Star: Limo driver talks, Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston’s secret hotel visits

Oh, if only walls could talk. But for tabloids, walls do talk. Not just walls – nannies, housekeepers, sycophantic handlers, friends, hairdressers, stylists, and of course, random unnamed sources will always talk to the tabloids. For Star Magazine’s cover story this week, it’s a limo driver. Specifically, the limo driver who drove Jennifer Aniston to a secret rendezvous with Brad Pitt at the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan. If the limo driver was driving just Jennifer, how did he know who she was meeting at the hotel? Unless she told him. Unless Jennifer climbed into the limo and was all “Oh my God, dude, I’m totally going to nail my ex-husband at the hotel once we get there! Make sure you tell Star Magazine!” But Jennifer would never do that, right? Here’s Star’s version:

After making secret plans for a 1 a.m. rendezvous, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston met at a New York City hotel and spent more than two hours together — alone!

In a blockbuster exclusive in our June 22 issue, Star reveals that the driver who brought Jen to the chic Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan for a late-night get-together with her ex-husband says the former couple went to great lengths not to get caught.

“It was well planned so no one would see them,” says the driver, who explains that the pair spent more than two hours together in the back of the Gramercy’s nearly deserted 18th floor Private Roof Club and Garden. “They were really careful not to be spotted.”

And this wasn’t the first time Jen and Brad — who have been phoning and texting with more frequency in recent weeks — have hooked up. They were shuttled around New York City in a black SUV on April 23, sipping Starbucks coffee and chatting.

Knowing how Angelina reacted when she first caught Brad talking to Jen on the phone recently, insiders say she’s not going to be happy about the latest development. “When Angelina finds out about this reunion, she’ll go ballistic,” says a source.

[From Star Magazine]

Star Magazine lost touch a while ago, no doubt. But what makes it worse is that the stories they’re referencing often originated in In Touch Weekly. In olden days, Star Magazine would work really hard to come up with the most original Brangelina bullsh-t out there – now they’re picking up In Touch’s scraps. Last week’s Brangelina story – about how Brad kept calling Jennifer to discuss what they would do about the six Jolie-Pitt children – was just gross and desperate.

Here’s the thing – I would actually buy that Jennifer would do some kind of undercover hotel assignation, but why does it have to be with Brad? Why not Bradley Cooper? Or just somebody else? I don’t begrudge Aniston the fundamental need to have hot hotel hookups… but mix it up!

Thanks to Cover Awards for the Star cover.

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34 Responses to “Star: Limo driver talks, Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston’s secret hotel visits”

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  1. UrbanRube says:

    Why do I think they’d be more likely to use a private home of a friend in the city? They must have many with clean guest rooms who’d vacate at a request from these two.

  2. UrbanRube says:

    Although I guess you can trust no one when you get to the tabloid level these two are on. The word might still get out.

  3. Fan of none... says:

    If they “went to great lengths not to get caught,” then why use a limo driver at all!?!?

    If this was true, both could easily order/rent a car, use their fancy-schmancy phones for directions, and meet in a million anon locations in/around the city, involving the least amount of witnesses (“sources”) as possible.

    This mag thinks they and we are stupid.

    And as for “hotel hookups” in general, AJ stated that’s what she did to “meet her needs” w/ her…associates, and not impact Maddox, so no one is above it.

    And that last statement is NOT a dig at AJ or JA.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    The craziest thing is that there are some Aniston fans out there who are desperate for Brad to leave Angelina and run back to Aniston who are actually going to believe this bullshit.

  5. kap says:

    Was the limo drivers last name Huvane? Seemed strange that the only story her rep denied was their meeting. Everyone knows when a rep denies something it’s usually true (JP they’re not breaking up included). If Aniston thought she had a chance of getting Pitt back (and subsequently embarass Jolie), then he changes his mind and reconciles with Jolie (Cannes) for the sake of the kids, I could see why she had to suddenly stop filming the baster, run to Courtneys arms for emotional support, and be photographed looking totally depressed. And now that she’s not getting him back the story gets more involved (multiple meetings)with an actual source (doubt her PR will deny this one). IMO Aniston needs to get over Pitt and move on with her life, she’s making all of us “divorced” women look desperate and weak, when we are just the opposite. She doesn’t need him/them anymore, she’s a star in her own right (deservedly or not).

  6. Dani says:

    Star and In Touch make me want to stop reading celebrity gossip altogether.

  7. selma says:

    She doesn’t suddenly stopped filming, the filming was done and finished, do you get it, the film was over, her rep said she is done filming (and if you believe it why is she not going back to film yet stupid stupid people)

    why do you think it comes from her, all these stories are all made up to sell magazines

    tjeees some people are stupid

  8. Renee says:

    That limo driver would be out of a job in a heartbeat if this was true. I highly doubt anyone would risk a job (and all future jobs) like that.

  9. Kaiser says:

    “Was the limo drivers last name Huvane?”

    Kap – That cracked me up!

  10. diddy says:

    Bullshit story as usual , but the media would continue to have this types of stories because it sells ….

    And as usual i see the usual people blaming a made up tab stories on jennifer aniston so called pr people haha; not forgetting the fact the story is made up by the the tabs in the first place .

    Also to KAP do check your facts correctly’, aniston had finished filming ‘the baster’ when she went back to LA , am surprised that you buy the story that she was told to take a break from filming the baster due to exhaustion and thats why she went to LA but yet you dont buy any of the other bullshit stories out there in tab land LMAO

    i see you choose what to believe depending on if you like or dislike the celebrity ….

  11. I Choose Me says:

    “It was well planned so no one would see them,” says the driver, who explains that the pair spent more than two hours together in the back of the Gramercy’s nearly deserted 18th floor Private Roof Club and Garden. “They were really careful not to be spotted.”

    And yet the driver managed to know all about it. Lol. These stories get funnier all the time.

  12. Fan of none... says:

    People, people, people (you guys, not the mag)…

    Pro-Brangie People (the mag, not you guys) mag makes the most money out of all of them w/ the “happy family” exclusives, so the others have use the scraps for their own benefit

    Like Diddy said, “planted” stories don’t work, cuz each camp will pick’n’choose how to interpret them (She’s a lonely spinster/slut, she’s a saint/sinner, he’s a dolt/craftiest-man-alive)

  13. furrrball says:

    awww come on guys, why must Aniston always get the short end of the stick. and this is really so BLAH already. my take on this is the element of surprise and James Haven is behind all of this.

    He’s succeeding on driving a wedge between Aniston and Jolie which takes the spotlight off him and his beloved Bradley. therefor he can go disguised as Aniston coz all you see anyway is long hair and huge sunglasses. and his sister will eventually forgive him then they get to keep it all in the family!!

    the obvious – look outside the box as the box is already full of crap!!!

  14. TaylorB says:

    Doesn’t seem to odd to me that a former couple of 5-6 years, who seemed to have parted on fairly good terms, would go to each other for advice or support (NOT it a sexual manner). Not all people who divorce have a negative relationship, some of them become even closer as dear friends after they decided to end a romantic relationship. He may well be asking Jennifer where he may have faltered in their relationship to help improve things in his current one.

  15. Cheyenne says:

    “He may well be asking Jennifer where he may have faltered in their relationship to help improve things in his current one.”

    Sounds like you’ve been reading too many romance novels.

  16. GrnMtGirl says:

    The only reason I buy STAR magazine is for the pics and the crosswords. I love their crossword puzzles – very challenging

  17. truth-SF says:

    Wow, 1 cover story about Brad and Jen and 3 more cover stories about Brangelina this week, I guess the Gosselins covers weren’t good sellers except for UsWeekly.

  18. wouldnt you like to know says:

    “The craziest thing is that there are some Aniston fans out there who are desperate for Brad to leave Angelina and run back to Aniston who are actually going to believe this bullshit.”

    Please let me rephrase this

    “The craziest thing is that there are some Brangelina fans out there who are desperate for Brad to stay with Angelina so they will not believe anything written about their precious saintly couple”

    All of you Brangeloonies give people who do not like her crap and say how pathetic/jealous they are for bashing her but they way you all idolize the saint and sh*t on Jennifer (even though your precious AJ plays with the press/fans more than any celeb)is so much more pathetic because you all are falling right into the trap the Angelina has made for you. To idolize her fake life and make her rich and famous. That is all she cares about. not her fans, family, charities or children. The ONLY thing she will ever care about is HERSELF. She uses anyone and everyone in order to fufil that need in herself. You are so pathetic for blindly following her. Why don’t you get your own brain and start making decisions for yourself and not listen to the bullsh*t that Angelina puts out to trick you into thinking she is a good natured person. She is not. get a freakin clue people.

    P.S. I don’t believe a lot of the stuff written about theses two but you people will never admit when a story that is perfectly plausable (but paints them in a bad light in even the smallest way)could ever be true. But EVERY story that makes Jennifer look bad is true to you…or you bring Jennifer into a story that had nothing to do with her just to make her look bad. Again you are ALL super pathetic

    P.P.S. I do not have any good feeling towards anniston but this site so obviously leans towards the Brange even I had to stick up for her (which, trust me. I never do)

  19. TaylorB says:

    Cheyenne wrote:”Sounds like you’ve been reading too many romance novels.”

    Actually no, I don’t read romance novels, I do like a good potboiler from time to time… That being said… I do understand that unless there are specific issues (abuse, etc), people who have been together for years still have a certain of love, affection and hopefully respect for each other and want the other person to be happy, even if it didn’t work out for them they can maintain a limited friendship and act like caring human beings.

  20. gg says:

    She’s not stupid enough to take back Mr. McSans-Sympathy-Chip even if this story were true.

  21. sonia says:

    Its too bad that in 2009 noone has a cell phone camera to capture a picture that would be worth at least $500,000. There have been no pics of Brad and Jen together since 2005. Duh

  22. so what says:

    Don’t take what Cheyenne says personally she is just a sad little loonie

  23. someone says:

    Im a Jen fan, and I don’t believe this story for one minute..and don’t think Jen would even want him back after the way he treated her..I think Brad and Angie deserve each other!

  24. Cheyenne says:

    To so what: Sorry if I hit a nerve. But do you realize how ridiculous these dumb rumors make Aniston look? Like a clingy, pathetic ex who can’t let go.

  25. HashBrowns says:

    @Cheyenne: And you eat any story that paints her in a negative light up and then slam any story that shows your Saints in a negative light as false.

    You can pick and choose which stories you want to believe to be true in the tabloids (probably none) but don’t think that no one is going to call you on it.

    People are also well within their rights to call you on it, same as you are well within your rights to pick and choose.

    Was that neutral enough?

  26. Camille says:

    Does anyone really believe any of the bs that the tabs continue to print about this damn triangle anymore??

    I wish some other celebs would have some other major scandal so that these 3 will stop being written about every week in the most awful of ways. Its become beyond tiring.

  27. cHicK_tAbU says:

    Hahah! This is like the pot calling the kettle black. The tables r turned & jaw-face joyless-Jen wasted no time showing the world her true colors…excuse me, but will the real trifling-tramp now stand up? Courteney supposedly pleaded w/ that fool not to indulge w/ Brad, there is no way he’ll go back w/ joyless-jen & chance jeopardizing his bond w/ his beloved children. But oh no she’s so blinded by jealousy n resentment behind of Brad finding a SUPA_STAR soon as she dumped him…that she rather stick to the script & cont. makin an evil boot’wa out of herself. And she’s behind all this stuff leaking out. All 3 aquarius females I know r the biggest snakes & sneeeeaky

  28. Magsy says:

    There’s just no end to it in sight.

  29. Ursula says:

    Much as I can’t stand Bradley ‘I am dumb’ Pitt. If I was Jen, I would start an affair with him just to let Jolie taste her own medicine. I wonder then if the loonies would think that a man cannot be stolen. And I am so sure Bradley would fall for it seeing that he is drunk most of the time.

    Desperate as it sounds, it would be the best Karma for Jolie. Then we would see what a feminist icon she is when the shoe is on the other foot.

  30. HUH? says:

    can’t have it both ways, Cheyenne.

    are they dumb rumors? (meaning, not true and how could anyone believe them, and therefore they don’t make anyone but the tabloid look dumb)

    or do they make Jen look a clingy, pathetic ex? (which doesn’t make sense if they’re “dumb rumors” and therefore not true.)

    also, if they do (in your mind) make Jen look “clingy and pathetic”, maybe it was Jolie’s camp feeding the rumor mill, and NOT JA’s PR team, as you like to claim?

    go back to your St. Angie shrine and pray for enlightenment. or, you know, just some basic common sense.

  31. dd says:

    Oh please, look @ the wrinkles/crow’s feet on Brad’s rapidly aging face, I’d run back to Jen too!!!!!!!!!

  32. lipstickonmycollar says:

    don’t believe it, if it were creditable, she won’t have a limo driver her to him; these people have big time money she could have had one of her own people take her there
    we keep hearing he doesn’t bathe, is that true?

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