Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton at the ‘Battle’ premiere: cute or unflattering?

Fox Searchlight's Los Angeles Premiere of 'Battle of the Sexes' - Arrivals

Here are some photos from Saturday night’s premiere of Battle of the Sexes, the true story of the exhibition match/feminist sports event between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. I will never NOT think that it’s odd to have a big premiere on a Saturday night, but what do I know? Enjoy the photos! Emma Stone was obviously the star of the premiere, and she wore an odd Louis Vuitton number which I don’t really care for. I would be interested in seeing the shirtdress without the jacket, but I get that the whole thing is probably a straight-off-the-runway look. In general, I don’t completely hate the actual clothes. But I’m shocked by the terrible shade of blonde that Emma is going with these days. It’s standard at this point to say that I miss her as a redhead, but honestly: if she’s going to be a blonde, can she go a bit darker? Now all that being said, even though Emma looks so washed out, it’s cool that she’s owning her paleness. It would be so much worse if she was orange.

I’m also including photos of Emma with her costar Steve Carell (who plays Bobby Riggs) as well as Sarah Silverman and Andrea Riseborough. Billie Jean was there too, looking amazing. Billie was obviously a consultant on the film, and she approved of Emma’s casting. Some current tennis players also came out for the premiere, including… Maria Sharapova. Ugh. If Serena Williams didn’t just give birth, I’m sure she would have gone to the premiere. Serena and Billie are tight in real life.

As for Emma and her chance at another Oscar or Oscar nomination for this role… critics love the film and they love Emma’s performance. I think Emma will be nominated for this but she won’t win, mostly because the Academy gave her the Oscar for stupid La La Land. Vulture has a breakdown of what Emma’s Oscar chances would be – go here to read.

Fox Searchlight's Los Angeles Premiere of 'Battle of the Sexes' - Arrivals

Los Angeles premiere of 'Battle of the Sexes' - Arrivals

Fox Searchlight's Los Angeles Premiere of 'Battle of the Sexes' - Arrivals

Fox Searchlight's Los Angeles Premiere of 'Battle of the Sexes' - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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57 Responses to “Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton at the ‘Battle’ premiere: cute or unflattering?”

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  1. Laura says:

    Eegads, that makeup is horrendous

    • imqrious2 says:

      Makeup AND hair. I know she’s a natural blonde, but she looks *totally* washed out, btwn. the pale hair, skin, clothes. At least, do a darker blonde, or just go back red, Emma! 😊

      The only one that looks great is the blonde in the green patterned column dress.

    • amilu says:

      I think Andrea Riseborough’s makeup is way worse.

    • Lucytunes says:

      I literally only clicked on the post to say this! Her make up is terrible (Alaska love)! She is a beautiful woman and it ages her 10 years. Yikes.

  2. Goats on the Roof says:

    Not flattering and TERRIBLE makeup.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      She has like thick layers of pancake make-up. I have never seen anyone her age with that many layers except for people with scars or immune skin disorders. So maybe a dermasion session went bad causing her makeup artist to cover it up? Or stress acne?

      The yellow (yes yellow) hair with the pancake makeup looks horrible. I’m sure the hair color matches her regular skin color. So more evidence she is hiding her face behind the makeup.

      The outfit I don’t mind but you can’t look away from the distracting makeup.

      • Ankhel says:

        She’s been a face of Revlon for a long time, and their makeup artists have often done her red carpet makeup in the past. That company loves garish and heavy makeup looks. Could be them again, certainly looks like it.

  3. Fiorucci says:

    Everyone looks nice and I like her makeup. I Seems like she’s one of the only young female stars who doesn’t spray tan her legs. And one of the only people with fairer legs than me
    Sarah looks very cute

    • Bettyrose says:

      Agreed. Love the outfit and pale legs, but that shade of blonde wahes her out. Her gorgeous complexion would be better framed by a darker shade.

  4. Ankhel says:

    Hm. I’m divided. On the one hand, Emma looks like Austin Powers’ secretary. On the other hand, is that a bad thing?

    Also, you guys, I think Sarah Silverman considers her boobs her best feature. I won’t say how I know.

    • detritus says:

      Hmmm I had a vague feeling about that too. Can’t put a finger exactly on why….

      Cara Delavigne needs that silver jacket, and I love the column dress that looks like a painting.

    • Agapanthus says:

      He he. You have psychic powers, obviously. 😉

      Never seen Emma look so awful-hair, make up, clothes-and she is truly gorgeous.

  5. Cintra.C says:

    I agree about the blonde tone on Emma’s hair. I read that her natural hair color is blonde, but I think she looks better with red hair.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Her natural shade of blonde might be perfect on her but this blonde looks anything but natural. It’s yellow, crayon yellow.

    • MoCO says:

      I’d be curious to see her actual color, I’m sure it’s much darker than this. I’ve honestly never seen her with a shade of blonde that looks good or natural with her skin at all.

  6. Jo says:

    I actually love her makeup. Her lipstick was the first thing I noticed in the header photo. Hair could use some work..there’s like no separation in color from her hair to her skin tone in some of the photos.

  7. Nicole says:

    Geez that whole look does not work. Makeup, outfit and the color of her hair…very cringe

  8. l says:

    I think if Emma and Andrea kept their makeup and hair as it is but switched dresses both their looks would be great.

  9. Esmom says:

    I don’t mind the LV ensemble but Emma’s hair color and makeup are both terribly unflattering.

    I think the movie looks good.

  10. minx says:

    Emma’s hair color washes her out, and the eye makeup is way too heavy.

  11. Poop says:

    I think this look would be fine if she were a little tan. Otherwise, her complexion + blonde hair + white outfit = washed out look.

  12. poorlittlerichgirl says:

    Nothing good about this look. I also hate her hair blonde. Any shade of blonde, really. I really like her though.

  13. lightpurple says:

    Billie Jean’s eyeglasses were the stars of that red carpet.

  14. Bettyrose says:

    I’ve tried doing that leg-crossed pose for pictures while in heels and nearly toppled over. What kinda training do they all get on that?

  15. ichsi says:

    Whut the hell? What happened to Andrea Riseborough?! I don’t recognise her at all with the blonde hair…

    • WhatwasThat? says:

      Andrea it’s a fantastic talent and a chameleon…she looks different in so many roles..probably hair colour for her next part,…..
      If you saw her in the trailer for The Death of Stalin..a dark comedy..you would not think it’s the same person…Due out in October I believe..playing Stalins daughter..

  16. hey-ya says:

    …for LV fashion its a good look…Im glad you told us that was ARiseb cos otherwise I would nEvAh have known!!!….

  17. Vovacia says:

    Damn, was just thinking of going full blonde, which I’ve never done and then I see this. Maybe not – it obviously can go so wrong.

  18. Truthie says:

    When did Emma Stone become one of the Fanning sisters?

  19. virginfangirl says:

    Even though they tied the skirt into the jacket with the same pattern on the jacket cuffs, the jacket and skirt just don’t mesh well with me. They look like they came from two different outfits. Mostly silver/black doesn’t look good with cream/brown.

  20. brownkitty says:

    Recently saw images of Emma with that color hair on set for the Netflix series Maniac. Hopefully just for the role.

  21. JenB says:

    As a fellow pale folk – I think this look completely washes Emma out. She looks like a silvery sheet of printer paper. Lets get her hair back to red and a green dress on her.

    • Bug says:

      So right! I remember her at the festival of Venice in 2014, with that glorious Valentino’s forest green dress, she was a beauty.

  22. Patty says:

    Speaking of Emma, I tried watching LaLaLand last night. I could only get through about 40 minutes, and I gave up. It’s too bad she won all the awards last year for that because now she’ll be shut out when she’s more deserving for a better film and better performance.

  23. Veronica says:

    I know she’s a natural blonde, but I can see why she goes red. It creates better contrast with her fair skin.

    I don’t mind the outfit, though I think the heavy eye makeup is overwhelming her face. If she was still sporting the brown hair for the movie, it wouldn’t look as dramatic.

    Edit: After looking up pictures of their real life counterparts, I’m disturbed by how perfectly cast Carrell is, lol.

  24. KiddVicious says:

    I like the outfit but Emma needs to be a redhead. The blond is doing nothing for her. I like her makeup.

    I’d forgotten the Battle of the Sexes even happened until this movie. I was pretty young when it happened and I remember thinking Bobby Riggs was an annoying twerp (strong language for a 9 yr old. LOL )

  25. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    Meldonium Shamelesspova scored an invite? Outrageous.

  26. Ozogirl says:

    The outfit is fine…it’s the hair color that’s awful on Emma…

  27. emma33 says:

    Did anyone else get ‘tennis dress’ from her outfit? That was the first thing I thought of.

    I feel jealous of you Americans who still get to idolize your female champions like Billie Jean…not like us poor Aussies with Margaret Court!

  28. Penelope says:

    Bad makeup, hair and dress. Usually, ES is absolutely gorgeous.

  29. kibbles says:

    I think her pale skin is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are dark or pale skinned, own up to it. I would love to stop seeing all the ugly bleaching and tanning that goes on amongst every race. I learned that my skin looks best when I put nothing on it and go as natural as possible, and avoid the sun.

    My issue is how thin Emma looks. She looked gorgeous in Easy-A. Then she lost a ton of weight after that movie. It hasn’t hurt her career the way gaining weight would have for a female actress, but she’d look better with an extra fifteen pounds. Maria Sharapova and Sarah Silverman look a lot healthier in comparison. Sharapova’s legs look amazing.

    • Veronica says:

      I’m fair myself, so I don’t think it’s a problem that she doesn’t tan, but I do think you have to be aware of the effect flash photography has on it if you’re in a profession that requires it. When your hair isn’t dark enough to contrast against your face, you have to define the facial features more strongly so they don’t get washed out in the picture. I actually had to contour my face when I had white-blonde hair if I knew I was going to be photographed.

      I honestly wonder if the weight loss has to do with her lucrative fashion contracts, honestly. Some of the facial slimming might have been natural baby fat loss after hitting her twenties, but the rest of it is intentional. Considering she’s a bit of a fashion darling, I wouldn’t be surprised if she feels the pressure to maintain model thin looks.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I have to be very careful with how much makeup I wear because I have light eyes and pale blonde hair and if I overdo the eye makeup I look like a corpse bride. But I am not as alabaster white as Emma I have olive undertones, and I couldn’t pull off that layer cake of makeup either. A brunette would look fantastic with that palette or a dark redhead, but for Emma, it is a non.
        If her hair had lowlights, it would look much better. I love lowlights, and they make a big difference.
        Her face is too delicate for that look, and it comes off as harsh and cartoonish. Strawberry blonde would suit her better if she has to be blonde, but her red hair looked beautiful on her.

        I have noticed she has lost a lot of weight and it doesn’t look healthy. I am the last person to skinny shame since I hate it myself, but she doesn’t look good like this. There is a thing as being too thin and since she has looked better with more weight before it is not natural for her to be this frail looking.
        We need as a society to push the idea of beauty as a person at their natural, healthy weight and that deprivation isn’t pretty.

  30. jello says:

    Unpopular opinion but i LOVED la la land

    • Veronica says:

      I rather enjoyed it, myself, but I do agree with the criticism that it was not the movie for which Emma should have won the Oscar.

    • Parigo says:

      I did too. I dragged my husband to see it in the theater and he loved it too.

  31. Annetommy says:

    So hate me, but Maria looks great, a prettier version of Ivanka Trump. Andrea’s dress is gorgeous but Emma, who is so lovely, is so washed out. Always good to see BJK, a true pioneer in women’s sports.

    • magnoliarose says:

      No hate she does look good and healthy. It really stands out next to Emma, and she is prettier than Ivanka who is 43 percent plastic and fillers anyway.
      Maria isn’t my fave, but a fit and healthy woman will always look better than a hungry frail one.

  32. serena says:

    I hate her with blonde hair, it just washes her out completely. As for her outift.. just terrible, but I don’t expect much from her on the fashion department.

  33. A Fan says:

    Yikes. None of the colouring works together – hair, skin, makeup, outfit. She does not look good at all.

    [*Check some photographs of yourself, Emma.*]

  34. Nikki says:

    Usually I love her look, but this is terribly unflattering. Awful makeup too. Hair color not good either!