Lake Bell’s husband got a tattoo of her name nine days after they met

We’ve only reported on Lake Bell in a standalone post one other time. That was three weeks ago, when she was promoting her second directorial effort, I Do Until I Don’t, which is about the absurdity of relationships. The trailer makes it look funny as hell but unfortunately it only has a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and is being called a middle-of-the-road romcom. I still want to see it though, if only on demand. As I mentioned in the last post, Lake goes to events and she works steadily but she’s not a hustler at all. You get the sense that doing heavy promotion is new for her, like she’s not conscious of giving soundbite quotes that will earn headlines.

Lake has a new interview with comedian Tig Notaro, whom Lake cast in an earlier movie, her 2013 directorial debut In a World. (Tig met her future wife, actress Stephanie Allynne, on that set.) They have an easy rapport which was fun to read. This interview was featured in the NY Post, where they have some photos of Lake in comically oversized clothing trying to look like a fashionista. Some of the outfits are flattering though. Here’s the relevant part of the interview:

TN: Now that you’ve done it twice — writing, directing and acting in a film – what have you learned?
LB: There’s no phoning it in. I knew I needed to have copious amounts of preparation. And on top of it, I was a mom for the first time while making this movie [“I Do … Until I Don’t.”]. So I had a 1 ½-year-old at home while I was taking on all these things. Taking care of thyself is equally important.

TN: It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: The best gift you can give anyone is a well-lived life of your own. If someone’s happy, healthy, functioning, you don’t worry about them.
LB: Even when I got married, there’s this romantic idea that you become one. And that is bulls–t. I think you have to remain singularly powerful and on your own two feet, but just side by side. And walking forward in the same direction.

TN: There’s so much fear around love, it’s hard to believe the growth and joy and everything that comes with it. I feel like my opportunities have escalated and I wish everyone could feel that way.
LB: The reason I love Scott so much is because his take on love and life is so that. Scott, pretty openly, expresses that the braver path is not to bail, but to jump in full force with all your heart and soul and the optimism to meet eye-to-eye with someone who feels the same way. And when s–t gets muddy and rough, to actually hash it out. He got “Lake” tattooed huge nine days after meeting me.

TN: What were you thinking when he did that?
LB: It’s on his back. So, we had just had sexual intercourse, and I had not noticed because we were looking at each other in the eyeballs and he rolled over, then I noticed it and I was like, completely without words. I couldn’t speak in the moment.

He was like, “I just got this” — so casual! And I was like, “That was the tattoo you got in New York?” He was just like, “Yeah,” so nonchalant. And I read it and I remember looking at him and being like, “Who is this person who is so fearless in his resolve?” He’s full on. I was so crazy about him from the moment I saw him — he’s just a magic person.

[From The NY Post]

I did like Lake’s thoughts on working on marital issues and remaining true to yourself and your priorities while headed toward the same goals. That was well put. Lake’s husband is a tattoo artist, they’ve been together since 2011 and they have two children, daughter Nova, almost three, and son Ozzi, four months. I guess some people just meet and know that they’re right for each other immediately. It takes me a long time to warm up to people so I can’t relate to that.

What would you do if a guy you were seeing got a tattoo of your name just nine days after you met? In theory I would run so far away. Even if the guy had a lot of other tattoos, like Lake’s husband presumably, there’s just something reckless and impulsive about that. Plus it screams “stalker.” Also, I wonder if having a tattoo for someone makes you less likely to break up with them or them with you. There might be a lot of guilt breaking up with someone with your name on them. It’s like “how can you leave me baby? You know I got this tattoo for you.” Also, if you’re the tattoo-ee you might think “I can’t break up with him, I liked him enough to get his name tattooed and lasers hurt.”




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  1. grabbyhands says:

    He got “Lake” tattooed huge nine days after meeting me.

    Creepy. I hope he has a good cover up idea in mind (or really likes lakes) if they split up.

  2. Babs says:

    Off putting doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  3. detritus says:

    On a regular dude it screams: guy who doesn’t know what the first blush of lust/love feels like.
    I would run.

    Tattoo artist ssometimes have a bit of a different relationship with tatoos though. So, glad it worked for them.

    • Tiffany says:

      He comes from money, just like her. So it’s eccentric.

    • Ellis says:

      Do not know any tattoo artists so thanks for that info. I reserve my judgment!

    • detritus says:

      I have no idea about the super monied, but for the tattoo artists I knew, and the tattoo artist adjacents, a new tattoo wasn’t a big deal. Its a part and a time in your life symbolized in art.

      But I also knew guys who made bets where the loser had to tat the winners face on their thigh, tattoos just aren’t a big deal to them.

  4. Jenns says:

    On the flip side, if they do split, I guess he can tell everyone he loves lakes?

    • Darla says:

      That’s funny.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        That’s what I was thinking. At least it’s a word! He could always add the name of his favorite lake. Lake Michigan! That’s what my tattoo means! I loooove Lake Michigan!
        More appropriately, he could add an F in front of it.

        (I have my kids’ initials worked into my tattoo, but nothing to do with my husband. As he joked, ‘Ultimately, the kids are her blood, and I’m some guy she met at a Wal-Mart.”)

  5. QueenB says:

    Was she already famous then? That would make me even more uncomfortable if I was famous and someone did that.

    Did he then really get it nine days after meeting her or was it already there before they met and she just saw after they had sex?

  6. Beth says:

    Not a good idea. The only names you should tattoo are your children or actual relatives. Relationships can go bad,then you’re stuck with a reminder of the person forever

  7. Sadezilla says:

    I love what she says here: “Even when I got married, there’s this romantic idea that you become one. And that is bulls–t. I think you have to remain singularly powerful and on your own two feet, but just side by side. And walking forward in the same direction.”

    One of my good friends turned into an appendage of her husband as soon as they started seriously dating. I’m not upset that she’s into her husband, that’s great. But she was an autonomous person for 30 years before they met and a lot of what I liked about her has gone by the wayside.

    Also, both of them have a tendency to make smug statements about marriage and having kids. They take for granted that they way they’re doing everything is The Way to Do Things, and it’s irritating, as an unmarried, happily childfree person. I’m still kicking myself for not shutting him down when he told me, just after they’d told me they’re expecting, that now they will be having “real responsibility.” I internally lost my shit, especially because I had cleaned up both poop AND barf already that day, because I have pets, and I take their care very seriously. If I could back to that day I’d tell him what’s what in no uncertain terms!

    • HH says:

      Love that statement too!

      It’s odd that happened to your friend at 30. I feel like the older you are the more stuck in your ways you become, which is both good and bad. For me, even the idea of changing my last name seems crazy lol.

    • Ellis says:

      I think your friend might be my sis!

      I feel ya, nothing like smug het couples who don’t know how to have fun, as they consolidate their accolades for being parents and remind us there is no greater honor (rolls eyes)

    • minime says:

      are you me or am I you??! 😉
      That’s the story of my best friend and the guy she married less than 1 year after they started dating…They keep on telling me (and all our unmarried/childless friends) about how their life is so fantastic now that they’re married and specially now that they had a kid and that anyone should be “brave enough to do it, ’cause it’s the greatest thing”…they do say “brave”. I always feel so bad ’cause I can’t make myself tell them that for me the fact that I have a career, travel very frequently, have a great relationship without needing a triangulation, is everything I need in the moment. I don’t know why I don’t say it but I guess I’m afraid it’s impolite to say it, since she might understand that I’m criticizing her choices…that I’m not…if that’s what makes them happy that’s what they should do, but this tendency to overgeneralise that only they know what’s the best in life is really annoying.

  8. Katherine says:

    Would be a huge red flag. I’d deffo cool it off just to see if the dude took rejection well. Then, if I just couldn’t escape fate I might try to get to know him

  9. HH says:

    RE: “I guess some people just meet and know that they’re right for each other immediately.”

    I’m like this in both relationships and friendships. It tends to make first impressions stick pretty solidly, which can be both good and bad.

  10. Ike says:

    Hey sometimes those things work out. I have put hubby’s name six months into relationship

  11. Grumpier than thou says:

    A gentleman I was seeing got matching tattoos of our star signs a month or so after we started dating. Neither of us were interested in astrology and the tattoos were ridiculously tacky. I did not suggest this course of action. I felt bad for him. Then got rid shortly thereafter.

  12. Coop says:

    My ex, a TWENTY-FIVE year old tattoo artist, has my name and now two other names tattooed on his body.
    Okaaaaaay dude.

  13. Deed says:

    Her husband looks just like a young James Cromwell.

  14. Egla says:

    If someone got a tattoo with my name (good luck with that as I have 9 letters in it lol) after dating for a while I would say thank you and think nothing of it. 9 days after meeting??? NO. And my name has a meaning also. It’s the name of a rose, a small wild one. Even Shakespeare has mentioned it and I am proud of it

    Anyway good for them that has worked so far. They seem ok but who really knows.

    I dated shortly a guy that was so intense. In fact we had sex the second date (it’s a big thing for me and I was miserable after), it was also one of the reasons I decided to put an end on it after trying once more of course just to be sure. He started adapting his Instagram to the feelings of the day. If we fought he would publish songs with words of forgiveness and true love and stuff to send me a clear message about his feelings. He had some small tattoos and told me on our first date that eventually I might be the lucky one to have my initials tattooed on his skin. In 20 days of dating in total I freaked out about a lot of what he did and never for a moment I thought it was love so kudos to those who know or feel that. In me deffence we talked for a month on the phone prior and yes he was intense even then but….

  15. Wow says:

    She seems tense in the shoulder area.

  16. Andthenwhat says:

    She has the strangest face. It’s really arresting to look at but I don’t find her beautiful at all. I can’t tell why I think she looks so strange, but it bugs me.

  17. Luci Lu says:

    He looks like a certified nut case.