Evan Rachel Wood in a Moschino tuxedo at the Emmys: impressive & perfect?

69th Emmy Awards

Evan Rachel Wood has been making a big deal about wearing pants on the red carpet for the past year or so. She acts as if she’s making some huge statement about society and gender and role models for little girls, which might be the case… except that I think ERW would be wearing suits regardless of her political motivations. I think she just loves wearing suits. And why wouldn’t she? She looks amazing in tuxedos and suits. These are photos of ERW at the 2017 Emmys, where she was nominated for Westworld. She wore this white Moschino (by Jeremy Scott) tuxedo and looked like the second coming of Marlene Dietrich. This was honestly one of my favorite looks of the night.

69th Emmy Awards

I always think that Evan is going to end up looking so much like Robin Wright – they’ve playing mother-and-daughter before, and they really do seem like they’re related (in looks, at least). So here’s Robin, wearing a gown by Mugler and some really bad hair. Robin should cut off her hair again so she and Evan can be twinsies!

69th Emmy Awards

Another favorite look from the Emmys? Tessa Thompson in Rosie Assoulin. She’s gorgeous and the dress is so much fun. Love this.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Kate McKinnon won another Emmy and wore this Narciso Rodriguez. I knew immediately that it was Narciso – you know why? Because this dress has been around for YEARS. So many women have worn versions of this exact dress. It doesn’t look bad on Kate at all, I just think Narciso should have given her something new and fresh.

69th Emmy Awards

And here’s Rachel Bloom in Gucci. She talked on the red carpet about how she has to buy her gowns for the red carpet and no one will lend her anything because she’s not a size zero. So, she buys and then resells online. I’ll give her credit: this doesn’t look off-the-rack to me at all.

69th Emmy Awards 2017 Arrivals

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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34 Responses to “Evan Rachel Wood in a Moschino tuxedo at the Emmys: impressive & perfect?”

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  1. Hikaru says:

    I need to be Robin’s trophy wife. Or an assistant, servant, whatever. Just, use me, please. 😍

    • GiBee says:


      Honestly, I’d watch a once a week 30 minute program that was just Robin Wright and Angela Bassett doing their arm workouts.


    • ichsi says:

      YOU’LL HAVE TO FIGHT ME FOR IT FIRST!! I spent the first 30 minutes of Wonder Woman just drooling over her xDD
      Tessa has great arms too and I like the dress. The suit steals the show though.

  2. Radley says:

    Love ERW’s tux. New take on the usual menswear look. She pulls it off.

    There were a lot of meh looks. A lot of people played it safe.

    • imqrious2 says:

      She also (kinda) reminds me of Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria (though that tux was b/w). Just at a glance… *shrug* 😊

  3. Alexandria says:

    Hmmm ERW and Tessa T for me. I wouldn’t wear a suit because I can’t pull it off but I think ERW did. Her skin is very good right?

    • lannisterforever says:

      Love both of their looks so, so much! Tessa’s was my favorite of the night but Evan is top 5 for sure :)

    • Horse Marine says:

      Evan and Tessa both look ravishing. Just perfection. Tessa’s dress is my favourite of the night. Gorgeous and original.

  4. GiBee says:

    I almost love the suit to heaven and back – but why oh why does it need feet-eating trousers? I get that shorters trousers and a janky pair of platform sandals would have thrown off the lines, but slightly hemming them and a wearing a nude heel would have been stunning.

    • LadyMTL says:

      ITA about the length of the trousers, I really dislike that look overall. I mean, you can see where these ones have been hemmed! Why not just hem it that extra inch or inch and a half, that way we could at least see a hint of a foot or a toe?

      Other than that, she looks stunning, and her skin is to die for. I am so jealous.

      • GiBee says:

        I mean I’ll fully admit that my dislike stems from:
        - 50% the knowledge that were someone to hand me those trousers to wear, I would trip over them every second step or so. I’m sure she’s more graceful than I am but still there’s the
        - 50% that just upon looking at them, I hear my mother’s shriek coming from the base of the brain stem and the year of 1997 saying “Those look sloppy! I’m going to hem them right now!”

  5. Carmen says:

    Tessa Thompson’s dress blew me out of my shoes. The style, the fabric, the color(s) are all gorgeous. Did anyone get a back view?

    • Mannori says:

      I did. The back didn’t look good at all, there was an ill fitting situation which made her look fuller than she is in the waist area. But she’s gorgeous and I love touch of color and freshness she brings with that gown.

  6. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    ERW = WOW !!!

  7. Mannori says:

    First thing I thought watching ERW tux and hair was Robin at the 2015 Emmys. UNCANNY. similar. I actually love Robin’s Batman-ish strapless. With those shoulders and arms she can do no wrong with a a strapless. And the hair too, even if the intention was making her look like she just had wild sex with a toyboy. Which probably is what actually happened. LOL

  8. SM says:

    I really like the ERW look with thr exception of that thing on her waist it looks like a tuxedo paired with a plain tshirt underneath. And I really miss the Claire Underwood hair season 1-3 on Robin Wright. She should go back to short hair she looked sexy and fierce with it

  9. serena says:

    Except ERW’s awesome tuxedo, all the other dresses look very bad imo.

  10. Justwastingtime says:

    My goodness. I have never heard ERW interviewed before. She comes off as a … complete jerk. Hope that was just nerves.

  11. Reef says:

    That tuxedo on ERW is A LOOK.

  12. CharlieBouquet says:

    Thirding trouser length, looks sloppy and being cream will be filthy by nights end. I am over long gowns with odd bare spaces. They tend to cause skin spillage when people are anything other than straight posed, making even the thinnest look jiggly and dressed too tight.

  13. lucy2 says:

    ERW looks amazing. Her makeup is fabulous, and the suit is killer. She is always one of my favorites, in a suit or gown.
    I like the simplicity of Kate’s. Much like JLD, she seems to prefer something simple and modern.
    Love the skirt of Tessa’s but not the top.
    Don’t love Rachel’s dress, but I adore her.

  14. Sage says:

    I love Robin’s dress but it looks ill fitting on her.

  15. dowdowdowd says:

    TT always looks so smug, can’t stand her face

  16. I Choose Me says:

    I love what every single one of these ladies are wearing. With the exception of Rachel Bloom.

  17. angie0717 says:


  18. Sansa says:

    Great post love your comparison of ERW to RW. Both class acts and so talented. I’d love to see Evan win

  19. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    ERW looks STUNNING. That suit is amazing and the length is perfect for the cut of the pant. Any shorter would have looked strange given how wide leg they are.