Ivanka Trump: ‘I don’t view it as my obligation to moderate’ my father’s views

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Complicit Barbie Ivanka Trump did a pre-recorded interview with Dr. Oz, and it airs on Thursday. She filmed it last week, which I know because there were leaks from the audience. I don’t really know why Precious Ivanka has been doing interviews recently – all she talks about is how she doesn’t do jack sh-t in the White House. Her title is senior advisor to the president, but daddy’s precious complicit daughter doesn’t feel like it’s her job to actually influence and advise her father. Her job is to be precious and ask her “daddy” to go on plane rides. Her job is to be the glossy, plastic face of fascism. So here are some highlights from her Dr. Oz interview:

Ivanka Trump continues to insist it’s not her job to be the voice of moderation for her father, President Donald Trump in her role of first daughter and senior White House adviser.

“Well I think that my role, and anyone who works for the President of the United States, their role is to inform, advise and then ultimately execute,” the 35-year-old fashion designer said on The Dr. Oz show in an interview set to air Thursday. “So, I’m not a decision maker. I have my views and I share them candidly and as a daughter I have the latitude to do that. Where I disagree with the agenda, I will share it with him quietly. I don’t view it as my obligation to moderate. And I don’t think anyone working for a sitting president should see themselves in that capacity.”

“I also respect the process and my father is now president and the American people elected him based on his agenda and my job isn’t to undermine that agenda,” Trump continues. “It’s to embrace the areas where there’s commonality and there are so many areas.”

Along with the controversy surrounding Trump’s appointment, Donald’s presidency has been marred by scandal, firings, misconduct, low approval ratings and more. Still, the mother of three, says during the interview that her goal within the administration is to fuel “the growth of women entrepreneurs. I feel privileged that he’s given me the platform to push areas and push issues that are aligned with his agenda,” Trump adds.

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The problem with all of this is that Ivanka sees herself as fundamentally loyal to her father and nothing and no one else. She’s not loyal to the American people. She’s not beholden to the Constitution. She’s not there to do anything but show loyalty to Donald Trump. That’s how she got the job. That’s what he expects from all of his people. That’s what he expects from all of his supporters too – they are supposed to show him blind loyalty, never criticize him, never question him, never speak ill of him. It’s a fascistic cult of personality, not a democracy. And I still don’t get why Ivanka even feels the need to keep going on and on about this. The jig is up! We know she doesn’t do jack sh-t.

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58 Responses to “Ivanka Trump: ‘I don’t view it as my obligation to moderate’ my father’s views”

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  1. Lulu says:

    Changing her tune I see..

  2. minx says:

    She will never be able to go back to her old life. That might be dawning on her.

    • Tiffany says:

      THIS !!!! I think these interviews are her exit interviews. She really thinks that she can move back to NYC and eveything will be the same. Think again. Chelsea got the friends in that breakup. All she had is her in laws connections and I doubt they would put those on the line to please her.

    • Nicole says:

      Her circle will shun her and I will laugh. There’s no going back from what she’s done

      • minx says:

        And her husband may end up in prison.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Minx, SHE may end up in prison herself.

      • minx says:

        LIghtpurple–yes. She was the sole Trump running the construction of a hotel in Azerbaijan that was obviously meant to be a money laundering front. It’s empty now, it was built in a sketchy area and not really meant to open for business. That’s all on her…she can try but she can’t plead ignorance.

    • STRIPE says:

      I wouldn’t be so sure. Case in point: Sean Spicer at the Emmys

      • Chrissy says:

        Yes, Spicer might be able to hobnob with celebrities for his fifteen minutes but, I read this morning that not one news organization is willing to offer him an actual paying job. He burned his own bridges as he was once a well-liked pundit. Now he just looks like one of 45′s cast-offs without a smidge of integrity or gravitas. Bye, bye Sean.

    • Megan says:

      I definitely think she is trying to do damage control to her reputation. She doesn’t get that the day she walked into the White House is was all over for her.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Her brand has been taking a hit so she has to clean off the tarnish so she can continue to move product.

  3. milla says:

    Shut up shut up shut up… you cannot choose parents but this woman and ger daddy issues are just too gross and too much and im gonna have anxiety cos i read this.

  4. SoulSPA says:

    I am so upset reading this. I wish she disappeared from politics.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The thought that popped into my head when I saw this article was “Get the F out, Ivanka. No….seriously, get the F out.”

      She has no official responsibilities, she has nothing to offer, she has no experience in these matters. She should not be at the UN, she should not be involved in White House discussions on policy.

  5. Neelyo says:

    She looks like a Muppet in the header pic. That’s all I got. Oh and I hate her.

    • naomipaige says:

      LMFAO!!!!! I hate the whole friggen family!!! They our ruining everything, and when he’s finally out of the WH, he’s going to sit back and laugh at us all as we try fix the sh*t he broke!!!

    • Olenna says:

      Well, I guess that settles that! LOL!

  6. Beth says:

    She seems to be as confused as me about what her job actually is. Why the fuck is daddy’s girl even in the WH?

  7. third ginger says:

    Ivanka needs to stop, but she never will. No one believes she is “working for a sitting president,” and she contradicts herself with every statement. She has a job, but it’s not to advise, disagree, or moderate Trump’s views. She’s an ornament just like her stepmother. She refuses to face that unpleasant fact.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Oh, she’s a lot more than that. She is there to market the brand, make daddy seem not so scary to moderates, and exploit the office of the president for the family’s financial gain.

  8. Electric Tuba says:

    What a loser!

  9. Christin says:

    When things were shiny and new, she was all in. Now that the corrosion is obvious and wheels are wobbling, it’s time to distance oneself.

  10. Embee says:

    If by “fueling the growth of women entrepreneurs” she means “remove workplace protections, remove reproductive choice, remove health insurance so that women are virtually unemployable and/or make so much less than their male peers that they say ‘fuck it’ and go out on their own”, then, yes.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Exactly. Her “advocacy” is all about photo ops promoting herself while the people she poses with are having their programs gutted by the administration. Sure, you just lost all your funding but you got to have your picture taken with Princess Nagini. That should make you happy!

  11. naomipaige says:

    In my opinion each time she opens her mouth she sounds dumber and dumber.

  12. Elkie says:

    Betty Ford anyone? She openly disagreed with her husband and when his advisors asked him to shut her up he told them that maybe *they* should give it a try!

    Ivanka is not Betty Ford. No humanising of addicts or promotion of equal rights for her!

    She uses practically slave (i.e. below even sweatshop-pay) labour to make her MadeInChinaWear range and refused to condemn her father’s Nazi sympathising even as white supremacists called her family out by name. She will do NOTHING in her lifetime that isn’t 100% self-serving or that threatens her place in the will.

  13. happyoften says:

    So, basically, her father doesn’t care about her opinions either. Why are the rest of us expected to listen to her blather on, again?

    Am I supposed to have sympathy for this huslter, with people having unfair expectaions n stuff? Did she honestly believe she could work to sell the softer side of white supremacy and NOT get marked by the stench of it?

    I am that neighbor with the wine and her best furs, out enjoying the spectacle of it. Cheers!

    • Monica says:

      Totally agreed, if her dad doesn’t care why the hell should we? Off with their heads

    • Lightpurple says:

      Her opinion is the same as his. She will just never admit it.

      • Heidi says:

        I don’t even think she has opinions about world events; that would require interest and watching the evening news for years. Let’s not forget that she is married to the guy who thinks he can solve the Mess in the Middle East without any prior knowledge of history.

        I think the underlying problem is that she regards her father as sane and sees nothing wrong with him. She has never known anything else, she is like a brainwashed cult member. She has respect for the office and doesn’t even realize her father has damaged it beyond repair. She actually thinks he is the intellectual equal of Macron (philosopher), Merkel (physicist) and Putin (KGB).

        At least she didn’t wear bell sleeves with huge bows this time around, like at the G20 in Hamburg. This is probably the universe punishing us because we were complaining about Tiffany worming her way into a NYFW event.

  14. CynicalAnn says:

    Seeing her speak at the UN makes me so angry. WTF does she know about ANYthing she’s talking about?? God-it’s not enough that her a-hole father is POTUS-she’s out there also.

  15. Monica says:

    Hate ragging on a women’s appearance but I’m pleased she’s looking like total shit lately. Her kids are cute tho

  16. kitty orchid says:

    There was a recent incident where Trump was speaking to a crowd and Ivanka was there. He pointed her out and then stated that she made him “look good.” As far as I’m concerned, that was the revealing moment when we all discovered what her real role is.

    • Chrissy says:

      I think that was when she accompanied him to North Dakota to help push tax reform. He even said that she asked. “Daddy, can I go along?” Ugh! She’s there to make him more palatable to the masses as well as to boost his fragile ego and provide eye candy to the Orange Thing. What a pathetic enabler she is and what a sick relationship!

  17. Ankhel says:

    Little Princess Poison, you are a senior advisor to the president of the US. (Ahahahaaaa).

    What do you think advisors do? They advise. This means they inform, and argue their points. They are there to have opinions. Not to say: “Do whatever you think is right, Daddy. You’re always right, and you know sooo much. I’m off to ski in Aspen now, Daddy. Love you! “

  18. Parigo says:

    Then why do you have an office in the WH? Why do you go on official trips and sit on in meetings??? Your husband won’t go to jail only because your Dad will pardon him.

  19. Lightpurple says:

    Dear Princess Nagini, the American people did not elect your daddy, the electoral college did. That is a very important distinction; one that calls for more moderate positions but instead of doing what is right, you are shoring up the lies. Just drop the crap about advocating for women and girls. All it is is a marketing ploy to make daddy more palatable to moderate women. You aren’t advocating, you don’t know how to advocate, you don’t even know what the issues are. The Director of Planned Parenthood had to tell you what Medicaid is. Every women’s of girls group you pose with is facing major funding cuts or outright elimination in your administration. You defended the outrageous decision not to collect payroll data to track pay disparities and you lied about it. Your parental paid leave plan only applies to a small group of married couples while eliminating existing laws that allow leave time for people to care for sick kids, sick spouses, and elders. This plan HURTS far more women than it helps. As House GOP partied on the White House lawn after passing TtumpCare, there you were celebrating with them as Scalese, Black and Ryan made speeches about how wonderful it was to end access to women for reproductive health and mammograms. And you are costing way too much money as you exploit the White House to score personal business deals. Your lack of ethics is rivaled only by your stupidity.

    For those thinking she is re-evaluating or considering leaving? No, she is only wiping tarnish off her brand. She is at the UN attending meetings she has no right to attend & she is there to make personal deals. She and Jared have cleared away all of Daddy’s advisors who threatened her and she probably has her sights on Kelly. She doesn’t fear the Mueller investigation because she is too arrogant. He is just a pesky peon probing where he doesn’t belong and that attitude will be her downfall. She is in way over her head.

  20. Jayna says:

    Dear Ivanka,

    You could have stayed his daughter only and worked in the family businesses and your business. You and your husband chose to join his administration, knowing all he stood for as far as issues and promises he made on the campaign trail.

    You and your husband distance yourselves to make yourselves look better when your dad is out of control or making unpopular decisions or statements. You then, through sources, let it be known you don’t agree, have no power over him. When he reverses and doesn’t do something horrific, you, through sources, let it be known you and/or Jared were responsible for that change. So it’s always either damage control for your horrible father’s actions by leaking you disagree to still try to come out smelling like a rose or trying to take credit for something when it looks good for you.

    Your job is you joined an administration you apparently believe in. An honorable person would never have joined and would have stayed just a daughter. You can’t have it both ways. You and Jared are power hungry and couldn’t wait to get into The White House, and so are supporting an unstable, bigoted, and dangerous man. That’s the bottom line. So sorry it’s not working out like you planned, because you can’t con the non-deplorables. We see through you.

  21. Harryg says:

    You should have stayed out of it all from the beginning! Idiot!

  22. Annabella says:

    You do have some duty to get your father tested for dementia and to sort out his affairs accordingly. That includes not letting him make disastrous life choices that he’s not capable of making, like, you know, running for President of the United States…..

  23. PassTheCovfefe says:

    The Grifter Family Trump thought that taking on the White House could help them expand their grifting horizons onto a global stage. Instead, Cheetolini torched the brand. There’s no wiping off the tarnish. It’s dust. Done. It’s just a matter of time now. My Margarita blender is on the ready for the day when they’re all fitted for their orange jumpsuits and flip flops.

  24. Indiana Joanna says:

    Grifter Barbie on the Dr Oz show. Hahahahahah. Why is Oz interviewing her and shame on him and his charlatan media tactics. Grifter really is trying to repair her image with little reveals about post-partum depression for which she had excellent medical insurance and access to the best physicians and treatment. But she couldn’t care less about women who have no insurance or insurance with very poor mental health coverage.

    As others have said on CB, I hope she and Jared leave Washington soon. She envisioned a motherlode of wealth and heightened brand recognition from her contrived, self important political foray, but it hasn’t been successful. She has no idea how truly unimportant she is to the world.

  25. Daisyfly says:

    Her official title literally states that she’s supposed to give him advice, i.e. MODERATE HIS VIEWS.

    This is why college admissions should be done based on merit and not legacies or bank account balances.

  26. why? says:

    What happened last week? Eric’s wife gave birth. Ivanka couldn’t stand the attention that Eric and his wife were getting so she decided to go on the “woe is me” tour. Ivanka has to be the center of attention at all times. I thought that she was going to try to announce that she was pregnant to outshine her brother, but she just set up a lot of interviews to discuss the advantages of being the president’s daughter. Shame on Dr Oz for trying to normalize Ivanka. The press has one job to do and they just keep getting it wrong.

    The only reason the press thought that Ivanka was a moderating force for her father was because that was the narrative that Ivanka put out. Ivanka and her brother leaked that The King of Lies and Fake News dropped the bomb on Syria because Ivanka asked him to after she saw the photos of the children. What about the time that Ivanka leaked that she and her Jared, influenced her father to not make any EOs targeting LGBTQ ? Or the time that Ivanka sat in her father’s place at the G20 leaders meeting?

    Ivanka is just like her father, she only cares about herself. Her role in the WH is to leak postive things about herself and father and when it benefits her, throw her father under the bus.

  27. raincoaster says:

    I cannot wait till some international committee or work group chair stands up and boots her out of the room. It’ll happen.