“Joshua Jackson’s mystery-brunette girlfriend has been identified!” links

Amy Schumer films 'I Feel Pretty'

Joshua Jackson’s mystery brunette girlfriend is 28-year-old model/stylist Shafia West, apparently. Oh, well – I hope he’s happy. [Wonderwall]
A stand-alone Harley Quinn/Joker movie – starring Margot Robbie & Jared Leto – is in the works at Warner Bros too. [LaineyGossip]
Nicki Minaj & Blac Chyna made a video together…? [Dlisted]
Best. Swan-float. Ever. OMG. [Buzzfeed]
Kristen Stewart & Stella Maxwell share the same taste in bad jeans. [Moe Jackson]
As I foretold, Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant this morning. [Pajiba]
Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” is here & I haven’t even watched it. [JustJared]
No one wants The Batfleck anymore. Good. [IDLY]
Does anyone need a Lady Gaga documentary at this point? [Seriously OMG WTF]
Chris Hemsworth uses Instagram to promote marriage equality. [Socialite Life]

Amy Schumer films 'I Feel Pretty'

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  1. island_girl says:

    I hope that he’s happy, but a 28 year old? Really Joshua?

    • Kersplasha says:

      At least she’s not 22.

    • TQB says:

      I know i know, it’s none of my biz, but yeah. and HE NEVER CALLED ME.

    • Chaine says:

      I like his acting so much that I don’t begrudge him the 28-year-old.

    • tullyg says:

      is 28 really not old enough? she’s basically 30, and very few guys in his position would end up with anyone older than that. just how it is.

      • denis says:

        yup, that’s how it is. If he wants kids fast, he better be looking at a woman who has her age.

        Most men like him who wanted kids for such a long time already and are hitting 40, don’t want to deal with almost 40 years old women with possible fertility issues. They can’t be bothered. They don’t have time for this.

      • Lightpurple says:

        So love never factors in. Just breeding abilities

      • Kitten says:

        LOL LightPurple I didn’t see your comment before I posted something similar down below.

    • roma says:

      She is only 11 years younger than him. That’s not that big of a difference.

      If he wants to have kids with her one day, she has the perfect age. What do you expect?

      Most women around his age have problems getting pregnant. No wonder he looks for a younger woman.

      • denis says:

        agree, he wanted kids for a while already. Younger women have more chance to give him a kid, than women around his age.

        sad but true.

      • Erinn says:

        11 years, and it’s not like she’s 21. There’s a big difference between 20 and 28 in terms of maturity, growth, life experience. I don’t think this is worth any judgement.

      • Jenn says:

        ” Most ” is a definite stretch. Don’t believe the hype. It just ain’t true.

      • J.Mo says:

        Many COUPLES his age have problems conceiving. Maybe HE has fertility issues.

      • joan says:

        According to Enty at CDAN Joshua Jackson has a secret love child with his Fringe co-star.

        If Enty is right then it means Josh has no fertility issues.

      • Rosey says:

        No, he doesn’t. It’s just wishful thinking on the part of crazy fans in the fandom who like to think, that things went beyond just them playing their characters.

      • really says:

        Who´s Enty?

    • Kitten says:

      Or maybe he just really likes her? Some of the comments are a bit weird here, like we’re just automatically assuming he choses women based on their ability to procreate?

      Diane Kruger was 41, BTW. Yeah I know they broke up but I don’t think it had shit to do with kids.

      • Miss M says:

        I think it does…

      • .... says:

        Not everyone wants kids…I’m sure if she really wanted them she would have had them with Joshua a long time ago.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah no Diane Kruger has said MANY times she wants to have kids and raise them in Paris.

        I think their break-up had more to do with the whole cheating thing–that can kind of throw a wrench in a relationship.

        But yeah the comments equating a woman’s desirability with her level of fertility are still a bit strange to me.

      • LetitGo says:

        You should look at this Shafia´s IG account: it´s full of selfies. She is a younger version of Diane Kruger – full of herself, brainless self-absorbed bikini model, who wants to move her career forward. That´s probably why her marriage didn´t work out. There won´t be a “surprise baby” – not with this woman.

      • lauren says:

        i’m with you on that. Joshua must like her otherwise he wouldnt be with her. Wether or not she gets pregnant with his baby it’s not our business.

        don’t be rude. If you thing she is a younger version of Diane Kruger clearly then this sort of women are his type. There are a lot of models with killer bodies who get pregnant and get back to shape.

      • Adrien says:

        Letitgo, huh! I don’t see Diane Kruger in her. More like a younger Yasmin Le Bon. She is gorgeous.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “the comments equating a woman’s desirability with her level of fertility are still a bit strange to me.”

        Yes, this comment section has taken an odd turn.

      • Lurker says:

        Christ, he’s photographed with this woman one single time and fans are already stalking this random non-famous woman’s social media and making all kinds of negative assumptions about her (takes selfies=evil) simply because she’s dating a guy who was a TV teen heartthrob a million years ago?

        I wish this whole trend of demonizing any woman who dates/marries a celeb would die.

      • kellyann says:

        Men on the internet very much comment how they equate desirability with fertility. I read it all the time.

      • Inge says:

        Agree. That’s the reason many men go for young women.
        Desirability = Fertility

      • .... says:

        I guess in that case women should only go for wealthy men since wealth = security which is natural for women to seek too.

    • KCo says:

      Can I just say, I’ve worked with Shafia on a job, and she is the sweetest girl. She is really reserved and kind hearted.

      • sarah says:

        Thanks for sharing. I’m happy to hear that Josh has found himself a nice, sweet girlfriend. And she is gorgeous too.

  2. GiBee says:

    Mystery brunette… And it’s not me. Disappointing.

  3. LooperFor says:

    She’s gorgeous and he’s adorable. Hope they’re happy 😀

  4. Alleycat says:

    Why is everyone calling themselves a “model” these days? Girl, you’re 28, it’s time to move on.

  5. LetitGo says:

    Is something wrong?

  6. sarah says:

    they look cute together.

  7. quich says:

    i bet Josh gets her pregnant by the end of the year.

  8. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    Is it just me, or does she REALLY resemble Katie Holmes? Lips, jaw, cheekbones, coloring??

  9. vavavoom says:

    She reminded me of Demi Moore.
    I don’t get how girls can wear their hats like that over their hair and they stay on. If I did that, it would annoy the crap out of me that it was in front of my ears, but also my hair would push the hat up off the top of my head.

    It’s so weird! LOL

  10. Littlebowbee says:

    Holy sh*t guys! I’m 38 and my husband is 31 and all we have is a cat. WHAT IS HE THINKING? I have to go tell him he needs a 28 year old. I’ll report back. 😜😜😜 oh wait…I’m the cradle robber.

  11. Nora says:

    They are both plain looking and he seems to need a shower.