Did Miley Cyrus get mad at Liam Hemsworth for refusing to wear his promise ring?


Miley Cyrus’ new album, Younger Now, is set to release next month. So far we have three songs and I’m not in love with any of them. I’m meh on Younger Now but I find Malibu and Inspired practically unlistenable. There’s a few left to release, though, including Rainbowland featuring her godmother, Dolly Parton. I’m sure one of them will appeal to me.

Anyway, with all this new music coming out, people are once again wondering if Miley and fiancé Liam Hemsworth will ever walk down the aisle. I maintain that the speculation is as much the couple’s doing as the press. I think Miley likes us talking about her and she knows this is one thing fans will never tired of. However, if Life & Style is to be believed, it goes much deeper than that. L&S claims that Miley pitched a major fit over Liam not wearing his promise ring and the fight grew loud before she gave him the silent treatment for almost two days.

When Miley Cyrus channeled her inner Beyoncé and put a ring on longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, it was supposed to be a sign of their commitment to each other. There was just one small problem: the Australian actor refused to wear it. 

That did not sit well with Miley, 24, and sources reveal exclusively to Life & Style that the piece of jewelry became the subject of a nasty shouting match. “She pushed him and pushed him to wear the ring,” the insider says, “and she finally lost her temper and was screaming at him furiously. The fight was one of the worst they’ve ever had.”

The former Disney star was so mad she actually threw her phone to the ground and smashed it. “She refused to talk to him for almost two days after that,” the source adds.

Liam, 27, has since apologized and agreed to wear the promise ring. He was recently spotted out with the hardware on that finger, prompting wedding rumors. However, the couple is not walking down the aisle anytime soon. 

Miley and Liam, who have been engaged on and off since 2012, both agree the fight has strengthened their relationship. “Things have turned around lately,” the source tells Life & Style. “Miley and Liam are so much happier now.”

[From Life & Style]

Wait a minute – these two are engaged so this is an engagement ring, isn’t it? If you need a promise ring when you’re engaged, you have bigger issues. But it definitely sounds like they have issues if Miley is smashing phones. The question is, of course, did this happen? I don’t know, I’m inclined to think it might have. Not that the fight was solely over the ring but the ring was the last straw and Miley snapped. I get it, she’s under a lot of pressure. I haven’t heard the songs yet but the titles are all about love and coupledom – if Malibu is any indication, this album is one giant love note to Liam. And given Liam’s track record, I guess I can understand why she needs a symbolic gesture. If it is true, I’m glad Liam made the effort by finally wearing the ring.

Unfortunately, Liam’s lack of ring is not all Miley has to deal with. She is among those to have intimate photos stolen in the latest hacking scandal. Oh, how I hate these creeps, I hope they get what’s coming to them. I’m not going to give them any more space so that’s all I will say about that. On a nicer note, Miley bought a ranch in Nashville and I am positively emerald with envy. You can see pictures here, it’s just gorgeous. It would also be a beautiful setting for a wedding. Hmmmm.


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Happy #InternationalKissingDay! 💋💋💋 Our first smooch 8 years ago! ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Capepopsie says:

    Pretty tired if These two and all the drama.

  2. minx says:

    Oh, grow up.

  3. JA says:

    I want to feel bad for this sad Disney gone wild child but I can’t. Miley has issues and a bunch of other personal crap she needs to address before she gets any sympathy from me for loving a dude who doesn’t love her.

  4. Kitten says:

    That house is really beautiful. The chairs and sofas aren’t really my style but they go nicely in that space. Love all the natural elements–stone and wood everywhere–and those beautiful beams.

  5. Carol Hill says:

    A ring doesn’t keep anyone faithful.

  6. Mari says:

    I’m not a fan, but I feel really bad for her. I heard the leaked pictures are vile and I believe she is now making an effort to get better, she’s young and her family is messed up, must be hard
    About Liam…they seem more like a bad habit for each other than anything else, i bet he judges her for her actions and that hurts (even more) her self esteem

    • Lauren says:

      I always got this impression too. I do think he judged her and she tries to be what he wants her to be. I think she considers herself lucky and grateful to have gotten a guy like him because all over the internet people like to remind her that she is not on his level in terms of looks.

      • Mari says:

        She now wants so bad to be seem as a new better version of herself – and marrying him would be her ultimate prize
        I wish she would do like Selena and take some time out to do terapy and work on herself, but for real, not just triyng to sell the image of what others think to be a better person.

  7. Lightpurple says:

    Sorry but if my partner was smashing telephones in anger over anything, I would be out of there so fast.

    I don’t handle family law or domestic violence cases directly but they intersect with employment law surprisingly often (employee arrested and facing discipline) and it is amazing how many of those cases and workplace violence cases involve someone using a phone as a weapon or breaking a phone to prevent the other person from calling for help. It is not how rational, stable people behave and I can understand how anyone might hesitate to commit to a phone smasher

  8. Nicole says:

    Smashing phones is a huge no for me. If you cannot control your anger over something minor that speaks to bigger issues. Some guys hate rings…if the sign of commitment is tied to a ring then idk. My dad never wore his wedding band and my parents are still married with all the normal wear and tear after all this time. A ring certainly didn’t keep them together.

  9. SNAP says:

    Well…i can sort of understand why she got miffed at Liam. I have always thought that as a woman i should be progressive and reciprocal, so when my hubby proposed to me, i proposed to him too with a gear ring i knew he wanted and goes perfect with his handy personality. He loved it and the fact i proposed to him too. He was not expecting it at all. I love him to pieces and i wanted to make him feel just as wanted, loved and special as he makes me feel. Sometimes he wouldn’t wear his engagement ring though. And yes, it kind of bothered me. Yet, i know first hand that a ring means nothing if you don’t care about the relationship. He has always been very faithful and i trust him…so i tried not to make a big deal about him not wearing his engagement ring. Now that we are married he rarely ever takes his ring off. So, chill Miley…if you two are meant to happen, it will happen.

  10. Ozogirl says:

    I really don’t know what he sees in her. I keep hoping he comes to his senses.

  11. Belle Epoch says:

    YUCK. This new cowgirl image does NOT work. You can’t just put on a cowboy hat and hope people will forget your p0rny past. She’s still disgusting to me despite this act.

  12. PamelaJudy says:

    I just want someone to explain that hair to me. Am i the only person that hates it? With the amount of $$ she has, it’s not like she couldn’t afford to change it so it has to be a deliberate choice on her behalf.

  13. Scarlett says:

    RUN LIAM !!

  14. The Rickest Rick says:

    What could there be to see in these pictures that she hasn’t already shown herself, as publicly as possible, on several occasions?
    I mean at least it shouldn’t be that embarrassing because we’ve all seen it all already?