Will Victoria Beckham make pajamas as outerwear happen?


New York Fashion Week will once again soon be upon us, and designers are getting ready to wow us with their newest collections. One such designer is the Posh One herself, Victoria Beckham. After the huge success this past spring with her capsule collection for Target (I still love my calla lily blouse), she’s hoping her latest collection will bring pajamas in vogue.

On Tuesday, the 43-year-old former Spice Girl showed off one of the outfits from her pre-Spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection while out and about in New York City. Victoria rocked a pink gingham check pajama-inspired top and trousers. She completed the look with a camel-hued sweater and nude-toned heels – which you can’t see because her pants obscure them. This would drive me insane. I am a stickler for a proper hem, which I like to break at the vamp of the pump (you’re only really supposed to see the form of the shoe, but maybe that’s just me). Back in June, VB modeled a blue version of the same outfit.

The comfy ensemble is part of Victoria’s Resort collection, which, judging by the looks showcased on Vogue‘s website, should be another success. I am coveting that gorgeous cobalt blue jacket featured in look #12. It looks like the outfit Victoria wore later that same day to take her son Romeo to the U.S. Open on Tuesday, a flowy blue ensemble consisting of culottes and a matching top from the same collection. I am envious of how she can totally pull off seemingly effortless elegance. And, if PJs come into fashion, does this mean I can wear my flannel Big Dog jammies to the office? Fingers firmly crossed.

If introducing her new RTW collection wasn’t enough, Victoria is also gearing up for the release of her second makeup collaboration with Estee Lauder, which is set to launch tomorrow. I love EL (former navy tights-wearing beauty associate here) and I think the new shades are great. I did the high fashion pajama look, and I’m sure we will be seeing more of it.




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  1. Carol says:

    yah I’m rooting for it, women should have more comfy clothes.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      They do look comfy and nice but the length of the pants should not be that long, she is going to trip and fall.

      • Ravensdaughter says:

        Yes, keep the pants above the ankle and provide colors other than baby blue and girly pink. Chic black? Tomato red? Zesty orange? Navy blue? Purple (NOT ever to be confused with pink)?
        I also suggest pajama hoodies instead of robes!
        Then, sign me up. I wear pajama pants to my coffee shop, I need an upgrade!

    • Karen says:

      I root for more comfortable as well, but i think the pj trend is silly especially worn with such high heels.

    • Moe says:

      no no and just no. I live in dublin and pjs as outerwear is/was a thing for a certain cohort if females from the inner city. I HATE the look. I like comfy clothes don’t get me wrong but even on posh spice I think it just looks lazy like you just rolled out if bed. maybe in just not fashion forward though. or getting old. sounding like my mother.

      • Sam Vimes says:

        @Moe absolutely agree, from Kildare here and I think it just looks so lazy. Do people shower and then get back into last night’s pyjamas, new pyjamas , do they even shower at all when they get up?

  2. WhatAmIGonnaDoWithAGunRack says:

    Looks silly but I don’t care. I love her. She has a very dry sense of humour. I’m not sure everyone gets that she’s being facetious 90% of the time.

    But I get you, Posh. I get you.

  3. phaedra says:

    I’ve got news for you: pajamas are already back. I had the misfortune of having to shop at WalMart last week, and nearly every person there looked like they hadn’t bathed, dressed, or brushed their teeth in a week. And no I don’t live in an area experiencing a horrible emergency like Texas or Louisiana. I saw a woman in drooping boxer shorts that … I still can’t talk about it. I’m not saying I was in pearls and heels in WalMart, but I did put on pants. And underwear. Please, Victoria, do not normalize the very worst of our instincts.

    • Beth says:

      I didn’t see your comment, so I commented on sloppy, pj dressed Walmart shoppers. Here, they’re probably exhausted Disney World visitors, but can’t they dress right to go shopping in public? I go to Publix grocery stores, and tourists are strutting around in bikinis and one piece bathing suits. I almost always stick to Target because I’ve never seen people like this there

    • Aang says:

      I brush my teeth too often according to my dentist, shower when I’m dirty, AND wear flannel pj pants to grocery shop. At Whole Foods. So it’s not just Walmart. Why leggings as pants seem to get a pass but my llbean flannels are too much I’ll never know.

      • Honey says:

        There’s a big difference between flannel pajama pants and ratty filthy looking pajamas some people wear in public. I’ve seen children and adults dressed in messy, torn, dirty pajamas in public that make me cringe

    • JC says:

      In my neck of the woods, too, pjs popping up everywhere. It may be comfy—-but It’s so lazy and sloppy. Don’t even want to think about what crud those droopy bottoms will drag into the house, right onto the couch.

    • bleu_moon says:

      I swear I’m not usually the snobby type, but I just can’t with the pajamas as outerwear thing. I still can’t wear sweatpants or yoga pants out of the house. All because I hear the voice of my Gran in my head who used to say people who wore sweatpants out in public “had given up on life.” The pjs in public or on an airplane would have blown her mind. She still dressed up to fly in the 1990′s.

    • Fifee says:

      We see the same thing here in the UK, people going to local grocery shops in scabby old pj bottoms and those fake Ugg boots. For me its the thought that they’re wearing these things to bed, not showering or washing cos half of them look like they still have make up on from the day before and then sit around for the rest of the day in these pj’s and then probably wear them again to bed at night ….. filthy, manky people.

      • SoulSPA says:

        LOL!!! Wasn’t it Tesco that some years ago put a sign indicating people in PJs could not enter their store somewhere in in UK?

  4. Cally says:

    Why, why are her pants So long? Is that a thing I just don’t know about? It drives me nuts. She’s a designer, surely she has a tailor who can hem them?

    • Karen says:

      She’s always worn her pants that long… its so she can hide her platform 6″ heels under it and just look like she has long long legs.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        Surely there’s a compromise between pants pooling on the ground and showing her platforms? Pants this long just look sloppy.

      • minx says:

        I understand wanting your legs to look long but I cringe thinking of all the dirt and crud that would accumulate.

      • Alexandria says:

        It doesn’t make sense Victoria, when you’re disrupting your leg silhouette with a soggy bottom (british bake off hello!) hem. She’s been wearing pants like that for at least 5 years. It’s annoying! But aside from that, I love her.

    • Hazel says:

      Pants and sleeves are too long. She & the Kardashians never seem to get a proper fit and sleeves or pant legs.

  5. Huckle says:

    I feel like kids have already been wearing PJs as regular clothes for quite some time now. VB has evelated this look however and I would totally wear this.

  6. lightpurple says:

    My neighbor will finally be fashionable. She wears pajamas all day, every day.

    Looking forward to her EL collection. I love the eye makeup I got from the last collection and I get compliments every time I wear the lipstick.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I am so looking forward to this EL collection and I hope it doesn’t sell out in like, an hour this time. I missed out on so many of the things I wanted to try last go around.

      • lightpurple says:

        Someone here on Celebitchy directed me to net-a-porter.com and I was able to get stuff there. The EL website was sold out almost immediately and I don’t think it even made it into stores around here.

  7. lala says:

    I wish i could love Estee Lauder but since they still test on animals they are firmly in the no bueno camp for me

    • magnoliarose says:

      I only buy cruelty-free too. It is unnecessary to do it. I have been able to find Asian skincare that is cruelty-free and 2018 Korea will ban all testing on animals. One way to tell is if a company sells in China because it is required. There are a few that only do it for that market but I won’t buy them either.

      • Susan says:

        Would you mind sharing which Asian skincare brands are cruelty-free? I’m interested and don’t want to support ones that do test on animals…

      • MeleeOfSloths says:

        @Susan https://wildwoodandsage.blog/cruelty-free-kbeauty-brands is a pretty thorough list. There are also some links on that page for other ways to find what you’re looking for. That being said, it’s hard for a brand to be totally cruelty free. Many companies that don’t test on animals will use ingredients from suppliers who might.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Melee’s list is great.
        I choose certain companies that lean toward natural and clean. Benton, Whamisa, Swanicoco, Cosrx, Naruko(Taiwan), Thank You Farmer, Sulwhasoo, Aromatica, Dr. Jart(ceramide line is a staple). Manyo Factory rose hip mist makes me mist for mist’s sake. I love the smell.
        Avoid Caudalie, it is French but I used to love it, but they sell to China.
        There is a Japanese line that I started using and I love it. Matsuyama. They are very clean and test on their employees and don’t source from companies that animal test.
        It is a high quality effective line. Amazon Global is the best place to find it. Japan has great skincare too even in their drugstores.

      • Susan says:

        @magnoliarose and @MeleeOfSloths
        Thank you!

  8. Beth says:

    I think we should be comfortable wearing what we want,but the only place I’ve seen people wearing pj’s in public is Walmart I’d probably fall flat on my face if I wore those pink pants. These clothes are really cute though

  9. magnoliarose says:

    It had a run in the 90s. I can’t decide how I feel about them. I am a little underwhelmed or maybe I haven’t seen any I like. I feel like it will become a jacked look and used as an excuse to look schlubby. The kind of trend that starts off fine and quickly dissolves into a horror show. Low rise jeans and bubble skirts anyone?

  10. Detriotgirl says:

    I saw her at the US Open this week. She stopped to take pictures with fans and seemed very pleasant. I know her signature thing is that kind of haughty resting b*tch face she always put on as Posh spice, but in person she actually has a really vibrant, beautiful smile!

  11. Aerohead21 says:

    It’s been tried so many times before, as was the men’s shirt as a dress…it’s just not catching on. However, as a mom of 4 all under the age of 7, I’m 100% down for wearing pajamas as clothes.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I feel you. My children are all very young like yours but I have a couple more than you. lol It is about comfort and ease most of the time just as long as it is not schlubby

  12. Juliaoc says:

    Haven’t high school girls and 20-somethings been doing this for years? Usually it’s of the big hoodie, flannel pj pants variety but still.. this is not groundbreaking fashion.

    • perplexed says:

      Yes. This is not new.

    • magnoliarose says:

      No it is not and I haven’t liked it as street style and I haven’t liked it high end. Selena had some on and she looked dumb. It is trying to happen and reality is the “happen” is nothing special.

  13. Huh? Pajama DESIGNED to be worn as outerwear has BEEN happening. Rhianna, Zendaya, Sienna Miller, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Maggie Gyllenhall and even Ana Kendrick have worn pjs on the red carpet this summer. Why you’re attributing this to Beckham is beyond me. Pajama as regular clothes is so ubiquitous it is almost played out at this point.

  14. Barbcat says:

    I think she looks ridiculous. And imagine how much crap she will have on the bottom of her pants with them dragging all over that dirty street. Yuck!!!

    People are so lazy these days.

  15. Merritt says:

    College students have been wearing pajamas as outerwear for decades.

  16. Who ARE These People? says:

    Love my flannel PJ pants at home but just can’t bring myself to go out in them. I live in Canada and maybe we’re just still a little ‘behind’ the US in this trend toward ever-greater informality?

    Also, endorse comfort but not PJs if only for women. How can women be taken seriously and treated equally (cross reference Ivanka Trump story) if we walk around like little girls in jammies (and per Victoria Beckham, oversized jammies to make us look even smaller) and men still wear suits?

    • MeleeOfSloths says:

      I’m in Toronto and I wore pyjamas as outerwear when I was a teen. I’d buy men’s pj’s, put a tee under the top, belt the bottoms (cuff the hems), and wear them as a suit with a hat and this old pair of spectator oxfords. And big huge jewellery.

      God, I used to have so much fun with my clothes. My stuff’s all boring in comparison now.

  17. Slowsnow says:

    When I see her designs I only see her insecurities and other people’s designs. This was a trend in Belgian designers I think in the noughties.
    When one bends one leg it should not look like it’s missing a foot. Get over it VB, you don’t have long legs. It’s fine.

  18. Angel says:

    Pajamas as outer wear has been done before. Just walk through Walmart after 6pm.

    I also saw a recent pic of Karruche Chan wearing PJs to a club… I can’t

  19. Lyla says:

    Actually PJs as daywear has been in for a couple of seasons now.

  20. PMNichols says:

    Her pajamas are nicer than most of my clothes. Lol!

  21. Pandy says:

    Another retread from VB lol. I am FINALLY just seeing teenagers stop wearing their pyjama bottoms with sweatshirts out in public. WTF …

  22. CharlieBouquet says:

    When my corn country guy moved to the neighborhood I grew up in, about 13yrs ago, he asked why everyone wore pjs as clothes here lol. Flannel pjs and hoodies on everyone age 8 to 80. I told him people were too tired from working to GAF about dressing for Dollar General. Plus if you are poor, pjs can be night and day wear coverage wise.