who isn’t fully cognitively developed.

        The difference is in the social coding. Women who date younger are seen as “cougars.” Men who date younger are seen as “virile.” Men are taught that having power and control in a relationship is the natural order of gender roles in a marriage. Women are infantilized to view men as protectors and providers. (And from a more pragmatic perspective of child raising, we need men who have proven themselves stable and RELIABLE. We don’t associate that with younger men because we put less pressure on them to mature as fast as we do women.) Men are sexual beings. Women are sexual *objects.* That’s why behaviors that would otherwise be considered borderline predatory are excused. And on a broader scale, that’s why there’s so much political fighting over family planning methods and abortion. A world where women don’t feel that they need men to survive and thrive is one where men would have to reevaluate the singular importance of their social role.

    • blonde555 says:

      THIS. What a creep! Dating a woman that looks like a carbon copy of his ex right after screwing up his marriage. I give them 2 more years, max. Then child support and “he’s a drunk” lifestyle mag covers.

    • magnoliarose says:

      So much this. I look at her and shake my damn head. We see her future but she doesn’t.

  7. Allie B. says:

    She looks so much like Paula, ew. How do they know the sex at 11 weeks?

    • Memurs says:

      You can get a blood test these days that will tell you the sex way early. It wasn’t covered by my insurance since I was a couple years below the “advanced maternal age” threshold, so I had to wait until the 20 week scan.

      • Allie B. says:

        Interesting. I’m 33. I wonder if I qualify age wise under my insurance. I can’t wait much longer to know who I’m suffering for.

      • LizLemonGotMarried says:

        Allie-I was pregnant last year at 35 and did not qualify under my insurance, but they could actually tell at 15 weeks. Our son just turned his little self to the camera and spread his legs. We lost him a few weeks later, but that moment of personality still makes me smile and cry.

      • third ginger says:

        LizLemon, my condolences and best wishes. I lost a tiny son many years ago.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Oh, LizLemon and Third Ginger, I feel so sad for you. Deepest condolences and best wishes to you both. Lis, what a precious, bittersweet memory for you. Thinking of you both.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Liz and ginger I am sorry for your losses. Hugs to you.

    • Memurs says:

      I was 33, too – I think the magic age when your pregnancy is considered “geriatric” is 35.

      • Allie B. says:

        Liz, that was definitely a “hello world!” moment! I’m sorry for your loss. Ah, thanks memurs. Maybe the next go round.

      • Blair Warner says:

        Just reading your comments has made me cry. Enormous hugs to both of you and anyone who has lost a baby.

  8. anonymous says:

    This is creepy on so many levels.

  9. Catwoman says:

    I don’t feel a bit sorry for her. No need to get pregnant in this day and age unless you want to. This screams anchor baby and payday to me.

    • katK says:


    • Veronica says:

      I mean, it happens. I have two friends who got pregnant despite fertility issues and using multiple forms of birth control. But yeah. A little more suspect when she’s that young, and he’s wealthy.

  10. snowflake says:


  11. Green Is Good says:

    I thought it was Simon Cowell.

  12. Jaii says:

    She’s just under two years younger than me , and tbh any 40 year old male/female going after someone my age just scream “creep” let alone someone with a history like R.T

    • OOOH says:

      For me its actually opposite. I’m 23 in November and I cannot stand men in my age bracket, that is 25-30. My dating bracket is 10-15+ which I know is a lot for some people, but I do it for a certain type of maturity, less arguing (I find that interests at differing scales enriches our relationship and reduces conflict). I also find a lot more 20-30 year old men very irresponsible, too materialistic and conceited, way too vain and eager to mold themselves into society’s image of “youth”.

      I’m sure there are nice ones out there, but I have aspirations and goals in life I am to achieve; financial independence and stability, a powerful strength of person, a drive for mental stability and a realistic yet optimistic breakthrough of opportunities in life (if that makes sense).

      I’d rather be with someone who through his experiences in life, teaches me how to be a stronger woman in a tough world so that ” when the time comes, I can jump those hurdles” with or without him, than someone who cares too much about social media or thinks 25 is still young to not save for future prospects. “I’m not 30 yet” is a common excuse for irresponsible behaviour in men under 30 and I run with my heels touching the back of my head when I hear that.

      • Veronica says:

        That’s YOU, though. I understand why the younger partner is attracted to the older one. As somebody who is in their thirties, though, I can tell you it’s a different issue when you’re the older partner. You may not think it is, but 10-15 years is a huge difference when the younger partner is still in their twenties, much less their early twenties. People in their thirties are more experienced, generally have more financial stability (which means power in a country in America), and more independently developed emotionally. This is a big deal when the younger partner still hasn’t completely figured themselves out. I am certainly a very different person than I was 23.

        Sometimes, it does work out. Sometimes people really do just fall in love and it works out despite age difference, and that’s fine. But I’m going to be really blunt here – the majority of thirty somethings (male or female) that I’ve met who are dating early twenty-somethings are not doing so because they want to teach you how to be a stronger person. They’re dating you because the people their age aren’t willing to put up with their immaturity. I’m not saying it can’t and doesn’t happen, but I’d warn you to be very careful in presuming that age and maturity necessarily go together.

  13. Nicole says:

    She looks like Paula’s younger sister. So gross. He’s a creepy tool.
    I remember seeing the photos of them at his birthday and she was wearing a dress were you could see her lady bits. His son was there. Just ridiculous.
    Good luck robin because I doubt she’s going to be with you that long. She’s set for life now

  14. Merritt says:

    He is so creepy and gross.

    • AnnaKist says:

      He really is. I’ve never liked him. He reminds me of a guy I worked with when I was a very naive 18-year-old. Theyd just lowered the drinking and voting age here to 18, and this fella invited me out for a drink a couple of weeks after my birthday. We went to a local pub, as I’d never been in one before. Halfway through my drink, my older brother appeared at the table and asked what I was doing there. I stammered, and before I could answer, he turned to the fella and threatened to….I won’t repeat it, but it wasn’t nice. He then took me gently by the hand and led me out to his car. That’s when I copped it: “What the hell are you doing in that sleazy pub with that MARRIED MAN?? He’s a mongrel! Stay away from him and stay out of that place!” I was mortified. Little did I know that my brother was kind of a king in that place, and knew a lot about the creepy antics of the fella that took me there. I’ve never gone back. Now, every time I see R Thicke, I cringe and relive that embarrassment.

      • cherrypie says:

        Wow, bravo! your brother did right by you. I can understand how relived you must feel looking back! lol

  15. jferber says:

    Girl children are twice as likely to be abused by a parent as male children, statistically. I hope that girl baby is safe. Madness for any woman to be with Robin, but we already know there are scores of twenty year old blondes already queuing up for OJ for his October release. What a world. And Trump on top of all that. Makes me want to retreat to another planet.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      IMO women who willingly partner with abusers have very low self-esteem or are in just for a check.

      • Geekychick says:

        women who get themselves pregnant with a guy they know abuses his own child are…a who,e different, special kind of lowest of the low. how selfish can you be? it just angers me so much.

      • detritus says:

        I’m kind of sad here ladies.

        Women who get with abusers are often manipulated and lied to – to an extreme. Especially as abusers age and don’t change, they get more experienced and BETTER at finding and grooming victims. And this is a very young woman we are talking about, with very little experience at this point. You are castigating her for HOPE. Like believing someone will change for the better is a bad thing.

        Also, geeky, nooo. please. Women who get themselves pregnant? This is a couple, not a rogue ninja stealing famous idiot’s semen.

      • Geekychick says:

        sorry, english is obviously not my maternal language, of course I didn’t mean that she got pregnant by herself, although I also don’t believe he forced pregnancy on her. I do think she wasn’t in a situation trafficked, kidnapped or women in tragic circumstances like war-torn countries were when they get pregnant.
        but no-I don’t have remorse for a girl that was with him during all of this s**it that went down with Julian. You’re a gf of a guy whose son, on multiple instances, claimed (a small child) that he’s afraid of his own father. that his father spanks so hard he’s traumatised (tbh, any kind of spanking is just horrific to me, but I digress). and then you decide to bring another child that he can control and traumatise into this world?
        if they stay, and even more, if they don’t stay together, she has to be a really ninja intellectual with super-ninja lawyers to be 100% secure this guy won’t traumatise their child down the road. and I kinda doubt she is that smart/connected/careful.
        she is, no matter the possible grooming, still a legal adult of 22 and these are, at the end of the day, her actions and decisions. otoh, that child is just an innocent human being that shouldn’t be a payday/popularity/binding tool. from both sides. idk, it’s all gross and icky, of course-including the whole story about from when they dated and so on, but it’s inexcusable from the viewpoint of protecting totally innocent being. it’s like saying: oh, she knew he was sexually abusing her children and did nothing, but but but she was abused herself. no, sorry, that doesn’t fly with me. children come first.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        @detritus: you are right. I overgeneralized and overlooked the manipulation part in my comment. Manipulation is a relevant factor when it comes to women being abused. Low self-esteem does play a part though in some cases, I know a few examples. Personally, I have high self-esteem which to some comes across as arrogance. Self-reflection is part of my “routine” and I often examine my attitude and decisions, but I prefer that certain people think I am arrogant than vulnerable or naive. I read in an analysis piece some time ago that “stuck-up” and “stubborn” women are less of a target for abusers and manipulators. I can’t tell for a fact that that is completely true, but it does resonate to my personal experience.

      • detritus says:

        I think we breed our girl children to have low self esteem, because we tend to link worth for women with ephemeral and externally controlled qualities.

        As a mostly stubborn and ‘difficult’ woman myself, I somewhat agree with you. We are harder to eff up, but unfortuantely it doesn’t mean its not possible, it just requires someone with more finesse.

        For example, one of my friends make over 6 figures, has multiple degrees, has always been a loud, crass, funny and take no prisioners bitch. She was assaulted by her partner for three years before she told us the truth, because ‘strong’ women don’t get abused. It broke my heart that the reason she hadn’t let us is was because she was worried we would think less of her. For something that someone else was doing to her.

        A commenter here posted one of the most impactful quotes I’ve read on the subject many moons ago.

        It went along the line of this, and my apologies I forget the exact and powerful wording:

        Some abusers see strong and successful women and see a challenge.
        Just as the grand canyon was worn down over millenia, these women have their strength eroded. Worn down slowly, drop by drop.
        That river can flow through a bed made from a previous trauma, or from a slow and consistent escalation of abuse.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Applause! Love everything you said.
        She is a victim. He will have her deep under his control, and he knows it. Making sure she is pregnant is a way to further keep her weak and vulnerable. She will be a husk of a woman when he is through and on to the next teenager.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        Thanks detritus for sharing this. The quote makes me feel extremely emotional. And so does the story about your friend, I really hope she recovered from this situation.
        I think that admitting to our vulnerabilities – to ourselves and/or to the right people makes people strong, just as courage is defined by facing danger. I wish that there will be a time when violence against women is a story from the past.

  16. Mike says:

    There goes the rest of whatever money he has left

  17. Loo says:

    This relationship won’t last and she’ll be stuck raising that child alone. Silly girl.

    • Geekychick says:

      if she’s lucky. I think Paula would be estatic if she could raise their son alone.
      this one will also probably go through hell of praying that the child comes safe and sound from visitations with dad. i hope she took the costs of child therapist int consideraion while thinking of future child support.

  18. Deee says:

    Ew he is so gross. He is also bullying Alan’s wife and insinuating that she is a gold digger … she was married to him for 17 years and they really were smitten even at the end you could tell by their instagrams they spent a lot of time together and loved each other. I am usually skeptical of age differences but not this one. He is a douche and a bully when things don’t go his way.

    This April chick is going to get the Paula treatment soon enough.

    • Olive says:

      Didn’t Alan and his wife have a teen son together too? Way to go Robin, you’ll just push your brother away since he will undoubtedly stick up for his mom.

  19. Cupcake says:

    Robin is looking OLD. Sad for April.

  20. Reef says:

    If you told me long haired bicycle riding “Lost Without You” Robin Thicke would turn into this guy, I’d never believe it.

  21. island_girl says:

    It’s creepy that she resembles his ex wife Paula. He’s a strange one.

  22. Chetta B. says:

    You foolish, foolish girl.

    • blonde555 says:

      Why foolish? She’s smart and counting the money this baby will entitle her to. Don’t feel too bad for her. She wants her paycheck too.

    • kibbles says:

      He’s the foolish one. He’s the one having to make payments for the next 18 years. Her life is set regardless of what happens with her “career” or their relationship.

  23. Redgrl says:

    He’s an idiot. Hate to speak ill of the dead, but he likely got it from his old man. Alan Thicke played a good, caring dad on TV but a quick glimpse at his stupid reality show or any interviews showed he was an entitled, sexist tool also.

  24. lily says:

    I thought he was crying on stage and begging his wife to take him back for a long time. Ticket sales I guess.

  25. Joannie says:

    She’s quite pretty. Dont know why other than money she’d scrape the bottom of the barrel with this vision of yuck.

    • kibbles says:

      It’s for the money and some D-list fame. We never knew who she was until she got with Thicke. She will have her child and support payments for the next 18 years even if they will probably break up before the kid reaches 5 years. Paula Patton is giving the biggest eye roll to all of this right now. These men are such idiots.

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        Child support is for the child! Your sexist comments about this woman, who is 22 and has been dating him for four years, are offensive. He’s an abuser. How do you know she this mercenary person out for a paycheck and not and abused young woman? He’s likely the only person she’s been with. Gross!

  26. blonde555 says:

    Wonder is he ever slips up and calls her Paula!

  27. pinetree13 says:

    Ugh that’s gross. They started dateing when she was a teenager and he was late 30’s?!?! What a loser.

    Once the stress of baby comes this poor girl is going to see him for the monster he really is. Abusers don’t change they just hide it until they feel they’ve got you trapped.

    Silver lining…maybe he’ll leave Paula and her son alone playing “new family” with his latest victim?

  28. CynicalCindy says:

    Gross! Paula I hope you’re saying good riddance.
    Can you imagine !? They had been together since she was 17, have a child, then he gets caught grab assing on tour, writes a please get back w me album & ends up w a teenage all over again.
    April girl I can tell you what your future looks like.

  29. magnoliarose says:

    Before I read more can I just say EWWWWW! I just read the headline. Robin Thicke, 22 year old, baby. EWWWWW! He is punchable.

  30. OTHER RENEE says:

    This infuriates, saddens and nauseates me all at the same time. Because my daughter is 23. And R. Thick is a total tool.

  31. Ms. Kimmy says:

    oh my lord just look at that lecherous old man with his grabby grab hands all over that poor young girl.


    I swear, where are these girls parentals???

  32. Exita says:

    Roger Vadim (a French director best known as Jane Fonda’s first husband) was 35 when he fathered a baby out of wedlock with 19-year-old Catherine Deneuve. That was in 1963 and if any part of it was considered scandalous it was that they weren’t married, not the age difference.

  33. JustJen says:

    He looks awful. He could easily pass for mid 50’s. I mean, he didn’t look great before, but hard living ages you fast.

  34. Veronica says: