Bradley Cooper denies dating Jennifer Aniston: I’ve met her three times

Actor Bradley Cooper says he’s not dating Jennifer Aniston, but hints that his mom is more than happy to read about his fictional romance in the tabloids. As for where the rumors started, he says “I’ve met her three times in my life.” These two were first linked back in August, 2007, when they were seen having dinner together before filming started for He’s Just Not That Into You. Despite starring in separate vignettes in the same movie, they haven’t had many run-ins, Cooper maintains, and they’re definitely not dating. They were also supposedly seen “flirting” after the premiere for Aniston’s movie that opened this weekend, Management, but maybe they were just exchanging pleasantries like people usually do when they know each other casually:

Bradley Cooper has the approval of his family for his rumored romance with Jennifer Aniston. The only problem: he and Jennifer Aniston aren’t dating.

Despite reports this week linking him to the Friends star, the rumors are far from true, says Cooper, 34.

“I met her 3 times in my life,” Cooper, soon to star in The Hangover with Heather Graham, told PEOPLE in Las Vegas Friday at a charity poker tournament at Caesars Palace. “I’m very flattered.”

“My mom loves it, but unfortunately it’s not true,” says Cooper, who split with actress Jennifer Esposito after four months of marriage in 2007.

[From People]

I was kind of hoping Aniston had a new boyfriend that keeps quiet about their relationship and is happy just to spend time with her without broadcasting it to the world. Cooper is adamant that they’re not together, though, which almost rules out the possibility that they’re seeing each other on the sly. Whoever Aniston ends up with, or if she ends up happily single, we’re rooting for her.

Aniston’s quirky romcom Management was out in limited release this weekend, where it ended up 16th at the box office, taking in $1,783 per theater, which is low for an opening weekend. It’s receiving mixed reviews with only a 53% aggregate critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Some critics say that it tries to makes stalking seem romantic while other say it’s cute and endearing. Here’s the trailer. It looks bad to me.

Bradley Cooper is shown on 5/15/09. Jennifer Aniston is shown on the NY set of The Baster on 5/14/09. Credit:

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  1. Lee says:

    smart man…..Her people need to stop spreading lies about people just to promote her stinking movies. I’ll bet Brad Pitt is sick of her mess.

  2. jodie says:

    I love how her fans had them married with kids. They talked about how she was finally with a “good man”.. the problem is she has been with some “good men”. Maybe it is her and not them. Most of the men she has been with have moved on to long lasting relationships and have had or will have children. Perhaps the “good girl” is not what her fans make her out to be.. Oh and her movie tanked big time. Where are the headlines.. Wait here come the excuses… I’m sure her fans will be here in a bit to attack and defend. The truth hurts.

  3. j. ferber says:

    If she’s not banging Bradley Cooper, she should be. I love that mischievous look in his eye. There’s nothing like an understated, humorous guy who is not vain about his own personal beauty (yes, that’s a dig at Brad).

  4. Ophelia says:

    Jesus, why do people hate her? You’ve never met her! You sound just as crazy as the people who vehemently insist she’s dating every “good man” out there and that she and BP are getting back together. I don’t know why people obsessively like her either. God, uber-fans and anti-fans are creepy..

  5. truth-SF says:

    j. ferber:
    May 18th, 2009 at 8:24 am

    “..There’s nothing like an understated, humorous guy who is not vain about his own personal beauty (yes, that’s a dig at Brad).”

    j. ferber, I hate to bust your bubble butBradly Cooper is gay, His X caught him having sex with another dude in their house, hence the 4 month marriage and the prompt divorce. That is the reason I highly doubt he’s interested in Jen in any way other than probably as a friend or a beard.

  6. kap says:

    Management didn’t stand a chance this weekend. Also, it’s been floating around for over a year (maybe 2) without getting picked up (which is usually a bad sign). The success of M&M and Not into you helped find a distributor, albeit in limited release. Her real BO appeal IMO will be with the next movie (with Eckhardt). Not sure if it’s just the tabs or if her PR people are behind these boyfriend leaks (probably a little bit of both), but they were pretty quick to dispel the Pitt meeting rumor(guess Pitt made a phone call). Her camp was pretty silent about this Cooper rumor, forcing him to come out and set the record straight, the same as the Gerry Butler insinuation, which he had to dispel. Even I, who don’t like her at all, think it’s really kind of sad.

  7. Rose says:

    That film looks so very unfunny and a little bit creepy.

  8. I Choose Me says:

    ^^ Yes, yes it does. Say what you will though she’s got great hair and she looks damn fine as a brunette.

  9. Whatever says:

    I love how every week it’s a new batch of “poor Jennifer” garbage as in, she can’t get a man, she can’t find someone to get her pregnant, blah blah blah – and everyone makes these remarks like “maybe it’s HER fault”.
    How come no one ever says that about George Clooney? Or for that matter, tons of celebs that aren’t married or have been divorced over and over?
    It’s really funny to watch people trash her, but ignore everyone else. Kinda obvious where the issue really lies when you see that happening. Jealousy/haters is so 2005.

  10. Pufft says:

    “Despite reports this week linking him to the Friends star, the rumors are far from true says Cooper, 34.”

    What I’m more concerned about is that some five years after the Friends’ season finale, Jennifer is still being linked to the sitcom.

    Has she not made any movies worth mentioning since 2004? Will she forever be labelled as the ‘Friends star’?

    Unless she gets that ‘Bond girl’ serious role she has been eyeing, I guess her Rachel character is all she will ever be good for.

  11. Cary Barry says:

    Jen Aniston looks like a younger and slimmer version of that Bertinelli who just lost some weight. Oh Valerie Bertinelli. She really does not have that much talent but good for light weight comedy, “romantic” roles. She will never go to Cannes.

  12. Too Funny says:

    truth-SF -

    You beat me to it! I was just about to make the same point. I know someone who knew him in college and said he was gayer than Liberace in a sequined suit.

    But, I say let Huvane spread yet another fake boyfriend lie. Because he’s gay he keeps coming up with gaybes and bisexual men for Jen – Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor used to be a male pros with a sugar daddy, John Mayer’s in denial…so why not Bradley Cooper? Next Huvane will have her dating Wentworth Miller or James Franco.

  13. Too Funny says:

    kap -

    Actually, the distributor picked up Management in November 2008 – before M&M, which was based on a book that sold 5 million copies!, became a hit. What the success of M&M did for Aniston was enable the distributor to acquire theaters in the U.S. willing to show the movie. Prior to mid-February 2009 they’d been unable to get any takers and the movie was only scheduled to show in such luminaries of film greatness as Croatia and Slovakia.

    Aniston has another movie in that’s been in the can for almost 1 1/2 years – Traveling – which also finally picked up a distributor and has releases scheduled for later this year…in Russia, where Aniston’s movie clout isn’t exactly that great.

    Aniston sucks and just needs to stop trying to become a movie star. The only hits she’s had have been playing second-fiddle to a major male comedic star, ensemble comedies and co-starring with 22 dogs. She needs to go back to TV where bad acting in comedies is rewarded with Emmy nominations. Yes, Charlie Sheen, I’m talking about you.

  14. someone says:

    Its really strange how…if Jens movie does well, shes not the star and had nothing to do with its success..if it does bad, its all her fault..Jen haters are ridiculous.

  15. Too Funny says:

    Whatever -

    ROTFLMAO. No one ever says, “Poor Clooney” because Clooney is very open and straight-forward about NOT wanting a permanent relationship, not wanting kids and not wanting his friends to fix him up. Nor does he court the media’s sympathy when his relationships fail. No, Clooney is a bachelor and loves being one and intends to stay that way forever because his marriage sucked and he’s an emotionally stunted 2-year-old. BUT…at least he readily admits his issues and women who get involved with him know it’ll never end in marriage and a baby carriage. THAT is why there will never been any backlash on Clooney. I can’t stand the guy, but at least he’s honest about never intending to re-marry or have kids.

    On the other hand – Aniston has been doing her “any day now” routine since the days when she dated Tate Donovan. Check out her old interviews sometime. As far back as 1996 she was saying she couldn’t wait to get married to Tate and start a family. Twelve years and not a kid in sight. She couldn’t be bothered to spit out a kid for Pitt even when the Friends writers wrote it into the script. Now she’s been lying so long that people feel sorry for her that she doesn’t have something she’s never intended to have in the first place.

  16. give me a break says:

    For the jen supporters you’ve never met Angelina either, just what you read in tabloids or on these GOSSIP sites. It really goes both ways!

  17. Too Funny says:

    someone -
    Check your FACTS “someone”. Aniston is 3rd fiddle in M&M. She has half the screen-time of Owen Wilson. That makes her the SUPPORTING ACTRESS. Her character DOES NOT drive the plot. That makes her the SUPPORTING ACTRESS. Ditto Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, The Bread Up. Movies Aniston has headlined as the LEAD ACTRESS have all gone down like the Hindenberg – Derailed, Rumor Has It – even her supposed “break out” role in The Good Girl. Face it – she can’t open a movie if her’s in the ONLY name above the title. She’ll never be Angelina Jolie. Yes, I went there. Someone had to!

  18. May says:

    As has been stated, this latest is “her” movie as she is not playing third fiddle to a dog or is in a large ensemble cast. She is the “star”. A star who is so vain that she would not cut or dye her “blonde” hair and made them purchase a $10,000 wig, which from the photos, looks like a wig. Ms Aniston cannot have it both ways. Take credit when she is third billed, but say she has nothing to do with failure when she is clearly the “star”. I won’t even comment on the latest “boyfriend” rumors. Not worth the ink.

  19. daisy424 says:

    Who cares if she was a supporting actress in M & M?
    She rocked in it and the film did fabulous, what ever the distribution problem might have been.

    From imdb;Jennifer Aniston has trumped her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s new partner Angelina Jolie – by earning a reported $13 million more than her in 2008. Aniston is said to have earned a staggering $27 million on the strength of films such as Marley & Me.

    Film genre might have a bit to do with it also.

  20. Annie says:

    I say poor Jen, not because she’s single, but because no one leaves her alone about it.

    When did single become a bad thing? Heck, when did being in a relationship become a bad thing?

    Can’t people just let it be?

  21. jennifer aniston says:

    hmmm, aniston barely earnes 8 million per movie… that 27 million came from friends syndacation and her smartwater

  22. sonia says:

    AJ is the highest paid actress(15 million+) followed by Julia, Reese,Cameron and Heigle according to The Hollywood Reporter 2008 list. Jen made 8 million+ for Marley and Me

  23. boo says:

    Those are not bad numbers for a Steven Zahn movie. I love him but his movies typically aren’t blockbusters. I’ll definitly rent it went it comes out on DVD.

  24. Pufft says:

    Just watched the trailer…. terrible! I don’t hate JA, on the contrary, I quite like her, but all her movie characters are the same.

  25. Kristen says:

    I feel so sorry for Jennifer. She has had the worst luck with men, one jerk- off after another. I hope someday she can find her prince charming after she gets through all the “frogs.” Dating is not an easy game. I found a great book that I wish I had before. It’s called Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating. This is a must-read for anyone looking to find love!

  26. Mattie says:

    OMG!!!!!Too Funny I never thought of that. All those guys are rumored to be gay. Maybe those guys have gay flings then he set them up with Jen the beard????

  27. ChristinaT says:

    i feel badly for JA. i can see her star fading very quickly, and i don’t see what she’s done to deserve it.

  28. j. ferber says:

    Thanks, Truth SF. I still stand by my statement, except I’ll cancel the part about her sleeping with him. He looks like a cool guy and it’s too bad people still feel they have to be in the closet in the entertainment industry (I’m sure with very good reasons). And Christina T., I’m not sure what Aniston’s done to deserve a star in the first place. Let’s face it, mediocrity can only take you so far. I don’t exclude Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie from that comment either (except for Pitt’s performance in Thelma and Louise, which is as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday, but not for his acting, but for his sexual charisma).

  29. Chicamorena says:

    Kristen: one jerk = bad luck. Jerk after jerk after jerk = bad judgement.

    If Aniston’s fans want to do her a favor, they can start demanding that she quit blaming all her misfortunes on bad luck and other people and start accepting responsibility for her actions. She’s 40 years old and she has to grow up sometime.

  30. Chicamorena says:

    Christina: Aniston’s star rose when she became Mrs. Brad Pitt and sunk when she wasn’t. Having staying power in Hollywood depends on having talent, not having an A-list husband.

  31. RAN says:

    With the exception of a few… You.People.Are.Crazy

  32. HUH? says:

    chicamorena, I thought you were taking your brangelina lovin-ass out of this place?

    don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  33. FFS says:

    LMAO at all you people who can’t stop arguing about JA vs AJ.
    Jesus H. Christ, y’all are emotionally stunted.

  34. loves talent - hates losers says:

    Jen is the same in every role she plays. She’s got no talent and thinks she’s God’s gift. She’s not. Pure vanity. She needs to take some of those ill-earned millions and start helping the poor.

  35. Magsy says:

    Who cares who Jennifer is dating. It never leads to anything. Is it all maybe a Hollywood ruse?

  36. hjsplit says:

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